1 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Pink Bull Racing)

2 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)

3 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes)


(Performed by David Coulthard) 

Q: Max, you’ve began as you done in Abu Dhabi last year, with pole role. However here’s the first time for your System 1 occupation that you just are going to were high of the instances in every single session. It’s exact; this championship battle might maybe maybe be on.

Max VERSTAPPEN: Yeah, unnecessary to tell we already had a great take a look at week. For certain there must always now not any guarantees, but then we came lend a hand here for the escape weekend and your entire week so some distance the car has been working in actual fact successfully. It’s been in actual fact dazzling to power. For certain with the wind changing plenty spherical every session it’s tense to space up the car. All of it worked out completely in qualifying and unnecessary to tell very cosy with pole role.

Q: I’m in a position to uncover some sweat for your forehead. It is some distance sizzling here in Bahrain but you obviously needed to work for that. That last lap time, the put did you bag that from?

MV: Neatly, fundamentally my first lap in Q3 wasn’t unparalleled so I knew there used to be extra in it. For certain, you by no manner know the strategy worthy but yeah, indirectly the steadiness used to be there and you’re going to be ready to push a little bit of of bit extra. The tune is quite sizzling so that you just will must contain a examine out with now not overheating the rear tyres but fortunately the put it mattered we would make.

Q: Inquisitive about the escape the following day, how has the steadiness been on longer runs?

MV: It’s been alright. In usual the car has been working in actual fact successfully on short and lengthy runs, so I’m appropriate looking forward to it. We’ve a upright car and now we appropriate must hope that now we contain a upright orderly launch and first lap.

Q: Correct a closing belief for you. Of the last eight seasons, the arena champion has come from pole role in six of these. It will even be a dream year?

MV: Ah, there must always now not any guarantees. We’ve to withhold on pushing very tense nonetheless it’s unnecessary to tell a great launch and furthermore I impart a great birthday fresh to you.

Q: Lewis, you’ve repeatedly acknowledged you like opponents; you’ve got it. 

Lewis HAMILTON: Yeah. Oh, unparalleled, Neatly, congratulations to Max he did such a great job, so shortly on that last lap. I fully gave it everything I had but unfortunately it wasn’t upright satisfactory.

Q: That’s very appealing, you’re fundamentally announcing that used to be it, that used to be essentially the most pace, there used to be nothing left within the lend a hand of?

LH: Yup.

Q: Wow! Here’s exact.

LH: There’s repeatedly extra but that used to be essentially the most efficient I’ll maybe maybe maybe attain for obvious. I got fully everything I’ll maybe maybe maybe from the car. I impart we did a terribly upright job from discovering out to come here, the men lend a hand at the manufacturing facility contain in actual fact done such an unparalleled job and bask in our aerodynamicist, Kim, she has been giving us such wonderful recordsdata for us so as to beef up and bag the car to the put we wanted it to be nearer to the Pink Bulls. I impart to be that shut… though-provoking with I impart in discovering out we belief we were a sensible method within the lend a hand of.

Q: And indirectly, Valtteri…

Valtteri BOTTAS: Delighted birthday! May maybe well restful I mumble?

Q: Thanks, but please don’t! Valtteri, now we contain considered you coaching tense over the iciness, you mumble you are going to were in actual fact engaged on the preparation for the year ahead. It doesn’t seem you’ve in actual fact learned cohesion with the steadiness of the car, so the put is your mind at having certified third?

VB: The apply this morning wasn’t quite easy. I had quite a few complications with the steadiness of the car and didn’t in actual fact in actual fact feel that happy and I hoped that maybe the night session used to be going to be a little bit of greater. It used to be a little bit of greater. Q1 we went out for a 2d depart with the mushy tyres, which intended we roughly wasted a tyre space. In Q3 I most efficient had one space of fresh tyres and it used to be tricky to compete Max and Lewis with appropriate one space. It wasn’t too unsightly but obviously now not the put we wanted to be but now not lower than starting third and from there the leisure is possible and the aim is appropriate for the following day.

Q: Yeah, you are going to be ready to restful bag from there, that is clear. Can you give us an insight as to what we might maybe maybe maybe furthermore fair uncover the following day in phrases of the approach on tyres and the pit cessation windows?

VB: Yeah, it appears bask in us and Max are starting on the medium tyre so I impart approach-vivid there might maybe be nothing wide. I impart now we contain extra tense tyres for the escape. I’m in a position to’t screech worthy extra. For certain now we contain two vehicles within the combo at the entrance against Max so I impart we are in a position to co-objective and attain one thing upright.


Q: Max, many congratulations, that used to be a realty thrilling qualifying session to conception, how used to be it internal the cockpit?

MV: Yeah, I mean, in usual so some distance your entire weekend has been exquisite upright. However the wind is changing your entire time, which is now not in actual fact easy on the vehicles, so that you just in actual fact must hear to that from Q1. Q2 used to be quite catch nonetheless it used to be all about now not making a mistake in Flip 1. It used to be alright. In Q2 we went to the medium tyre so we certified on that and then entering into Q3 it used to be appropriate getting your references lend a hand. The first lap wasn’t unparalleled however the 2d one used to be a upright lap and unnecessary to tell very cosy to be in pole role and it appropriate displays that the blokes, after the dwell of last year, appropriate withhold pushing in actual fact tense and the adjustments which were made to the car they’ve done a great job, so in actual fact cosy for your entire crew.

Q: And Max are you able to screech what it feels to use pole role at the first escape of the season? You’ve proved that the pace is exact. It there a approach to reduction within Pink Bull Racing?

MV: It’s now not reduction. That’s what you always aim for, beautiful? For certain within the last few years it hasn’t in actual fact materialised, but in a method the laws haven’t in actual fact modified plenty and we knew what our weaknesses were last year and it appears bask in we addressed them so some distance before everything of the year and yeah unnecessary to tell very cosy with that. Obedient launch for us but unnecessary to tell no guarantees for the long term but unnecessary to tell very cosy so some distance with your entire weekend.

Q: Max, appropriate a ingredient quiz about the session. We noticed you depart over a kerb in Q1 – used to be there any damage to the floor after that?

MV: Q1, yeah, I ran a little bit of enormous. I impart there used to be a little bit of of little bit of damage but we’re restful horny.

Q: Lewis, coming to you, it used to be shut on the timesheets – used to be it nearer than you expected after iciness discovering out?

LH: High-quality, undoubtedly nearer than we expected. I impart here’s a terribly upright step ahead for us. Coming on this weekend we belief it used to be double the gap that you just uncover this day and in tell that’s in actual fact down to some in actual fact unparalleled work from the women and males lend a hand at the manufacturing facility and of us here, for instance bask in Ashley, who is a brand fresh man on my car, who’s appropriate doing a exquisite job. So, appropriate collectively, appropriate all pulling collectively.

Q: What used to be the car pick to power? How worthy contain you ever improved it for the reason that take a look at? The put contain you ever improved it?

LH: It’s tense to attain an unlimited amount. There’s been no trend; it’s appropriate in actual fact been about horny-tuning the car and attempting to ticket the envelope that now we contain. It’s varied to last year’s with these changes, and so we’re down in clear locations nonetheless it’s going to use a whereas to come to a decision these up, but might maybe maybe maybe furthermore fair be explicit to here and now not in other locations, maybe.

Q: And last quiz from me Lewis. Attain you have faith you studied you’ve got the pace to topic the man for your left within the escape the following day?

LH: I impart, this is in a position to be hard to tell. I impart they’ve got the pace gap they’ve this day, on the entire they lift that thru into the escape, they’re very solid in escape stipulations. I’d pick to assume we are in a position to shut up a little bit of of bit but I impart they’ve got now not lower than two-tenths in hand.

Q: Valtteri, coming to you. It gave the impression that your pace improved for the period of the session. Correct talk us thru it and the put the car improved from Q1 to Q3.

VB: Yeah, first of your entire apply this afternoon used to be quite tricky. I didn’t in actual fact catch a upright steadiness with the car so we’ve made extra changes for the qualifying. The first one of qualifying in actual fact felt OK however the lap time wasn’t quite there, so we went again with a brand fresh tyre space in Q1, which I roughly disagreed but we fundamentally wasted the tyre space so in Q3 I most efficient had one depart with the fresh tyres. It used to be now not in actual fact an optimal qualifying for me. However for the period of the qualifying, my pace in actual fact, my self belief internal the car and the feeling with the car and the working out of the wind used to be bettering, so it used to be bettering and better. Max this day used to be out of reach. Even with one fresh space, I impart the quali felt bask in a great lap and a first price comeback from a trickier session earlier on and now not lower than now now we contain two car within the head three so I’m obvious we are in a position to attain one thing upright with that.


Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Max, you acknowledged before everything of Q3 that that first lap didn’t in actual fact feel unparalleled, this used to be all about getting the references lend a hand and obviously you went quite a little bit of sooner on the 2d lap, so what did you attain in some other case while you’d got your conception lend a hand in? What used to be the distinction between the two laps? Thanks.

MV: I appropriate had a few corners the put I had a little bit of of lack of grip and then, unnecessary to tell you depart a little bit of too large and contain a little bit of less traction. It’s appropriate tidying these issues up – and that helped plenty. This tune is large-sensitive to how the tyres behave anyway – bask in you are going to be ready to realize or lose quite a few lap time, and especially when the wind is within the route it used to be at some stage in qualifying, that might maybe maybe maybe impression an unlimited distinction and that’s what fundamentally befell between my first and 2d lap.

Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Glide) Query for the two Mercedes drivers. You seem in in actual fact upright spirits no topic that qualifying defeat. Is that as a result of turnaround that you just in actual fact feel from discovering out? Is it the pleasure of a exact battle with Pink Bull? And to Lewis namely, I peek a few instances now that you just’ve title-checked explicit contributors of the crew, appropriate in thanks and recognition. Is that a deliberate recount you’re attempting to attain this season?

LH: For certain, we are attempting to be first but we knew it used to be going to be a topic; we knew from day one heading within the appropriate route in actual fact, the Pink Bull used to be sooner than us and each person is aware of we had an little bit of an uphill slope to climb, so I impart appropriate happy with each person’s efforts and yeah, I impart I ogle upon yearly and I ogle at issues that will also be improved and I repeatedly appropriate in actual fact strive to show my appreciation for the crew – but while you appropriate the blokes… there’s quite a few of us, I’m in a position to’t title every single one of them every day but appropriate favor them to know how worthy I care for them.

Valtteri, upright spirits?

VB: We undoubtedly can’t be cosy being within the lend a hand of Pink Bull but now not lower than we are in a position to uncover we made development, because we were now not sandbagging, we knew precisely how worthy, extra or less, we were going to be within the lend a hand of Pink Bull coming into this weekend. So, it’s been some certain steps ahead but there’s plenty, lot extra to attain and beef up. So, we are appropriate upbeat because now we contain two vehicles against one of their vehicles.

Q: (Laurence Edmondson – ESPN) To the two Mercedes drivers and Max if he’s got an belief on it; there’s a belief that the law changes contain harmed the low rake vehicles bask in the Mercedes extra than the excessive rake vehicles bask in the Pink Bull. Is that one thing you accept as true with? And Toto acknowledged… he gave the impression to hint that it had been namely designed to interchange the pecking recount. Is that one thing you in actual fact feel as successfully?

VB: I don’t contain any answer to that, you know. I bask in aero stuff, I’m a little bit of of a geek in many ways, bask in aerodynamics, I’m in actual fact though-provoking but I don’t know the info, precisely how Pink Bull’s vehicles’ aero philosophy… for obvious, it’s elevated rake but how worthy that’s going to impress with the fresh regs. I impart they’ve a terribly solid package deal total – their power unit, their chassis, their aero is upright. They’ve done a upright job over the iciness and we favor to attain a greater job.

Q: Lewis, are you an aero geek? Low rake? Excessive rake?

LH: It’s no secret that that’s what the changes contain… unnecessary to tell they’ve been done to peg us lend a hand. We had the changes unnecessary to tell to our engine to attain the same recount, but that’s OK, we care for a topic, we don’t ogle down on these issues, we appropriate work tense to attain essentially the most efficient we are in a position to and that’s what we are in a position to attain.

MV: It’s our philosophy now for a extremely lengthy time unnecessary to tell. I don’t assume we are in a position to level it out on that. I impart there were a few elements, bask in we knew our weaknesses from last year and that’s now not most efficient the rake, it has to attain with rake, so I impart furthermore from the engine aspect I impart Honda has worked in actual fact tense to beef up their engine and in usual they’ve done a great job.

Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC) For Lewis and Max: the lengthy runs the day long previous by on the mediums urged you and Max were exquisite worthy neck and neck for pace on moderate. Why the pessimism from you on that basis in phrases of escape pace, and Max, what’s your conception of what you noticed from the lengthy runs the day long previous by so as to the following day?

LH: That’s appropriate from the trot within the park that I’ve been given and from the put I’m in a position to uncover. Our steadiness wasn’t that spectacular nonetheless it wasn’t the extra serious depart. It’s appropriate that, with your entire workings out, it looked bask in it used to be a few tenths distinction between us but we are in a position to uncover. It undoubtedly didn’t ogle dreadful and it used to be significantly greater than what I believed it used to be going to be in discovering out.

MV: Ah, we are in a position to search out out the following day, at some stage within the escape.

Q: (Christian Menath – motorsportmagazin.com) For all three of you: the climate desires to be quite varied to this day, plenty cooler and plenty windier. Attain you query this to interchange the pecking recount?

VB: High-quality, it’s so tense to tell. For certain varied vehicles contain varied traits, how they work. Some vehicles are extra wind sensitive, some less, but I don’t contain any tiny print or how varied vehicles work so it’s so tense to tell. I don’t in actual fact contain an answer. It’s going to be extra windy and we noticed in discovering out it makes issues worthy extra hard. I’m obvious it’s now not going to be more uncomplicated for somebody.

MV: Yeah, bask in Valtteri acknowledged, your entire vehicles will battle with it, so that you just appropriate must address it and strive to impression essentially the most efficient of it.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Lewis, you acknowledged earlier that you just’re nearer than you expected to be, you belief the gap would be double, so are you able to please recount us the put you have faith you studied the Mercedes is missing in contrast to the Pink Bull, the put is the Pink Bull package deal greater?

LH: I don’t know, in actual fact, I’m in a position to’t in actual fact recount you what we’re showing, I don’t in actual fact are attempting to recount you what our topic is. Not in actual fact.

VB: It’s clearly the rake!

Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Glide) Max, you mentioned the work that Honda has done. We’ve heard exquisite spectacular stuff from them, now not most efficient the changes that they’ve been ready to impression on this engine but furthermore appropriate within the turn spherical within the role of now not many months? Is this essentially the most spectacular effort you’ve considered from them so some distance?

MV: Yeah, I impart you are going to be ready to tell that. That doesn’t mean, unnecessary to tell, that the old years were lower than spectacular. I impart their turnaround has been very upright and their working out of the engine is spectacular, and it’s in actual fact dazzling to work with them as successfully. They’re in actual fact passionate and emotional, which I bask in and yeah, they are appropriate flat out, your entire time, they are attempting to bag and you’re going to be ready to in actual fact uncover that. Obedient credit to them furthermore for the dwell consequence this day, they had a great iciness.


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