TEAM REPRESENTATIVES – Guenther STEINER (Haas), Mattia BINOTTO (Ferrari), Franz TOST (AlphaTauri)




Q: That changed into an eventful FP1 so will we originate with a résumé from every of you about how it went. Franz, let’s originate with you please.

Franz TOST: To this level all the pieces went OK, no no longer as much as with Pierre Gasly. I reflect now we own a competitive kit collectively. Unfortunately with the mushy tyres he hit a microscopic bit bit of website online visitors, on the opposite hand, I reflect he can say a appropriate efficiency right here. With Yuki, we own been no longer so lucky on yarn of there changed into an digital anguish on the vitality unit – a wiring loom or one thing treasure this. I am hoping that they’ll form it out for the 2nd free note session and that he can attain some laps and that we can position-up the car in a lawful technique that he’s prepared for the following day for the qualifying and Sunday for the flee.



Mattia BINOTTO: I reflect, as you said, eventful FP1. The radio changed into working very badly and whenever you happen to’ve bought one thing treasure that or no longer it’s very sophisticated on yarn of you’re no longer managing communications with the drivers. On top of that, Charles has little points with some vitality unit activations that we’re making an are trying to tackle. Nothing necessary but aloof it a technique or the other makes the sessions more sophisticated. Carlos bought a more, let me recount, total programme. First, on the laborious tyres then bright onto the softer. I reflect total he changed into collecting knowledge as traditional in FP1. I reflect to assess the efficiency? Very sophisticated again. I reflect in FP1, too early a stage. More necessary for us to preserve centered on the car, on the position-up, on the steadiness, making prepared ourselves for quali after which the flee. Nonetheless total, I reflect appropriate originate to the match, the originate of the weekend but aloof I reflect critical to attain. FP2, again, will seemingly be necessary. Now the sessions are simplest an hour it makes things diagram more dense – but I reflect an enticing session for us. 



Guenther STEINER: As Mattia says, a in actuality sharp session and I reflect having the session simplest one hour helps. The total autos are out, moderately plenty for the spectators. I moderately treasure that. And clearly with the guidelines and the radio no longer working in the originate well, it changed into, for our two younger guys, moderately inviting, you realize? Not having contact with the pits, they’re no longer passe to it. They did OK, getting around it – but getting moderately perplexed. They’ve learned that one now, so that they’ve done this one, they are by that one. Nikita on his closing lap, he made appropriate improvements time-wise, studying. Mick changed into making an are trying to pass step-by-step after which in the tip there changed into website online visitors on yarn of the red flag that then, in the tip, everyone came out collectively but Nikita improved vivid appropriate on his bustle on the mushy tyres. And then, on the closing nook, he bought into the gravel and spun-out. I reflect the car is rarely any longer broken too badly, so we’re going to be prepared for FP2. It’s after all, all-in-all, for the pleasure, it changed into a appropriate session – as critical as it doesn’t explore treasure – but I reflect they learned plenty in that hour. 


Q: Guenther, you recount the team and the drivers learned plenty in FP1. Build we have interaction it benefit first of all to the Bahrain Massive Prix. It changed into a no longer easy weekend for your beginners. Can you correct represent the debrief after the flee?

GS: I reflect there changed into… it wasn’t… Nikita clearly didn’t attain a great deal of racing. He went off on lap one so there changed into no longer plenty to be said about that – but otherwise I reflect Mick made appropriate improvements at some stage in the flee. Every position of tyres; he improved. He managed them better and better and his times own been better and better. For us, for a necessary flee weekend with two rookie drivers, it wasn’t injurious. In actuality, we’re studying and that’s what I am repeatedly announcing, this twelve months is right here to be taught. And clearly studying comes with ache. The ache is frequently a broken car. At some stage, we want to conclude to attain that. For the time being we correct strive to plow by it and educate them as critical as seemingly so we get better and confidently in the prolonged bustle own bought a greater car. 


Q: As you recount, Nikita didn’t attain critical racing. Accurate how sophisticated changed into it for him to pass on from that flee? What did you recount to him?

GS: What I said to him? I said or no longer it is a must must abet your head high, you realize? These items happen and clearly in the 2nd he’s the beat-up boy, you realize? All people beats up on him. That makes it harder. In the tip you attain out on the simpler facet – but you correct should always abet your head up, focal level on your subsequent flee and preserve on going. That’s what he did and he changed into right here as of late, the day gone by he changed into in a appropriate verbalize and as of late he’s in a appropriate verbalize on the debrief, even though he spun out on yarn of he sees he’s making improvements to and he’s studying. So, that’s what he has to attain. That’s the very best facet he can attain in this anguish – correct preserve on going, sparkling that things went defective but that he can attain better. 


Q: And the diagram critical attain his spins this morning apprehension you, given what took verbalize in Bahrain?

GS: How critical attain they apprehension me? At some stage they should always be diminished but he’s trying very laborious and I stutter he’s trying in most cases a microscopic bit bit too laborious – but he wants to acquire that limit but it’s for him to acquire, no longer us. We will abet him doing that but it’s a form of things, as I’ve said earlier than, studying is painful, you realize? It comes with ache. At some stage that will confidently conclude and they are going to be in a appropriate verbalize.


Q: Franz, a frustrating season-opener for you guys in Bahrain but there will should always own been a great deal of positives to have interaction remote from the flee as well?

FT: Frustrating changed into simplest the consequence – on yarn of we had a competitive car and Pierre, I reflect, might well also with out anxiousness own performed in fifth position, but unfortunately he changed into smitten by this incident where he misplaced the front wing. And you realize, that’s portion of the sport, this can happen. Yuki did a in actuality appropriate flee, on yarn of we said to him earlier than the flee that he should always aloof no longer worry one thing. He should always aloof attain as many laps as seemingly, to be taught, to salvage trip, and right here’s what he did, and he showed some very appropriate overtaking manoeuvres and, I must recount, it changed into a vivid flee from his facet. 


Q: Now, how appropriate is this twelve months’s car? 

FT: This we’re going to explore. Bahrain changed into the first flee, as of late we’re right here in Imola – but it sounds as if the car is extremely competitive from the chassis facet. I reflect that, particularly from the aerodynamic facet, the team in Bicester has done a in actuality appropriate job. Nonetheless also on the vitality unit, Honda, at some stage in the frosty climate months, improved plenty. This unusual engine has a great deal of vitality and therefore I am moderately optimistic for this season. We own two like a flash drivers. Pierre is experienced. He’s now in his fourth season and also you might perchance be ready to explore this, how he’s going out. Whenever you seen this session in the morning, you might perchance be ready to simplest accomplish this should always you might own gotten a great deal of trip. And Yuki is the newcomer, the rookie, but he’s very like a flash, he’s a in actuality high-skilled driver and I expect that we are going to own a a success season. 


Q: Is that this potentially the most competitive car you’ve had since… when… since 2008 perchance?

FT: Between 2008 and 2021 we had competitive autos. Let me recount it in this intention. At some level of these years, all the pieces has been developed from the diagram verbalize of labor, manufacturing, the car efficiency neighborhood improved plenty, the engineering on the flee song has change into critical better and the engineers are diagram more experienced now and, as I discussed earlier than, particularly the aerodynamic division. I reflect we made a huge step forward. The total team developed in the closing years and right here’s the consequence. Because, should always you treasure to can own to put success in System 1, it’s no longer simplest one parcel, it’s all the pieces collectively. I reflect that on the 2nd we’re in moderately a appropriate form on your total assorted areas and that’s decisive to be competitive, and to be in the front portion of this midfield. 


Q: Mattia, coming to you. From Ferrari’s standpoint, what own been the have interaction-home messages from these opening weeks of the season?

MB: Coming to Bahrain, the first flee of the season closing twelve months, we own been performing very badly there, every on the straights and in cornering – very leisurely in quali and in the flee. So no doubt for us it changed into a a will should always own, let me recount, test. And I reflect the car, a technique or the other, progressed well. Apart from if we examine to our rivals. I reflect we made appropriate growth. That changed into tough in a anguish where loads of the car changed into frozen, per laws. I reflect the vitality unit made a appropriate step forward. I reflect that as of late on the straights we’re beneath no circumstances lacking the rate as it changed into in the previous. And I reflect that, as well, the car is behaving well, and I reflect that changed into the biggest. For toddle the debriefing, put up-flee changed into very prolonged, that’s in vogue on the very originate of the season on yarn of, alongside with the drivers, we want to treasure the car behaviours, the necessary obstacles, how me technique beef up and I reflect addressing a technique or the other any traits we can attain at some stage in the season. I reflect we learned from Bahrain that our flee stride changed into no longer as competitive because the quali. I reflect we’ve been better in quali when compared with the flee itself. That’s for many reasons but no doubt reasons that we tried to analyse. I reflect in the tyre management… in Bahrain it’s very heat prerequisites, very assorted to the one of Imola, where or no longer it is a must must preserve a watch on the overheating, particularly on the rear. I reflect again right here, coming now to Imola, it’s necessary for us to set in mind the car behaviours in assorted prerequisites and originate sure that a technique or the other the growth we’ve seen are confirmed, I reflect that will seemingly be the necessary level for the Imola Massive Prix. 


Q: And after the frustrations of closing season, how critical of a relief is the efficiency you’ve chanced on over the frosty climate?

MB: I reflect that the leisure is to explore that we’re developing in the lawful instructions. I reflect it’s serious to explore that simulations, wind tunnel, at song now are correlating no doubt better than what it changed into in the previous, and that affords self belief in the instruments, and our diagram potential for the prolonged bustle. That, I reflect, changed into the biggest and I reflect in that admire it is a relief. And positively, the indisputable reality that the car is performing better, in speak that we can own a greater consequence on the tip of the flee weekend, is serious. We in most cases said that our efficiency of closing twelve months changed into no longer a technique or the other acceptable for a Ferrari impress, so we knew that these areas are necessary for us aloof, showing traits on your total areas. So again, I reflect the efficiency is rarely any doubt a relief. 




Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Bustle) Request for Guenther please. Guenther, you talked about Nikita’s errors and clearly they’re every rookie drivers so there might perchance be going to be a great deal of studying. It should always be moderately sophisticated to preserve a watch on – on yarn of I stutter you might perchance be ready to’t attach a remark quantity of when errors change into too total, treasure this many errors becomes too critical of a anguish. How exactly attain you arrange that? I stutter externally it looks treasure the anguish is, on yarn of it took verbalize so assuredly by the Bahrain weekend in every session, and now it’s took verbalize right here, there might perchance be moderately of a caring trend rising. 

GS: As you recount, to position a quantity on it’s no longer seemingly. It be no longer simplest sophisticated it’s no longer seemingly. In Bahrain I would recount what they needed to be taught also will seemingly be the wind prerequisites in Bahrain own been very rough and our car changed into already closing twelve months very injurious in windy prerequisites, so correct to treasure that, it price us a number of spins – and Mick had one in the flee as well. Clearly we’re no longer planning to whisk the car but on the opposite facet, it’s portion of it, of the studying. So, I don’t are making an are trying to position a quantity or time on one thing. This might well also merely form itself out, in my conception. 


Q: (Julien Billiotte – AutoHebdo) Request to Guenther, about Nikita as well. Would you compromise that the transition between System 2 and System 1 is proving more sophisticated for him on the 2nd than anticipated? How critical attain you own the quick frosty climate you guys had has harm his preparations. And likewise, all of us know that he examined widely with Mercedes. Build you own it has given him too critical self belief on the wheel of an F1 car?

GS: No, I reflect we leap to conclusions too early. I point out we’re after all on the 2nd FP1 this season. So now, to dangle somebody on this, it’s a microscopic bit bit early – but for sure Bahrain, he had a number of spins and, as you recount, per chance F2 to F1 is aloof a complicated step. I don’t know. Bahrain changed into very sophisticated prerequisites as well, as I correct said earlier than to Scott – but on the tip, I attach it down to studying. It’s treasure him riding the Mercedes closing twelve months. I reflect he learned one thing but additionally he has to be taught that our car is rarely any longer as appropriate as a Mercedes. I’m very birth about that one. I’m no longer making an are trying to conceal that for sure the Mercedes is a microscopic bit bit less changeable than our car, so, again, I will correct repeat, we’re right here, now we own bought the total twelve months to be taught, we haven’t bought the total twelve months to whisk but we’re right here, that’s what we’re making an are trying to attain this twelve months. 


Q: (Lewis Larkham – Wreck.salvage) Franz, what impressed you potentially the most about Yuki’s debut in Bahrain and how attain you demand him when compared with other skills you’ve had on the team in the previous?

FT: You understand there are many parallels to other drivers that we had in the Crimson Bull driver pool. Initially they are all proficient, otherwise they wouldn’t be in the pool. For 2nd, they are centered and they’re orientated and disciplined correct to get better. What impresses me about Yuki is that he’s studying moderately like a flash. He is extremely solid beneath braking. He has proper appropriate car preserve a watch on and he gives already moderately a appropriate feedback in regards to the behaviour of the car and helps the engineers in organising the car and right here’s no longer so traditional for somebody who is coming straight from System 2. Due to this reality in Bahrain, I must recount that every particular person weekend he did a appropriate job and I am hoping that we can present him right here with a car that’s legitimate on yarn of I am convinced that the following day he can attain a qualifying three. And right here’s the target.


Q: Mattia, Carlos Sainz is rarely any longer unusual to F1 but he’s unusual to Ferrari. What has a great deal surprised you about him? 

MB: I reflect that Carlos is a in actuality experienced driver, first. And when I’m announcing driver, it’s no longer simplest his potential of riding, giving feedback, it’s his technique of integrating at some stage in the team. It’s his potential of communicating with engineers, with the total team as well, motivating. His laborious work – he’s repeatedly in Maranello when no longer on the flee weekends and that’s one thing that’s gigantic. I reflect it’s an limitless enhance for us; it’s fresh air. I reflect it’s as well necessary for Charles on yarn of I will explore that the 2 are a technique or the other integrating well. They’re, I reflect, pushing themselves and every other, which is extremely obvious, no longer simplest on the racetrack but benefit at home, taking part in saunter, on the simulators, taking part in chess, no topic they are doing. I reflect it is a in actuality obvious trip. Overall it is the spirit. I reflect he’s very like a flash as well, but that’s no longer a surprise. He is extremely like a flash no doubt in the flee but he might well also merely be very like a flash in quali but I reflect we seen that by taking a look for on the closing years and all of us know that a technique or the other he’s a appropriate driver. Nonetheless I reflect in actuality the spirit and the technique he’s going by the total team. 


Q: (Jon McEvoy – Daily Mail) In the most fresh edition of Trade F1 magazine it said that there own been 227 speak phrases in the most fresh Netflix sequence. In gentle of that I correct surprise whether some of these who’re most speak might well also merely no longer speak so critical in the following sequence or even they’ll argue that it’s appropriate to sell System 1?

GS: That’s a complicated resolution. I don’t know how critical I’m going to speak this twelve months. I cannot explore forward. I don’t conception it assuredly. As I’ve repeatedly said, I’m no longer an actor so I don’t salvage a script to attain that. I don’t know. I cannot resolution that. I produce no longer own any plans to speak less or microscopic. I don’t know what the prolonged bustle brings.

MB:  As a replace of swearing or no longer, I reflect Netflix is a in actuality obvious task. I reflect it brought a great deal of followers and a great deal of interest to F1. I reflect due to the Netflix we raised a technique or the other the volume of of us now being drawn to F1. I reflect total now we own attain to the fourth season and each twelve months it can well also very well be better to the previous one and the interest in growing up so I reflect we can all be very obvious and serving to the anguish by per chance no longer being actors but bringing interest to the sequence. 

FT: I must recount the Netflix is doing a appropriate job. They brought System 1 particularly to younger of us and right here’s moderately obvious and in the following years there are any other followings developing after which we’re going to explore. It’s obvious. Most continuously talking it’s obvious, all the pieces, and I explore it in a appropriate technique. 


Q: (Andreas Haupt – Auto Motor und Sport) Franz, you mentioned that you simply might well per chance own gotten a in actuality competitive car. So is P3 in the Constructors’ Championship inner look for this season and did you already have interaction a name on when to swap fully to subsequent twelve months’s car by technique of pattern? 

FT: We didn’t focus on about P3 in the Constructors’ Championship, no no longer as much as me no longer!

MI:  P2, no? 

GS:  P2 you talked about, no longer P3. 

FT: When? Not me! There should always be more Franz Tosts running around right here. I repeatedly said that I am bigger than elated if we’re in the first 5. OK, we’re working already on subsequent twelve months’s car as your total other teams attain as well. We started closing twelve months investigating and reading the laws to be taught the diagram subsequent twelve months’s car will seemingly be and I resolve that as much as June or July we can even attain some work on this twelve months’s car but after all at some stage in the season increasingly more engineers will swap over to the challenge for ’22. This after all depends on the efficiency and which growth we can own at some stage in the first half of the twelve months after which it’s a name from the technical director when to swap to 100% to the ’22 car.


Q: (Ben Hunt – The Solar) With regards to the radio problems, I correct puzzled how severe they own been at some stage in that session and certainly if there changed into a anguish communicating with the drivers I correct puzzled how unsafe that’s whether there might perchance be a anguish or being warned about drawing near near a leisurely-bright car or one thing treasure that. I needed your tips on that anguish. Is it an limitless anguish and should always aloof it be rectified for the following session? 

MB: For toddle it changed into an limitless anguish. I don’t know if on your total teams we had the exactly the identical anguish but for us it changed into very sophisticated, particularly on Charles, no technique of communicating to him, so we aborted the first bustle after which as well to a consequence of we had a little anguish as I discussed earlier than. As you said, it’s sophisticated on yarn of you might well per chance no longer give him advice on autos following so then there might well also merely be impeding instances, which are no longer voluntary at all. It’s extraordinarily sophisticated for the drivers as well to know who is coming on the benefit of. On top of that we’re running our flee vitality objects let’s recount, on yarn of the vitality objects are the ones we fit in Bahrain and are passe for the total weekend. So clearly should always you might own gotten any problems you don’t know how to react and how to focus on. So these kind of problems are severe. Clearly all of us know that changed into no longer voluntary from FOM but confidently that will addressed and sorted out for FP2 on yarn of communicating with drivers from the pits is necessary for security, efficiency, reliability, it’s no longer simplest efficiency, it’s guaranteeing that all the pieces is running with out problems.

GS: Everything that Mattia said. I reflect a microscopic bit bit lucky also that no one had radio verbal substitute so everyone changed into searching at out to be edifying. I reflect it’s more sophisticated should always you are the very best car available with points but everyone had points so everyone changed into respecting and it changed into communicated moderately rapid that everyone’s radio changed into no longer working so everyone knew that no one might well also explore so even the of us that own been on the benefit of autos knew that the man in front of him didn’t salvage advice in speak that helped a microscopic bit bit. Nonetheless it presentations how necessary it’s to own this verbal substitute. I am hoping it’s benefit in FP2. I don’t know if this might be benefit on yarn of it’s a total anguish and we didn’t salvage also a few of the most guidelines we assuredly salvage, so confidently all the pieces is benefit up and running for FP2.

FT: It changed into sharp to leer how perplexed we own been on yarn of assuredly you are passe to supply the motive force some advice to expose them, particularly first and necessary of the free note session, what to attain and also regarding the web site online visitors. Nonetheless drivers couldn’t hear us, we couldn’t hear drivers and it changed into fully a brand unusual anguish and no person changed into prepared for this and I am hoping for the 2nd session that they’ll form it out on yarn of it’s no longer so easy and we own been lucky that nothing took verbalize. 


Q: (Julien Billiotte – AutoHebdo) Franz, coming benefit to the step from System 2 and System 1, on yarn of you even own a rookie on your team, attain you own we tend to minimise the efficiency gap and treasure to regulate, on yarn of drivers are so well prepared on the 2nd. How sophisticated is it to graduate to mammoth prix racing in 2021? 

FT: I don’t reflect it’s so sophisticated. It depends upon repeatedly on the motive force. It depends on his abilities. It depends on how critical time you might own gotten and he takes to prepare that driver for System 1 and we had with Yuki Tsunoda we had moderately an intensive frosty climate checking out programme – no longer simplest on the song but additionally in the factory when he changed into there. Due to Coronavirus he changed into no longer allowed to pass to England and therefore he spent a great deal of time alongside with his engineers and I reflect this helped plenty. I must also recount that the drivers which are developing now from System 3, System 2, they are in actuality well prepared – particularly from the riding facet. Why? Because most of them originate with racing at six or seven years worn in karting after which they attain 10 years karting after which they own System 4 for one or two years after which System 3 and System 2 and which capability they own a great deal of flee trip already and the rate in System 1 they salvage tailored moderately shortly with this. I don’t right here’s a necessary anguish. And then it depends on how skilled the motive force is, how deep is the ingredient from the studying curve and how motivated and disciplined he’s to salvage forward. 


Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Bustle) To pass benefit to the shortcoming of workmanship in FP1. I do know you all talked in regards to the technique you reacted to it and what it intended, but I correct puzzled should always you might well per chance also clarify what exactly you misplaced and what the trigger changed into? 

GS: The radio changed into very… we might well also hear the motive force, but he couldn’t hear is, except in one nook, he might well also hear us. Then we didn’t own any GPS knowledge in the originate, we didn’t own any tyre recordsdata from the opposite autos and we didn’t own any timing in the originate. One of the timing came benefit and that changed into about it. We tried with…. In its set aside of the radio we passe the right kind worn vogue pit board, we tried to attain that one and that’s the very best facet you might perchance be ready to attain. 

MB:  I don’t there might perchance be critical to add. As he said, the pit board then changed into necessary and precious. We bought our telemetry knowledge and that changed into no doubt the biggest, the one we can analyse now from one session to the others. We bought our lap times from telemetry and your total diagnosis, which is required. Nonetheless to preserve a watch on proper time this morning changed into no doubt sophisticated and also you might well per chance also merely originate to take into accout how it changed into on the time when the radio changed into no longer there. As Franz said it changed into sharp to explore but sophisticated to preserve a watch on. 

FT: Nothing to add. 


Otmar Szafnauer (Aston Martin), Mario Isola (Pirelli) and Frederic Vasseur (Alfa Romeo) 


Q: That changed into an inviting and eventful first note session of the weekend, so why don’t we correct sum it all up from every of you. Otmar, might well also we originate with you please? 

Otmar SZAFNAUER: Well, it’s early days. We bought some appropriate running in when we didn’t own red flag incidents. We bought most of our programme done, evaluating some unusual downforce ranges right here, some unusual parts that we brought and it looks promising. 

Mario ISOLA: No surprises. Tyre behaviour as anticipated. We had some little graining on the C4 which, in these prerequisites, is extremely in vogue. For the leisure, if it stays frigid as it’s now, the more tough tyre is moderately sophisticated for this circuit right here but nothing else. As Otmar said, with the red flag, it changed into even more sophisticated to dangle the behaviour. 

Q: Any heat-up points in the cooler prerequisites? 

MI: It’s seemingly for the laborious compound, for sure. That implies that the medium is clearly the flee tyre then this might be sharp to explore if these guys can arrange the front graining this afternoon for qualifying, on yarn of it’s clearly the decision for Q2, to plow by Q2 with the medium or the mushy, searching on how they’ll arrange the mushy. 

Frederic VASSEUR: We are on the early phases of the weekend, that it changed into no longer an effortless session. We are almost blind in the first portion and we’ve no knowledge, after which we had two red flags and the must haves own been moderately erroneous by technique of song temperature but let’s explore this afternoon. I reflect everyone will react and we’re going to attain benefit to the in vogue anguish. 

Q: Fred, if we can follow you, on the evidence of Bahrain, you guys own made a decent step forwards this twelve months. Can you correct focus on over with us in regards to the step? Where has it attain from, how critical of it’s motor, how critical of it is the car?

FV: First, I reflect that we don’t must originate any conclusions after one match. We must attain it after a number of events with assorted layouts and various song prerequisites and whenever you happen to beef up, it’s never coming from one pillar. I reflect we beef up a microscopic bit bit all over alongside with the engine, but on the aero I reflect we did a decent job but the target changed into to ranking choices and no no longer as much as on this we failed but for sure we did a decent step forward by technique of efficiency but the target is to ranking choices. 

Q: As you recount, we’ve simplest had one match but how confident are you that the enchancment will translate to other tracks, treasure right here at Imola? 

FV: I don’t should always be confident or no longer confident. I’m correct making an are trying to attain my simplest each weekend with the team and I reflect that we had this roughly capability closing twelve months. We did bigger than a decent step at some stage in the season, from the initiating to the tip of the season and we again did a appropriate step between the tip of 2020 and the originate of 2021 but we don’t should always be centered on what’s took verbalize earlier than, correct to be centered on the following one. 

Q: And you focus on in regards to the step the car has made – let’s focus on in regards to the drivers and Antonio particularly. Where attain you feel he has improved over the frosty climate? 

FV: Antonio did a appropriate step forward by technique of efficiency in qualifying between the first twelve months and the 2nd twelve months and closing twelve months he again did a step forward in flee management. I reflect that the broad distinction between the Antonio of 2021 and 2020 is that he did the right kind lap for the car in qualifying and right here’s a appropriate enchancment so that you simply might position all the pieces collectively on the lawful 2nd of the weekend, but I reflect it’s coming with self belief in the car and himself and I’m moderately confident for Antonio. 

Q: Mario, will we throw it benefit to Bahrain, to originate with? How did the unusual constructions salvage there, how elated own been you? 

MI: I own it performed as anticipated. The teams had the replace to take a look at the unusual tyres in Bahrain at some stage in the pre-season checks. It changed into tricky, we had the wind affecting the sessions and it changed into also sophisticated at some stage in the flee on yarn of we had Sunday’s temperature changed into critical decrease when compared with the previous days but they had the replace to bustle the unusual building and steadiness the car. All of us know that with the unusual building there might perchance be moderately more understeer. Clearly you needed to position that alongside with the changes in technical laws, so it’s no longer exactly the identical car that they had closing twelve months but yeah, Bahrain is difficult for traction, all of us know that. It’s a in vogue anguish for Bahrain and when it’s very heat, treasure it changed into on Friday they needed to preserve a watch on the degradation from the rear plenty but on Sunday it changed into moderately assorted but again, coming benefit to the unusual building, it changed into working moderately well. Don’t omit, now we own the identical compounds, so it changed into correct an upgrade in the building and there might perchance be rarely any longer this kind of thing as a distinction in the compounds, so we shouldn’t expect an limitless distinction, an limitless substitute. 

Q: Now Pirelli stayed in Bahrain after the flee, on yarn of you had your 18 tear tyre test with Alpine. Can you correct expose us how it went and what you learned? 

MI: Yeah, we had at some point with Ferrari and two days with Alpine, all with the flee drivers. It changed into very precious to verify what we already seen in the previous. We are after all in the technique of finalising the building and the profile for the slick tyre and it changed into appropriate conformation, with every autos. Clearly we’re also fervent, no longer simplest in checking out on assorted circuits but additionally on assorted autos on yarn of now we own unusual autos that should always be representative of subsequent twelve months’s autos but we don’t know except we originate subsequent season but again, there might perchance be appropriate conformation. We examined some constructions, now we own a brand unusual baseline for Imola; all in all, I’m elated. Clearly if I explore on the targets that own been outlined bigger than one twelve months ago, to own a tyre that’s with a critical broader working vary, less weighting, a diploma of deterioration that changed into agreed so sure traits also to be all ears to the drivers and to originate a tyre which is more in step with drivers’ expectations. 

Q: Otmar, will we originate by talking drivers and Sebastian Vettel particularly, on yarn of he changed into very upbeat in the press conference the day gone by, no topic him and the team having a complicated opening flee in Bahrain? Can you correct expose us a microscopic bit bit about Sebastian and in a diagram, his first 100 days in its set aside of labor, with the team? 

OS: Yes, Sebastian, it’s appropriate to hear he changed into upbeat, he’s been upbeat with the team, he’s studying who we’re and he’s feeling more chuffed by the day. Wants moderately more time in our car. He didn’t own the time that we anticipated that he would over the frosty climate. We simplest had three days of checking out and the day and a half that as assigned to Seb unfortunately we had some reliability points so the more he drives our car, the more chuffed he’ll be and the speedier he’s going to withstand the impress. 

Q: Is there one characteristic of the car that he’s combating bigger than Lance, let’s recount? 

OS: He’s driven assorted powertrains, so a microscopic bit bit with driveability but I reflect we’re on top of that now. Accurate total car feel and steadiness. Lance has driven our car for a number of seasons now and he is aware of exactly what to expect and the technique the car behaves is critical assorted than what Seb has been passe to, but he’s getting on top of it. 

Q: You’ve already said that you simply’ve bought upgrades right here this weekend. You examined them in the first note session. What’s going to we stutter from Aston Martin over the leisure of this weekend? 

OS: Over the leisure of this weekend? Well, we aloof own some more work to attain, we’re analysing the guidelines now that we obtained from FP1. We’ll originate some changes into FP2 after which explore how well we can qualify and flee. 


Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Bustle) Otmar and Fred: we’ve heard a number of of us focus on in regards to the guidelines points and the communications points that arose earlier than the originate of FP1, that own been there for the total session. Can also you correct say what you experienced and accomplish you realize what the trigger of it changed into? 

FV: The trip changed into moderately peculiar on yarn of we had no lap time… we had the guidelines for security for sure, no no longer as much as, but we had no knowledge or recordsdata also. Nonetheless as it changed into correct for the first stint, except mid-session, one thing treasure this, it changed into OK for me, it changed into no longer a drama but for sure we’re no longer passe to it now. We discussed after the session, on yarn of the drivers own been complaining in regards to the radio and… OK, but 20 years ago, guys, they own been ready to power with out radio. No, it’s OK. 

OS: Till you lose that roughly knowledge, I don’t reflect you realise how critical you rely on it. It changed into treasure we own been blind on the pit wall after which, treasure Fred said, even driver verbal substitute wasn’t working. It made things diagram more sophisticated. Root trigger? I don’t know why it took verbalize but confidently this might be mounted for FP2. 

Q: (Andreas Haupt – Auto Motor und Sport) Otmar, did the season-opener originate you re-reflect in regards to the attain plans for this season? 

OS: Not yet. We planned to carry out this car… to continue developing the car and we’re aloof on that conception. It can well also merely originate us re-reflect as we slip down the avenue but as of now, we haven’t changed any pattern plans. 

Q: (Julien Billiotte – AutoHebdo) Fred, you might own gotten a prolonged history of bringing younger drivers to System 1 with ART. What attain you own of making the step from F2 to F1 in 2021? Is it more tough than earlier than, on yarn of there might perchance be less checking out or more uncomplicated on yarn of the drivers are so well prepared anyway? 

FV: You might perchance well per chance preserve in mind the 2 approaches and the 2 approaches are lawful. I reflect that it’s tough step on yarn of, as Otmar said earlier than, that we had simplest three days closing frosty climate of checking out. It capability that at some point and a half for every (driver) and it’s no longer an effortless one but on the opposite hand I reflect the kids coming from F2, they are very well prepared, they own the identical tyres in the junior sequence, they own the identical tracks, they are doing appropriate mileage in appropriate prerequisites. The autos also improved plenty and they’re no longer as much as now from the F1 efficiency. It capability that should always you might own gotten a look for on the step that the right kind drivers in F2 did in the closing couple of seasons they went very well, they did very well in F1 and I reflect that the step is – for a in actuality solid driver in F2 – the step is rarely any longer so big. 

Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC Sport) Mario, you’ve done a great deal of checks with the attain tyres for 2022 now. How confident are you that you simply’re going so that you simply might salvage a tyre subsequent twelve months that fulfils the requirements of System 1 to critical cut benefit thermal sensitivity and enable drivers to push laborious at some stage in races? 

MI:  I’m moderately confident on yarn of the consequence of the first sessions own been encouraging in this admire. Clearly the level is that at some stage in checking out you might own gotten simplest one car that’s running now not astray so it’s sophisticated to predict the affect of when a car is following one other one, so when a car is losing some downforce. We will bustle some checks but we can own the final resolution simplest subsequent twelve months. Clearly the foundation that now we own in the unusual family of compounds there are some ideas, unusual substances in expose to chop benefit this overheating attain that should always abet in reaching the target but yeah, I’m moderately confident. 

Q: (Jon McEvoy – Daily Mail) Otmar, I own that an organization has been engaged to acquire, to headhunt, a brand unusual CEO for Aston Martin. Can you expose us a microscopic bit bit more about that and perchance enable us to know what feature you might own in the restructure, please? 

OS: Well, that’s recordsdata to me. Is it Aston Martin the System 1 team or Aston Martin Lagonda? 

Q: (Jon McEvoy – Daily Mail) System 1. 

OS: So I’m the team major and CEO, but treasure I said, I haven’t employed a headhunter to attain that. 

Q: (Jon McEvoy – Daily Mail) You’re denying that you simply’re having a look for for a brand unusual CEO? 

OS: Yup, exactly that. 


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