1 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)

2 – Sergio PÉREZ (Red Bull)

3 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Red Bull)


(Performed by Davide Valsecchi) 

Q: Neatly accomplished Checo, gorgeous efficiency. First row for you, 2nd residing. How used to be your quali attributable to you surprised every person by making improvements to, making improvements to and then at the discontinuance 2nd residing?

Sergio PÉREZ: Yeah, initially, I even deserve to mutter successfully accomplished to team. The day prior to this I made a mistake and I made them work onerous all the method by means of the day, so it’s a factual restoration. The largest component is that we are showing development. I never expected to be right here lately, you know, [after] the set we were the day earlier than lately. We’ve been making improvements to. It’s exact crucial. P2 lately. I must had been on pole lately. I did a mistake lately on my remaining nook. I bag it’s all the pieces definite. We exact deserve to make certain that that we prefer progressing and the next day is what issues.

Q: Uncover me about the next day. Most incessantly it’s your strongest section of the weekend, the depart. What attain you suspect about the depart?

SP: Yeah, I bag anything else can happen the next day. We are on a undeniable approach to Lewis and Max. It’s going to be attention-grabbing to search what we can attain and most principal, score those functions, score that studying, which is the precedence within the meanwhile.

Q: Ciao, Max. How used to be your quali? You struggled somewhat within the closing section of the quali. Third residing, same strategy as Lewis Hamilton for the next day: how used to be your day?

Max VERSTAPPEN: Yeah, no longer so factual. In Q3 I went off at Turn 3, so somewhat messy; exact no longer a factual lap. However it’s in all probability you’ll possibly well’t be factual every time. We’ll glimpse what went rotten but it used to be with out a doubt no longer the absolute top in Q3, but silent P3, which is a factual starting residing.

Q: Uncover me please about the next day, attributable to it appears to be just like the synthetic of Bahrain, the set you were by myself against two Mercedes. The next day you’re going to be two Red Bulls against one Mercedes. How would possibly be your depart?

MV: Yeah, it’s going to be attention-grabbing. For sure now we have the 2 autos on diversified tyres, so we are in a position to glimpse how that will figure out but we are in a position to strive to put it aside tough for them.

Q: Lewis, what a day. Your numbers, your quali used to be exact not in all probability from exterior. 99 pole positions, 30 diversified circuits; the document of all time. Congratulations, how used to be your day? 

Lewis HAMILTON: Thank you. This day’s been broad, clearly. I with out a doubt didn’t search information from us to be earlier than two Red Bulls. I bag they have got been so immediate this weekend. There were events after they were six tenths forward and we didn’t in fact know the set we might possibly well be. However the vehicle used to be already feeling seriously greater from the foundation this weekend. So mad admire to the team for the onerous work to essentially slim down the window.

Q: Please, repeat me about the next day, attributable to this will possibly well also be opposite to Bahrain. You are by myself against the 2 Red Bulls within the abet of, this will possibly well also be no longer easy at all. What attain you search information from from the next day?

LH: Oh, I love it! I love the inform. I bag it’s broad that we’ve finally received the 2 Red Bulls within the abet of there. I bag it’s going to with out a doubt save strategy more durable and it’s going to be a real inform the next day attributable to they’ve received broad depart poke. I bag their poke used to be taking a look strongest for the depart within the long runs the day earlier than lately. However I’m exact so gay. The main lap used to be in fact, in fact nice, in fact super. There were some improvements on the 2nd lap but it wasn’t somewhat as factual because the most most famous one. I’m in fact grateful. I came round the closing nook and heard that I received the pole and I used to be mountainous grateful.


Q: Lewis, mountainous efficiency, successfully accomplished. It’s so cease between Mercedes and Red Bull this year, exact how stress-free is that this pole?

LH: Thank you. I’m exact amazed at how cease it’s and how thrilling that is. It in fact adds to the fireplace and the adrenalin plug. I didn’t know whether or no longer or no longer these guys had improved on that closing lap for somewhat a while and so I used to be with out a doubt anxious and that’s the pleasure of nearer racing. However in fact grateful to the team. We came right here and the vehicle used to be feeling greater already from the most most famous lap out and I bag that’s doubtlessly song dependant but in fact factual steps forward. Ideal one step forward all weekend and unheard of work from every person.

Q: You assert the vehicle feels greater, are you able to repeat us somewhat more about that? Where are the improvements over Bahrain a few weeks within the past?

LH: Neatly, Bahrain the temperatures are plenty diversified and the song floor is plenty diversified. In Bahrain we always fight with overheating and plenty of despicable winds and we don’t appear to have that right here and it’s plenty cooler and we are very rarely over with the temperature of the tyres. So as that’s more or much less introduced us more fixed with the Red Bulls and I bag it’s in fact exact focusing on balance. Refining the balance is a extraordinarily slim window of tyres operating at their most fine and also our vehicle is possibly more on a knife edge I would assert than old years.

Q: Can you exact describe the joys of a qualifying lap around Imola? So slim, so speedily…

LH: It’s incredibly speedily right here and the speeds that we are doing and the accuracy we desire. I mean, you saw with Lando, a couple of inches to the nice and also you’re off target and over the song limits and also you in fact deserve to use every bolt of the avenue. And the poke that we’re travelling by means of those first couple of corners – it’s all medium and high-poke corners right here, there are no real late corners – it’s out of the ordinary. It’s an supreme making an strive lap. And it’s clearly received the history. I endure in mind watching Mika and Ayrton and Michael right here, so it’s graceful out of the ordinary to arrive abet to a circuit like this and have a factual day like lately.

Q: Checo, coming to you, many congratulations, right here’s your first front row open in Formula 1. How factual used to be no longer finest your Q3 lap but your session as a entire?

SP: Yeah, thanks. It used to be a extraordinarily factual session from our aspect, attributable to each time we are within the vehicle we are making big steps. So it used to be a factual session in that regard. At any time when I force this vehicle I’m studying something contemporary and that’s graceful factual. If there’s a residing that you don’t deserve to arrive abet in your 2nd depart with a brand contemporary team, it’s doubtlessly Imola. It’s considered one of essentially the most tough circuits around to avoid losing a lap collectively. The restrict is… as Lewis described, all the pieces is so slim, you are millimetres the overall time from the grass, you know. To be right here in my 2nd depart is a graceful factual step from our aspect, which exhibits that we are with out a doubt making factual steps. However an crucial is that we prefer making those steps and that the we impress lately why we went immediate and that we can prefer that level of consistency, exact making improvements to.

Q: You mentioned a mistake on your remaining lap. Ideal how great time attain you suspect it mark you?

SP: Ample to be on pole residing.

Q: OK, that’s anxious, but taking a look forward to the depart. How crucial is the open?

SP: It’s a must have. This day has been a factual day but what issues is the next day. I bag now we have an famous vehicle for the depart. We are on a undeniable approach to Lewis and I bag as a team we would possibly be pushing graceful onerous and optimistically the next day a Red Bull wins.

Q: Max, after the frustrations of the day earlier than lately with the driveshaft failure, exact how factual used to be the vehicle lately, initially?

MV: It felt alright in FP3 and yeah, exact in qualifying a few… you commerce tyre from Comfortable to Medium, strive to avoid losing your lap in and it used to be all coming alongside successfully, then in Q3 the rest depart… yeah. I exact didn’t have a factual lap. I mean, I went off in Turn 3 with two wheels. I do know that Honda makes factual lawnmowers but I don’t think right here’s suited to that. No longer no longer up to I attempted. Yeah, I do know, it used to be in fact exact a scrappy lap and I haven’t had that within the long time, so we exact deserve to impress why that came about. Alternatively, I bag we were very cease to that’s definite and I bag, like Checo acknowledged, now we have two autos cease to Lewis on diversified tyres, so optimistically that will give some pleasure the next day.

Q: We are in a position to sense the frustration now but taking a examine the positives, what is the depart poke of the Red Bull like around right here?

MV: The day prior to this it gave the affect alright. I didn’t attain any long runs but we’ll have a examine it. I don’t think this will possibly well also be a big inform but it’s onerous to overhaul right here, so we’ll glimpse what we can attain.

Q: Closing inquire of from me. Enact you’re feeling Mercedes have closed the gap to Red Bull right here, when when compared with Bahrain?

MV: It’s always tough to mutter but no longer no longer up to from what I will be able to glimpse it all appears to be like somewhat more, let’s assert, below prefer a watch on, somewhat more predictable on onboards.


Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Query for Lewis. First all of, congrats on pole residing. I used to be exact wondering, might possibly well you please exact talk us by means of your two runs in Q3. I bag you were fractionally slower on your 2nd depart. So exact what used to be diversified when when compared with the most most famous one that received you pole?

LH: yep, thanks Alex. I bag honestly, as soon as we accomplished P3, let’s assert, we had that gap to the Red Bulls, I couldn’t shuffle sixth-tenths faster – but we exact kept our heads down and worked on exact tweaking the vehicle a microscopic bit into qualifying. Incessantly very, very serene. Mammoth strategy when it involves getting us out in nice super air on all of our runs. And, pointless to assert, I managed to attain my time on the Medium, and then I received to have a tradition depart on the Comfortable, and then I knew, going into qualifying and particularly that closing lap, used to be going to catch something special. It in fact had to be essentially the most supreme lap that I could possibly well attain – and a microscopic bit more, in exclaim to beat the Red Bulls. They honestly had been speedily all weekend. So, I didn’t honestly know whether or no longer or no longer we might possibly well attain it. Like that closing lap, it started up… the most most famous lap, let’s assert, of Q3, started I bag a tenth up out of Turns 1 and 2 and I knew that I used to be onto a factual lap however the 2nd sector misplaced a microscopic bit in Turn 12. The 2nd time around, unfortunately came out of Turn 2 and 3 a tenth and a half down, I bag it used to be, or a tenth down, and by the time I received to Turn 9, I used to be a tenth and a half down but managed to derive that by means of the center and the closing sector. So, having those two collectively I bag would had been the supreme, supreme lap – but I’m honestly so gay with that lap. The main lap in fact is clearly the set it counted. So, grateful for it.

Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Hasten) Checo, you’ve acknowledged earlier than, brazenly admitted that it’s going to catch a while to score that one-lap efficiency and it gave the affect of by means of loads of the match up to now that used to be the case right here, you were rather plenty off Max. And then it exact appears to be like to have arrive to you thru qualifying, particularly with that gigantic step in Q3. Can you repeat the set exactly that came from?

SP: Yeah, I bag exact understanding the set to score the time. I even have a graceful factual reference in Max, it’s exact getting 100 per cent all time out of the vehicle, it’s exact adapting myself to it, studying step-by-step. I wasn’t awaiting myself to be right here within the meanwhile attributable to I in fact feel that I am miles faraway from the set I could possibly well silent be. Things are no longer coming naturally but. So it’s a factual enhance in confidence, no longer exact for myself, also for the team, to avoid losing them in fact feel that they have got got each drivers and that we can push the team forward collectively. That’s a obligatory bit. Expectantly from right here on, we exact prefer that development and the next day, we attain one other step in depart efficiency and… yeah, it’s the target exact to retain step-by-step. I’m no longer in a depart, I do know that I’m no longer the set I could possibly well silent be but with out a doubt it’s definite to be up right here exact in my 2nd depart with the team.

Q: (Fred Ferret – L’Equipe) Max, handle that it’s a anxious day for you lately – but wherein areas attain you’re feeling a undeniable driver to the one who started in 2015? Where attain you suspect you have modified and advanced essentially the most?

MV: I convey exact frequent expertise – in vehicle racing in frequent attributable to I finest did three hundred and sixty five days in F3. So exact the entire understanding of a depart vehicle: racecraft, tyres, tyre management. A great deal of things, to be merely! Which you like studying yearly, every single depart. I bag I had a factual day again for that, to learn what went rotten and what’s going to also be accomplished greater. You exact consistently prefer making improvements to, prefer looking out for to impress things what shuffle rotten and also you are making an strive to change into greater. It has been like that from 2015.

Q: (Christian Menath – motorsportmagazin.com) Max, you have mentioned, it doesn’t happen very generally that you save a mistake in qualifying. Enact you have already received a proof, is it something diversified as soon as you know you’re combating for pole residing, you’re in a undeniable inform, diversified mindset or is it exact that it incessantly happens?

MV: It has been going in fact successfully for a extraordinarily long time so… unfortunately we are no longer robots. I will be able to’t programme myself like that. However yeah, incessantly it happens that you save a mistake.

Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC Sport) Lewis, there used to be one more between you and Bono on the radio the set you were each sounding incredulous about the reality that you’d managed to score pole. I consider the reality that Valtteri’s a protracted capability within the abet of you lately. Was this a form of laps from you adore Singapore 2018 and whichever one it used to be closing year, I forgot I’m stunned, apologies for that, the set you’ve in fact pulled it out? Or used to be there a undeniable explanation?

LH: OK. Thanks for noticing, Andrew. I convey we’ve no longer in fact hyped it up too great however the reality is that as you saw clearly within the closing depart there used to be a factual gap to the Red Bulls. I bag we did in fact feel that we might possibly well cease it up a microscopic bit coming into this weekend but that used to be a terribly super qualifying session. I convey time and time again we’d exact be tweaking and adjusting. When it involves my very own efficiency I’m in fact grateful that I’m silent making steps within the nice direction and yeah, it used to be a real shock. The team with out a doubt did no longer… anybody within the team, expected to be on pole lately but pointless to assert that’s what I used to be gunning for but it in fact used to be the tidiest lap that I could possibly well save collectively and a microscopic bit more. Whether or no longer it used to be a Singapore lap or no longer, it used to be a undeniable vibe, but it with out a doubt feels factual.

Q: (Phil Duncan – PA) Lewis, I convey it’s exact a apply-up on that no doubt. Enact laps like these repeat the others that you’re silent at the tip of your game, no longer possibly that you deserve to repeat that to yourself, but to others that you’re silent the principle man available and Max, I convey the inquire of to you is attain you suspect that you deserve to entire earlier than Lewis the next day when it involves the championship? You almost with out a doubt don’t deserve to let Lewis proceed to avoid losing a lead.

LH: Whats up, Phil. I bag you already saw from the score-shuffle we knew in Bahrain that it used to be going to be cease and it’ll be cease at some point soon of this season and it’s going to catch laps like that, it’s going to catch us as a team performing as cease to perfection as that it’s in all probability you’ll possibly well remember, no longer leaving any stone unturned and I do know that’s more or much less the premise going into most weekends but we can’t have adequate money any run-usaand I bag up to now we’ve in fact been firing on all cylinders and we silent are hunting, have faith it or no longer. I bag lately used to be in fact lucky. I bag as Sergio used to be asserting, it wasn’t a supreme, supreme lap for him but I bag for all of us we’re operating at this form of high level, the adaptations are milliseconds between us all and we might possibly well all return and check our information and assert we can shuffle faster, but at the discontinuance of the day it’s what you attain on that one moment that counts and so as that’s what we in fact strive to contemplate.

Q: And Max, please?

MV: Yeah, it’s a extraordinarily long season so it’s no longer finest about the next day.

Q: (Luke Smith – Autosport) Max, we saw closing year at Imola that Mercedes essentially split methods with their two autos to catch a examine and score the leap on you. This year it’s somewhat of a position reversal: we’ve received two Red Bulls at the front of the grid and finest one Mercedes. How great of a whimsical residing attain you’re feeling when when compared with closing year, with Checo as your teammate now?

MV: Yeah, I mean pointless to assert now we deserve to encourage and glimpse what’s going to happen the next day but yeah, it’s going to be attention-grabbing what’s going to also be accomplished, but no longer finest with that but also what the climate is going to attain, if there is somewhat of rain or no longer so I convey we exact deserve to encourage and glimpse what’s going to happen but optimistically, within the depart, this will possibly well also be cease again.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Sergio, are you able to please repeat the decision to use softs in Q2; why didn’t you utilize the mediums like Max to score the greater starting strategy?

SP: We felt as a team that the comfy is nowhere approach the set it used to be closing year, so it’s a factual depart tyre. It’s exact diversified to the medium when it’s crucial… it used to be a must have and obligatory for me to score that studying, that consistency and that progression. Final time I overlooked Q3 and in fact getting those laps, you know, as Lewis described, we can all look abet and all attain greater but exact entering that mood with the vehicle is amazingly crucial for me, so as to put it aside when it issues. I principal this super qualifying. Whether or no longer it’s the nice or rotten strategy I bag there’s no longer great between them so we are with out a doubt within the game for the next day.

Q: (Christian Menath – motorsportmagazin.com) Lewis, the synthetic direction around, there used to be a inquire of to Max earlier – on the overall it used to be always two against one with Mercedes attributable to you were always up there with Valtteri but this time it’s the synthetic direction around so what does this commerce for you and how tough does it save it that Valtteri is no longer there?

LH: Yeah, it’s great diversified, Christian, from clearly previous experiences. Very rarely have I seen… I will be able to’t endure in mind the closing time I saw the Red Bulls so cease, so I bag the next day, pointless to assert, they have got these… if we’re ready to score off in exclaim then they clearly have somewhat of a greater home of cards when it involves strategy but that doesn’t mean we can’t pull out something extraordinary and save something diversified. I’m no longer in fact sure what came about with Valtteri. It’s very onerous to overhaul right here so clearly we doubtlessly received’t have the enhance of him early on but on the synthetic hand possibly he’ll save it by means of but otherwise we’ve exact received to contemplate our job and catch a examine and save fully all the pieces and more to retain these lads within the abet of.


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