1 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Crimson Bull)

2 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)

3 – Lando NORRIS (McLaren)


(Conducted by Martin Brundle) 

Q: Max, congratulations, that changed into a wild afternoon, nonetheless you had it lined; a astronomical victory.

Max VERSTAPPEN: Yeah, it changed into very provocative accessible, especially first and essential. It changed into very laborious to protect heading in the suitable route to be supreme; it changed into very slippery. After which in truth with the tyres degrading in the moist and then selecting the suitable moment to stir onto slicks is on occasion easy. I deem we managed all the pieces effectively. After which a tiny bit of moment on my restart…  

Q: That changed into so conclude?

MV: Yeah, nonetheless all the pieces else went no doubt effectively as of late, so in truth very pleased with that.

Q: What took place on that re-start? Pleasing looking out to warmth the tyres?

MV: Yeah, a tiny bit of moment after I changed into appropriate looking out to warmth it with throttle, nonetheless happily we didn’t trek.

Q: But you had a supreme making an strive dash all of the style down to the essential nook on the fashioned start to carry the lead.

MV: Yeah, I changed into stunned myself. Final twelve months we had been struggling a tiny bit of bit off the line nonetheless we had labored no doubt laborious to get that better and likewise you seen it in Bahrain nonetheless now in these complicated stipulations I deem we did a astronomical job.

Q: Lewis appropriate took the fastest lap in the direction of the conclude, so he is amassed a degree sooner than you on this planet championship, nonetheless you might per chance per chance presumably presumably be appropriate abet in there. 

MV: Yeah, nonetheless it’s a long season, so let’s protect aloof.

Q: Lewis, the do get we start on that dash? Congratulations for bringing it abet in 2d do.

Lewis HAMILTON: Thank you. First, congratulations to Max. He did a gleaming job as of late. Pleasing solid work from him and additionally to Lando – what an mountainous job and so appropriate to perceive McLaren abet up there. On my facet it changed into no longer the superior of days. It’s the essential time I’ve made a mistake in a truly very long time nonetheless I’m grateful I changed into in a position to suppose the automobile home amassed.

Q: Lift us thru that error at Tosa. You had been passing some lapped vehicles?

LH: Yeah, there changed into handiest one dry line and I assume I changed into in a tiny bit too worthy of a dash to get by all americans. Coming to the interior, I might per chance well leer it changed into moist and I changed into looking out to discontinue nonetheless the item wouldn’t discontinue and it despatched me off. A tiny bit gloomy nonetheless I’m no doubt, no doubt grateful that we received to get going any other time and to get some aspects for the body of workers changed into no doubt predominant as of late.

Q: So, in the future of the red flag damage, did you ever imagine that you just will amassed be main the arena championship and that you just will be triumphant in 2d?

LH: I wasn’t hooked in to. I changed into appropriate looking out to get better from the gutting feeling it is in case you get a mistake and appropriate intriguing on from it and appropriate discovering out precise quick and likewise you don’t absorb time to dwell on it so as that’s what I did – get abet into the racing spirit. I didn’t know whether or no longer or no longer we would have the selection to overtake, because any other time, offline changed into going to be moist, nonetheless amassed had some astronomical battles with the total guys.

Q: Lando, on the rostrum any other time, 2d time. Whoa, that changed into… you had been no doubt having to protect laborious nonetheless your tempo changed into so actual.

Lando NORRIS: Thanks. I’m pleased. I deem an awfully good recovery after the day long previous by. It changed into a long term. A complicated one nonetheless I didn’t start so effectively, y’know. It changed into a flowery start nonetheless I came abet thru. I had appropriate tempo. I attempted placing on to 2d nonetheless Lewis changed into a tiny bit too quick for me as of late so… yeah, it’s fantastic to be combating these guys. It’s fantastic to be there on advantage and there on pure tempo – and hopefully we’re going to have the selection to absorb some more in the ruin.

Q: With Lewis on your mirrors, you kept your head. There changed into rather a pair of stress there, and likewise you had been talking a pair of tiny bit of snatch-spin – so you had been managing a pair of things]

LN: Yeah. That changed into my knee-pad, changed into hitting my snatch-traipse so as that changed into my absorb mistake. We opted to stir on the Softs for the restart and I had appropriate tempo for the essential 10 or 15 laps nonetheless I knew I changed into going to fight plenty in the direction of the conclude – especially with Lewis at the abet of me. It changed into no longer going to be a uncomplicated one. But I attempted. I held on for two or three or four laps nonetheless in the conclude I appropriate couldn’t grasp on – nonetheless I’m pleased with third. I’m no longer upset.

Q: Well, the fans appreciated it. They voted you driver of the day.

LN: They did? I didn’t deem I had any fans! But thanks very worthy.


Q: Max, many congratulations. That changed into a extraordinarily impressive carry in what had been at times very complicated stipulations. How gorgeous is it to carry a dash adore that?

MV: Yeah, it’s never easy a dash adore this; it’s rather stressful accessible to get the suitable calls. The essential, I deem, changed into to absorb that appropriate inaugurate, which changed into additionally a tiny bit of a surprise to me! After last twelve months, the do we continuously struggled in the moist, over the iciness and the initiating of the twelve months we positively made some enhancements with that and as of late it changed into very appropriate. But then after that, to get the suitable call from intermediate to slick tyres changed into no longer easy, because I seen a pair of guys sooner than me on slicks tyres nonetheless they had been struggling plenty. But even on the intermediates… they had been accomplished, so that you just can take on going changed into complicated, rather a pair of sliding spherical, so in case you might per chance per chance presumably presumably stir a pair of centimetres off line you might per chance per chance presumably presumably lose the automobile, so no longer easy accessible. But after we placed on the slicks all gorgeous. But then in truth we had the red flag, with so worthy debris into Turn 2, so most continuously the profit changed into long previous. After which I had my moment on the restart. That changed into a expansive one. Some secret tyre warming going on, nonetheless after that it changed into gorgeous.

Q: By approach of establishing the carry, how predominant changed into it for you to carry the lead at the essential start?

MV: You mostly strive to get the superior start that you just might per chance per chance presumably presumably imagine and once I seen the inaugurate changed into very appropriate in truth you stir for it. But in truth it changed into wanted spherical right here.

Q: Lewis, that changed into a extraordinarily eventful for you. What’s your overriding emotion after that dash?

LH: Grateful. Max did a astronomical job as of late and so did Lando. I deem juts no doubt grateful for the lesson. I didn’t get away the superior at the start, it changed into very complicated stipulations at the start. But we’re handiest human, so appropriate that bit of a mistake changed into one to learn from. I’m appropriate grateful I might per chance well get going any other time and get abet into the dash. It’s no longer how you tumble; it’s how you come up. In actuality capable to get abet to 2d. I had a appropriate war with Lando in the direction of the conclude. I positively didn’t know I might per chance well presumably be right here after I changed into going thru that barrier.

Q: It wasn’t handiest Lando that you just had been combating with. How worthy did you have the good thing about the price abet up the self-discipline?

LH: Oh, I loved it! Actually, that’s how my occupation no doubt started after I changed into youthful. When I changed into a child coming thru we had a terribly dodgy old stir-kart, so I changed into continuously initiating at the abet. So it appropriate took me abet to my roots. It’s a terribly laborious video display to overtake on, nonetheless I deem that Turn 2 kerb changed the balance in some approach and I deem it labored effectively for that dry condition we had been in.

Q: Lando, coming to you. Well done on taking your 2d podium in System 1. The last 24 hours had been an emotional rollercoaster for you. How get you sum-up the weekend?

LN: On the total I’m very pleased with the… with myself nonetheless the body of workers as effectively. I deem moreover Q3 it changed into a reasonably ideal weekend, I absorb to voice. We improved the automobile plenty over the essential couple of days, from Friday into Saturday, and thru the classes and so on and we didn’t start on the superior foot – nonetheless we improved plenty. I felt adore I did a extraordinarily appropriate job in qualifying. Used to be the essential time I handiest needed to get one dash in both Q1 and Q2, so I did appropriate ample laps to connect the tyres, give myself a appropriate opportunity into Q3 and be pretty conclude to pole do and then, effectively nearly P3 and then get attach apart all of the style down to P7. It changed into approach-ideal from my facet, and the body of workers’s. I deem we did a extraordinarily appropriate job. I changed into upset the day long previous by so that you just can arrive abet abet to Third as of late after a reasonably eventful dash for myself and, I’m sure, the others as effectively, changed into rewarding for myself, nonetheless more importantly, the body of workers.

Q: Did you have the good thing about that war with Lewis?

LN: It changed into complicated. We made the resolution to stir on the Softs. I wasn’t so confident to get the tyres working. It’s no longer a uncomplicated video display to overtake on – Lewis might per chance well voice in any other case! – nonetheless I deem it changed into the suitable resolution. Other than Max’s tiny moment, I though Charles changed into going to drive sooner than Max on the restart, as he changed into off-video display, so didn’t carry profit of that nonetheless he had rather a pair of wheelspin on the restart when Max went, and that’s the fault of the Mediums and their resolution. We made our resolution to stir on the Softs, I received a appropriate inaugurate, appropriate restart and received sooner than him. I pretty worthy started saving the tyres from lap one after the restart, gleaming that the last couple of laps had been going to be pretty complicated. And they had been. Particularly with Lewis at the conclude. I deem rather a pair of focus is the last couple of corners, getting the deployment appropriate, using the battery in the suitable approach. So, I changed into looking out to connect up as worthy as that you just might per chance per chance presumably presumably imagine. In the conclude, I didn’t absorb ample rear tyre out of the last two corners and the chicane to take him at the abet of nonetheless I attempted. It changed into an awfully good tiny war. It’s fantastic to be racing odd vehicles, I assume for us, a Crimson Bull, a Mercedes, and Ferraris and things adore that. It’s fantastic to be going up in opposition to them. Optimistically we’re going to have the selection to absorb some more of that in the ruin.


Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC) That is for Max and Lewis. Max, you’ve viewed you had the fastest automobile in Bahrain, you seen what can happen if things don’t stir rather appropriate; Lewis, you’ve viewed what you’re up in opposition to with Max and Crimson Bull after two races now. What form of headspace are you two in as you eye forward to a championship war that the leisure of us absorb massively excessive anticipation for?

MV: It’s a extraordinarily long season. We appropriate absorb to take on working very laborious. I’m very pleased with the , in truth, as of late nonetheless that’s as of late. I’m in truth going to bask in about as of late, nonetheless the following day, we start any other time. We now absorb to take on bettering because there’s amassed rather a pair of work so as to take doing this the total season.

And playing racing this man?

MV: Oh route. If I might per chance well presumably be using P10, it’s no longer swish. It’s astronomical to be combating in opposition to Lewis, Mercedes who, I deem, as a body of workers, they’ve been so dominant and in addition they’re very complicated to beat. So so as to sit down right here now, now two races in a row, we had been very, very aggressive, that’s very promising nonetheless no ensures.

Lewis please?

LH: Yeah, mad for the war. I deem right here is de facto the essential time in a truly very long time that Crimson Bull absorb had a championship-a success automobile, so I deem it’s going to be conclude the total approach thru the twelve months – and it’s appropriate going to be, hopefully, more and more of these battles.

Q: (Christian Nimmervoll – motorsport.com) Quiz to all three drivers – nonetheless potentially initiating with Max. Max, in case you had the affirm at the restart, get you imagine that Leclerc changed into no doubt entitled to stir previous? Because now we absorb a affirm earlier in the dash the do Pérez changed into off beam, received handed by two drivers and in addition they didn’t absorb any sanctions. So get you imagine he wished to brake in that affirm? And presumably the thought of the other drivers as effectively.

MV: I changed into off beam for a tiny bit – nonetheless once I changed into abet on the video display in truth I changed into using gradual because I changed into convalescing, getting my steering wheel straight – nonetheless then I don’t deem you might per chance per chance presumably presumably pass any extra. I deem in case you leer a automobile drifting adore that in front of you, initially, I deem you appropriate abet-out, because you don’t know the do it’s going to stir. I don’t know. It’s seconds. Per chance you might per chance per chance presumably presumably absorb a guess of two or three seconds to get it. It’s so complicated accessible with tyres. You don’t must additionally react to it – presumably you trek your self. It can happen.

Lewis, any ideas on this?

LH: I don’t even know what took place. I changed into approach abet!

Lando, did you leer?

LN: Oh yeah, I had a astronomical check of it. Moderately silly no doubt. I deem Charles can absorb long previous previous him in my check. At that stage Max changed into uncontrolled and going left and Charles kind-of appropriate hit the brakes and slowed down and stopped. Sometime he has to stir previous Max because he changed into going thru the barrier for rather a pair of the nook. I don’t know. We now absorb to presumably seek files from the guys in price what the exact ruling is for going off, as off-video display, all four wheels off the video display and instance of the day long previous by – nonetheless at the identical time Max changed into going very gradual, so it changed into adore Leclerc… Charles can absorb pushed previous him at the purpose. I’m no longer sure. I deem if I changed into in P2, I’d absorb long previous for it, because you might per chance per chance presumably presumably absorb a guess at a success then. It’s a threat worth it.

Q: (Alex Kalinaukas – Autosport) Lewis, appropriate regarding the incident the do you had been caught in the gravel at Tosa. It gave the impact to carry you some time sooner than you form of received the wheel became and then reversed out so are you able to display what changed into going on at the time and why it took a tiny bit longer than presumably you might per chance per chance presumably presumably absorb loved to get out of there?

LH: Yeah, it appropriate wouldn’t stir into reverse so I changed into holding the reverse button and it took forever to assemble. I didn’t deem it changed into going to work. I attempted reversing and then tried to more or less get a burn out trek to get going any other time and I changed into abet in the barrier so then it took a truly very long time any other time to get abet in reverse. And after I changed into reversing, I changed into adore I’ve appropriate received to take going backwards and work my approach out in reverse and if I hadn’t done that I’d potentially amassed had been there now so I’m grateful for it.

Q: (Giles Richards – The Guardian) Lewis, I know you’ll be upset after what you stated changed into a puny mistake nonetheless nonetheless it changed into a astronomical performance to arrive abet abet to 2d. How would you payment a performance adore that after when put next with voice, as an illustration, among the more uncomplicated wins you might per chance per chance presumably presumably absorb had on your occupation? How worthy satisfaction are you able to get from getting back from what appeared snatch to be form of nearly dash-ending mistake?

LH: Thank you Giles. You’re appropriate up in opposition to the camera so we’re going to have the selection to handiest leer your forehead. I deem, in lifestyles, in case you expertise whatever produce of adversity in phrases of challenges or errors and mishaps or whatever obstacles you see that it is foremost to get better from or hurdles, it’s continuously more gorgeous in case you overcome them. It’s no longer the errors that account for you, any other time it’s no longer how you tumble, it’s how you get abet up and I deem positively in that moment, for me, I don’t get too many errors and it changed into gutting in that do nonetheless I truthfully feel adore these items happen for a motive and the others did a gleaming job, nonetheless I endure in mind appropriate sitting there, taking a eye at the barrier and I refused to deem that the dash changed into over. I refused to imagine that the dash changed into done. I’m in a position to absorb obviously appropriate became the automobile off and received out nonetheless I’m grateful that I didn’t. I’m grateful that I did get a reverse and then after that appropriate more or less getting out the automobile and looking out to change the arouse and turn it into certain energy so as that I might per chance well get abet in and dash forwards. It’s a fantastic lesson to be despatched and expertise.

Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Lumber) Lewis, you obviously talked of your response to the error there at the hairpin, nonetheless what about afterwards because I deem that dropped you a lap down in case you needed to arrive abet in afterwards and then obviously the red flags re-draw the dash for you so I assume that changed into the 2d defining moment that draw up the price thereafter so what changed into going thru your head in case you form of needed to determine what changed into amassed on the table?

LH: Yeah, once I received going any other time, any other time, rather a pair of reduction nonetheless in truth I knew I had been in the gravel for minutes so I had no view how a long way at the abet of I’d nonetheless in truth I knew that I potentially might per chance well presumably be a lap down and after I learned out that changed into I changed into a lap down I didn’t know what I changed into going so as to get nonetheless it changed into such complicated stipulations accessible, it changed into inevitable one thing changed into going to happen at some stage extra up in the dash, all americans switching over to the slick tyres and likewise you might per chance per chance presumably presumably voice there changed into a terribly fortunate moment in the dash that allowed us to get abet on the identical lap and then abet into the dash so any other time, appropriate no doubt grateful for it.

Q: (Phil Duncan – PA) Pleasing for Lewis, I assume right here is 19 aspects received. You are going to absorb walked away with zero. I realize it’s early days nonetheless how predominant get you imagine that shall be on this championship, which appears to be like to be to be like like it’s going to be pretty conclude between you two and Max, had been you a tiny bit miffed in case you seen that Lewis had crossed the line 2d, given he started the re-start in ninth?

LH: I deem, no doubt, getting abet to 2d and getting these aspects as of late will be very primary thru the season. If I’d lost 25 aspects as of late, that can had been laborious to get effectively with the truth… basically based mostly on the truth that Crimson Bull – it’s the essential time that they’ve had a championship-a success automobile, their automobile is not most likely swiftly. They had been sooner than us this weekend, positively in qualifying pretty nonetheless it appears to be like to be to be like adore a tiny bit of bit additionally in dash pretty. But I don’t know if they made a pair of errors, I deem they did, Max did in qualifying as an illustration in any other case he would had been on pole. But we’ve received an exact conclude war which we luxuriate in the truth that it’s a conclude war and it’s astronomical to perceive McLaren abet up there after this sort of very very long time, it’s astronomical to perceive Ferrari taking a eye actual so there’s going to be rather a pair of involving races up ahead and provocative for all of us in so many other ways.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Identical seek files from to both Max and Lewis: might per chance well you appropriate discuss us thru what took place at the essential nook the do you touched, and out of your perspectives please and what did you get of what the other driver did in that incident?

MV: I don’t deem we touched.

LH: We did. We did.

MV: We touched?

LH: Yeah.

MV: I absorb to perceive the video then.

LH: I deem my endplate received damaged. I don’t know precisely.

MV: Alright. From my… I didn’t deem we touched so I don’t know. I absorb to see the video any other time.

Q: Max, appropriate discuss us thru the hundred meters main up to the nook as effectively, out of your perspective and then we’ll arrive to Lewis.

MV: Yeah, so I had a appropriate inaugurate so I changed into appropriate gaining dash, dash, dash nonetheless then you stir to expose two and it’s a tiny bit complicated to judge your braking point, with the tyres, cool tyres, you don’t must out-brake your self because this video display, with the total gravel spherical and stuff, it’s easy to hurt your automobile and we went in to expose two in truth, facet-by-facet nonetheless it’s complicated to hunt files from the grip on the essential lap. I additionally ended up a tiny bit wider than I wished and then Lewis changed into additionally there nonetheless at one point these yellow sausages to yeah. Then I seen Lewis needed to stir over them.

LH: I didn’t get a appropriate start. Max received a closer start than me and then I deem I changed into a tiny bit ahead going into turn two nonetheless I changed into most continuously warding off us coming collectively. Max changed into appropriate coming and coming and discovering. Obviously, we had that contact and I needed to dispute the exit, carry those expansive kerbs nonetheless I’m grateful I appropriate received it thru it and didn’t hurt draw more than the endplate.


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