BMW, a German manufacturer of cars, motorcycles and engines is one of the most reputable companies in the automotive industry. The automotive giant from Munich has been producing one of the best-selling luxury cars in the world for almost a century.

Here are 10 facts about the BMW brand that you may not have known 

1. BMW – Bayerische Motoren Werke and FIGHTER JETS

BMW emerged during World War I as a manufacturer of engines for fighter jets, which Germany lacked. After the war, German companies were banned by the Versailles Peace contract from manufacturing parts for fighter jets, and BMW consequently turned to car production.

2. The DIXI was the first car to be created under the BMW brand

When BMW switched to car production, in 1928 it bought Automobilwerk Eisenach including the rights to manufacture the Dixi model. BMW soon abandoned the name, and the Dixi went on to become the DA-1, and then with minor modifications. BMW 3/15 DA-2.

BMW Dixi

3. BMW made its Lamborghini

BMW’s first “M” model, the legendary M1, should actually be a Lamborghini. Namely, BMW concluded an agreement with the Italian manufacturer in 1970, according to which BMW and Lamborghini would build the car together, but the Italians withdrew from the agreement due to financial difficulties. BMW consolidated its ranks and created the cult “M” model.

4. BMW would almost become Mercedes

In 1959, BMW was close to bankruptcy and Mercedes had serious plans to take over its competitor. The collective organization of employees who bought out part of the company and the entry of a private investor saved BMW from joining Daimler Benz, and a great rivalry between the brands is still present today.

5. BMW logo in the colors of the Bavarian flag

Although many mistakenly think that the cult BMW logo represents a rotating propeller, this is not true. The design of the logo comes from the Bavarian flag, which consists of white and blue.

6. Electric visionary

BMW introduced the first electric car as early as 1972. Although it was proof of the outstanding innovation orientation of the Bavarian manufacturer, it never reached the market, as the battery lasted only 20 minutes.

7. The fastest motorcycle

BMW created the fastest motorcycle in the world as early as 1937. It was known for its aerodynamic shape and reached an exceptional 278 km / h. BMW remains the only motorcycle manufacturer to refuse to use telescopic forks.

8. BMW also makes Mini Coopers and Rolls Royces

BMW and its companies also make Mini Coopers and Rolls Royces, which means that two legendary British brands are made by a German company.

9. “The ultimate driving machine”

One of the world’s most famous slogans “The ultimate driving machine” has been an integral part of BMW’s marketing campaigns for more than 40 years.


BMW has successfully applied the Batmobile concept with the CSL model with spoilers and wings. A concept designed specifically for sports car enthusiasts.

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