Finnish duo Pentti Veikkanen and Timo Jaakkola maintain been a abnormal characteristic on the FIA EHRC for a few years of their distinctive Class 3 Porsche 911 SC, which they’ve named ‘The Crimson Satan’.

In 2019 Pentti and Timo executed 2nd at school on no longer lower than 5 occasions, in Vltava, Asturias, Ypres, Alpi Orientali and Elba, finishing the season 3rd in Class 3 on 93 suggestions, acceptable 7 suggestions in the aid of the 2019 champions Karl Wagner and Gerda Zauner.

We caught up with them forward of the original FIA European Historic Rally Championship season.

Q1: How maintain you and your family been throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic and maintain you been in a position to compete in any rep of motor sport throughout the past one year?

“Privately, our households are doing successfully, no topic your total restrictions and lock downs, we had and aloof maintain here in Finland. We are lucky to are living up in the north, and seriously in Finland, the build the illness fee has no longer but been that high, as in loads of European nations, and we did no longer face that laborious and strict restrictions, as in loads of other nations used to be the case. Pena has loved his time with snow scootering and driving along with his immense bike. This one year, there used to be original projects for Timo, chairing the Finnish ASN Historic Board, and being nominated as a ASN representant to the FIA Historic Price.

“In 2020, as the principle information arrived from China, and then after that, as the awful first information from Italy relating the Covid 19 pandemic began on the TV screens, we realised that this would possibly perhaps perhaps also merely no longer be over in a few months. Our Crimson Satan Porsche had obtained a original, extra highly fine engine, and original, bigger brakes, so the entire lot used to be successfully attractive, and the crew used to be truly motivated to skedaddle to Costa Brava to start up the 2020 season, with correct one job, to steal dwelling the category total first position. Nonetheless we determined no longer to skedaddle to Spain at all, and our plans used to be to start up the Championship season from Asturias, later from the Lahti Historic, after following the pandemics growth. Unfortunately, it went as it did, and there maintain been no FIA EHSRC rallies organised in 2020.

“At some stage in 2020 and 2021 there used to be a chance to bustle here in Finland below strict Corona linked ideas. No spectators allowed on the Special Stages, exiguous desire of service crew contributors, special direction of for the Timecard and so on. We now maintain been rallying with our Mitsubishi EVO 9 4 WD in the Finnish Rally Championship and additionally in some smaller ones to sustain ‘the touch and feeling’. It’s miles additionally most indispensable to compete and force, no longer correct to purchase the feeling for the driving and dawdle, nonetheless additionally for the pacenotes.

“This one year, we had a terribly unforgettable chance. Stop January, the Arctic Rally used to be driven in Rovaniemi, Lapland partly on the same roads, as later in March the Finnish Arctic WRC Rally. We can bustle in Finland with the Mitsu as prolonged as we can start up the 2021 EHRC sequence with the Crimson Satan Porsche.”

Q2: How prolonged maintain the two of you been rallying collectively?

“Pena has a prolonged Motor sport history. He has been competing in loads of fairly a few motor sport classes throughout the past 40 years. He has extra than 700 starts, of which over 300 in rallies, domestic as successfully world, with diversified vehicles beginning from a Triumph Vitesse. He is a terribly ‘all rounder’, with sizable results.

“Timo has been co-driving since 1987. Fully in rallies on domestic and on world level. Vehicles from a Skoda Felicia Kit Automobile up to diversified WRC vehicles, equivalent to the Peugeot 207, Ford Level of curiosity WRC, VW WRC and diversified Toyota items. He used to be additionally acting as manufacturing facility crew take a look at co-pilot and has some 170 starts.

“Collectively we maintain been driving since spring of the 2017 EHRC Season and after main the category 3 that one year, we lost the P1 space in the last rally. So, till now, a P2 and a P3 for the Co-Drivers, and a P1 for the Groups.”

Q3: What is your well-liked rally on the 2021 EHRC calendar?

“Coming from Finland, the acknowledge is no longer Lahti. We love rapidly, anxious technical tarmac roads.  Now not striking them in an repeat, nonetheless Sanremo, Vltava, Austria and now additionally the original Swiss Rally. 

“Lahti is a diversified fable. Our dwelling Rally, and, sadly, the actual one on gravel. We would very unprecedented desire to maintain one rally additionally on Ice and Snow, love the Artic Rally.  Lahti is frequently the no 1, nonetheless can’t be when put next with the alternative rallies, that are driven on tarmac, with a fully diversified dwelling up and tyres. To not neglect the roads and driving ‘flat out over the crests and jumps.’.

“We mediate, to maintain extra races on diversified roads surface, would give extra level of curiosity on the title

‘European Championship’.  Now it is extra love European Champion on Tarmac, nonetheless we characteristic out no longer maintain any laborious feelings towards that.” 

Q4: Provide an explanation for us extra referring to the Porsche 911 SC. When did you purchase it and what’s the history of the vehicle?

“The Crimson Satan, the AXY – 144 used to be built 2009 from a civil vehicle chassis after a terribly heavy accident with the previous Porsche in CZ / Vltava. The Crimson Satan has been built up by Pena, and his Team from zero.  Engine, gearbox, chassis, suspension.  Now, the Crimson Satan, with its chassis, has some 80 starts on it.

“We know, the Crimson Satan is a terribly rapidly vehicle, nonetheless we had been too generally struggling on technical issues. We hope, this one year shall be a sport changer.”

Q5: Historic Rally Club Finland received the crew title in 2019.  What used to be it love being fraction of the a success crew? 

“We had 2019, and we’ll maintain in 2021, a lovely Team. Qualified sportsmanship, rapidly and official drivers, successfully working service teams. A extensive mixture of diversified vehicles in diversified classes, beginning from a Volvo, 122 S, a exiguous, nonetheless truly rapidly, Toyota Starlet, BMWs and ending up in a extra highly fine Porsche. 

“We would additionally desire to underline the incredible spirit among the many diversified teams representing our Historic Rally Club Finland. We had been unbeatable collectively and are going to be a terribly true one additionally in 2021.  Let’s force for the white and blue national flag.”

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