1 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)

2 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Purple Bull)

3 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes) 


(Performed by Pedro de la Rosa) 

Q: Max, neatly accomplished, what a lap. After Q2 we thought no person would atomize into the 16s. You factual about had it there, supreme three hundredths. How used to be your lap?

Max VERSTAPPEN: Yeah, it used to be accurate. I struggled a cramped bit in Q1 however I reflect then we sorted out the balance for Q2, which used to be comely accurate. In Q3 for me each and each laps were comely respectable. I reflect supreme the 2d urge used to be a cramped now now not worse for whatever reason. It’s moderately dusty round right here so the wind adjustments a lot. However I reflect 2d for us right here on this observe used to be very accurate at the moment. We know that they’re onerous to beat round right here, so that you can be that shut now we must at all times be pleased with that.

Q: And for day after at the moment, initiating 2d. I imply you ranking accomplished it from additional assist. It is miles possible right here. It’s nearly 600 metres to Flip 1.

MV: Yeah, it’s a lengthy urge to Flip 1 however for sure first it be crucial to carry out sure to ranking a accurate commence. Since the slouch is there, so for sure I hope we can ranking a accurate speed as neatly.

Q: Tyre management day after at the moment will be key carry out you instruct? 

MV: Yeah, round right here with the total like a flash corners and tyres overheating, tyre management is foremost so we decide to carry out definite we’re on high of that day after at the moment.

Q: Did it be crucial to abet watch over the tyre temperature for the length of quali as neatly?

MV: As it’s also possible to see, our out laps were so gradual. Excellent to carry out definite within the final sector the tyres dwell on all and sundry is form of doing the identical thing. However it’s tremendous round right here. It’s a respectable observe with loads of like a flash corners and particularly in qualifying with low gasoline it’s unbelievable to power.

Q: I’m so pleased to be interviewing right here on your 100th pole. Lewis, right here’s a magic number and a magic 2d, so how used to be your lap? Became as soon because it absolute most sensible, Mr Ultimate?

Lewis HAMILTON: Effectively, P3 used to be looking out in actuality accurate. I reflect now we were strong all weekend. We made some adjustments and I had a cramped alarm about the adjustments we were doubtlessly going to carry out for qualifying and you’re continually looking out for to carry out the automobile better. However it’s miles a cramped a raffle because you’ve also got to abet the speed in tips also. Anyway, we made this commerce and as soon as I got out I used to be esteem: “right here is straight away the injurious one.” It used to be my name on the quit however it used to be in actuality onerous. So as that’s why I used to be on the assist of the total come by qualifying and I used to be making cramped tweaks right here and there and looking out for to elevate slouch-sparkling however the essential lap used to be the supreme lap I got by the total session, which used to be sizable. I tried to enhance on the following lap and I reflect I used to be a tenth up however I couldn’t abet it. However wow, I’m succesful of’t instruct that we’re at 100 and it’s in actuality down to the males and ladies folk assist on the factory who’re continuously raising the bar and factual never giving up. The enhance that I in actuality ranking… it’s been a dream for me to work with these guys and the poke now we were on has been tall. Who would ranking thought that on the quit of 2012 when we made the choice to partner that we is liable to be qualifying at 100. I feel very humbled, very grateful. I’m pleased, esteem it’s my first.

Q: Direct us about the lap because in Q2 you couldn’t atomize the 16s, you were in mid 17s, however then, bang, the essential lap used to be esteem… where did that reach from?

LH: Yeah, in articulate I acknowledged, the place-up I had made, I factual had so worthy understeer. The automobile used to be very slothful. It wouldn’t turn round corners the come I need. So that you’re waiting and waiting. I made cramped adjustments within what we’re succesful of commerce in instruct to catch the automobile to turn and that’s a aggregate of many issues and then it’s factual pulling every millisecond collectively and it used to be my cleanest lap. I might continually instruct that one.

Q: Valtteri, congratulations, third space, on the honorable aspect, every thing can pleased from there.

Valtteri BOTTAS: Yeah, that used to be shut. I used to be no doubt in for the battle for the pole. I reflect the essential runs in Q3 were quicker runs. I’m factual a chunk gutted because in Flip 10 I had a snap on the apex of Flip 10 and I misplaced a tenth and that’s the margin for the pole. However otherwise, yeah, now we ranking a sturdy kit and it’s going to be a accurate battle day after at the moment, absolute confidence.

Q: How used to be the tyre degradation for the length of the lengthy runs on Friday? Can you battle for the spend day after at the moment?

VB: I reflect it’s going to be very shut between us and Purple Bull and right here whenever you happen to can abet the tyres in accurate condition you are going to be more competitive round the pit stops. I reflect there’s even the chance of americans doing one quit or two stops. I’m now now not going to articulate to you ours however we’ll see day after at the moment.


Q: Lewis, you’re now now not one for statistics, you’ve told us that many instances, however 100 is a magical milestone and you’re clearly buzzing. Can you grunt us what this means to you?

LH: Yeah, it’s naturally whenever you happen to’ve factual got out of the automobile… it’s continually complicated to assess within the 2d however wow, I’ve been racing a lengthy time and the 100 imprint is one thing I don’t reflect any individual and particularly me thought I would ever catch to that number. However after I instruct it I factual instruct the total these who ranking helped me catch there. It’s now now not supreme the unbelievable team I in actuality ranking right here however it’s also the unbelievable crew of males and ladies folk assist the factory, at each and each factories, who factual never quit to amaze me, who continue to resolve the bar. There are such plenty of americans we don’t catch to see each and each plenty of the total time however we’re linked. There are these sizable debriefs that now we ranking however this poke that now we were on all these years has been outstanding and it’s been so enjoyable and it’s loopy that it’s miles 100 and it felt esteem one among the essential. That for me is worthy more particular. There were so many qualifying classes, so many come misses, so many errors and so many moments of development and I esteem how shut it’s miles between us all. I reflect that’s sizable for the fans and I reflect that’s inviting for me also. And also the these who’re supreme factual on the assist of us.

Q: How plenty of are the sentiments now after pole 100 when in contrast to pole number 1 assist in Montreal in 2007?

LH: I would train very comparable. I’m succesful of’t instruct precisely the feeling in 2007. I reflect assist then it used to be where I used to be pushing for equality when it comes to gasoline load alongside my team-mate and the essential time they gave us the equal gasoline load… I don’t know if americans know however esteem 10 kilos of gasoline right here is price over three tenths of a 2d, so whenever you happen to’re carrying an additional lap or so of more gasoline that’s a tenth and a half or so… That used to be particular and form of felt unbelievable on the foundation to reassure that I used to be succesful to carry out what I did assist then and right here we’re 100 qualifying classes or whatever it’s miles, 100 poles, and I composed feel as young. I’m accurate. Withhold going.

Q: And Lewis, factual a transient phrase on Q3 in explicit. You had yellows within the final sector on your first urge, did that label you, or had they stopped by the purpose you catch there?

LH: I don’t instruct seeing that.

Q: Checo Pérez had long gone off at Flip 13…

LH: There used to be a bunch of gravel on the observe and there used to be a puff of smoke. I came up on Flip 13 and didn’t know, so I’ve lifted and let a cramped time on the table. Max obviously did an unbelievable job in Q2 and there used to be no come we can also carry out seven-tenths quicker and then, naturally for them, they’ve picked up loads of slouch at the moment with the commerce of soar. It’s given them some tremendous slouch on the straight, and so as that’s build them in a lot more contention with us, yeah, however that final lap used to be every thing because, going into qualifying I made a commerce to the automobile and, as soon as I did the essential lap I used to be esteem: “that used to be now now not a accurate commerce!” It’s loopy that, finally these years, you’re composed looking out for to gain these cramped enhancements. Our autos are moderately a chunk plenty of so I used to be factual looking out for to see if I’m succesful of also factual catch maximum out of it, because that’s all I got. And it used to be factual about sufficient.

Q: Max coming to you, neatly accomplished, your first time on the entrance row right here in Spain and factual three-hundredths of a 2d on the assist of Lewis. First up, are you able to visualise that three-hundredths? Where you want to possibly need been succesful of catch that pole space at the moment.

MV: I ranking no opinion, I haven’t regarded into the records – however it doesn’t topic. It used to be a accurate qualifying session. Q1 used to be a cramped little bit of a warfare. For me the wind picked up a chunk otherwise and yeah, factual now now not a sizable balance – however then we sorted it out for Q2 and that used to be a comely accurate lap – however round right here it’s moderately gusty and these autos are trim-restful to it and yeah, I reflect it used to be factual absolute most sensible cases and a extremely accurate lap. However then even in Q3 we managed to enhance again. Esteem Lewis acknowledged, there used to be a cramped gravel going into 13, I reflect it used to be, so that you want to possibly’t carry out your long-established line, however for sure it’s the identical for all and sundry. However nonetheless, it used to be a accurate lap. I used to be comely pleased with it, how the total of qualifying went, to be staunch.

Q: We haven’t talked worthy but about day after at the moment’s speed. How shut carry out you instruct it’s going to be between your self and Mercedes?

MV: It’s for sure complicated to foretell for the time being. I reflect we were moderately respectable within the lengthy runs however in addition they for sure regarded strong. So, all of us know that it’s onerous to overtake round right here and to be following carefully, so we’ll must lend a hand and ranking 22 situation day after at the moment – however I’m continually optimistic and definite that we can carry out a accurate job and ranking a accurate speed, and I hope, for sure, that it’s going to be as shut as at the moment.

Q: Valtteri, coming to you, pole final day out in Portugal, very shut again right here, factual one-tenth of a 2d on the assist of your team-mate. How pleased are you with how issues went at the moment?

VB: First of all, big congrats to Lewis for the 100. It’s a loopy number, so neatly accomplished. Yeah, I used to be continually looking out ahead to to ranking a shut qualifying and I’m gutted because within the essential urge, which used to be the fastest urge for the quit three autos at least, in Flip 10 I had a cramped a snap on the apex and misplaced a chunk more than tenth so, , these form of issues, they’re anxious however obviously can happen. Overall, within the qualifying session, the slouch used to be accurate, the rate used to be there. It used to be all about the graceful crucial points on the quit and I couldn’t moderately catch it accurate at the moment.

Q: And what about the lengthy-urge slouch, each and each on your self and Lewis. Are Mercedes looking out accurate for the tall prix right here.

VB: I reflect the lengthy urge station is accurate however it’s honestly very equivalent to Purple Bull as we’ve viewed within the final races. So, looking out ahead to a accurate battle.


Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Quiz to Lewis. First of all, congratulations on 100 poles and pole at the moment – however you talked about factual with the gravel from where Pérez had spun, you left a cramped time on the table on your first urge. So I wondered why didn’t you bolt quicker on the 2d urge? Became as soon as one thing plenty of with the observe cases, or issues esteem that?

LH: Yeah, thanks Alex. No, now now not Q1, I reflect it used to be Q2 with the gravel?

MV: No, urge one, Q3, I instruct that’s where Sergio spun. That’s why the gravel used to be there. It used to be urge 1, Q3.

LH: Hmmm… I thought it used to be the one prior to that however…

MV: I imply, more americans bolt extensive and build gravel onto that nook.

LH: I in actuality ranking a feeling it used to be prior to that – however that’s what I instruct. I used to be up a tenth and a half on my final lap till Flip Seven and then it used to be down, I used to be down the staunch identical amount already after Flip Seven, or out of Flip 9, so the remainder of the lap used to be in actuality factual on the sting. I reflect it used to be a cramped bit windier within the 2d urge. I build now now not reflect I left anything else on the table Q3 urge 1 by that nook, as a ways as I’m conscious  – I thought it used to be prior to that, the outdated lap and I got it accurate that lap – however perhaps I’m injurious. Quick-lived memory.

Q: (Christian Menath – motorsport-magazin.com) First of all congratulations Lewis. Quiz is to all three of you. No-one tried to qualify with the Medium tyre in Q2. Finish you instruct it used to be too shut with the plenty of autos? Or is it now now not a tall profit from a strategic point of leer?

MV: No, I reflect we can also ranking without grunt marvelous on it however I don’t reflect it used to be essential to carry out so.

LH: It’s 600m down to Flip One, so 6m distinction between the tyres. So, it’s less… there’s no profit, particularly whenever you happen to carry out happen to catch the Medium in space and the automobile on the assist of is on a Soft, for instance, and they box, they pull you in anyway, so that you don’t ranking the profit and you’ve factual given up additional alternatives, so as that’s typically why.

Q: Valtteri, did you instruct about it?

VB: Yeah, I reflect right here the observe space is comely crucial so factual don’t are looking out for to lose any ground on the speed commence. I reflect that’s the main thing.

Q: (Christian Nimmervoll – Motorsport.com) Lewis, are you able to show mask the common sense of running a scrubbed place of soppy tyres on your Q2 urge which is able to be your initiating tyre?

LH: Ah, there’s no accurate common sense to it. It’s merely that I didn’t carry out a accurate sufficient job in Q1 on the medium tyre. They acknowledged that I used to be on the sting, so I had to transfer out on the gentle tyre which I wasn’t planning to carry out. I reflect we did an out lap and came in and then we started on a brand unusual tyre for the essential urge and then went onto the one lap scrubbed 2d tyre and it used to be quicker so I factual accomplished the lap and that’s the tyre I used to be on. So it’s typically got a lap more than all and sundry else.

Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Bustle) Lewis, all of us know and Tom talked about this earlier that you’re now now not tall on statistics:  with the total records that you’ve broken, you’ve tended to be conducted down however I factual wondered if 100 poles is a cramped bit plenty of because in plenty of sports, obviously, a century is one thing moderately particular whether it’s a cricketer scoring a hundred runs or a Premier League footballer getting the 100 aim club, so does a hundred poles feel a chunk plenty of to plenty of records that you’ve performed?

LH: I’m succesful of’t in actuality… I don’t in actuality feel esteem I’m succesful of compute it accurate now. It’s a correct number. Yeah, it’s complicated to instruct, in actuality. I don’t know the plan I’m alleged to feel however as I acknowledged, I’m furious that it used to be so shut and it felt unbelievable to… qualifying’s so particular, whenever you happen to stumble upon that line and you discover you’re factual ahead and you’re thinking OK, how am I going to squeeze out more, will the plenty of guys gain a tenth or two or three on the following urge or none at all. It’s nerve wracking, I’m sure, for the fans and it’s the identical for you. It’s any such tall number that it’s onerous to train factual how loopy it’s miles and unbelievable it’s miles however I don’t in actuality know what else to instruct.

Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC) Lewis, you’ll doubtlessly hate me for asking this because I do know you’ll train you doubtlessly can’t instruct or one thing however hundredth pole, used to be that a lap that used to be suited of the success, whenever you happen to esteem? It regarded esteem onerous work to catch to that degree. Max used to be so hastily in Q2. If you instruct assist to sizable qualifying laps within the previous esteem Canada 2007 or Singapore 2018 or Styria final twelve months; used to be this one up there? Can you instruct sufficient to instruct that?

LH: I reflect it used to be a extremely accurate… I reflect it used to be a sizable lap and I reflect… it’s the poke that… , typically you commence qualifying and you’re hastily from the catch-bolt and you’ve got the accurate balance and then it’s in actuality factual down to you doing the job. I didn’t ranking the accurate balance and I used to be on the assist of… the adjustments that I used to be making composed a chunk on the assist of, composed a chunk on the assist of, composed now now not moderately there so I used to be making these adjustments and hoping that by Q3 right here is all I’ve got so accomplish the supreme of it and so I carry out feel that it used to be a extremely, very honorable and staunch lap and I instruct that’s why I managed to factual be sooner than Max. So yeah, I’m pleased with it, that’s for sure.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Max, we saw you doing moderately a cramped overtaking on your out lap sooner than your final urge in Q3. Why used to be that? Did it ranking any affect on why you didn’t enhance with the 2d urge?

MV: No, I factual didn’t are looking out for to be within the assist of the notify, because I saw after I left the garage there were seven autos in entrance of me and I do know, for sure, by expertise that you struggle by turn ten and you nearly must quit so I didn’t need that so I factual handed them. My tyre temps were composed graceful after I started my lap however yeah, I factual didn’t are looking out for to catch into a big number where americans commence, , I are looking out for to overtake you into the final two corners or whatever.

Q: (Christian Menath – motorsport-magazin.com) Lewis, you talked about earlier why your 2d lap wasn’t quicker than your first one in Q3. I are looking out for to search files from all three of you because it appears esteem to be a cramped style this twelve months that the 2d try in Q3 isn’t basically quicker. Is it factual twist of destiny, are the cases getting worse or carry out you instruct you’re risking too worthy because it’s so tight up there?

VB: I in actuality felt also that the Q3 urge two used to be a chunk slower. It felt esteem gradually, nook by nook, it used to be factual shedding time a chunk and of path I used to be in actuality looking out at for it because I made a mistake in turn ten in urge one however it factual didn’t reach so I reflect it used to be cases, whether it’s the wind or one thing however yeah, the autos are obviously restful to wind path, strength, gusts so from one urge to 1 other it’ll also be moderately plenty of.

LH: Yeah, now now not in actuality a lot as a plan to add, I reflect. The full automobile is hotter for the 2d urge, the brakes are hotter, the tyre upward push goes to be plenty of, plenty of profile when in contrast to urge one and yeah, I would train we’re pushing more however for some reason the descend-off, the observe or the automobile drops off in that 2d urge however it’s the identical for all us and the wind does play a cramped a characteristic.

MV: I don’t reflect there’s a style because I reflect we improved in Bahrain, we improved in Imola – at least, I did, even going off the observe. Excellent is dependent on how you nail your first lap as neatly. There’s never a style because typically you nail your first lap and then that it’s cramped margins. If, for sure, you don’t nail your first lap it’s moderately easy to enhance on the 2d one however at the moment… and on tracks where it’s moderately commence and you’ve loads of wind variation and gusts as neatly esteem at the moment, with these autos now we ranking, they are factual trim-restful to it, so even supposing it will enhance with a pair of kilometres it’ll accomplish a distinction into a definite nook and whenever you happen to’re using esteem you’re on the restrict and you ranking a cramped bit less rear grip or a chunk more understeer it’ll, for sure, fully commerce the balance to the nook and that’s typically what came about within the final urge.


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