1 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)

2 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Red Bull)

3 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes)


(Conducted by Jenson Button) 

Q: Max, a bitter tablet to swallow that one. You regarded love you had it in the procure.

Max VERSTAPPEN: In a capability I’ll perhaps perhaps ogle it coming. Already on the tip with the softs he became as soon as sooner and when we placed on the mediums he had a lot extra tempo, he might perhaps perhaps merely pause inner one 2d, so there became as soon as no longer a lot lets dangle accomplished. They went for yet every other quit after which I knew it became as soon as over. I became as soon as already combating the tyres and he became as soon as merely getting closer and closer, so I became as soon as a cramped of a sitting duck.

Q: The predominant pit quit, you guys regarded as if it would a fair correct searching job stepping into. Obviously it became as soon as a a cramped of longer quit, nonetheless they didn’t leap straight after and it regarded love you guys were doing a fair correct searching approach and the 2d time they were able to leap merely sooner than you. It’s in any appreciate times tough when it’s the automobile in the aid of that jumps first. You don’t know whether or no longer to leap in the aid of them or develop a out of the ordinary approach and it became as soon as in any appreciate times your opinion to develop a one-quit?

MV: Yeah, I imply additionally whenever that you just would be able to perhaps even very successfully be in the lead with the cars in the aid of, with traffic and stuff, you don’t desire to pit into traffic. But after all it makes it lots more uncomplicated whenever you’ve got a clear profit, extra tempo in the automobile. So for us after all if we might perhaps perhaps dangle jumped for yet every other quit I’m no longer certain I’d dangle caught up all over again. Precise clearly lacking tempo. Nonetheless, I attempted the total lot I’ll perhaps perhaps.

Q: To be comely, this circuit has in any appreciate times been a Mercedes track hasn’t it, so for you guys to be so closing in qualifying and so end to the victory it must bode successfully for the arrival races?

MV: Yeah, it does, on the opposite hand it reveals that we’re no longer there the set up we desire to be. We aloof desire to push exhausting and take up on tale of on the 2d we’re a cramped bit slower. But aloof nonetheless, when in contrast to final year it has been a colossal leap forwards for us.

Q: Valtteri, tough urge on the market? How develop you ask at that urge and discover some positives to spend from it?  

Valtteri BOTTAS: Yeah, I believe what made it more sturdy for me became as soon as that I misplaced a articulate to Charles on lap one out of Flip 3. I didn’t ogle him genuinely so I believe he chose a bigger line thru Flip 3 and he got me after which I became as soon as stuck in the aid of him for a whereas and that compromised the urge a cramped. In every other case the tempo wasn’t too contaminated. It’s a cramped of a shame nonetheless no lower than I’ll perhaps perhaps compose it to the rostrum.

Q: Luxuriate in you imagine there became as soon as yet every other approach you’ve got accomplished along with your car to spend yourself aid into the fight a cramped bit extra?

VB: I believe it’s merely miniature details on the contemporary time – lap one, Flip 3. I believe in every other case the tempo there and as a group we’re aloof scoring solid parts nonetheless no longer high quality parts so there is work to develop. Monaco is clearly going to be slightly a out of the ordinary track and I ask ahead to that.

Q: Yeah, it regarded love you bought a fair correct searching commence up down into Flip 1 nonetheless you were merely blocked. These cars are only so colossal and with Max getting a merely commence up there became as soon as nowhere genuinely to head for you?

VB: Yeah, there wasn’t genuinely a lot dwelling and it’s so end between the predominant three cars, so exhausting fair correct fortune.

Q: Lewis, this has in any appreciate times been your circuit. I take into accout being your group-mate, it became as soon as in any appreciate times no longer capacity to procure anyplace end to you around right here and also you’ve proved all of it over again. What a fair correct searching formula to grab?

Lewis HAMILTON: Thank you lots. First, I desire to acknowledge your total followers that are right here on tale of right here is without doubt one of the vital predominant races, the predominant urge this year no lower than, that we’ve had folk scheme which is large to peer. There’s even a British flag there, which we haven’t considered for a lengthy, very lengthy time. I genuinely feel large after this. I genuinely feel love I’ll perhaps perhaps plug all over again. Obviously the practising is paying off. It became as soon as the sort of end commence up, obviously there became as soon as plenty of rubber down on the merely hand aspect and the Red Bull obviously got a large commence up. After that I became as soon as merely searching. And I became as soon as so end for goodbye and I didn’t think in doing that I became as soon as going with a conception to compose the tyres final nonetheless I became as soon as merely able to preserve them in come what might and it became as soon as a lengthy formula to scheme aid aid from some 20 out of the ordinary seconds aid on the opposite hand it became as soon as a merely gamble, a genuinely large approach from the group.

Q: Yeah, obviously the tempo became as soon as incredible on that tyres nonetheless it be vital to be additionally so thankful, as you talked about, that the group became as soon as able to scheme aid up with that large scheme to procure previous the Red Bull?

LH: Yeah, successfully, it had been the opinion all weekend, to compose certain we had two mediums to develop a two-quit. Even opinion a one-quit presumably seems to be to be better, I do know from experience right here that a one-quit is terribly, very exhausting to drag off. As soon as we had the tempo that we had, I knew as I soon as I’ll perhaps perhaps procure previous him… and I became as soon as about to, I believe, dangle a shot sooner than I pitted merely on the tip and I became as soon as genuinely conflicted. Luxuriate in I scheme in or develop I ignore the willpower and pause out? Obviously, I did what the group requested and natural that’s on tale of there is a large believe between us. Precise a critical job by everyone on this group thru and thru. Yeah, what a day.


Q: Lewis, many congratulations. It became as soon as an exhilarating strategic battle with Max and Red Bull on the contemporary time. How a lot satisfaction does this snatch give you?

LH: Effectively, I’m continuing to love this battle we’re having. I didn’t know whether or no longer we might perhaps perhaps have the choice to seem at them as closely as we did in the tip. Obviously, Flip 1, the commence up became as soon as no longer high quality and we’ll desire to discover out about it and ogle how we are able to develop better in the future. But as soon as we got handed in Flip 1, I became as soon as love, ‘OK, develop sincere into a out of the ordinary mode’. It became as soon as genuinely a genuinely merely day. I learned lots about Max on the contemporary time, perhaps higher than your total assorted races build together. This has been a fully one in that sense and big, large teamwork from all of us. We were right here until unimaginative most evenings discussing approach, final night and this morning and we had your total bases lined in that appreciate. In spite of the total lot it merely supposed that I needed to develop the job heading in the correct direction. Coming back from 20 out of the ordinary seconds wasn’t easy nonetheless I believe it became as soon as the fully one in the tip.

Q: You command you learned lots about Max on the contemporary time. Can you provide an explanation for a cramped bit about what you learned on the contemporary time?

LH: No longer specifically, no! It became as soon as merely a merely… Whereas that you just would be able to perhaps even very successfully be with folk heading in the correct direction you procure to peer assorted issues and ogle closely and clearly I became as soon as following rather closely and I learned lots about his car and the contrivance in which he makes use of it, so it became as soon as a merely urge in that appreciate.

Q: Now, whenever you bought right here out 20s in the aid of him after that 2d quit, how assured were you at that point of getting the job accomplished?

LH: No longer a large quantity. It became as soon as genuinely attention-grabbing on tale of all weekend, a one-quit approach became as soon as the quickest formula to the tip of the urge nonetheless right here is one of essentially the most abrasive circuits that we plug to in phrases of how aggressive it’s miles with the tyres. It isn’t easy to compose these tyres plug that distance – even when the track became as soon as lots cooler this weekend than perhaps it became as soon as final year right here, and when in contrast to how it became as soon as yesterday. All these cramped details dangle results on how these tyres final – nonetheless aloof, it’s miles a genuinely stressful circuit to construct them and compose them plug the distance. So, I believe it became as soon as slightly certain early on to me, specifically of how end I became as soon as pushing to preserve inner a 2d, or merely over a 2d in the aid of Max. I knew that I became as soon as going to a two-quit approach after which the group told me and I became as soon as love: ‘nothing contemporary’. In spite of the total lot, when I got right here out 20-out of the ordinary seconds in the aid of, I presumed that’s going to be… it gave the affect up to now, it’s the sort of large gap to end nonetheless whenever you ogle the time distinction that we had. I became as soon as in the mid-20s and he became as soon as mid-22s, or in most cases unimaginative 22s. I had loads of laps to take-up – nonetheless I didn’t know whether or no longer or no longer I’d dangle ample tempo on the tip tyre-wise nonetheless then you merely desire to offset: he’s going to dangle even worse tempo on the tip. It became as soon as, as I talked about, the high quality approach.

Q: Final one from me Lewis: 94 parts from four races. Right here’s your most sensible-ever commence as a lot as a Formula 1 season. Does that stat surprise you?

LH: It’s… yearly I scheme aid and I’m in any appreciate times searching to supply a get to. Most gradually it tends to be, or it seems to be no longer capacity, on the opposite hand it’s a necessity. The Red Bulls dangle started off extremely strong. Max has a… They develop every dangle a championship-winning car and opportunity. As develop we. It’s going to spend the total lot from us, no longer most sensible me bringing my A-game nonetheless the group bringing their A-game, weekend-in, weekend-out. In every other case these guys will be winning.

Q: Max, coming to you next, genuinely successfully accomplished. It regarded so merely for you after the commence up, you took the lead and had a 1.5s gap after fully one lap. How develop you sum up what came about after that?

MV: Too slack. That’s how you sum it up. There’s no longer a lot else to undoubtedly focus on. I attempted the total lot to articulate up it as merely as I’ll perhaps perhaps, searching after tyres and stuff, on the opposite hand it’s merely no longer ample when in the aid of you they’re only pushing you on the fee you ogle there’s clearly a cramped extra tempo. You, after all, try to desire with it and develop the most sensible capacity approach that you just would be able to perhaps even, nonetheless even supposing I believe we had gone, let’s command, for that earlier 2d quit, I don’t think I’d dangle caught Lewis up after that – on tale of on the Mediums I believe I became as soon as merely a cramped slower – on tale of for Lewis to be that end on a track love this, your total time inner a 2d, in most cases having DRS it merely reveals that, yeah, there became as soon as no longer a lot I’ll perhaps perhaps develop on the market to compose a distinction. But, nonetheless, I believe aloof, after all, a merely end result. In spite of the total lot, you largely desire extra. I believe that in any appreciate times needs to be the target. I believe that we shouldn’t be ecstatic with a 2d articulate on the 2d, nonetheless yeah, nonetheless, we tried the total lot. I got ahead on the beginning up, so assuredly you genuinely try to head for it. And then, after all, it seems to be to be merely whenever that you just would be able to perhaps even very successfully be leading for goodbye in the urge – nonetheless it be vital to additionally ask to your total issues that are occurring sincere thru the urge and, I believe, overall, we were merely lacking a cramped little bit of tempo in the urge. It has been love this a cramped bit up to now this season the set up it seems to be love qualifying, we’re slightly aggressive and in the urge struggling a cramped bit extra.

Q: Can you expose us in regards to the urge to Flip 1?

MV: yeah, the launch became as soon as merely. And I, after all, ran a cramped bit less waft, I believe, when in contrast to Mercedes and, after all, that helped a cramped, to procure alongside Lewis after which I went for it in Flip 1.

Q: Valtteri, coming to you: podium number 59 for you and your 50th for Mercedes. Is it a case of what might perhaps were for you on the contemporary time?

VB: I believe, if I’d were a tenth sooner yesterday then the urge would were presumably a cramped assorted and a cramped better battle. This present day, the first enlighten became as soon as in lap one, Flip 3, Charles got by and right here, whenever you lose track articulate, it surely formula effort. It became as soon as costing me plenty of time in the predominant stint and additionally on the Security Automobile restart I couldn’t procure him, so I became as soon as stuck in the aid of and losing floor to Lewis and Max, so that became as soon because it genuinely. To be merely, I didn’t ogle Charles in Flip 3. After I saw him, on the outside going lots sooner than me, then it became as soon as too unimaginative. So, yeah, desire to discover out about that.

Q: Had you misplaced a cramped of momentum, on tale of of these two guys scraping in entrance of you at Flip 1.

VB: Flip 1? Yeah, for certain, nonetheless I imply, Flip 1, 2, there’s most sensible one line, that you just would be able to perhaps even’t develop a lot. I knew that I’ll perhaps perhaps preserve my articulate there nonetheless then in Flip Three I became as soon as genuinely searching to seem at closely Lewis on the inner and had no probability that Charles became as soon as so end and managed to procure merely grip and a line from the outside.

Q: Final one from me. Luxuriate in been you happier on the contemporary time with the tempo of your car than you were in Portugal final weekend?

VB: I believe we had a merely car. It’s no longer a large distinction to Red Bull nonetheless I believe on the contemporary time we were strong. I’m ecstatic that lets procure extra parts than them as a group. That’s in any appreciate times merely – nonetheless obviously it became as soon as no longer high quality, and we in any appreciate times honest for perfection and, after all, in my conception, I’m no longer ecstatic to be third. Wouldn’t be ecstatic to be 2d. That’s how it goes. So, there’s in any appreciate times extra that you just would be able to perhaps even develop, and I’ll preserve pushing and, as a group, this weekend all over again we learned lots and confidently we are able to spend that to the future.


Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Demand of to Lewis. Lewis, I do know you talked about you’ve got to discover out about what came about on the beginning up nonetheless what were you thinking on that urge all of the contrivance in which down to Flip 1? Became as soon as there a 2d that you just’ve got got defended extra in opposition to Max? And what were you thinking merely in the 2d about his transfer there on the apex? Thank you.

LH: So, I do know Valtteri became as soon as obviously beginning in third and the target is to work as a group. So I stayed to the left. I believe in hindsight there might perhaps were a 2d, searching aid, that when Max moved in in the aid of me for a 2d, I’ll perhaps dangle pulled all the contrivance in which thru and sealed the job there – nonetheless I didn’t. And then, as we went into Flip One, I merely made certain I gave as a lot dwelling as I’ll perhaps perhaps to Max. In my suggestions, it’s in any appreciate times a marathon, no longer a dart, so I’m merely in any appreciate times thinking the lengthy game and certain, you in overall is a cramped bit extra aggressive. Luxuriate in I must? Effectively, I’m in the articulate that I’m in on tale of I don’t procure too aggressive when I don’t desire to be.

Q: (Christian Menath – motorsport-magazin.com) Demand of for Max. Can you talk us thru the enlighten sooner than the predominant quit on tale of we’ve heard there became as soon as some miscommunication? The group didn’t desire you to pit at that 2d.

MV: Yeah, merely miscommunication. Between when to pit. I presumed I needed to pit that lap and clearly it wasn’t – nonetheless fortuitously we didn’t lose too a lot time with that.

Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Slip) To the 2 Mercedes drivers: there became as soon as obviously the 2d sincere thru the urge when Lewis, you were bobbing as a lot as Valtteri; Valtteri needed to transfer out of the contrivance in which. What came about there, in phrases of the verbal exchange on making that swap assuredly, on tale of everyone is conscious of, Valtteri, we heard the message to you to claim don’t preserve Lewis up nonetheless obviously it took some time for Lewis so that you just can procure previous? Each and each your suggestions on that please?

VB: Yeah, I got the message and clearly we were on assorted suggestions at that point so except something loopy would occur, I wasn’t genuinely from now on with him. But the ingredient became as soon as, on the 2d, I became as soon as searching to procure Charles off my pit window so I’ll perhaps perhaps quit all over again and review out and be sooner than him, so I became as soon as genuinely conscious that I didn’t desire to lose too a lot time, and I became as soon as genuinely focusing on my urge so it became as soon as about balancing issues. In spite of the total lot, as a racing driver, you prioritise yourself, your urge, on tale of that’s what we develop nonetheless additionally we work as a group, so that you just don’t desire to destroy the snatch for the group if that is seemingly; if it’s miles no longer capacity for you. So I attempted to develop the most sensible ingredient I’ll perhaps perhaps for us as a group and for myself. It’s in any appreciate times exhausting doing these roughly issues and both know… build a query to the plenty of driver if he predicts what’s going to occur and the set up to head nonetheless I believe in the tip it became as soon as roughly OK.

LH: I believe we’re the most sensible teammates so… truthfully I didn’t know that he had a message so in my suggestions I became as soon as love ‘we’re racing’ and that’s completely sleek for me, specifically early on on this section of the season so in my suggestions I became as soon as ‘so I’ve got to procure end and hope for an overtake’ nonetheless then obviously when we went into turn ten, we were on hugely assorted suggestions so I became as soon as going to procure him at some stage on tale of I had a lot better tyres. And we were going into turn ten and I presumed there became as soon as a gap there and I wasn’t slightly certain after which there became as soon as a gap and Valtteri became as soon as entirely comely, I wouldn’t lose too a lot time nonetheless right here is how we snatch as a group. We in most cases desire to… in most cases we’re in that articulate the set up you merely… you’ve got to position the group first and getting a 2d and a third is merely nonetheless getting a vital is clearly max parts and that’s key. 

Q: (Phil Duncan – PA) One for Lewis: yesterday Damon Hill tweeted about you, that you just’re one of essentially the most talented folk to dangle ever walked the earth. What’s your response to that? Luxuriate in you imagine that you just’re working on the most sensible stage you’ve ever operated for your F1 profession?

LH: Effectively, initially I saw that yesterday and I felt lots gratitude to Damon, on tale of I take into accout rising up watching Damon and having – as I develop now – lots appreciate for him. And I take into accout rooting for him, as a Brit, searching him to prevail, even when he didn’t dangle a large car or a merely group so it’s surely humbling whenever you ogle folk who you’ve admired, you’ve watched and grown up taking inspiration from or no topic it goes to be, and having them command respectful issues and glorious issues. That’s an out of this world 2d when that happens. As I merely talked about to you merely sooner than, right here’s a time frame the set up I must be on the most sensible, weekend in, weekend out. These guys are… Max is riding exceptionally successfully as is Valtteri. Valtteri’s qualifying laps are exhausting to beat. It’s so end between all of us. You saw yesterday, it’s going to spend high quality supply every weekend and I don’t think anybody can develop that nonetheless I’m searching to procure as end as capacity.

Q: (Ben Hunt – The Solar) Lewis, you talked about on the TV that you just’re aloof feeling fit and your practising’s all paying off. There’s obviously loads of lifestyles in the conventional canine, whenever you’ll excuse that phrase. I merely wondered how a lot of your consideration is now going to be turning to next year? Toto talked about that he wished to procure the contract accomplished early. I wondered whenever you had had any discussions or any opinion of next season yet?

LH: Yeah, thanks Ben. There’s aloof some lifestyles on this ancient canine! I’d command I’m extra conscious than ever about my body, about my practising regime. I’ve been practising myself for a really lengthy time now nonetheless in any appreciate times rising and discovering out easy how to ask after, naturally, the vessel that I’m given and feeling large. Contract-wise? Yeah, we by no formula desire to be in the articulate that we were in in January, in February. It ruined my total frigid weather and I’m certain it wasn’t worthwhile for Toto’s, in phrases of being out to be off and relaxed, so it felt love we didn’t genuinely dangle a lot of a destroy. I believe we desire to be sparkling. Naturally we don’t desire to urge anything else nonetheless I believe we desire to be sparkling and commence conversations. They’re very complicated, it’s by no formula a large straightforward job and so confidently soon we are able to commence up, as lengthy because it doesn’t interfere the sincere job. We aloof dangle 19 races to develop on the opposite hand it might perhaps perhaps be large to procure something in articulate sooner than the destroy so then lets, all over again, be in that destroy and dangle a clear shriek of the future.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Max, this urge bears plenty of similarities to Hungary 2019; I believe which might perhaps even merely were talked about to you over the radio at one point as successfully. What develop you imagine Red Bull has to develop so that this enlighten won’t scheme up all over again, to grab this sort of scenarios?

MV: Precise need a sooner car. It’s slightly straightforward. Then you don’t desire to procure sincere into a enlighten love that. That’s what we desire to point of curiosity on.


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