FIA System 3: Congratulations to the high three finishers of Drag 2 of the FIA System 3 Championship right here at the Circuit de Catalunya, in Spain. In third dilemma, Fred Vesti for ART Gigantic Prix, 2d Victor Martins for MP Motorsport and taking his first blueprint shut in System 3 our winner, Olli Caldwell for PREMA Racing. Many congratulations Olli, what a wild speed! How does it feel to be a winner in System 3?

Olli Caldwell: It feels gigantic to be on the high step of any such tall Championship, seriously after a worldly 365 days of discovering out closing 365 days. I deem lately has shown that it no doubt used to be a discovering out 365 days and I’m now striking that into be aware. It used to be a crazy speed! Elated to be on the high step nonetheless my focal level is silent to make stronger. I no doubt made some errors in lately’s speed and I need to be taught from these for the long creep.

FIA System 3: Olli how real used to be the automobile, as a consequence of that closing stint after the last be aware safety car you looked fleet?

Caldwell: Did I? The car lasted totally, PREMA has completed a huge job with it and you can’t argue with that. It felt like I was inserting on there with the tyres at the discontinuance, I deem all people used to be struggling. Barcelona is a worldly tune with the tyres, so it is basically aesthetic about how long that you should wait on them going. So the automobile used to be gigantic, nonetheless I was silent inserting on in there at the discontinuance.

FIA System 3: Let’s throw it forward to the following day for Drag 3, what are you looking ahead to?

Caldwell: Successfully, we now personal obtained a brand new assign of tyres, which I deem all people does due to the brand new layout. Beginning 6th, so one dilemma increased than Drag 2, which strategy bigger parts are at play. The aim is to maximise parts, seriously now with the three races. You basically don’t will have to personal a DNF, so consistency is very critical.

FIA System 3: Suited stuff Olli. Victor coming to you, one more first! Your first F3 podium, how does it feel?

Victor Martins: It feels inviting real, even though the speed used to be inviting for me and I made plenty of diminutive errors, and then a tall one in the center of the speed. I silent need to be taught plenty with the automobile, with the crew, and easy easy systems to manage the tyres and the blueprint fight in the speed also. On the opposite hand it feels real to be on the rostrum and I deem it is a real delivery.

FIA System 3: You did hundreds of a success in System Renault Eurocup closing 365 days. Now which that you should well also very correctly be about a races in with System 3 how assorted is it? How vital more difficult is System 3?

Martins: Successfully, there hundreds of real drivers out on the tune, and the consistency could well per chance be the major this 365 days, vital extra than in previous years. After that it is easy easy systems to manage the speed, put together the tyres, and scuffling with with the DRS. Or not it is somewhat refined to discontinuance in the DRS zone and put together issues with the automobile in the aid of and the automobile in entrance. So, I deem that you should need to discontinuance aloof, like I did lately after my mistake. That you just should well peruse once which that you should well also very correctly be aloof and constant it pays off.

FIA System 3: Let’s throw it forward to the following day as correctly. Beginning third, what are you looking ahead to?

Martins: I deem we have the hotfoot, we have shown that for the rationale that starting assign of the weekend. I aesthetic need to make a real delivery, as there are two drivers in entrance who’re inviting rapidly so it could well per chance be real to manufacture a solid first lap.

FIA System 3: Successfully completed Victor, Fred coming to you – 6th to third is a huge day’s work and you had some tight battles in the market, expose us about them?

Frederik Vesti: It used to be somewhat a speed! We started off rather bit leisurely with the automobile struggling to buy with guys forward, so we misplaced quite of time and needed to protect rather plenty. Then all without lengthen the automobile switched on, the tyres switched on, and we picked up some real hotfoot. There are no doubt some issues we silent need to make stronger nonetheless I deem we’re getting there and I’m basically ecstatic to be on the rostrum lately. Or not it is real parts, and it is miles so vital to make the most out of the reverse grid as a consequence of they’re basically refined.

FIA System 3: Having a watch forward to the following day as correctly, which that you should well also very correctly be starting fifth what are you looking ahead to?

Vesti: I no doubt need to procure a real delivery, and a rapidly first lap, as a consequence of we had the probability of a minimal of high three in Qualifying nonetheless somewhat a tall mistake in Sector 3 ticket us a high three dilemma. So, I’m attempting to procure relief to the high three no decrease than and procure some real parts!

FIA System 3: I’ve obtained a closing question for you Fred, and for you Olli, about the brand new layout. You were each and each right here closing 365 days, how assorted is it and manufacture you wish a unfamiliar blueprint this 365 days?

Vesti: Successfully it is very assorted, closing 365 days used to be also refined as a consequence of you handiest had two races which intended when you happen to made a mistake it in total is a zero level weekend. This new layout enables us to push inviting and personal the probability to rating extra parts. Now when you happen to DNF, you continue to personal Drag 3 to procure some parts. So, I deem it enables us to explore the boundaries quite extra and push extra vital.

FIA System 3: Olli, your suggestions please?

Caldwell: I could well per chance also voice from a physical aspect it is extra vital, two races in a single day, seriously in the warmth is rather refined. You no doubt can personal to be extra constant now, that you should push for the parts in each and each Drag 1 and Drag 2 nonetheless when you happen to lose out, it will also very correctly be somewhat a tall disadvantage. Lately I had two real parts scoring races, nonetheless I no doubt deem when you happen to tumble out of the parts it will also additionally be an argument. Consistency need to be the #1 element for all three races, to continually be in the parts so that which that you should well also additionally be in with a probability of the Championship at the discontinuance of the 365 days.

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