This weekend on the Hungaroring the curtain will upward push on the 2021 FIA European Truck Racing Championship season, marking a necessary milestone within the historical past of the discipline.

15 elephantine-time competitors are field to face each and every assorted for the first time powered by gas fully originated from renewable sources as share of the unique three-Three hundred and sixty five days settlement between the FIA and TotalEnergies.

With the enter from the championship promoter, the European Truck Racing Association (ETRA), since 2019 the FIA Truck Racing Commission has been engaged on a sustainability roadmap to gradually put in force environmentally appropriate energy sources to truck racing, with the introduction of biofuel field as the brief aim.

Following the reputable soft assignment and the approval of the FIA World Motor Sport Council, for 2021 the FIA ETRC switches to 100% sustainable gas, the HVO100 biodiesel supplied by TotalEnergies, turning into the first FIA-regulated competitors to terminate so.

The exchange shows FIA ETRC’s are attempting to turn into the main platform for sustainable technologies within the avenue haulage trade, on the equal time making truck racing a connected evaluate and building platform for manufacturers.


HVO stands for Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil and is a top class fossil-free diesel product made of 100% renewable raw affords, which doesn’t launch any unique carbon dioxide into the ambiance.

It is produced by hydrotreatment of vegetable oils and animal fat, and the raze consequence is a top class tremendous gas with a chemical building practically equal to regular diesel and that can even be inclined in a popular combustion engine with out the necessity for any changes.

TotalEnergies produces its HVO100 biodiesel from a in point of fact renewable offer.


Owing to its excessive cetane number, the HVO has a definite affect on efficiency in contrast with worn diesel gas.

Moreover, it furthermore reduces employ emissions and combustion noise, furthermore achieving better chilly-start efficiency, thus making the product nicely reliable to the requirements of the truck haulage trade.


HVO meets the High quality Sustainable (AS) gas standards, which divulge that the gas need to attain greenhouse gas emissions financial savings of on the least 65% over the entire cycle from nicely to wheel and complies with the European Union’s Renewable Vitality Directive II (RED II).


The introduction of HVO100 within the FIA ETRC is share of the FIA’s lengthy-term choice to place in force sustainable energy sources across its portfolio of motor sport disciplines, and thus atmosphere an instance within the strategy of reduction of CO2 emission by main the attain and promotion of unique technologies at some level of its competitions.

Motor sport’s certain contribution to the ambiance is furthermore definitely one of many four pillars of the FIA’s #PurposeDriven movement, with the assorted three being contributions to areas such as health and safety, vary and inclusion to boot to team involvement and building.

Manuel Vidal, FIA Truck Racing Commission President, acknowledged: “Introduction of sustainable energies to motor sport is definitely one of many key strategic objectives of the FIA for the lengthy flee years. It’s necessary that we name which create of them is the most connected solution for every and every of our competitions. As a consequence of this fact, we’re ecstatic to like FIA ETRC paving the skill with the swap to HVO100 biodiesel. Thru relevance to the truck haulage trade this shows our flee-to-avenue skill and proves that motor sport can even be a laboratory that serves a higher cause.”

Georg Fuchs, European Truck Racing Association Managing Director, acknowledged: “The introduction of HVO is a necessary step on our skill to a extra sustainable future. We would favor to speak our platform to power exchange and adopt a number one skill to accommodate a vary of technical developments to decrease greenhouse gas emissions on route.”

Pierre-Gautier Caloni, VP TotalEnergies Compétition, acknowledged: “We are definitely proud to had been chosen by FIA to turn into the odd seller of HVO100, 100% renewable gas, for the European Truck Racing Championship for the subsequent three years. We share the ambition of FIA and ETRA on the avenue to a sustainable future and right here’s in step with TotalEnergies’s avenue contrivance to safe to salvage-zero emissions for its international industry by 2050, alongside with society. At TotalEnergies we’re the utilization of the tune as a loyal laboratory to design the lengthy flee of sustainable mobility and FIA ETRC is a definite demonstrator.”

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