The no3 Audi quattro of ‘Zippo’ and Denis Piceno made an unlimited originate to the 54th Mecsek Rally, ending the main leg 33 seconds ahead of the no2 Porsche 911 of Karl Wagner and Gerda Zauner.

Hungary has been sweltering is scorching summer climate, with the temperature gauges registering 39 degrees centigrade, over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  Nonetheless, the forecast was displaying thunderstorms on Friday night, and it proved to be true as sad clouds gathered over the main stage of the rally.  Heavy rain adopted making the stipulations tricky for the competitors on the forest roads.

The in a single day chief in Category 4 is the no1 Porsche 911 of Round 1 winner Lucio Da Zanche and Matteo Nobili.  The Italians ending the two phases third overall and 17.6 seconds ahead of the no5 Audi quattro A2 of Finnish crew Ville Silvasti and Risto Pietilainen.

Category 2 is once again neck and neck, with Czech crew Vojtech Stajf and Vladimir Zelinka conserving a slender 2.8 2nd lead in the no6 Opel Kadett C GT/E 16v over the no7 Porsche 911 RSR of championship leaders Anders and Ingrid Johnsen.  The no11 Porsche 911 RS of Paolo Pasutti and Giovanni Campeis is third in school and 7th overall, with the Ford Escort of Ernie and Karen Graham in 8th overall and 4th in school.

The no20 Porsche 911 S of Antonio Parisi and Giuseppe D’Angelo is ahead in Category 1, ending the day in 16th overall and three locations ahead of the no22 BMW 2002Ti of Carlo Fiorito and Marina Bertonasco.

The 2nd leg of the rally will feature nine particular phases, with the main vehicle due to originate SS3 at 08h28.

CLICK HERE for the results from Leg 1 of the 54th Mecsek Rally, Round 3 of the 2021 FIA European Ancient Rally Championship.

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