1 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Purple Bull Racing)

2 – Valtterri BOTTAS (Mercedes)

3 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes) 


(Conducted by Johnny Herbert) 

Q: Valtteri Bottas, 2nd, a diminutive of a refined weekend for you. Obviously you would possibly possibly possibly well presumably also merely occupy that three-insist grid penalty, nonetheless the performance in qualifying, had been you order material with that?

Valtteri BOTTAS: Dawdle. Disgrace about the penalty as obviously that capacity I’m starting up fifth the following day. I’d occupy most novel to begin 2nd. It used to be a sturdy qualifying. If I occupy a examine apply two and apply three I aloof struggled a diminutive nonetheless with the put of abode-up we stumbled on the most attention-grabbing route and it used to be a plenty better feeling. I no doubt felt correct within the auto and I obtained the most out of the auto. Factual the first walk in Q3 I had web page visitors with Tsunoda, so I misplaced about a tenths there so I don’t know presumably there used to be a diminutive more to reach help.

Q: What about the speed? Obviously you’re on the most attention-grabbing tyre with that medium one. Is it one thing that you just feel speed tempo-though-provoking you would possibly possibly possibly well presumably also no doubt get within the mix?

VB: Yeah, obviously we knew I’m going to occupy the penalty, so we even supposing the medium used to be going to be the most attention-grabbing option so we aged two sets of mediums in Q2 to are trying and begin the speed with the medium and confidently a minimal of on the soft runners we can occupy a diminutive of a bonus. It’s a brand fresh day the following day, a longer term forward, so one thing else is that you just would possibly possibly possibly well presumably also direct of.

Q: Stay you noticed you would possibly possibly possibly well presumably also assault the Purple Bulls, due to… 

VB: Dawdle, surely.

Q: I esteem it. That’s what we esteem to listen to, neatly carried out. Now, the individual at the live of the pile. Max Verstappen, you’ve obtained to be gratified with that. You appear to be on fire this weekend?

Max VERSTAPPEN:  Yeah, it’s been a extraordinarily correct weekend. Again in qualifying the auto used to be no doubt correct to force. It used to be no longer straightforward to manage with the web page visitors within the last few corners to get a neat walk nonetheless I have confidence that first lap in Q3 used to be correct sufficient at the stop. I had an staunch first sector. Gigantic gratified to be on pole here at home. Repeatedly good to peep a Purple Bull automobile first here.

Q: Give us an belief of what that lap used to be esteem, due to from the out of doors you perceived to be throwing all the pieces at it, as you’d quiz. You perceived to be just appropriate on the threshold, getting all the pieces out of the auto. What used to be the lap esteem? 

MV:  While you occupy a examine the computer screen, you noticed there are no longer that many corners nonetheless the corners you would possibly possibly possibly well presumably also merely occupy on the computer screen are slightly refined. So even in Turn 1, braking for Turn 3, the crest, braking downhill into 4, it’s surely a puny computer screen nonetheless it completely’s no doubt exhausting to get an staunch lap out of it. I have confidence that first lap in Q3 used to be no longer to base. Obviously it’s underneath no circumstances most attention-grabbing, nonetheless it completely used to be correct sufficient.

Q: We repeatedly discuss about self belief in sport, nonetheless it is crucial to occupy so powerful self belief going into the speed the following day. So carry out you noticed it’s going to be an effortless one for you or are you searching forward to a stressful one?

MV: It’s underneath no circumstances straightforward. I wish in most cases it used to be straightforward nonetheless at the stop that’s correct for racing. I’m particular one more time the following day this would well be very tight, so confidently one more time this would merely as attention-grabbing as in France.

Q: Lewis, a diminutive of a stressful day for you. It factual seemed as if the auto factual wasn’t slightly underneath you for the interval of that remaining lap you had?

Lewis HAMILTON: At the origin, neatly carried out to Max. They occupy got been so mercurial this weekend and I’ve been giving it totally all the pieces and it factual wasn’t the ideal of lessons. But on the other hand we’re aloof on the entrance row, obviously after the penalty. I did all the pieces I will be able to even and we scurry into the speed the following day for a fight.

Q: What about the speed the following day? You occupy gotten the most attention-grabbing tyre with the medium. Can you no doubt assault Max? I have confidence after we noticed on the long ruins you weren’t that some distance-off the least bit. You perceived to be no doubt terminate. Stay you quiz that the following day?

LH: They’ve usually had a quarter of a 2nd on us all weekend. I have confidence we managed to eke nearer in qualifying nonetheless in speed dapper the day outdated to this they had been 0.25s forward of us most of the time so this would well be attention-grabbing to peep whether or no longer we can arrange it. I don’t direct now we occupy got the uncooked tempo to overhaul them that’s for particular nonetheless shall we factual be ready to retain.

Q: So this is all going to be about getting as many facets as you would possibly possibly possibly well presumably also the following day, due to you don’t direct you’re going in an effort to assault Max then from what I will realize there?

LH: Properly, I’m going to be giving it all the pieces obviously nonetheless I’m factual talking about pure tempo. But presumably the following day we’ll be stunned. Perhaps it rains. Who knows.


Q: Max, many congratulations. One other gargantuan pole by you. Factual how correct had been you within the auto available today time?

MV: I have confidence it clicked slightly neatly in qualifying. We made about a diminutive adjustments and it seemed esteem that used to be an staunch step forwards. So, yeah, factual getting by the tyres, making particular that you just would possibly possibly possibly well presumably qualify on the Medium in Q2 as a result of gaps around here, with the total other groups as neatly are slightly puny, so it used to be no longer, let’s sigh, gargantuan straightforward to get by Q2 with that tyre – nonetheless we managed to carry out that. Yeah, slightly gratified in Q3. That first lap used to be slightly correct, my 2nd walk used to be a diminutive of bit worse, factual due to I was the last one within the educate so I have confidence my tyres had been factual a diminutive of bit too chilly to begin the lap. Alternatively, yeah, it used to be an staunch qualifying.

Q: As you sigh, that first lap in Q3 used to be ‘slightly correct’ to quote you. Factual how terminate to the apt lap used to be it?

MV: I gain it repeatedly slightly refined around here. There are no longer many corners nonetheless aloof there are… esteem Turn 3, 4, it’s straightforward to lose esteem one, one-a-half tenths must you factual scurry away out an apex, otherwise you’re too deep in or on the exit, you would possibly possibly possibly well presumably also merely occupy a 2nd, so I’d sigh there are about a other tracks available which are a diminutive more straightforward to nail the lap nonetheless yeah, it used to be correct. I’m underneath no circumstances gratified nonetheless it completely used to be slightly correct.

Q: And you’ve obtained Lewis with you on the entrance row the following day. One other terminate speed in prospect?

MV: I direct so. Yeah. It appears to be like esteem within the long runs one more time we’re slightly closely matched. Obviously that’s the day outdated to this, the following day is a diminutive of a diversified day. We’ll watch the following day nonetheless I quiz it, obviously, to one more time be terminate. Optimistically this would well be an exhilarating one one more time.

Q: Valtteri, neatly carried out, one more gargantuan qualifying for you. How gratified are you with the job you did today time?

VB: I essentially direct it used to be  correct qualifying. I have confidence I’ve been a diminutive of bit misplaced with the put of abode-up for the interval of the weekend to this level. But being ready to scurry within the most attention-grabbing route with the put of abode-up, we’ve been working closely with Lewis as neatly to are trying and gain the optimum put of abode-up and surely obtained some guidance from his side of the storage this weekend due to I was surely missing a diminutive of tempo on Friday and used to be a diminutive at a loss for phrases about which technique to scurry and yeah, we had been working as a team and stumbled on the most attention-grabbing route. I have confidence attributable to that I stumbled on the boldness within the auto and felt correct. That last lap, there occupy been surely no longer two-tenths on the desk so I have confidence Max and Purple Bull had been sooner today time. It used to be an staunch lap and I’m gratified for that. Obviously, it’s a shame I no doubt occupy the penalty nonetheless obviously the job today time used to be to are trying and maximise the design.

Q: Can you shed a diminutive of bit more light on the work that you just and Lewis occupy shared this weekend? What info used to be in particular priceless for you?

VB: It’s nothing fresh, to be just appropriate. It’s repeatedly very open in terms of what more or less put of abode-americawe’re operating and what are we planning on doing etc., so it’s nothing outlandish. I don’t want to scurry into the apt particulars nonetheless I have confidence we’re discovering plenty about the auto now, that it would scurry so many assorted solutions with the put of abode-up and it’s no doubt slightly straightforward to get at a loss for phrases, which path to scurry. We retain discovering out and we retain optimising and yeah… now we occupy got to retain discovering out due to it is a stressful battle forward aloof this season.

Q: And, as you sigh, you’ve obtained that three insist grid penalty the following day. You’re going to begin fifth. How straightforward is it to switch forward around the Purple Bull Ring?

VB: I don’t direct it’s the most attention-grabbing. I have confidence the center sector, the excessive-speed corners and the last two corners is a tricky part to exhaust closely nonetheless there’s long straights and, must you would possibly possibly possibly well presumably also merely occupy the tempo, must you would possibly possibly possibly well presumably also merely occupy the most attention-grabbing approach for particular we can switch up – and that’s obviously going to be the aim. Relating to approach we’re starting up with the Medium tyre. I have confidence there’s some guys I’m combating with who’re starting up on the Snug, so as that can play a part.

Q: Lewis, coming to you, clearly pushing very exhausting for the interval of that session. Factual how stressful used to be it for you available?

LH: It used to be a refined session for me. I’ve usually had a no doubt correct weekend to this level. Obviously no longer as immediate as Max nonetheless I did a bunch of labor earlier than the occasion after which the auto used to be feeling gargantuan all day the day outdated to this. We’ve factual been chipping away at it. Every commerce is factual searching to eke-out 10ms or one thing. And then I obtained into qualifying and the auto factual didn’t feel as gargantuan because it did in P3. I don’t fully are aware of it. I’d no longer sigh I was in particular that immediate in qualifying nonetheless on the other hand I’m no doubt gratified to be where we’re. As Valtteri said, the following two-tenths is a diminutive of bit refined. They’ve had straight-line speed one more time this weekend, which is exhausting for us to compete with. But I’m no doubt gratified with the team for factual continuing to push exhausting, no longer scurry away any stone unturned.

Q: What had been your expectations coming into qualifying?

LH: I don’t no doubt occupy any expectation. I factual anticipated to occupy – I wanted to occupy an staunch session, I wanted to bring respectable laps and in P3 I did a lap I was esteem ‘that’s the actual individual that I need for Q3’ and I obtained nowhere terminate to it. But this stuff happen. We gave it all the pieces and we’ve obtained a longer term the following day so I’m hoping that the balance works for us. It’s going to be a stressful battle with these guys. I have confidence they’ve usually had the threshold for the interval of the weekend and the prognosis last night used to be that they’re a quarter of a 2nd forward on long walk tempo. I’m hoping by work we’ve closed that gap.

Q: Max referred to the queue to begin with of that remaining walk in Q3. You jumped forward. Did that the least bit brand you on that remaining lap?

LH: Positively. Yeah, in hindsight… I imply, I knew that all americans used to be factual going so behind and I was afraid about no longer having the tyres up to temperature nonetheless I went on the total soiled traces, so I was factual picking up the total dirt on the tyres after which a miserable exit out of the last corner so already by Turn 1

I was a tenth down and already by Turn 3 I was two tenths down, so no hope in that admire after which naturally tried to over-force to salvage that tempo, that time misplaced, help and it didn’t work.

Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC Sport) Valtteri, are you able to give us a diminutive of bit more clarification as to what occurred alongside with your incident within the pit lane the day outdated to this. You had been the usage of 2nd gear, it said on the stewards’ sage, presumably to reduce wheelspin thanks to the issues that you just both had in France, so why did you would possibly possibly possibly well presumably also merely occupy so powerful wheelspin? What occurred? Why did it scurry so unsuitable?

VB: It surely caught me out. I underneath no circumstances imagined that would happen within the pit lane nonetheless yeah, we made up our minds to are trying one thing diversified, starting up with the 2nd gear, due to in most cases with an even bigger gear you would possibly possibly possibly well presumably also merely occupy decrease revs and presumably you would possibly possibly possibly well presumably also arrange to wheelspin or the initial part is no longer so aggressive nonetheless then after I obtained the wheelspin, it no doubt caught me out and I don’t know, presumably the road within the pit lane used to be aloof a diminutive damp from the drizzle. I factual couldn’t retain it. Obviously slightly a diversified behaviour in 2nd gear than first gear. So as that occurred.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Lewis, we noticed you doing three runs in Q3. I factual puzzled must you would possibly possibly possibly well presumably also repeat the thinking within the help of that after which did it determine as you hoped?

LH: Factual I was told that I had three tyres and I will be able to even exhaust all of them so I said yes, I threw all the pieces at it, give it three photographs within the hope to terminate the gap of two tenths to Max nonetheless yeah, as I said, the last one no longer gargantuan when there’s all those of us available and also you’re no longer ready to get the temperature within the tyres. But, you know, as I said, we did all the pieces that we would possibly possibly possibly.

Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Toddle) To Valtteri after which Lewis please. Valtteri, factual on the penalty that you just’ve obtained, carry out you noticed’s an very just appropriate punishment for what occurred after which to Lewis, had been you making an try the pit field exit in 2nd gear as neatly?

VB: My non-public ogle is [that it’s] slightly harsh. I underneath no circumstances imagined after that that there would possibly possibly possibly well be a penalty nonetheless obviously other groups, once they watch the opportunity, they complained that it used to be unsafe etc so as that we would get penalised. That’s how it goes, so all americans is repeatedly searching to screw you over in this sport. I imply yes, it is going to also be a deadly design if there’s many folk within the pit lane nonetheless…

Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC Sport) Max, this is for you: we’ve seen within the previous that the Honda engine’s had a bonus at circuits at altitude: Brazil, Mexico and here. Stay you noticed’s carried over into this year on the proof of this weekend?

MV: We’ve repeatedly been slightly correct with altitude nonetheless I have confidence subsequent time I’m going to bring a print-out of the rear hover inequity we’re operating after which I’m going to hand it over to each single journalist so all americans…. Because I get these questions now, two questions, esteem two or three weeks now, that we’re no doubt immediate on the straight and yes we’re nonetheless occupy a examine our rear hover, I don’t direct it’s exactly the identical and for particular, Honda did a gargantuan job when when in contrast with last year, from our first engine to the engine now we occupy got within the auto now it’s all about reliability, enhancements and no determined advantage on pure energy so I’m going to fireside up my printer subsequent time and I’m going to quit about a photographs.

Q: Lewis, I’m sorry, I interrupted Scott’s questions about 2nd gear getaways. Maintain you ever tried that?

LH: No, I haven’t tried that.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Max, in most cases you’ve spoken within the previous of the design of operating the medium tyres in Q2 after which getting help up to speed within the first walk of Q3. That didn’t happen today time, your pole time came from the first walk in Q3, used to be it more straightforward making that step and that adjustment this time around?

MV: I have confidence my engineer no doubt fired me up on that one due to he used to be upset that I didn’t carry out the cycle lap on the soft so he came on the radio after I boxed and he used to be esteem ‘I know you had been held up into Turn 1 nonetheless you have to occupy pushed for the lap, to peep how the tyres had been’ so I didn’t solution nonetheless I have confidence secretly interior it did fire me up to push a diminutive more challenging on that first walk in Q3.


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