1 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Crimson Bull Racing)

2 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes)

3 – Lando NORRIS (McLaren)


(Performed by Christian Klien) 

Q: Max Verstappen, winner of the day, what an remarkable weekend it used to be for you. One more supreme poke this day. How make you feel about it?

Max VERSTAPPEN: Yeah, not seemingly to be appropriate. The auto used to be on rails. On every tyre unbiased we keep aside on it used to be truly scrumptious to power. Rather insane. I’m a runt amazed myself how this day went. I didn’t expect of it to be like this. Unbelievable job by all people to ship something like this. Needless to enlighten whilst you walk into the weekend all people sees you as the favourite but it’s never easy truly to continuously ship what we did this day. A large effort by the total group and likewise by Honda. I believe the total kit… These two weeks namely right here had been not seemingly.

Q: Yep, it appeared reminiscent of you had all the pieces beneath keep watch over. You did the restart rather leisurely truly. Were you unnerved that Lando Norris’ top scramble used to be magnificent real?

MV: Yeah, I real wanted to be unsleeping before all the pieces, that I had a runt bit of a gap. I knew that if I could perchance maybe walk past lap one, or the restart, I could perchance maybe make my have poke, but you continuously own to make that first. But this day it has been not seemingly.

Q: Max, the orange army is abet. How did you feel that in the automobile? Did you feel it as soon as riding?

MV: It used to be insane this day to peep the total followers right here initially and for sure so noteworthy orange, it used to be real not seemingly. A large motivation as neatly, namely on the final lap, the in-lap, there used to be a selection of orange sooner or later of the observe, so yeah, thanks very noteworthy for coming.

Q: Valtteri it gave the look of a better Sunday afternoon after Saturday used to be magnificent tricky procuring for Mercedes. How delighted are you with P2 this day?

Valtteri BOTTAS: Yeah, for me in my conception, for sure one site better than final week, and I started from fifth. I believe as a bunch we purchased some decent aspects appealing in the gap now we own to Crimson Bull via pure scramble. For me, it’s good to be on the rostrum in second site. I believe it used to be truly the maximum we may perchance maybe procure this day. 

Q: Yeah, you appeared magnificent involving on the onerous tyre on the terminate. Used to be the steadiness real better or did you real feel better on it?

VB: Truly, they held on magnificent neatly. They had been starting to plunge towards the terminate, but additionally with Lando… I even own to recount, surprisingly, McLaren used to be truly immediate this day and truly placing some tension. There’s two weeks to Silverstone and now we own some work to make but now I’m real alive to to own some champagne.

Q: Lando, what a day, you are going to be in a site to hear it from the crowd. It used to be a tense poke I bet. Let’s launch off on the starting, you purchase that 5-seconds penalty. I figuring out it used to be magnificent harsh, what did you think?

Lando NORRIS: Initially, I are desirous to recount a gargantuan on anecdote of of all people, the total followers. It used to be a selection of stress-free, it used to be a real poke, it used to be challenging. But I’m disappointed on anecdote of we may perchance maybe unruffled had been second site. I figuring out that lap one used to be real racing truly. He tried to walk round the launch air, which used to be a runt dumb, and he ran off the observe himself. I didn’t even push him. I don’t know. I’m frustrated but I’m also delighted with P3. We had very real scramble and yeah, I’m delighted.

Q: In direction of the terminate of the poke did you think you had a gamble to procure Bottas or had been the tyres on the terminate?

LN: No, I believe we had real scramble and I could perchance maybe preserve with him plenty, even in the soiled air, but no adequate to procure into the DRS. As shortly as I purchased shut to one second I started struggling too noteworthy. So, ‘shoulda, woulda, coulda’ in the terminate. It’s good to bear in mind the real fact that we may perchance maybe moreover be there and that we can poke them. It’s doubtlessly the major poke in decades that we had been racing the Mercedes and the Crimson Bulls but yeah, confidently we can persist with it next time. 


Q: Max, what a incandescent weekend. Lawful how satisfying has this been? 

MV: Yeah, it used to be for sure a extraordinarily real poke. I believe on both tyre sets we had real scramble and we may perchance maybe manage the scramble thru the total stint, so very delighted with that. Furthermore, the automobile, again we improved it when put next to final weekend. We realized about a things to advise it final a runt better in the poke and I believe that confirmed this day. So, very delighted general. And I believe also what used to be very scrumptious to peep used to be the total followers abet. To walk wanting that crowd, we positively omit that atmosphere round the observe, with so many folks.

Q: Used to be this the most attention-grabbing that the automobile has been this year?

MV: Yeah, I believe so. I figuring out that used to be final week, but positively this week used to be better.

Q: Max, this used to be bag quantity 5, you’re 32 aspects forward of Lewis Hamilton in the World Championship, can you describe us describe us a runt bit about what it’s rep to scoot this wave of success? How noteworthy are you taking half in it?

MV: Yeah, I’m taking half in it, but I’m also centered on the remainder of the season. It is a ways unruffled so long and there are unruffled a selection of aspects it be valuable to rating. Lets unruffled be clear that every single weekend we are abet up there and we most ceaselessly spend the total seemingly of the automobile. We had a real automobile right here in Austria namely, I believe it used to be real very dominant, but we may perchance maybe unruffled be clear that in Silverstone we are there again and that’s what we are in a position to to find into now again to be clear we are very competitive there.

Q: Were there any dramas in the poke at all?

MV: No longer truly. You own to take care. I had a few times about a vehicles in front of me combating each and every other and you don’t are desirous to procure inspiring about all that.

Q: Talk us thru the protection automobile restart, on anecdote of that seemed magnificent irritating from the put we had been sitting?

MV: Yeah, I mean, I knew that Lando also had real scramble, so I needed to be clear that I had a real restart. I believe it used to be alright. Needless to enlighten I also needed to defend a runt for Checo so that made my Flip 1 a runt more uncomplicated. Then for sure the draft is a runt long gone. But strive to be centered for sure to be clear you make a real restart.

Q: Valtteri, coming to you, your fifth podium of the season. How with out fret did things walk for you in the poke?

VB: I will’t declare it used to be truly tender. It used to be now not a easy poke for us and starting fifth and ending up second, I believe we truly needed to fight to procure to the site we had been. I didn’t think there used to be noteworthy left on the table for us for this day. Max had a terribly straightforward poke. He used to be immediate, their automobile used to be immediate, so I believe second used to be in a roundabout design what we may perchance maybe procure from this day and yeah, it used to be now not so easy to make the one-terminate. No doubt struggling a runt with the tyres but we knew that can perchance maybe be the case anyway.

Q: Were you tremendously surprised by the scramble of the vehicles round you? Let’s launch with Crimson Bull. Were you tremendously surprised by their scramble this weekend?

VB: Crimson Bull’s scramble, no shock. We saw final week that they had been immediate and for sure we expected them to be immediate again, no question. I believe McLaren made a real step. They had been positively placing some tension to us in the terminate and it used to be rather beautiful appealing in there used to be a selection of tenths of scramble distinction final week. So, I don’t know, perchance Lando can describe me later what they chanced on from the week forward of after which we can red meat up.

MV: I believe he chanced on out that it be valuable to press the throttle pedal 100%…

VB: I instantaneous him, yeah. So now he went…

LN: Yeah, I was at 100… It helped.

Q: Valtteri, can you describe the trouble that Mercedes has forward of it if it’s to bag the World Championship this year?

VB: It’s a effort but, you respect, but we’ve been racing on the identical observe for two weeks and it’s a ways obvious Crimson Bull is sooner right here – but it’s a ways liable to be assorted on one more tracks. I believe this observe fits their automobile magnificent neatly, but they’re now not sluggish anywhere else. Silverstone is fully assorted. There are noteworthy extra high-scramble corners and so, we’ll look. We now own got something deliberate via novel bits for Silverstone. I believe after that this can moreover be unruffled via novel facets but we’ll keep pushing as onerous as we can – but we comprehend it’s going to be tricky.

Q: So does plenty leisure on Silverstone?

VB: I believe it’d be promising if we can save a step forwards and shut the gap but truthfully if we to find at these two weeks as a total, I believe we’ve made some real damage-limitation against Crimson Bull appealing in they’ve been clearly sooner.

Q: Lando, one more enormous poke by you. Of your four podiums in System 1, how special is that this one?

LN: I believe unless there’s unruffled unless there’s like a top 5, they’re all real as special, on anecdote of they’ve all supposed something assorted, we’ve continuously performed them in a assorted design. Obviously #1 is #1 and that’s the most special one I’m going to own. But then you own gotten Monaco, you own gotten Imola, which used to be extra of a fight abet, and this one used to be the major one the put we had been extra real there on anecdote of of our scramble, and we had been there on advantage and we had been combating third and second for the total poke – even unless lap 71. It used to be a selection of stress-free. I don’t know the put this stacks up. They’re all at a identical stage. I’m real a runt disappointed. It will had been second and now not real third – so perchance right here is the worst one.

Q: Were you extra competitive in the poke than you had been looking ahead to?

LN: We did now not’ truly know what to expect of, extra on anecdote of our poke scramble on Friday wasn’t too contaminated. It used to be already a step better than final weekend. But additionally, the observe temperature and ambient temperature had been helping us plenty so I believe pretty we made a step forward from final weekend and I was what, fourth in quali and two-and-a-half of tenths off pole and now we had been second and half of-a-tenth off pole, so we did save a step forward and I believe the automobile used to be positively better and nicer to power, both in qualifying and the longevity of a poke. I believe real the stipulations also helped and our design to the plan used to be a runt bit assorted this weekend when put next to the final one after doing our homework and finding out from about a things to try to red meat up on. So, it used to be a different of things but yeah, the automobile being moderately better used to be the vital one.

Q: And what concerning the incident with Sergio Pérez after the Security Automobile interval. Can you real talk us thru it out of your point of undercover agent?

LN: From my point of undercover agent, I believe if I are desirous to evaluate it to the leisure, it’s the identical as Max and Lewis in Imola. Did you procure a penalty for that? No. Comparable element as that. It’s lap one, or it’s a restart, and I believe Sergio, I expect of…. perchance he doesn’t know there’s gravel on the exit of that corner and it’s downhill, easy to poke huge and it used to be real what occurs. You gaze System 2 or System 3 or any class and folks that try to walk round the launch air there and don’t commit to it terminate up in the gravel. That’s real the model that corner runs. So, he took the threat, and now not me. He did now not commit to his overtake the model he may perchance maybe unruffled own performed and yeah, he keep aside himself in the gravel, so I don’t feel it used to be my mistake but I don’t save the penalties.

Q: Valtteri, whereas we’re on this topic, Valtteri, did you procure a real undercover agent of that incident?

VB: Yeah, I had a real undercover agent.

What used to be your studying?

VB: I’m now not the steward. I saw them combating and Checo going onto the gravel. That occurs.

MV: That’s an acceptable evaluate. Straightforward.

VB: That’s how it’s a ways!


Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) It’s a expect to Lando. Lando, how did you gawk your battles with Lewis this day? He got right here on the radio after he passed you and mentioned you had been a large driver. So, how make you react to that as neatly please?

MV: You are? You’re a large driver?

LN: It looks that!

MV: I didn’t know man!

LN: Thanks. I don’t know what to recount. I mean it used to be tricky, it wasn’t easy like the total if the major stint I believe both Mercs had been faster than me which used to be now not a shock, something I was looking ahead to but to keep them off as neatly as we did used to be a runt bit of a shock and for that long into the poke. But it used to be love it used to be the major time I’ve truly raced against him and you respect you procure to search out out how he drives and the design he races as neatly as finding out from Valtteri and the design he approaches things and when there are risks taken and things like that. Love, as noteworthy as I fancy the kind phrases it’s now not like he used to be riding perfectly. There had been unruffled times he ran huge out of Flip 1 or made a mistake in Flip 3. It’s now not like they’re now not raceable; you roughly procure there and whilst you own gotten the automobile to function and make neatly, you realise you own gotten a gamble against them. It’s onerous to ever declare that unless you’re truly racing against them and your automobile’s there and you’re going head-to-head. On the total, they’re design too a ways forward of me so… It used to be frosty, it’s a real feeling to poke against now not real Lewis but Valtteri as neatly and Max and Sergio, to be in that pack and declare we’re combating for a podium on anecdote of our scramble is real that real, used to be a terribly real feeling.

Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Flee) Lando, your incident with Sergio takes you to 10 licence penalty aspects. I believe you are going to lose two forward of Silverstone which obviously helps, but I believe they had been for – endure with me – overtaking beneath yellows in follow final year, now not slowing adequate for yellows in qualifying and clearly the Baku red flag pit lane incident this year after which this day. I know, as I mentioned, you are going to lose two of those forward of Silverstone, but when there used to be an match next weekend, it might probably perchance maybe doubtlessly be a runt shut to a ban for consolation; what’s your undercover agent on having that tally for that sequence of incidents on anecdote of it doesn’t truly feel like there’s the leisure truly severe in there?

LN: Yeah. Correctly, real in case, Zak’s is in a position to jump in after I will’t… when something occurs again. Individually, they would perchance unruffled be decisions about when someone’s performed something terrible and keep aside someone in damage’s design and performed something that they shouldn’t own performed after which you own gotten racing and when folks own to spend frequent sense. Love my design of the incident in Baku with the red flag and now not boxing after I could perchance maybe unruffled own performed, like, I didn’t keep aside somebody in damage’s design, genuinely it used to be the opposite and I did all the pieces safely, like why may perchance maybe unruffled I deserve penalty aspects for that? Why may perchance maybe unruffled I deserve penalty aspects this day for someone going into the gravel. Yeah, nothing I’ve performed is terrible and I don’t feel like, perchance in some conditions you deserve an on-observe penalty, on anecdote of you’ve performed something contaminated via racing and you real made a mistake but then you own gotten things that folks make every now after which which shall be purely terrible. As soon as you happen to make primarily overtake in a yellow flag and make something else that’s clearly a rule that will keep aside folks in hazard then I worth penalty aspects for a driver and if that adds up you procure a driver ban or poke ban but for runt things like this, it’s dumb individually. It’s now not what System 1 may perchance maybe unruffled be. Yeah, I don’t know. I could perchance expect of and hope that folks would abet me up on this roughly concept.

MV: I make. I mean let’s declare… how many did you procure? Two?

LN: Two.

MV: Two. So whenever you might perchance maybe perchance own six of those incidents, comely, this day, whenever you procure that six, I don’t think you deserve a ban for what he did this day or whatever. I believe it’s real now not real. I’ve been there myself, I was at nine at some aspects myself and yeah… it’s how it goes but I don’t think with the things… truly, what you purchase the penalty aspects for, declare you might perchance maybe perchance procure to 12, you don’t deserve a ban for that. So there’s stuff… I’ve mentioned it forward of, myself two years in the past, that we may perchance maybe unruffled to find into that but let’s look.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Max, real referring to the second terminate, I believe the group mentioned that they chanced on a decrease on one in every of your tyres after they had been removed. May maybe maybe well you feel the leisure in the automobile? Used to be there the leisure that you just had been conscious of, that used to be going inappropriate with that or had been you real delighted to pit and walk after quickest lap?

MV: Yeah, I was now not clear if they had been going to box me for that quickest lap, so I was truly rather delighted when they called me in and yeah, for sure, they chanced on out the decrease but truthfully whereas riding I had no figuring out, I didn’t feel the leisure. But better be true after which I could perchance maybe walk for quickest lap so it used to be supreme.

Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Flee) Lando after which I believe Max as neatly: make you think the foundations on what’s allowed wheel to wheel; are they clear and fixed on anecdote of Lando you’ve been punished this day for magnificent noteworthy the identical element Pierre purchased away with doing to you two weeks in the past in France, and Max, doubtlessly your switch on Charles to bag right here about a years in the past would had been punished, primarily primarily based on the good judgment we saw applied this day.

LN: Yeah. I gave the instance of Imola with Max and Lewis into Flip 1, like yeah… he ended up off the freeway but on anecdote of he keep aside himself there and as a driver you roughly expect of… whenever you don’t commit to a manoeuvre on the launch air of a corner, then there’s gravel or whatever and yeah, like I don’t are desirous to complain, for the reason that headline of right here is doubtlessly going to be Lando mentioned something concerning the stewards or whatever. I believe there are adequate conditions of when folks own performed things and like what took site this day and bought away with it, reminiscent of you’ve real mentioned, after which I procure a penalty this day, you respect, so… I don’t think all the pieces they make is inappropriate, there’s a selection of real guidelines in site and a selection of things they would perchance unruffled keep but real the spend of some frequent sense every now after which and reviewing those incidents from the past and perchance now not giving it us straight in the poke, like on the least having a gamble to talk to me as a driver or Sergio as a driver. I’m clear Sergio would declare I pushed him off but in site of real giving a penalty in a poke after which now not being in a site to make the leisure about it, on anecdote of I needed to back it within the pit terminate and yeah, I lost out on P2 on anecdote of of that. On the very least give us a gamble to debate it and own our observe and keep aside our observe in and argue it and narrate our point after which perchance procure a penalty but now not spoil someone’s poke whereas they’re racing on anecdote of of something that wasn’t their fault.

Q: Max, Scott referenced your 2019 second with Charles Leclerc. Is there the leisure extra you must always recount?

MV: On the time, I fully agreed, for sure, with the resolution. Needless to enlighten, I’ve been on holiday with stewards myself and I paid and I needed to take a seat there with them. The explain is also in most cases the guideline guide and the wording. Stewards don’t are desirous to present a penalty but in most cases they’ve to in a mode with whatever occurs now not off target. I don’t need guilty the stewards. Yeah, in most cases the guideline guide is a runt tricky as neatly via handing out penalties or it be valuable at hand out penalties with something.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Valtteri, there used to be a interval early in the major stint whilst you fell abet from behind Lewis and you had been on the radio about riding to Belief A. Can you real uncover what that used to be all about?

VB: Lawful attempting to play the long game and attempting now to now not raze the tyres. I saw Lewis used to be placing rather a runt of tension on Lando with out truly attempting to be shut and sliding round and real decided to abet off moderately and yeah, appealing that in all probability it’s a ways liable to be one terminate and take a to find at to own real tyres on the terminate of the stint, so that used to be the thinking and I believe in the terminate that used to be the comely element but yeah, it evaluate all the pieces but that used to be the figuring out.

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