Peugeot has taken the wraps off the nonetheless 9X8, its Le Mans Hypercar challenger poised to carry out its aggressive debut in the FIA World Patience Championship in 2022.

Powered by a hybrid energy unit that drives by all-wheel force transmission, the prototype embodies Peugeot’s Neo-Efficiency intention turning in performance to both the emblem’s motorway and racing cars.

The Le Mans Hypercar project allowed the manufacturer’s engineering group and create to work hand in hand, allowing to explore nonetheless aerodynamic solutions, equivalent to the absence of the rear hover, and styling tips thus executing a secure model identity.

The 9X8 is a successor to the 905, winner of the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1992 and 1993, and the 908, which won the French classic in 2009. The nonetheless prototype is poised to proceed the accomplish’s prolonged and a success involvement in world-class motor sport with cars that characteristic secure, straight recognisable model identity.

The title of Peugeot’s nonetheless Hypercar challenger is the Peugeot 9X8. The “9” continues the series employed by the manufacturer for its most fresh topflight persistence racing cars, particularly the Peugeot 905 and the 908.

The “X” refers again to the Peugeot Hypercar’s all-wheel force abilities and hybrid powertrain which embodies the emblem’s electrification intention in the sphere of motor racing. 

The “8” is the suffix used for all of Peugeot’s most fresh model names, from the 208 and 2008 to the 308, 3008, 5008 and the 508 which very just no longer too prolonged prior to now handed by the hands of the engineers and designers who crafted the Hypercar to change into the first car to sport the Peugeot Sport Engineered designate. 

“The total traces of the Peugeot 9X8 explicit the emblem’s styling cues, while its swish, intelligent, smooth styles inspire emotion and dynamism,” stated Peugeot’s Fetch Director Matthias Hossann.

Remarkable consideration modified into once additionally paid to the 9X8’s internal. “We wished to favor a heaps of advance to the cockpit which, except now, has tended to be a purely purposeful and indistinctive part of racing cars, without a model identity whatsoever,” underlines Hossann.

“The combo of our coloration blueprint and Peugeot’s i-Cockpit internal styling signature bear offered the 9X8’s cockpit with a particular feel and accomplish it straight identifiable as a PEUGEOT in on-board digicam pictures,” he concludes.

“The nonetheless Le Mans Hypercar regulations bear been drawn as a lot as level out the significance of worn performance-boosting programs,” explains Olivier Jansonnie, Peugeot Sport’s WEC Programme Technical Director.

“Designing the 9X8 has been a passionate abilities because we had the liberty to carry out, innovate and explore off-the-wall ways to optimise the auto’s performance, and extra seriously its aerodynamics. The regulations stipulate that simply one adjustable aerodynamic instrument is authorized, without specifying the rear hover. Our calculation work and simulations published that top performance modified into once effectively that you just might perchance additionally take into consideration without one.”

“The absence of a rear hover on the Peugeot 9X8 is a critical innovative step,” says Stellantis Motorsport Director Jean-Marc Finot. “Now we bear executed a level of aerodynamic efficiency that enables us to create away with this characteristic. Don’t put a query to how, though! Now we bear every diagram of holding that a secret as prolonged as we perchance can!”

“There’s extra to Peugeot’s involvement in persistence racing than the sporting part,”  insists Linda Jackson.

“Patience racing is a form of motorsport that affords us with an extreme laboratory, which explains why our affiliation with Le Mans is so secure. More critical perchance than the outcomes we accomplish on the high-tail notice are the alternatives it affords to divulge their own praises our abilities and the fruit of our learn work in a high-tail that throws extreme prerequisites at you for 24 hours.”

“Le Mans affords us a aggressive environment to validate the hybrid programs and applied sciences we are for the time being developing to slit the fuel consumption – and therefore CO2 emissions – of our motorway cars. The groups at Peugeot Sport are proud after they survey their learn carried over to our manufacturing models. For our customers, Le Mans is a laboratory that testifies to the optimistic of our cars.”

A pair of Peugeot’s 9X8s will contest next 300 and sixty five days’s FIA WEC.


Length: 5,000mm 

Width: 2,080mm 

Top: 1,180mm 

Wheelbase: 3,045mm 

Powertrain: Peugeot Hybrid4 500KW (all-wheel force) 

Rear-force bid: 500kW (680hp), 2.6L twin-turbo, 90-level V6 petrol internal combustion engine + seven-tempo sequential transmission 

Front-force bid: 200kW electric motor-generator + single-tempo reducer 

Battery: High density, 900-volt battery co-designed by Peugeot Sport, TotalEnergies/Saft 

Gasoline and lubricants: TotalEnergies

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