French System 4

Saturday: 4th success for Masson, 1st for Giusti

Esteban Masson started from pole dwelling and brilliantly dominated Speed 1, earlier than the inverted grid in Speed 2 spiced up the complaints. Alessandro Giusti kept a groovy head to grab his first victory in the French F4 Championship.

Organised as allotment of the World GT Begin, the fundamental two races of the Hungarian assembly in Budapest offered their episodes of confirmations and surprises. While Speed 1 became in most cases sure as a result of the excessive degree of performance and consistency of the drivers entered with the FFSA Academy, Speed 2 snappy turned absorbing, with a large alternative of overtaking moves and even an day out from the protection car.

Speed after sprint, Esteban Masson kept demonstrating his sprint and resolution to accumulate the 2021 French F4 Championship. The motive force from the Ancenis club in the Pays de la Loire put aside managed to raise on to his lead in the starting up, earlier than environment an unheard of tempo on the front of the discipline. “The work accomplished with all my entourage has paid off again via riding approach and sprint deal with a watch on,” enthused the championship chief. “I snappy got a lead, which allowed me now to no longer force my tyres. No topic this, I managed to lengthen the gap to accumulate by 7 seconds and the supreme lap level.”

Within the aid of him, Macéo Capietto additionally build in a solid performance, without ever truly being in a situation to grab a breather thanks to the stress exerted by the Thai Tasanapol Inthraphuvasak, who made an gorgeous debut for his first appearance with the FFSA Academy. Owen Tangavelou became additionally on an gorgeous tempo and became a candidate for the rostrum, but ended up taking 4th dwelling whereas maintaining his tyres as valuable as that it is most likely you’ll perchance well well also maintain of.

In his habitual trend, Daniel Ligier jumped up at lights out to snappy kill a dwelling on the expense of Gaël Julien, then a 2d on the following lap over Swiss driver Dario Cabanelas, to prevent the tip-5. Cabanelas might perchance perchance well nonetheless be elated with his Sixth dwelling, which gave him a deserved victory in the Juniors. Within the aid of Australian Hugh Barter who came aid in Eighth, Alessandro Giusti recovered a dwelling in the tip-10 after having overlooked his snatch-off. A snappy distance away, Enzo Geraci won an extraordinarily valuable duel with Pierre-Alexandre Provost, as his 10th dwelling became synonymous with a pole dwelling originate in Speed 2.

Per the principle of the reversed grid, Enzo Geraci and Alessandro Giusti took their areas on the front row in the starting up of Speed 2, which seen Giusti give his compatriot a sprint for his money from the fundamental nook. In Nogaro as in Magny-Cours, I managed to accumulate in the Junior class, but this victory is even extra handsome, specifically as it became worrying to build,” commented Alessandro. “Quickly after the midway level, the protection car came heading in the appropriate course. It adopted a sexy slack tempo and pretty about a rubber debris became deposited on my tyres. On the restart, the auto began to lumber and I truly needed to deal with targeted and swiftly to deal with off Gael Julien, and then Daniel Ligier when he went into 2d.” The safety car intervened following a collision that eradicated Esteban Masson.

Within the aid of the Giusti-Ligier-Julien trio, Tasanapol Inthraphuvasak became 4th after a accurate attacking sprint, as he became easiest Eighth on the grid. Owen Tangavelou overtook Enzo Geraci on the tip of the sprint to grab fifth dwelling, however the latter amassed managed to assemble his easiest result in the discipline. The final capabilities awarded went to Australian Hugh Barter and Macéo Capietto, intently followed by Elliott Vayron, author of the supreme lap and three areas up.

Macéo Capietto strikes aid in Speed 3 in Budapest

In a duel with Masson throughout the assembly on the Hungaroring, Capietto this time beat his rival from the originate to accumulate for the 2d time in the 2021 French F4 Championship. Swiss driver Cabanelas won the Junior class.

The feared stormy showers did no longer invade the skies over Budapest and the drivers of the FFSA Academy were once more in a situation to revel in warm and sunny weather. The Pirelli tyres trustworthy to the FFSA Academy’s Mygale-Renault Sport single-seaters were build to the take a look at, however the young drivers of the French F4 Championship were in a situation to take care of this extra narrate throughout 23 minutes of an exhilarating sprint from originate to kill.

On the front, the originate played an extraordinarily valuable role in the last hierarchy and the rostrum. On the originate air of the front row, Macéo Capietto made a finest originate. “I have to admit that I had the supreme originate of my occupation,” confirmed Macéo. “After I got to the fundamental nook I already had a lead and I straight tried to provide myself a miniature breathing home when put next with Esteban. I continued with a excessive tempo, without taking the complete risks. My tyres kept a accurate effectivity till the tip.” The finest lap in the sprint field by the winner of the day confirmed his degree of performance. “This assembly on the Hungaroring allowed me to discontinue a accurate score via capabilities, which is sure for the rest of the season.”

Esteban Masson, winner of the day prior to this’s sprint, scored the 2d dwelling capabilities, resisting completely to the Thai Tasanapol Inthraphuvasak, who repeated his performance of Speed 1 by mountain climbing on the third step of the rostrum. After the spectacular collision in Speed 2, the FFSA Academy mechanics were in a situation to restore Masson’s single-seater in time, and he stays a solid chief in the French F4 Championship with a 40-level lead over Macéo Capietto and 44 over Hugh Barter, who will most likely be in a situation to feel sorry about his modest qualifying session. Winner of the Richard Mille Younger Talent Academy this wintry weather, the Australian nonetheless carried out on a sure describe by intriguing up from 14th to seventh dwelling in Speed 3.

Owen Tangavelou, a podium contender, became caught out by Inthraphuvasak on the fundamental lap and became never in a situation to fetch a gap afterwards no topic a sure round and pretty lap times. Now fifth in the Championship, Owen additionally needed to see out for the return of Gaël Julien, who confirmed his upward push to prominence with every passing sprint. Gaël overtook Swiss rider Dario Cabanelas in the starting up, earlier than getting the upper of Alessandro Giusti to prevent the day’s high-5. Giusti needed to accept ninth dwelling in the final allotment of the sprint, which is synonymous with 2d dwelling in the Junior class.

Cabanelas did no longer quit after his complex originate and confirmed pretty about a battling spirit to enhance the lost areas. His efforts were rewarded with a Sixth dwelling overall and a recent victory in the Junior class. The neck and neck fight in this class with Alessandro Giusti continues!

The promising Elliott Vayron, who started 15th and carried out Eighth, can congratulate himself on his reliable debut in single-seater competition. Noah Andy accomplished the tip-10 of the day in front of two Juniors who deal with getting nearer to their elders: Pierre-Alexandre Provost and Enzo Geraci. Shapely in Minikart and Cadet karting, Enzo Richer has been nearly entirely free of competitions for nearly four years. He became overjoyed to head searching out for the FFSA Academy and its excessive-degree F4 FIA Championship. It became a disappointment for Angélina Favario and Daniel Ligier, who ended up being left in the aid of following an incident in the starting up of the sprint.

The next round of the championship will most likely be held at Ledenon from September 10 to 12.

German System 4

Bearman wins Saturday’s sprint in Zandvoort

Van Amersfoort driver Oliver Bearman takes a lights-to-flag victory. Sebastian Montoya and Tim Tramnitz total the rostrum.

Van Amersfoort driver Oliver Bearman claimed his third accumulate of the season in the opening sprint of the ADAC System 4 weekend at CM.com Circuit Zandvoort. The 16-year-extinct, who started from pole dwelling, led from originate to kill on the circuit in the Dutch dunes. Bearman had already confirmed to be unbeatable on Friday: the Brit has to this point field the quickest lap time in all four music sessions. Bearman additionally won the fundamental two races of the season on the Red Bull Ring in season. As such, the Van Amersfoort now holds a sure lead on the tip of the German System 4 championship with 75 capabilities. Columbian Sebastian Montoya (16, Prema Powerteam) and Tim Tramnitz (16, Hamburg, US Racing) joined Bearman on the rostrum in finest stipulations in Zandvoort. Runner-up Montoya came home half of a 2d in the aid of Saturday’s sprint winner, earlier than ADAC Stiftung Sport driver Tramnitz crossed the kill line 2.307 seconds later.

“That became a terribly accurate sprint from me. I’m very fleet this weekend. The predominant to the victory became indubitably pole dwelling. We knew beforehand that qualifying will be specifically considerable, as overtaking manoeuvres are terrible here in Zandvoort. I owe this victory to my personnel. The sphere-up of the auto became high in all areas,” acknowledged Bearman rapidly after the sprint.

Bearman made an perfect originate from pole and had already opened a pickle of over a 2d by the tip of lap one. Montoya additionally started effectively from the front row of the grid, whereas Tramnitz held off Luke Browning (19, Colossal Britain, US Racing) to hang on to his third dwelling. Van Amersfoort’s Bearman proceeded to govern complaints via his rear-search files from think and build sure distance between himself and the chasing pack. On the complete, there were few adjustments of dwelling contained in the discipline – till a demolish intriguing customer driver Leonardo Fornaroli (16, Italy, Iron Lynx) resulted in an appearance of the protection car, which bunched the drivers up again. Nonetheless, even after the re-originate, Bearman once more pulled sure of all americans else to grab a victory that at no level regarded at threat. Bearman became followed over the kill line by Montoya, Tramnitz and Browning, with Kirill Smal (16, Russia, Prema Powerteam) taking fifth.

“It became truly complex to assault, but nor did I truly possess to kill an unpleasant lot of defending,” acknowledged Tramnitz. “We were moderately swiftly from the be conscious bound. My car felt very accurate earlier than the protection car phase, but I struggled with degrading tyres on the tip. That became when I started having to look in my think. It goes without announcing that we constantly want to be handsome out in front, but in the tip third dwelling will get me some accurate capabilities again,” acknowledged the young man from Hamburg.

2d dwelling for Montoya became sufficient for the Columbian to remain third in the final standings. The Prema driver now has 50 capabilities and at level to lies in the aid of Luke Browning (57). “I clearly constantly need extra. Ending 2d in the aid of Oliver Bearman is no longer the supreme feeling. The full identical, I truly possess picked up some accurate capabilities. We had the good and sprint to accumulate. Nonetheless, it is merely complex to overtake on this music. The next two races are the following day, when I’m hoping that I will be capable to accumulate a trophy again.”

Sixth dwelling went to Frenchman Victor Bernier (16, R-ace GP), with Russia’s Vlad Lomko (16, US Racing) seventh. He became followed over the kill line in eighth and ninth by Van Amersfoort personnel-mates Joshua Dufek (16, Switzerland) and Valint Bence (16, Hungary). In tenth dwelling became Francesco Braschi (16, Italy, Jenzer Motorsport). The quickest rookie became Nikita Bedrin (15, Van Amersfoort Pilot), who leads this competition. The Russian carried out eleventh to provide Van Amersfoort Racing yet yet another aim to possess a good time. “For Van Amersfoort Racing, this sprint accumulate on the personnel’s home event is clearly perfect. This extra or much less success diagram an unpleasant lot to the complete personnel,” acknowledged Bearman.

Bearman and Smal accumulate the Sunday races

Van Amersfoort driver Oliver Bearman claims a lights-to-flag victory in Sunday’s first sprint. Kirill Smal wins sprint three at Zandvoort.

A dominant lights-to-flag accumulate for Oliver Bearman and the fundamental victory of the season for Prema driver Kirill Smal (16) were the standout reports from Sunday’s ADAC System 4 races at CM.com Circuit Zandvoort. Van Amersfoort driver Bearman claimed his 2d victory from pole dwelling in sprint two on the spectacular circuit in the Dutch dunes. The 16-year-extinct Brit now holds a commanding lead on the tip of the championship with 112 capabilities. Bearman became joined on the rostrum by his personnel-mates Joshua Dufek (16, Switzerland) and Nikita Bedrin (15, Russia), making it a one-two-three for Van Amersfoort Racing on the Dutch personnel’s home event. In Sunday’s 2d sprint, it became the turn of young Russian Smal to possess a good time. 2d dwelling went to his personnel-mate Sebastian Montoya (16, Columbia), earlier than ADAC Stiftung Sport driver Tim Tramnitz (16, Hamburg, US Racing).

“This victory feels good. It became an extraordinarily accurate sprint and I’m extremely elated about our personnel success,” acknowledged Bearman after his fourth accumulate of the season. Smal became additionally elated with extra than factual his possess performance: “We did a reliable job in sprint three. I’m gay with the complete personnel. We ended the weekend here in Zandvoort with first and 2d dwelling. We are in a position to now shuttle home with a smile on our face.”

Speed one seen a commanding level to from championship chief Oliver Bearman, who remodeled his pole dwelling into a lead in the starting up, and refused to provide it up for your complete sprint, no topic three safety car phases. Bearman had already loved one lights-to-flag victory on the spectacular circuit on Saturday. “What a sprint! To build up the fundamental three areas with my personnel-mates, I’m overjoyed for the complete personnel. It is the reward for the onerous work we’re all inserting in,” acknowledged a overjoyed Bearman after the sprint. His personnel-mate Dufek acknowledged: “I’m very elated with my 2d dwelling, even supposing I clearly constantly want to accumulate. It’s no longer each day that you simply accumulate the fundamental three areas as a personnel. We’re all so elated.”

Fourth dwelling went to Victor Bernier (16, France, R-ace GP), with Smal taking fifth dwelling earlier than Tramnitz. Frenchman Sami Meguetounif (17, R-ace GP) became seventh. Montoya came home eighth. Winding up the capabilities positions were Luke Browning (19, Colossal Britain, US Racing) and Vlad Lomko (16, Russia, US Racing).

Within the third sprint of the weekend, the reverse grid seen Montoya, who carried out eighth in sprint two, originate from pole dwelling. The Columbian made a staunch mess of his originate and Smal took advantage of his mistake to grab the lead. Smal became now to no longer be shifted from the front of the discipline, even after two safety car phases. Montoya regarded unaffected by his dejected originate, battling aid strongly to terrible the kill line in 2d dwelling. “The circuit here in Zandvoort is no longer truly trustworthy to overtaking manoeuvres, but I became truly fleet and in a situation to make up for my mistake. I will learn from the error, that’s what they’re there for,” acknowledged Montoya. Tramnitz carried out third, with the in another case dominant Bearman fourth. “It has clearly been an extraordinarily accurate weekend for me on the complete, even supposing I would possess loved to possess carried out on the rostrum in the last sprint,” acknowledged the championship chief. Montoya climbs into 2d level in the final standings on 72 capabilities. Smal improves his standing by two positions and now lies third with 70 capabilities, intently followed by Tramnitz (69).

Fifth dwelling went to Bernier, with positions six to eight occupied by Browning, Dufek, and Leonardo Fornaroli (16, Italy, Iron Lynx). Taylor Barnard (17, Colossal Britain, BWR Racing) and Conrad Laursen (15, Denmark, Prema Powerteam) accomplished the tip ten.

Bedrin is the dominant driver in this year’s rookie competition. He has won 5 of this season’s six races to this point in his class, and this ability that holds a elated lead: “I’m finding out every sprint and constantly strive to kill my easiest,” acknowledged the Van Amersfoort driver. Most productive in the last sprint in Zandvoort became Bedrin beaten. This time, the supreme rookie became Switzerland’s Michael Sauter (16, Sauter Engineering + Make), who carried out twelfth.

The next sprint weekend takes dwelling from Sixth to Eighth August on the Nürburgring.

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