1 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Red Bull Racing)

2 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)

3 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes) 


(Conducted by Jenson Button) 

Q: Congratulations Max, winner of the Dawdle. Big result and doubtlessly exactly what you wished after Qualifying the day prior to this? 

Max VERSTAPPEN: Yeah, around here it’s sophisticated to start however we had a correct start and a correct fight with Lewis on the first lap and then we tried to halt our have faith traipse, however that you just would possibly want to peruse we had been pushing every other laborious because at the tip of the bustle the tyres had been blistering plenty, so we needed to put together that to the tip. However, entirely overjoyed to obviously to score those three aspects and it sounds a bit humorous to then hear ‘you scored a pole space’ however anyway we can utilize it and as soon as more I judge this is also a extraordinarily fascinating war day after as of late.

Q: It’s inspiring having a stumble on at the tyres on the entire autos obtainable, the blistering on them. It basically does portray you ought to you push the tyre what occurs and the intention in which noteworthy you guys must stumble on after the tyres in a bustle misfortune?

MV: Yeah, you start the bustle on lower gasoline and we basically push these autos thru the rapid corners lap after lap so it is a long way basically laborious on tyres. However it’s the the same for everyone so now we must take care of it. 

Q: A gargantuan start here and it must bode successfully for day after as of late. Clearly the straight-line traipse distinction is slightly immense between yourself and the Mercedes, which used to be a surprise. You can maybe likely’t basically halt noteworthy for day after as of late are you able to? 

MV: No, we are no longer allowed to contact the automobile. I judge we are rapid in corners in negate that’s the put now we must make clear that that we halt the the same day after as of late. The straight-line traipse, that’s the element, after FP1 that you just would possibly want to no longer make any adjustments and that’s a bit tricky for us now however we appropriate must take care of it. I mute judge we can have faith a extraordinarily solid bustle. I appropriate must relate also a immense thanks to the fans. I do know they’re here for the British drivers and they’ve a bit extra give a enhance to, however it completely’s mute gargantuan to peruse them cheer and all I favor is a correct war with Lewis particularly, however also with everyone. 

Q: Lewis, I’m certain it’s no longer the formula you wished to originate Saturday after an improbable job in Qualifying the day prior to this. Right one uncomfortable start and it puts you in P2 with out diagram proper thru the Dawdle Flee, it’s sophisticated, factual? However you had been fighting laborious on that first lap. 

Lewis HAMILTON:  Yeah, I mean I gave it the entire lot this day. Before the entire lot, I’ve got to provide slightly quite loads of resolve to all these fans. I will’t portray you the facility I’m getting from everyone; the give a enhance to intention plenty to me. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to earn the have faith in Dawdle, however day after as of late we fight as soon as more. I mean I hit target on my start… Yeah, it’s no longer correct ought to you lose from P1 however we’ll try to whisper a negative into a obvious day after as of late.

Q: Are you able to utilize a obvious from it interesting it used to be easiest a 17-lap bustle, it used to be easiest three aspects. You easiest misplaced one point?

LH:  Every point counts, man, so I wouldn’t relate that. I’m grateful to have faith done and day after as of late, as I talked about, we can fight as soon as more. However they’re appropriate so solid. In the bustle he used to be pulling away and there used to be nothing I could maybe halt to retain on. So we’ve basically got to ascertain out and be in entrance somehow. They have faith got carried out a gargantuan job with their engine. Their begins are basically gargantuan this one year and now we have faith misplaced a little bit of performance on our begins, so we’ve got to ascertain out to work a bit more difficult to ascertain out to enhance that because shedding positions is by no intention a gargantuan element.

Q: The consistency alongside with your begins appears moderately correct however with the Red Bull it appears fairly bit extra up and down. Are you able to utilize positives from that? You can maybe likely successfully be initiating the put Max started this day and with the straight-line traipse you guys seems to have faith you ever’ll be able to halt that lap one all the intention in which thru as soon as more. 

LH: I’m hoping so. Agh! I wish we could maybe re-halt the initiating. Fortunately now we have faith it day after as of late. I don’t know the intention in which it used to be to spy for the fans. This weekend has been edifying with regards to… The old day used to be this form of enjoyable day, to have faith qualifying on a Friday, formula extra appetizing. I don’t know whether or no longer that used to be basically the most superior or no longer however we ought to halt extra like that, maybe a particular model of it in future, because it appropriate makes the weekend extra appetizing. I need everyone to mutter their energy as soon as more day after as of late and I’ll arrive with my A-sport. 

Q: Valtteri, you took the gamble with the soft tyres at the start, which gave the look of it is going to be something basically inspiring and I wager you had been making an strive to leap Max, however it completely ended up being your crew-mate that used to be the one you almost got in Turn 1?

Valtteri BOTTAS: We tried to halt something varied and clearly the target used to be to ascertain out to earn him in at the start or on the first lap. It didn’t happen. I judge he had a correct start as successfully. In Turn 1 I used to be a bit blocked, so I couldn’t basically snort the momentum, however we tried, and within the tip I mute managed to retain the distance with the soft though there used to be some blistering however it completely used to be OK. 

Q: It wasn’t appropriate the soft runners that had blistering; it used to be also the medium runners. So I wager here’s basically indispensable info for the crew to have faith speed soft and medium. Both blister by no less than that you just would possibly want to merely have faith gotten got a correct working out of the tyres?

VB: Yeah, undoubtedly reveals that day after as of late is no longer going to be simple and if it’s going to be a bit warmer we could maybe peruse extra disorders. As a minimum now we are undoubtedly conscious and day after as of late something can happen. 


Q: Max, you’ve created a little bit of history this day. How noteworthy did you experience Dawdle Qualifying?

MV: I judge what used to be high quality initially used to be obviously you start with lower gasoline in this bustle, so naturally the autos are faster and that’s the explanation what you like and the automobile is a bit extra alive. So that used to be enjoyable in contrast with a heavy car and the entire lot and it’s appropriate unhurried initially, so I enjoyed that bit for certain. 

Q: And what about your come to the speed. Became as soon as it any varied to an odd bustle?

MV: What is mandatory is to ascertain out to make a correct start, have faith a trim first lap and then obviously you are attempting to appropriate resolve in, you know, and train your traipse. That’s what I tried to halt, what I tried to evaluate of sooner than I jumped within the automobile. Needless to advise, when it basically works out, it’s gargantuan. I judge within the tip no longer noteworthy basically adjustments. 

Q: Neatly, talk us thru the initiating. Front brakes had been on fire however you mute had a correct start.

MV: Yeah, I used to be basically unnerved. Quite little bit of fireplace, it’s no longer… it’s OK however at one point it used to be becoming slightly immense and I used to be appropriate having a stumble on in my ponder to the guys within the support, saying please, traipse up, traipse up. So then, obviously, I used to be no longer certain going into Turn 3 if my brakes had been going to work however fortunately it didn’t halt too noteworthy misfortune. I seen just a few americans within the grandstand making photos when the brakes had been on fire. For certain they’ve a correct few photographs there. 

Q: And Max, let’s stumble on ahead to day after as of late’s bustle. What did you be taught this day that could be indispensable within the big prix itself? 

MV: I judge what we discovered this day is that it’s very shut as soon as more. It’s a bit varied. It seems like we are rapid thru corners, they’re rapid on the straight this weekend and, obviously, after one free rehearsal, and then you definately’re no longer allowed to make any adjustments and also you don’t earn it factual, then you definately’re a bit stuck. So I judge we’re a bit stuck on the straight, in negate that’s why now we must make up our time within the corners – however yeah, it gave the impact like in this extra-or-less flat-out bustle – that you just would possibly want to no longer basically name it flat-out however no less than pushing extra, the traipse used to be alright however I mute demand with a pit-pause coming into play – or two pit stops, who’s conscious of – it’s as soon as more going to be a correct fight. 

Q: Lewis, you’ve had just a few moments to ponder on Dawdle Qualifying. How halt you ponder on what’s appropriate came about?

LH: Stunning noteworthy the equivalent to the closing races with regards to appropriate following within the support of Max. The old day used to be a extra appetizing day with regards to appropriate qualifying is gargantuan. It’s very laborious to coach naturally in these autos, so it wasn’t basically the most superior however with any luck it used to be for the fans. 

Q: Did you experience speed qualifying?

LH: I will’t relate I particularly enjoyed it too noteworthy – however it completely’s high quality to have faith extra races for certain. 

Q: Order us thru the initiating. You talked about a second within the past that you just hit the target – however could maybe it were better?

LH: Neatly, it used to be awful, so obviously it is going to be better. 

Q: What did you mean by ‘hit the target’?

LH: Neatly, now we have faith a target space that you just would possibly want to merely have faith gotten to hit alongside with your snatch and that’s what the goal is incessantly to be now heading in the right direction, and I used to be now heading in the right direction, so I did what I used to be supposed to halt however it completely didn’t mutter, for whatever motive. I don’t know why. Had slightly quite loads of wheelspin and the leisure is history. 

Q: Are you able to talk us thru that opening lap, particularly the speed to Copse. At one point you had been factual alongside Max. 

LH: Yeah, attempting the entire lot obviously to earn by. They had been appropriate too rapid. They had been appropriate too rapid this day. 

Q: Let’s throw it ahead to day after as of late. It’s the main occasion. What are you able to halt to beat Max day after as of late? Attain you watched you’ve got the automobile beneath you?

LH: I judge he had slightly quite loads of traipse in him this day and I don’t judge he used to be particularly having to push too laborious, and we had been flat-out. Day after as of late’s going to be sophisticated. If I will try somehow to retain up with them thru the stints, maybe we could be conscious stress thru diagram – however we’re no longer going to be overtaking them on the be conscious: they’re appropriate too rapid. So, we play the long sport with any luck. 

Q: Valtteri, you doubtlessly did something fairly varied this day, you started speed qualifying on the Gentle tyre. What used to be the motive within the support of that?

VB: Yeah, we tried something varied. We notion loads of the autos are going to start on the Medium, so it will probably possibly maybe give a little bit of a likelihood for me, for lap one, for the initiating and the first few corners. We tried the Gentle in FP2 and genuinely it used to be a bit better than I notion it will probably possibly maybe be. It didn’t slightly determine however fortunately the threat used to be slightly minimal, so I managed to retain my space. The initiating itself, the performance used to be correct – however I used to be a bit blocked into the first corners so I misplaced the momentum. So, yeah, we tried and it’s no longer a misfortune since the main day is day after as of late. 

Q: How laborious used to be it to retain the Gentle tyre alive in direction of the tip of the 17 laps?

VB: I feel to advise basically the most I struggled with the tyre used to be from, let’s relate, Lap 3 unless Lap 10-11.  There used to be moderately slightly quite loads of overheating. I judge as soon as the tyre used to be initiating to wear it used to be initiating to feel a bit better in direction of the tip. Shedding a bit extra temperature – so it used to be no longer nefarious. 

Q: Closing one from me, how noteworthy did you experience speed qualifying? 

VB: It’s one other bustle start, which is obviously incessantly slightly high quality, and a little bit of extra racing. For me it hasn’t basically modified the weekend so noteworthy. I proper third, it’s third this day and mute the the same initiating space for day after as of late – however I’m hoping americans enjoyed it. 


Q: (Christian Menath – motorsport-magazin.com) Acquire an insist to for Max. The old day you talked about you had slightly quite loads of understeer proper thru qualifying. Became as soon as it the the same proper thru the bustle or did it proceed? Additionally, you talked about that you just would possibly want to successfully be locked-in as a consequence of the parc fermé tips. Would you substitute something, will you prance for a smaller rear soar or something like that?

MV: Yeah, the understeer used to be gone however naturally you’re no longer going as rapid thru the corners as in qualifying. So I wager that helps. And yeah, I judge now we must stumble on fairly bit at the schedule because, to halt an FP2 session and also you’re no longer allowed to change the automobile is a bit spoiled, in my survey. It’s a little bit of luck most incessantly now, if we retain this format going, for speed races that you just easiest have faith one free train to nail the put-up. Needless to advise most incessantly this could maybe work for your favour and most incessantly this could maybe work against you. I judge to date this week it hasn’t basically been correct to us – however obviously we incessantly must stumble on at ourselves to make clear that we could maybe halt better – however if I could maybe halt it as soon as more, yeah, for certain, I could maybe maybe resolve for a bit extra high traipse.  

Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Flee) To all three: it gave the impact that the drivers unanimously felt that Friday used to be extra appetizing. There used to be easiest one rehearsal then straight into qualifying, however this day, Max used to be appropriate talking about it there: FP2 gave the impact a bit pointless from the open air. Became as soon as it appropriate a case of force around, info collecting for you and then for the bustle itself, a bit extra namely. Clearly there used to be the pleasure of the bustle start however besides that it didn’t appear to be maybe basically the most intelligent of races. 

MV: Neatly, first off for me, Friday didn’t feel extra appetizing because we did qualifying… for me in my opinion qualifying the put you ought to earn pole space, and naturally Lewis used to be ahead there, however you jump out of the automobile and it basically doesn’t… Neatly, it does mean something however no longer the right hype of, you know, I nailed the lap and I put it on pole or whatever. So yeah, when I crossed the line this day after this bustle and they had been like, ‘yeah, gargantuan job, pole space’, it feels a bit like, ‘yeah, I did a model of like one third of the bustle distance’ and then to hear you doubtlessly did pole space for day after as of late it’s a bit strange however yeah, we’ll struggle thru it and I wager everyone has their have faith scheme about things. 

LH: Sorry, what? Yeah, the day prior to this used to be appetizing the formula it used to be put up, I judge, which used to be the one session and straight into qualifying. In my survey, it easiest wishes to be a Saturday and Sunday weekend, that intention now we have faith one entire day less, 23 days basically less of riding these autos all the intention in which thru the be conscious and clearly that could maybe maybe successfully be better with regards to going extra green. Currently’s been model of… it’s been a… I judge it’s because it’s so sophisticated for us to pass and sadly with these autos you wish pit stops and formula to support most incessantly coming to space (sic), in any other case it’s so laborious to earn shut. We’ve got a particular rear tyre this weekend however we’ve got the supreme pressures I judge we’ve ever had, so blistering is a insist and so thermal deg is a insist. I mean… I don’t know. Currently they did a gargantuan job and I judge the fans enjoyed it, from what we seen on the parade laps. It’s incessantly high quality doing extra races that’s for certain, however day after as of late we’ve easiest got one occasion, factual? It’s almost like they ought to almost halt the speed bustle on the Sunday and the bustle because there will even be slightly quite loads of sitting around for americans day after as of late. 

VB: If I could maybe maybe resolve which I enjoyed extra, I could maybe maybe relate Friday. I basically experience qualifying and that feeling of pushing the automobile to the limit on a single lap. Clearly used to be a high quality element to ascertain out, earn one other start, however the the same traces with Lewis, that yeah, undoubtedly enjoyed maybe the day prior to this a bit extra however it completely’s mute correct enjoyable, you know, racing with these autos against basically the most inspiring drivers on this improbable be conscious in entrance of all of the fans, it’s high quality however I’m appropriate already having a stumble on ahead to day after as of late for the main occasion. 

Q: (Christian Nimmervoll – motorsport.com) Max, Lewis talked about earlier that his feeling is that you just didn’t basically must push. Is he factual? 

MV: I used to be pushing in any other case I could maybe no longer retain Lewis within the support of. You can maybe likely peruse that. Additionally, my tyres had been blistered, so… I wager we can uncover day after as of late proper thru the bustle, obviously, how competitive we are going to be because then gasoline hundreds are as soon as more varied, the automobile will be though-provoking around a bit extra so yeah, we’ll uncover. 

Q: (Phil Duncan – PA) Lewis, you had been obviously on this form of high the day prior to this after placing it on pole for this day’s bustle. Clearly this day didn’t determine slightly as successfully as you’d wished to. How sophisticated is it going to be now to retract yourself up for day after as of late’s bustle? There’ll obviously be 140,000 americans here and it’s going to be a immense bustle for the championship as successfully. 

LH: Yeah, successfully, naturally it’s no longer been basically the most inspiring of days for us however I’ve given it – we’ve given it completely the entire lot. I judge we got, successfully, it’s a disgrace, we got the the same aspects as Red Bull got this day, I judge me and Valtteri together, so it’s gargantuan that we’ve carried out our job. Yeah, day after as of late’s going to be sophisticated however the give a enhance to of the fans, you know, appropriate the parade lap we appropriate did there, the shout of the crowd is appropriate enticing. I will recharge tonight and appropriate arrive support stronger day after as of late. There’s undoubtedly things that we’ve discovered from this day and I’m hoping that we can enhance for day after as of late and I’ll be given it the entire lot for everyone that turns up day after as of late and hope that we can have faith a closer bustle than we had this day. 

Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Flee) Valtteri, appropriate on initiating on the soft tyres, I appropriate wondered… could maybe you talk us thru what you had been pondering after the first few corners because I wager the main supreme thing about initiating on the softs would were making an strive to earn the jump from the initiating and even have faith the threshold within the first few corners, however as soon as that came about, maybe you had been a bit model of questioning whether or no longer or no longer your tyres had been going to closing the distance? 

VB: Positively after the first three corners it used to be yeah, I used to be pondering OK, obviously I will try to retain up initially however the main element for me is no longer to execute the tyres, because there’s incessantly autos within the support of and there used to be autos within the support of with the medium tyres so naturally they could have faith a bonus with less thermal deg and less tyre wear however it completely’s a disgrace it didn’t determine however yeah, I’m entirely overjoyed I could maybe mute be able to retain third space. 

Q: (Christian Nimmervoll – motorsport.com) Valtteri, it gave the look of you backed out of the first corner fairly bit. Would that you just would possibly want to merely have faith gotten acted in a different way there if it wasn’t for Lewis? 

VB: I used to be in slightly a tricky space there, you know. Clearly I had correct momentum into Turn 1. I felt a bit boxed (in). I’ve been in that model of misfortune sooner than. Impulsively you earn this understeer, you wish support off and it seems like a bigger have faith than what it basically is ought to you lose momentum. Clearly after we bustle as crew-mates, particularly in this Dawdle Qualifying and the main occasion being day after as of late, the closing element we wish to halt is wreck. For certain, alongside with your crew-mate you bustle a bit in a different way. You can maybe likely merely have faith a clear quantity of appreciate if you don’t wish to ruin things. We had been focusing for day after as of late, noteworthy bigger than we had been focusing for this day. 


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