1 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)

2 – Charles LECLERC (Ferrari)

3 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes)


(Conducted by Jenson Button) 

Q: Charles, so shut, so shut, two laps too lengthy for you for the elevate, nevertheless unexcited a perfect pressure from you as of late.

Charles LECLERC: Yeah, wow. It’s no longer easy to relish 100%. Actually it’s been an impossible speed. I gave no longer 100% nevertheless 200%. I gave all of me, nevertheless it used to be appropriate no longer enough in the final two laps. Congratulations to Lewis, he did an impossible job and it’s ideal to explore so many followers in the grandstand. It used to be fun in the automobile nevertheless I lacked appropriate a piece little bit of chase in direction of the tip.

Q: It’s no longer easy. You can moreover very correctly be upset with second location nevertheless I bet sooner than the speed weekend you didn’t deem that it is advisable to well well presumably be battling for the elevate appropriate till the tip of this speed?

CL: Yeah, we positively did no longer attach a matter to it. We expected after qualifying to be quite aggressive nevertheless no as aggressive as now. We had been battling for the elevate, which used to be impossible. Especially on the medium we were extraordinarily, nevertheless then on the no longer easy we lacked a piece little bit of chase in contrast with the Mercedes. But general, it’s unprecedented stronger than what we are frail to.

Q: It will be wanted to be very happy with the general group, how unprecedented you have stepped forward and it’s challenging for the leisure of the season for you guys now?

CL: The group is working extremely correctly, so I am very happy with the group. Actually it’s gracious to have these variety of races, it cheers up all people. There is loads of work and it exhibits that we are doing something appropriate and that we are working in the declare direction. So we now have gotten to defend going luxuriate in this. It gained’t be a delicate utilizing getting encourage to the end nevertheless we are in a position to give the total lot.

Q: Valtteri, a piece bit hot in the promote it seems luxuriate in?

Valtteri BOTTAS: Yeah, I had no drinks. My drinks system didn’t work.

Q: Oh wow, that’s a grand one. A correct speed although. A in point of fact diversified intention to first and second nevertheless you were in a procedure to plot it work slightly unprecedented and also you were in a procedure to have a in point of fact lengthy second stint?

VB: Yeah, I deem the weak point as of late used to be the begins. On both begins I used to be wheel-spinning slightly loads, a piece luxuriate in Lewis the day old to this and that made it a piece more no longer easy, And clearly, I needed to react to the end of Lando in the starting put so we stopped a piece too early to be aggressive in direction of the tip nevertheless no less than we bought Lando and I helped Lewis to raise.

Q: Pondering the early end, impossible functions, or no longer it’s miles a must wish to be obvious and assured engrossing forward to the subsequent few races?

VB: As a bunch, sure. Stable weekend from that point of explore and yeah, we’ll streak again in two weeks.

Q: Lewis, eight times British Good Prix winner. How does that feel?

Lewis HAMILTON: It’s correctly overwhelming. It used to be this kind of bodily no longer easy speed. What gracious climate. We’ve bought the declare crowd. A home crowd is the declare! Thank you guys so unprecedented. Honestly, there is nowhere we streak where we explore of us luxuriate in this. They ain’t bought what we bought. I’m so grateful to the followers. I need all people to forestall marvelous as forever and to derive home safely nevertheless right here’s a dream for me as of late to realize this in entrance of you all. I couldn’t have finished it with out the teamwork from Valtteri and the ideal effort from the group.

Q: I’m sure it’s no longer the model you well-known the speed to head, your battle with Max. It happens, nevertheless your fight encourage from there used to be impossible. It will be very no longer easy mentally if that it is advisable to well moreover very correctly be battling encourage mentally?

LH: It’s miles tricky. You know I had been giving it my all this past week. I’ve been in the manufacturing facility and appropriate giving it fully the total lot attempting to portray performance with this automobile with the fellows and I’m appropriate so happy with all people for good persevering with to work, despite the indisputable truth that we now have gotten had a piece of deficit. As of late clearly, I forever try and be measured in how I advance… in particular in battling with Max, he’s terribly aggressive after which as of late I used to be fully alongside him and he didn’t allow me enough procedure. But regardless of whether or no longer or no longer I agree with the penalty, I took it on the chin and I appropriate saved working and I used to be luxuriate in, ‘I’m no longer going to let something derive in the model of the crowd’s enjoyment of the weekend and the nationwide anthem and the British flag’.


Q: Lewis, or no longer it’s miles a must wish to have experienced every emotion as of late. First up, list how special it feels to raise at Silverstone for an eighth time? 

LH: They’re all so uncommon and impossible, each expertise on its relish. I will be succesful to’t even compare it to the others. It’s been a in point of fact improbable jog with the British crowd right here, my home crowd, since 2006 in GP2. The speak that I experienced in 2007 for my first pole right here used to be something I could maybe maybe moreover merely no longer ever neglect and clearly my first elevate right here used to be extremely special. But to come encourage right here again and be in this kind of shut battle, there used to be so unprecedented utilizing on this speed. The will to prevail for the crowd… It’s diversified when we streak to those diversified races, you wish to realize it in your group and that, nevertheless right here you perceive so many members and in particular this one because no person has been in a procedure to head away their homes for this kind of very very lengthy time, so the total lot compounded has made this a monumentous (sic) more or less event for us and so critical. It used to be a valid honour with a notion to wave the Union Jack and to head around the circuit. I’m very grateful and extremely humbled.

Q: Whilst you happen to were hunting down Charles at the tip at what point did you verbalize the elevate used to be on?

LH: He did this kind of impossible job as of late. I honestly didn’t know at the starting put that we shall be in a procedure to beat him. I believed I had correct chase in the beginning on the mediums nevertheless then Charles appropriate started opening up the gap and striking in some impossible laps. I could maybe maybe well explore that he wasn’t essentially managing so I used to be luxuriate in ‘Jeez, he’s with out a doubt going to blister at some stage’, nevertheless he stated they don’t blister so… For us, I started struggling with our entrance tyres. I knocked out the left entrance, it used to be entirely empty, so I needed to pit. Obviously with that pit… I hadn’t even notion of at the time I used to be chasing him, I hadn’t notion of the 10-second penalty. If something I essentially notion that 10 seconds would be added on at the tip of the speed. I didn’t realise it could maybe truly maybe well be a end and streak 10-second penalty. That felt luxuriate in eternity sitting there for those 10 seconds. And then coming out, honestly Charles wasn’t on my mind when I came out, it used to be essentially attempting to explore if I could maybe maybe well rob the automobile forward, appropriate one by one, and clearly I bought the McLaren, I used to be chasing down Valtteri and he used to be so kindly as of late to work so correctly as a bunch-mate to allow me to slither, so I could maybe maybe well plod for the elevate for the group. That’s gracious sportsmanship, I essentially attain luxuriate in it. And yeah, then I seen myself catching him nevertheless I used to be thinking ‘by the point I derive to him my tyres would be finished at this chase’. But then I seen the backmarkers and I realised which could maybe maybe moreover merely fabricate some opportunities, so I used to be luxuriate in ‘I’ve bought to rob him as soon as that that it is advisable to well well be moreover verbalize’ so that as soon as I did rob him there would be opportunities to fight. Then my coronary heart with reference to stopped when I went up the inner of you in Flip 9, because I although the same element used to be going to happen that took location to me and Max. I needed to trade my boxers after.

Q: You talked about the incident with Max Verstappen on lap one. It’s one in every of the ideal talking functions of the speed. Are you able to list what took location out of your point of explore please?

LR: I don’t essentially know what correct it does for me to yelp. Obviously bought a correct start and I used to be chasing down Max same to the day old to this. Obviously I used to be alongside him into six nevertheless I needed to concede and I bought a gracious tow down to Flip 9. The day gone by I went down the left-hand side and I essentially regretted no longer going for the gap that used to be down the declare-hand side and so I dummied him, moved to the left after which moved to the declare for that gap. I used to be slightly far up alongside him nevertheless I then could maybe maybe well explore he wasn’t going to encourage-out and we went into the corner after which we collided. Actually, that’s by no intention the model I ever wish to raise a speed or appropriate in still to speed nevertheless these items attain happen. I appropriate hope he’s OK and notion forward to many more races.

Q: Lewis, attain you suspect this can trade the model the 2 of you speed, going forward?

LH: I would wish to deem that we could maybe maybe moreover merely unexcited in general grow and learn from these experiences. There’s by no intention a… there’s rarely ever an incident that’s 100% someone’s fault. It’s forever a combination because there are two of us – or more clearly – so I deem there’s things that we are in a position to both learn. I would allege that Max is presumably one in every of essentially the most aggressive drivers right here – appropriate from my non-public notion – he does a gracious job clearly – nevertheless I deem we now have gotten to essentially try and get the declare balance we are in a position to on goal with procedure and appreciate between one one other so that we are in a position to proceed racing and have correct races with out colliding.

Q: Charles, Lewis has spoken about hunting you down. At what point did you realise the elevate used to be slipping away as of late?

CL: When Lewis passed me! Except then I unexcited believed I could maybe maybe well elevate this speed, and it’s the model it desires to be. If I used to be thinking of being second sooner than that, I deem this can have long past even worse. I believed in it till the final moment. Obviously I had my engineer telling me Lewis’ chase on the no longer easy tyres, and I used to be luxuriate in ‘that’s instant’. I used to be pushing 200% nevertheless clearly it wasn’t’ correct enough to defend that first procedure in the final laps.

Q: How frustrated attain that it is advisable to well moreover very correctly be feeling now?

CL: 50% frustration, 50% happiness. Obviously going into this weekend there used to be fully no hope of battling for a elevate right here in Silverstone. So, this exhibits how gracious a job we are doing as a bunch. It’s no longer an effortless verbalize for the group nevertheless the group is working extraordinarily correctly. We’re working extraordinarily correctly as a bunch and we now have gotten proven that as of late with this second location. Now we now have gotten to defend on working because that’s what we wish to realize consistently: fight for the elevate. So it’s gracious to be battling as of late with Lewis nevertheless we shouldn’t attach a matter to to be in that procedure for the leisure of the one year – and for that we now have gotten to defend working.

Q: Charles, it’s no longer a elevate – nevertheless is that this one in every of your greatest podiums in Contrivance 1?

CL: Yeah. Yeah. I used to be essentially on it every lap. So I don’t deem there is one lap where I did a large mistake – and in particular in essentially the most critical stint with complications we had with the engine, I believed my speed used to be over. I had slightly loads of things to realize on the steering wheel nevertheless yeah, I deem we managed the verbalize very, thoroughly and we managed to diminish these engine cuts for the leisure of the speed.

Q: You had a in point of fact correct explore of the incident between Lewis and Max. Will we appropriate derive your ideas on it please?

CL: It’s very no longer easy to rob it from the automobile; we are very low. So it’s no longer easy to explore. Everything went very instant. Obviously I could maybe maybe well explore there used to be slightly loads of things going around in entrance of me. And yeah, I deem it’s a racing incident. It’s quite no longer easy to attach the blame on one or the diversified. Obviously there used to be procedure on the inner. Presumably Lewis used to be no longer entirely at the apex nevertheless it’s moreover factual that Max used to be quite aggressive on the outside. So, things happen, so what is the ideal as of late is that Max is unharmed and is k.

Q: Valtteri, could maybe maybe moreover merely congratulations on podium number six of the season. No drinks bottle, every person knows that, nevertheless how happy are you with your speed as of late?

VB: Gratified? I don’t know. If I notion at the general image, as a bunch, it used to be clearly a gracious day for us in phrases of functions – and for Lewis as correctly, being in a procedure to raise the speed. For me, what compromised the speed and being in a procedure to fight for the speed elevate used to be the speed start in both times: essentially the most critical speed start after which clearly with the crimson flag. So, having wheelspin in the starting put and shedding a location compromises. Lando stopped quite early and had a unhurried end, so I needed to react to that. That used to be the declare case to derive forward of him, so we took the opportunity. On the same time I knew that it could maybe truly maybe well compromise the tip of the speed. Unexcited gay to derive on the podium and derive some correct functions.

 Q: Supreme one from me. Your ideas on that incident at the entrance between Max and Lewis on Lap One?

VB: Properly, I seen them battling thru lap one, a piece luxuriate in the day old to this. I had a sense something is going to happen – nevertheless they were battling no longer easy. That more or less element, that happens, it’s racing. It could maybe maybe happen. Whilst you happen to fight no longer easy, you, if you don’t stop. I’m appropriate gay that Max is k because it used to be a large shunt. Moreover, I essentially feel luxuriate in Lewis fully deserved the elevate as of late.


Q: (Phil Duncan – PA) Properly finished on the elevate Lewis. Christian Horner has been quite essential of your transfer on Max. He stated it used to be ‘unacceptable’, ‘amateur’ and ‘determined’ and stated it must feel luxuriate in a piece of a hollow victory given that Max is in clinical institution. Shimmering well-known your response to that, please?

LH: I don’t essentially have something to speak to Christian. It doesn’t feel hollow. There are 2,000 those that work extremely no longer easy in my group. It’s no longer appropriate about me, naturally. Actually, I’ve already stated that right here’s no longer the model… something I wish to happen in the speed. I deem it’s critical for all of us to be quite… fetch a step encourage. I’m sure emotions are working excessive there and I do know what it’s wish to lose functions inner a bunch and be in that procedure. So, I don’t feel any intention about it.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Two questions to Charles please. Safe of all, what took location when Lewis came past you. What precipitated you to drag off the video display at Flip 9. It used to be only four races in the past at the French Good Prix that you had massive complications with entrance tyre graining at Ferrari and also you ended up lapped. What’s modified since then? What’s diversified? What’s been so correct with the tyres this weekend? Thank you.

CL: For essentially the most critical question, I knew Lewis used to be in the inner, I left a procedure and unfortunately I deem I had stayed in entrance nevertheless in the very end of the corner I bought a snap and misplaced a piece little bit of time after which Lewis bought in entrance of me. Then yeah, for the tyres, there’s been a large investigation after France to envision up on to heed exactly why we were struggling that unprecedented with those entrance tyres. I don’t deem we derive that acknowledge yet. So sure, we are unprecedented better right here nevertheless I don’t deem it’s because we realized the general acknowledge of what took location in France. So, the investigation is unexcited going on and we are unexcited working no longer easy on it. And despite the indisputable truth that we’ve had a correct day as of late we don’t neglect regarding the contaminated day in France and when we heed the paunchy extent of why we were unhurried in France then I’m slightly sure we are in a position to realize a large step as a bunch and this can aid us to reproduce this variety of performance as we did as of late.

Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Bustle) Lewis, what used to be going thru your head as you were catching Charles on the drag to Copse, clearly returning to the scene where you’d had the transfer streak evil on the outlet lap? How did you convince your self to head for it and place you suspect the indisputable truth that you pulled that transfer off showed that the transfer used to be moreover on all around the outlet lap in opposition to Max?

LH: Properly, in the beginning I deem as Charles used to be asserting, he used to be very respectful in phrases of leaving a gap. I bought reasonably… somewhere alongside him so he knew that I used to be there nevertheless he stayed committed and appropriate did a rare wider line and he with reference to saved it and that used to be essentially gracious racing. I deem for me in that moment, I backed out at one point appropriate to make sure that that we didn’t come together nevertheless I deem it used to be appropriate a in point of fact wonderful balance and I deem that’s essentially how the racing could maybe maybe moreover merely unexcited streak and shut. In a salubrious world, that’s what would have took location in essentially the most critical strive nevertheless diversified time, diversified location, diversified driver.

Q: (Christian Menath – motorsportmagazin.com) Lewis, attain you suspect there’s a piece of a encourage story in the encourage of this accident with Max? You’re in a title fight and Max has been quite aggressive at some functions this season. You had this fight the day old to this, so is there something more in the encourage of it or is it appropriate a still battle?

LH: I deem it’s a still battle. I deem I’ve in general… when I used to be youthful, clearly, I used to be doubtlessly as aggressive – presumably essentially no longer as aggressive as Max is, nevertheless I used to be slightly aggressive as a teenager – and I deem now, I’m loads older now and I heed it’s a marathon no longer a drag and so I deem I’ve an even bigger explore in how I advance my racing. But we’re in a battle and I deem this one year he has been very aggressive and a total lot of of the times I’ve needed to concede and appropriate serve away from incident with him and are residing to fight on in a while in the speed. As you seen the day old to this, as soon as he’s out in the sure, they’re too instant so when an opportunity comes, I’ve bought to envision up on and fetch it, that’s what we’re in the market doing, and racing, and this one moment, I bought a gracious exit out of Flip 7 and I used to be essentially gay with the dummy that I used to be in a procedure to head to the left after which streak to the inner and derive up that gap. Fortunately he wasn’t in a procedure to shut it. But unfortunately the aggression stayed from his side and we collided. It’s downhearted nevertheless as Charles stated it’s a racing incident, these items happen.

Q: (Sándor Mészáros – AutoSport ES Contrivance) Lewis, the subsequent speed is in Hungary where you’ve gained eight times in the past and also that you can have a in point of fact correct likelihood to catch your 100th victory. It’s a video display with a fully characteristic so after what took location right here, what attain you put a matter to in Hungary?

LH: Thank you. I deem it’s… this speed right here for us has been a step forward for us. I deem that video display is on the total very correct for the Red Bulls can… I don’t know, presumably they have more downforce. But this one year they positively misplaced less downforce from what we heed with the fresh regs and the bottom, so I wait for they’ll be very, very actual there and no longer easy to beat. It’s no longer a video display that that it is advisable to well well be moreover essentially overtake until you have offset strategy nevertheless I hope that we… I hope it stays as shut because it has been this weekend. I deem this weekend used to be a piece bit more akin to essentially the most critical four races and so fingers crossed that continues.

Q: (Christian Nimmervoll – motorsport.com) Lewis, I possess a piece sorry that every the detrimental questions fetch away some of the pleasure nevertheless I bet that’s share of the sport. The stewards made up our minds, Lewis, that that it is advisable to well well be moreover very correctly be predominantly to blame for the accident and also you’ve heard sooner than how of us at Red Bull are feeling. Attain that it is advisable to well moreover very correctly be feeling the necessity to apologise to Max, because doubtlessly no person can heed better than that it is advisable to well moreover in what verbalize and what variety of verbalize of emotion he must be in appropriate now?

LH: Gaze, at the tip of the day I’ve no longer essentially seen the photos. I seen a transient clip of it when I went encourage to the storage nevertheless I naturally will streak encourage and have time to possess on it. I don’t deem, from my fresh working out, that I’m ready to hope to apologise for something. We’re in the market racing. I heard that Max is in clinical institution and that positively concerns me. None of us ever desire any of us to ever derive injured, that’s by no intention my procedure, so I essentially hope that he’s OK. I’ll give him… I’ll hit him up after this appropriate to envision that he’s OK and we live to fight one other day. There’ll be loads of tricky races developing and we now have gotten to learn to strike a tight balance. I don’t agree with stewards nevertheless I fetch my penalty on the chin and derive on with my job. I’m no longer going to yelp about it. Everyone’s going to have a obvious notion. I don’t essentially in particular care what of us deem so I appropriate attain what I attain and I’m essentially grateful for as of late.

Q: (Ben Hunt – The Solar) Lewis, elevate number eight right here, in entrance of the followers. It’s clearly attach you encourage in the title speed. I appropriate well-known to, appropriate to demonstrate that essentially.

LH: Yeah, thanks. Honestly it’s been this kind of no longer easy one year. One I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. I’ve loved this battle nevertheless an emotional rollercoaster because it forever is inner a championship. I used to be essentially enjoyed those first four races where it used to be shut because it used to be this weekend. Then we seen them fetch that step forward and I would allege we’ve positively made some mistakes as a bunch nevertheless appropriate moreover misplaced a piece of performance, to be succesful to explore an upgrade come encourage and us derive encourage in the fight and be reasonably shut and to even be in a procedure to qualify forward used to be essentially, essentially ideal and it appropriate felt I used to be inspired by what the group brought. Did I deem that we shall be encourage in the title fight? Jeez, I don’t know. I prayed and hoped for it nevertheless I believed that it could maybe truly maybe well be a lengthy slog to envision up on and catch any of the functions nevertheless we’re now closer; he’s unexcited bought loads of functions forward nevertheless the speed is on.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Charles, appropriate about how the automobile used to be feeling in that second stint. Obviously you stated that the engine field did streak away nevertheless used to be there any variety of lingering complications with that and moreover appropriate your chase on the more sturdy tyre; used to be it appropriate no longer as correct because the mediums or used to be it appropriate the case that Lewis used to be in free air with a notion to rob you that intention?

CL: Yeah, on the medium we were surprisingly correct. The auto felt impossible there and we were very very instant. Then on the no longer easy, it’s no longer luxuriate in something felt in particular old. It felt quite correct nevertheless at any time when I started to hit the web page traffic, I could maybe maybe well feel we were on a piece more fragile tyre and we looked to suffer a piece more, by being those guys, despite the indisputable truth that it used to be so quite far, I could maybe maybe well feel the rear of the automobile used to be no longer as actual as I well-known it to be and this made us lose a piece bit the chase that we had sooner than, nevertheless general, even when the total lot felt correct, Lewis used to be appropriate unprecedented sooner than us on those no longer easy tyres.


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