“All the issues is ok, it became a extremely complex rally, but we’re very, extra than pleased. The final loop became prolonged and we wished to be concentrated because even with the considerations for Crugnola and Lukyanuk we would also ideal quiet down medium because the relaxation can happen on this rally with many kilometres. Thank you to my team, my co-driver and all people who helped us.”


“It’s very, very proper, two rallies, two victories. It’s a extremely proper job by the final team because our other automobile would perhaps be on the rostrum, it’s correct. In actuality, we had no considerations, the automobile became correct, no puncture, no mistakes within the final rally. That is extremely complex because it’s a troublesome rally and it became easy to procedure mistakes with lots of kilometres. It became an out of this world job by the final team, by my co-driver. I also made my handiest within the course of the rally. I improved loads and I am happy with me.”


“Here is pleasant, it’s a terribly, essentially proper job by the team, by Axel my co-driver but it indubitably’s very loopy what has came about and I am very sorry for Alejandro Cachón who did no longer purchase ERC3 Junior by 0.1s, a small bit bit pushing extra and he might perhaps perhaps also delight in received. I am extra than pleased for the team, The Racing Factory, and the aspects for the championship is extremely proper and in Barum we hope it might perhaps probably well be better. The fight became amazing this present day.”

KEN TORN (FIA ERC Junior winner)

“The morning became slightly tremendous, the automobile became working essentially effectively and indubitably we would also perhaps feel free. The team did an out of this world job to repair the powersteering [problem] from the day gone by. We aloof delight in to look on the hairpins with the four-wheel pressure because it’s a particular driving vogue and when it’s soiled Tarmac the rear wheels assist and the automobile is extra valid. Fortuitously I did one rally with Timo sooner than and he did proper work right here. Overall, we’re pleased, it became an out of this world rally and we did our perambulate. These are proper aspects for the championship and it’s a proper purchase. I became no longer pushing too indispensable on the relaxation afternoon and I chanced on the time to be better so I improved a diagram of driving.”


“It’s one among the smallest gaps in rally and evidently I am so, so pleased. We gave all the pieces within the relaxation stage and it pays. It became no longer paunchy threat but almost 100 per cent in every single place. I think it became the good stage because we had been flat out in every single place and it became tremendous. I am pleased for Toksport WRT and Renault Sport. We did a proper job within the course of the weekend. We didn’t delight in a easy weekend and we by no way gave up so this consequence way loads. It’s so crucial for the championship and now we delight in to center of attention on the Barum Rally.”

DARIUSZ POLOŃSKI (Abarth Rally Cup winner)

“A hit three rallies in a row is a proper fulfillment and I am essentially pleased to be right here. It became a correct rally with pretty phases and the automobile became working effectively, it’s his dwelling so for perambulate it became working effectively. As of late became indispensable extra complex than the day gone by. It’s a prolonged day with bumpy phases but we’re extra than happy with what performed. Every stage had extra and extra gravel so we wanted to be cautious, but it indubitably became an topic for all people, it’s traditional. We also scored proper aspects in ERC2 and I am ready for the following rally.”

ANDREA MABELLINI (Clio Trophy by Toksport WRT winner)

“It became a terribly proper fight and with my chums Soria and Rossi, we had advantageous bolt and I am pleased. It’s what we’re right here for. It became a troublesome bolt, namely for the brakes, which we lost in most cases, but all the pieces became ok and I am essentially pleased to purchase my dwelling bolt. We now delight in done the ideal we would also and I would handle o thank all my companions, sponsors and the final team.”

EFRÉN LLARENA (ERC-MICHELIN Talent Factory main finisher)

“We tried to construct our handiest evidently to be on the rostrum. It became our first rally in this automobile on Tarmac, we did ideal 50 kilometres sooner than. Honestly, we’re essentially happy with our efficiency and we lost the rostrum ideal by three-tenths and in entrance of us are two native drivers and after it’s Herczig, me and lots of drivers who compete in WRC handle Craig Breen and Andreas Mikkelsen and a total bunch other pleasant drivers. We’re also the first MICHELIN driver on the rally and they also’ve a extremely proper tyre.”

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