1 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)

2 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes) 

3 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Crimson Bull Racing)


(Performed by Johnny Herbert) 

Q: Max, what changed into as soon as that lap handle. You didn’t pretty hang the rate you vital to acquire that pole command. Four tenths, did you question of it to be that mighty?

Max VERSTAPPEN: It’s consistently advanced to allege, the gap. But clearly your entire weekend thus a ways we now had been a little dull and it confirmed again in qualifying. So now not what we wished nonetheless on the opposite hand we are peaceable there in P3 and we’re going to give you the option to leer what we’re going to give you the option to fabricate. But yeah, thus a ways now not what I desire.

Q: Overjoyed with the approach, going for those softer tyres for the initiating of the lag and Mercedes being on the medium? How fabricate you’re feeling about that need?

MV: Yeah, it’s useless to claim going to be loads of. The grip changed into as soon as comparatively a lot elevated on these tyres so useless to claim we’re going to give you the option to gain out day after today. It’s going to be certainly sizzling. So naturally useless to claim a softer tyre is now not going to final so long as a medium nonetheless nonetheless it will give us a factual more than just a few off the motorway.

Q: And is that certainly the principle motive dull selecting the soft?

MV: No, it changed into as soon as merely since the others were furthermore on the soft and so they were improving their lap time and my lap time on the medium would hang certainly been on the threshold for the head 10 so that’s why we decided to enact the lap.

Q: Valtteri, second on the grid, obtained to enjoy with that lap? 

Valtteri BOTTAS:  Yeah, I imply it changed into as soon as OK. I certainly hang to allege barely bit in Q2 I misplaced the rhythm a little bit after we worn the medium tyres and it wasn’t easy to acquire abet to the rhythm with the soft tyres. The grip inequity changed into as soon as comparatively gargantuan. And Lewis had a certainly factual lap on the first lag, now not like me. It’s factual to be two Mercedes on the front.

Q: And this has been a factual efficiency all weekend from you. You’ve obtained those medium tyres, you’ve obtained that front row, what are you anticipating from day after today?

VB:  Tomorrow may maybe be thrilling. The Crimson Bulls are on the soft tyres and we are on the mediums and it’s all to play for and it’s going to be a factual fight. I’m anticipating it. Initially, it’s mountainous to leer so many folks right here supporting, so thanks.

Q: Lewis, from the out of doorways that looked handle a wild lap. Lewis, splendid lap, from the out of doorways it looked fully splendid, what changed into as soon because it handle within the vehicle?

Lewis HAMILTON: Yeah, it changed into as soon as an improbable qualifying that final one. It’s been improbable teamwork from all americans this weekend, Valtteri included, merely making an strive to push the vehicle forwards, growing consistently. The fellows on the factory hang now not left any stone unturned. It’s been improbable to leer all americans approach together and rallying up and pushing ahead. And I admire the mountainous toughen I certainly hang right here. Truthfully, I’ve by no potential certainly felt so mountainous with the booing; if something it merely fuels me. So I don’t certainly suggestions it. It’s alright.

Q: What in regards to the lag? You’ve obtained the pole command and likewise you’ve obtained those medium tyres as effectively. That does seem like a factual ingredient for the lag day after today. Are you anticipating that Crimson Bull to recount you down to Flip 1?

LH: Smartly, I mediate the soft tyres is rate something handle 5 metres down into Flip 1. It’s a long technique down to Flip 1. It’s surprising to leer the guys dull us… I mediate all americans within the head 10 is on the soft with the exception of for us. We are able to leer. It’s positively mountainous having a lock-out for our group, it’s the first time in a long time, so a gargantuan, gargantuan thanks to all americans abet on the factory. I’m hoping the weather is factual for everybody day after today. Revel within the sun and bear exact.


Q: Lewis, many congratulations, your eighth pole in Hungary. How please were you along with your first lag in Q3?

LH: Thanks. Yeah, the first lag… The lap certainly felt handsome. It changed into as soon as a real manufacture up. Loads of qualifying courses you customarily obtain your handiest lap in Q1 or Q2 or something handle that. It by no potential goes consistently to devise whereas this day I obtained the handiest lap Q3, lag one. So I changed into as soon as certainly, certainly pleased with it. I had the song YMCA merely on my suggestions your entire session. I’m now not certainly advantageous why, I haven’t certainly been taking be conscious of it nonetheless that changed into as soon as what changed into as soon as the motivator this day so I issue it bodes effectively for the weekend.

VB: Are you going to recount it?

LH: It’s a mountainous song!

Q: That changed into as soon as a splendid lap. Taking a watch at your second lag in Q3, that changed into as soon as a certainly slack out lap. Did that compromise your preparations in any technique because we did leer you lock a tyre merely into Flip 14? 

LH: So, prep laps, advanced and we were dull loads of… I mediate we were the final three or four vehicles and yeah, it positively wasn’t supreme and I’d recount lawful in direction of the cease doubtlessly misplaced too mighty temperature on the tyres within the front, so the initiating of the lap wasn’t mountainous and it didn’t certainly appear to enhance later on via the lap. But I’m certainly grateful that the group worked so robust to acquire the vehicle where it is this day. Valtteri did an vital job this day, certainly boosting the group into the front row, which is genuinely… I don’t discover into narrative the final time we had a front row together. So expansive advantageous and it’s all down to the improbable work abet on the factory and the boys and ladies listed below are doing a improbable job and with the entire lot occurring spherical us, within the out of doorways world and the entire lot, folks are merely staying focused and staying centred and I’m certainly proud of all americans.

Q: Did you question of to be so mighty faster than Crimson Bull right here?

LH: Positively, positively now not. Here’s a notice that they’ve been very exact at for a long time. And given the improvements they made earlier on this year, we conception that we clearly closed the gap barely bit within the final lag nonetheless we conception they would peaceable hang barely bit of an edge. We seen this day that they changed from their gargantuan soar to their smaller soar this day, whether or now not that’s hampered them, I don’t know  nonetheless yeah, it changed into as soon as positively a real shock to leer us hang that form of tempo on them. Clearly we’re pleased with that.

Q: And Lewis, you’re going to your ton. Must you take day after today, it’ll be take vital hundred. What would that imply?

LH: I don’t know – and I don’t handle certainly to mediate about it. There’s loads of… this is now not even half of the job, or whatever. Tomorrow’s a long lag, we don’t know what weather’s spherical us. It’s this type of troublesome circuit and these… your entire top four is now not going to be easy to beat, and so we’ve obtained a future down to Flip 1, so it’s going to be robust day after today, seriously if the temperatures are handle this, so it will maybe per chance be an thrilling lag.

Q: Valtteri, your fourth consecutive front row right here in Hungary. You’re consistently fastest. How cushty were you along with your fastest lap?

VB: To be ethical, now not 100 per cent cushty. I’m cushty that, as a gaggle, we may maybe obtain the front row. Love Lewis mentioned, we certainly haven’t had that form for a whereas, so that presentations that the labor is paying off – and Lewis did an improbable lap in Q3, lag 1 that I merely couldn’t pretty match, and for me the recount changed into as soon as I misplaced a little the rhythm in Q2 with the Medium tyre, so I didn’t feel that joyful with the rear cease of the vehicle. So then it changed into as soon as now not easy to hump abet on the Comfortable and certainly assault it fully. So, it changed into as soon as now not so fascinating. Positively now not my handiest laps of the weekend nonetheless peaceable, , factual ample to acquire to the front row, so that’s factual. But furthermore, I desire so that you may maybe add. I don’t most ceaselessly recount about these form of issues and what I mediate nonetheless I heard loads of booing on the cease of the qualifying and I form now not realize it. I’d handle the oldsters to seek recordsdata from themselves, that behaviour. I don’t mediate it’s excellent. We are right here as athletes to give each bit we now hang for the game we handle. Love Lewis did an improbable lap on the cease and then you obtain booing. So I mediate folks… merely seek recordsdata out of your self. It’s now not lawful, it’s now not excellent and we don’t desire to leer these more or much less issues.

Q: Thanks Valtteri. Honest a final seek recordsdata from in regards to the efficiency of the vehicle. Love Lewis, you didn’t toughen on your second lag in Q3. The put aside did the tempo hump for you?

VB: I don’t know. It changed into as soon as a little queer. I misplaced a little in Sector 1, Sector 2. It merely didn’t feel handle the identical grip level in direction of the cease. It’s the identical for everybody and it’s now not the first time we’ve considered this season that Q3 lag 1 has been better.

Q: And effectively carried out to you too Max. First up, can you focus on us via Q3? Had been you anticipating more tempo from the vehicle?

MV: Smartly, customarily, I went a little backwards compared with my Q2 lap useless to claim. Honest didn’t hang the identical grip over the lap. I don’t know if it changed into as soon as notice connected or tyre connected nonetheless yeah, merely didn’t hang the identical balance within the vehicle to push so then yeah, naturally spherical right here the corners put together up certainly mercurial, so whereas you don’t feel factual in one nook, the following received’t be mountainous. Honest misplaced a little of lap time nonetheless on the opposite hand, I don’t mediate even with that we may maybe need had pole. Now now not the biggest weekend thus a ways. I mediate in traditional merely consistently been a little dull and yeah, we merely must analyse why that’s. I mediate Silverstone changed into as soon as pretty exact. Clearly I do know they brought contemporary bits again to the vehicle so yeah, we merely must useless to claim work on ourselves and then strive and toughen the sphere as a consequence of course we’re going to give you the option to now not enjoy with this.

Q: Used to be your final lag in Q3 compromised by the slack out-lap of the two Mercedes in front of you?

MV: I don’t know. Clearly the tyres were a little frosty – nonetheless I wouldn’t hang received four-tenths if the tyres would had been a little warmer.

Q: And fabricate you’re feeling your tempo is closer to Mercedes in lag conditions?

MV: I certainly hang no clue. I didn’t hang a representative future – so we’ll gain out day after today.

Q: And Max, can we merely obtain your suggestions please on the booing in direction of Lewis merely as he changed into as soon as getting out of the vehicle there on the cease of qualifying?

MV: I changed into as soon as within the garage, I didn’t discover rate to what changed into as soon as going down out of doorways.

Q: I’ve obtained a seek recordsdata from to both you and Lewis now. There’s been loads of focus on about what came about on the outlet lap at Silverstone. Must you two cease up wheel-to-wheel after the initiating day after today…

MV: Accomplish we merely already cease about this because it’s… we’ve had so many fing questions about this. It’s merely ridiculous, genuinely. Truthfully, your entire Thursday we’ve been answering this dreary st the overall time. So can we merely cease about it please? We are racers. We are able to lag. And naturally we are going to lag robust nonetheless excellent. We’ll merely be pushing each and each other.

Lewis, something from you?

LH: [silence]


Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC Sport) Max, may maybe you just lag via the course of of the technique you ended up setting a time on the soft tyre on the cease of Q2 because clearly you hang long past out on the medium again whereas you wished to determine to the medium? I do know that it’s celebrated to hump for a soft tyre express lap and then abet out of it and I do know why you didn’t fabricate that this time. I’m merely more attracted to why you didn’t hump for a second lag on the medium.

MV: We talked about it and so they instructed me that they wished to hump on the soft in its put aside and then bear the medium contemporary so we ran that and then yeah, pretty a little of folks certainly improved their lap time. On the cease of the day it will maybe per chance had been exact to battle via nonetheless handiest with two or three hundredths I don’t mediate you must threat it that mighty so that’s why they instructed me to enact the lap. It is what it is. We’ll gain out day after today how the tyres are going to behave.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Lewis, merely in regards to the final heat-up lap tactics; I do know you’ve spoken about it earlier nonetheless it looked handle you were going barely bit slowly down the pit lane and then on the pit exit as effectively so I wondered whereas you’d merely focus on us via what changed into as soon as going down there?

LH: Yeah, I imply, as I mentioned we were one of many final of the vehicles out. I do know that old to those guys, old to Valtteri and whoever changed into as soon as old to him, would all bunch up in direction of the cease of the lap so I attempted to create as gargantuan a niche as imaginable and then even peaceable with that, on the cease of the lap we peaceable had to all abet off and depend on all americans to acquire going, so merely making an strive to create advantageous I had the handiest gap old to me nonetheless in a roundabout blueprint I mediate none of us doubtlessly had the handiest tyre prep for that lap because all americans changed into as soon as going slack.

Q: (Phil Duncan – PA) Lewis, clearly merely going abet to the booing that you obtained from the fans. It changed into as soon as clearly pretty a exact reception, so I merely certainly wished to acquire your suggestions on that. There are furthermore about a banners available. One says: ‘Sir Cheat. Karma is on its technique’, so there’s clearly a little of a opposed perspective in direction of you towards (sic) one of the most fans. And Max, I do know you were asked in regards to the booing there, nonetheless whereas you received the tear lag at Silverstone, I don’t mediate you received this type of wretched reception from the British crowd, so I merely wished to acquire your response to your fans booing Lewis?

LH: I don’t certainly hang something to allege to it. Folk hang a lawful to… it’s a sport, lawful, and folks act wild when it’s sport. It’s opponents and discover it to heart. I merely… I will hang to be doing something lawful to be up front. Yeah. It’s comparatively factual for me otherwise.

MV: Yeah, effectively, what fabricate you wish me to allege? It’s now not real useless to claim nonetheless on the cease of the day I mediate we are drivers. We shouldn’t obtain jumpy by these more or much less issues, . You will hang to anyway merely focal level on what or now not it is important to fabricate and that’s raise within the vehicle. Fortunately we wear helmets certainly whereas you’re riding, useless to claim, when it matters you don’t hear something. That’s presumably a little loads of to other sports activities, doubtlessly we are pretty fortunate with that nonetheless on the cease, handle I mentioned, useless to claim it’s now not effective nonetheless it shouldn’t impact any of us. I mediate we are all very qualified and know what we had to fabricate now heading within the true direction anyway.

Q: (Christian Nimmervoll – motorsport.com) Lewis, nonetheless if any of the opposite drivers desire to acknowledge I’m pleased to acquire that as effectively. About those tactics old to the final lap in Q3, we’ve had that just a few times already this year and Christian Horner mentioned within the tv interview that it changed into as soon as a little of gamesmanship nonetheless customarily it changed into as soon as your lawful to fabricate it Lewis because you had notice command. And Roman Grosjean tweeted without lengthen that it changed into as soon as now not comparatively if it changed into as soon as carried out on cause so I issue the seek recordsdata from is changed into as soon because it carried out on cause or is it legitimate tactics to fabricate it if it changed into as soon as?

LH: I imply it’s so silly, man. I imply all americans changed into as soon as going slack. Did you now not gawk all americans else? I don’t understand. Accomplish you mediate I may maybe need long past faster and then been merely shut to Valtteri? Everyone changed into as soon as doing a slack out lap so it changed into as soon as no loads of to any other lap. Clearly at any time after we’re going out we’re making an strive to put together the tyres and bear them cooler because they obtain so sizzling right via the lap so I’m now not taking half in any tactics, I don’t must play any tactics man. I do know what I’m doing within the vehicle and I’m mercurial ample, I don’t need so that you may maybe add tactics so… Those that’re making the feedback clearly don’t know something in regards to the job that we’re doing right here, which may maybe be why they’re now not riding right here.

Q: (Edd Straw – The Speed) Max, given the real fact that the tempo of the vehicle hasn’t been as you’d hoped, is it certainly a splendid so that you can be on that alternate approach even supposing doubtlessly in an most tantalizing world the medium initiating is the most celebrated tyre, on the very least unless you fabricate something barely bit loads of to presumably create something happen?

MV: Yeah. I anyway didn’t hang a representative future so useless to claim I comprehend it’s going to be expansive-heat day after today so naturally a soft tyre received’t final so long as medium tyre nonetheless yeah, presumably it presents barely bit of a bonus within the initiating. Who knows? And I had to enact my lap otherwise it will maybe per chance had been expansive shut so we’ll gain out useless to claim day after today, after the lag if it changed into as soon as lawful or infamous and on the opposite hand we’ll be taught from that and we’ll discover that into narrative for future races nonetheless for the time being I will’t certainly recount if it changed into as soon as factual or unpleasant.


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