The #101 Audi quattro A2 of Ville Silvasti and Risto Pietilainen won the 2021 Lahti Ancient Rally, the Finns ending the day by 53.8 seconds sooner than the the #104 Audi of Kari Kivenne and Hannu Kemppinen.

After sunshine and warm temperatures on Day 1, the climate determined to add one other dimension to the match with heavy rain for the interval of the morning phases.  By the afternoon the dry climate returned nonetheless the rain had made the stage stipulations slippery and difficult.

The #109 Ford Escort RS1800 of Ernie and Karen Graham done the Lahti Ancient Rally in 8th general and at the pinnacle of Class 2.  With the death of the #118 Ford Escort 1300 GT of Mika Karpiola and Mika Karpiola, Will Graham and Michael Johnston done second in the #111 Ford Escort RS1600, factual over 3 minutes in the lend a hand of the #109 Escort.

The #117 Volvo 244 of Siegfried and Renate Meyr suffered a misfire on the morning phases and the crew worked laborious for the interval of service to restore the automotive.  The conducting returned in the afternoon, nonetheless the Germans done the match on three cylinders in 10thgeneral and because the cease FIA EHRC Class 3 finisher.  The Class modified into once won by #106 Volvo 242 of Jarno Gronholm and Joose Kojo, the Finns finishing third general.

The #130 Alfa Romeo Guilietta t.i. of Teuvo Hamalainen and Pirjo Rosberg done the second day because the Class 1 winners of the Lahti Ancient Rally .  The Finns done in 17th general, 2m27.5s sooner than the #121 BMW 2002Ti or Sverre Norrgard and Anni Villikka.

The following rally on the 2021 FIA European Ancient Rally Championship agenda is the Rally de Asturias Historico in Spain on the 2-4 September.

CLICK HERE for the implications from Day 2 of the Lahti Ancient Rally, Spherical 5 of the 2021 FIA European Ancient Rally Championship.  

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