1 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Crimson Bull Racing)

2 – George RUSSELL (Williams)

3 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)


(Conducted by Tag Webber) 

Q: George Russell, oh my God mate. First front-row launch in System 1 (sic)? What a efficiency.

George RUSSELL: I don’t know what to express to be true. I belief we would be doing a correct job to safe out of Q1 given how we purchased on yesterday and now we’re right here standing right here on the front. I agree with we did job this day. I was on the attack regularly on the gorgeous time. The auto used to be feeling astronomical. I had so worthy self belief so on to the following day now.

Q: The launch in Q1, an inspired call on intermediates. You regarded astronomical in that session and then creep us though that last lap then since the extent of grip you realized below the conditions, below force, with the crimson flags and the whole thing. Unheard of efficiency.

GR: Yeah, I agree with I was in the fortunate living that I had nothing to lose. We had been in Q3, which is not very any longer the norm for us, and we correct needed to transfer for it. We saved a elephantine most engine mode for the last lap and we correct belief ‘you know what, let’s roam for it’. Buzzing, fully buzzing. But clearly the following day is the important one and we agree with to exit there and uncover some functions.

Q: Neatly, you know, P2 is correct right here so we are in a position to agree with a little bit of a nibble for the lead can’t we, up into Les Combes?

GR: That’s the opinion, that’s the opinion! If it’s there for the taking we’re going to be in a position to transfer for it. Mega.

Q: Neatly performed mate, sleep successfully tonight and correct success for the following day. Max, congratulations, pole living. Lovely worthy a dwelling immense prix for you right here in Belgium. It’s been well-known prerequisites all weekend on the opposite hand it will likely be very fine to safe pole living and make of creep the scuttle off the front row the following day?

Max VERSTAPPEN:  Yeah, it’s been a terribly tricky qualifying. It’s no longer easy to build the auto no longer astray, switching the tyres on as successfully, on the gorgeous time. Furthermore the long spoil between Q2 and Q3, it’s no longer easy then to resolve in and be taught the video display prerequisites but again but on the conclude we had been first and that’s an awfully well-known thing. It’s video display to drive but very well-known in the moist. 

Q: Scamper us via the diversified tyres because clearly on the extremes no longer many folks purchased worthy mileage on that and we had a  substantial shut with Lando on the conclude of the hill at Eau Rouge. Is it well-known switching between the two moist tyres at this venue?

MV:  Yeah, as you would possibly presumably detect in Q1 various folks, alongside with myself, went out on the extremes on the opposite hand it used to be correct very dreary. It used to be in fact lots seconds off the saunter and naturally you swap to the intermediate but finally that tyre can no longer cope with lots of standing water so there also it becomes reasonably tricky, so magnificent weather. Total elephantine cosy to agree with a qualifying love this after the spoil, to agree with a pole living but again. A correct day.

Q: Lewis, that regarded love captivating well-known prerequisites for you. It regarded love the auto used to be no longer that straightforward to drive in intermediate prerequisites in the center of your complete of qualifying. Are you captivating relieved that to salvage to qualify that a long way up on the conclude or did you desire more, finally you would favor to be on the front row?

Lewis HAMILTON: Yeah, it’s been a in fact advanced day for all people. I correct tried to build certain, focused and unruffled. Neatly performed to Max, he did a astronomical job gorgeous on the conclude. My first lap used to be in fact correct, the 2d one I struggled a little bit. Furthermore, a astronomical job by George, that used to be correct not likely.

Q: Extra special lap by him. For the following day’s scuttle in relation to mixed prerequisites. The intermediates are going off reasonably swiftly, is it going to be reasonably no longer easy on the approach, no longer correct on the video display drying off and going moist but again, but are the intermediates correct in these transitions?

LH: Yeah, if it’s love this the following day that is also tricky. There would possibly be this steadiness of straight line scuttle versus that mid-allotment downforce. I agree with we tried to strike the finest steadiness imaginable, per chance it’s no longer the finest for this day but we’re going to be in a position to detect the following day exactly how correct it is. In some other case I’m in fact grateful to the team for keeping their frigid in this session and the following day is one other day and with a little bit of luck we agree with better weather, with a little bit of luck for the followers because they are potentially soaking moist available this day.

Q: You’ve with regards to purchased one other wingman up there with George one other Mercedes-powered automobile. Having him up the front there in relation to approach per chance striking a little bit of force on Max with the pair of you?

LH: Yeah, I don’t in fact know what took living with Valtteri, a bit depressed because I agree with they agree with two Crimson Bulls no longer too a long way away, in enlighten that’s going to attract a little bit more difficult in relation to approach as I agree with Valtteri has a penalty also. But on the opposite hand we’re going to be in a position to terminate the whole thing we are in a position to and the following day is one other day. I’m hoping that it is no longer crazy rain love this but interchangeable is also fun.


Q: Max, mountainous congratulations that used to be the ninth pole of your profession, correct how well-known used to be it available?

MV: I agree with all qualifying it used to be captivating tricky because prerequisites-realizing with the video display but additionally to safe the tyres in the gorgeous window. It used to be in fact advanced to acquire a gap, to no longer agree with complications with the visibility. Total it used to be important to build no longer astray and terminate your laps on the gorgeous time. It used to be correct constructing up love that via Q1 and Q2 and then we had reasonably a protracted spoil resulting from the rupture and then to transfer straight into Q3 with prerequisites love that it used to be very tricky, since the video display looks very moist and also you would favor to exit on an low but these tyres had been extremely dreary so then you exit on an inter, which is not very any longer in fact made for lots of water no longer astray. Yeah, it used to be advanced. But this video display is amazing to drive in the dry  and in the occasion then you positively agree with a moist qualifying, it’s captivating…. I wouldn’t bid upsetting on the opposite hand it’s in fact bright and reasonably low in Q3 in the occasion you know that you just agree with to push and strive to transfer to the restrict in the moist right here.

Q: How confident had been you coming into the session?

MV: Complex to expose. We didn’t in fact creep lots in FP3. You don’t know what the prerequisites are going to be because clearly you would possibly presumably it used to be raining and then it used to be drying. You wish a little little bit of success as successfully to be on the gorgeous time no longer astray. Yeah advanced to expose going into this session

Q: The forecast for the following day looks unpredictable at most productive. Just expose us regarding the efficiency of your automobile in all prerequisites. Are you confident, moist or dry?

MV: Yeah, I’m reasonably confident. We had a correct Friday straightaway out of the box. The auto felt reasonably decent. There had been no substantial dramas. There are regularly issues to graceful-tune on the opposite hand it felt reasonably correct, and this day in the moist, it’s by no way easy, it’s regularly transferring spherical – but yeah, it’s alright. You correct agree with to attract obvious that that the following day we agree with a neat first lap and then we’ll detect. Again, altering prerequisites and lots of issues can happen.

Q: George, coming to you. What a efficiency. You had been on pole living for a little whereas as successfully. Strive to build into words what you’ve correct performed?

GR: No longer too obvious, to be true. I mean, team effort. I agree with the auto used to be in fact on it in these moist prerequisites and there’s so worthy that has to transfer gorgeous, the full little facts, to give the motive force the boldness, because we aren’t doing many laps, the prerequisites are so tricky, consistently altering, you’ve purchased to be… you’ve purchased to agree with that self belief with a aim to extract the most, and clearly we had the intense tyres on on the launch, which agree with been the flawed tyres, and I finest had one lap on the conclude. I agree with being in Q3 gave me the fortunate… I was in the fortunate living that I could presumably presumably build all of it on the desk, and correct fully roam for it. So… yeah… I was positively no longer looking ahead to to be on the front row this weekend, that’s for obvious.

Q: What had been you looking ahead to? Because you had been ninth in the last be aware session earlier this day.

GR: I belief if it used to be moist, Q3 used to be positively a possibility. I had correct self belief in the moist spherical this circuit: it’s a living I abilities in these prerequisites. All over the junior ranks you safe to drive this living lots and more instances than no longer it is moist – but going in a Q3 used to be an fulfillment in itself, and we had no more new Inter tyres, so we in actuality had been on a frail position of Inters for Q3. So, I was expected P9,8,7 in fact. When my engineer got right here on the radio telling me the full drivers who had been slotting in in the again of me, I belief: “crikey, this on the total is a correct one!’ and then Max clearly correct pipped me, so that you just know, we’re in a astronomical living but no functions for qualifying, so eyes on the following day.

Q: About the following day. What are your targets. What are you hoping for?

GR: We’ve clearly purchased to be real looking, we’ve purchased incredibly like a flash cars in the again of us but when the prerequisites build the comparable, we’ve purchased a automobile that’s potentially like a flash ample on advantage in the conclude ten but when we’re starting from the front row, there’s no aim we are in a position to’t strive to gain that living for the massive majority of the scuttle. But, you know, I don’t recount I’m going to terminate anything else dreary with the cars spherical me that are clearly going to be quicker than us – but there’s no aim we are in a position to’t enact, if prerequisites are love this, top 5, and correct maximise it. Parts is an absolute minimal.

Q: Are you doing a rain dance?

GR: I wager so. I wager we’ll agree with more likelihood if it’s moist than if it’s dry. I wager we correct all hope for consistent prerequisites – which I’m captivating confident we obtained’t agree with. Even over the direction of that hour and a half in qualifying, one 2d it’s undriveable, the following it’s almost slicks. It’s going to be in fact advanced for the guys on the pit wall to set up the gorgeous approach on the gorgeous point but I agree with you’ve correct purchased to be dynamic, you’ve purchased to build an launch thoughts and correct build battling unless the last lap.

Q: Lewis, it regarded love regarded as one of your more difficult qualifying periods right here at Spa. Just verbalize us via it.

LH: Yeah, advanced for all people. These guys did a astronomical job in the last stages of Q3. I agree with my first lap used to be OK but yeah, correct advanced for all people. Primarily cosy to secret agent Lando is OK. He used to be taking a peep incredibly like a flash. I agree with he’d potentially be up right here with us, or per chance even squeeze me out potentially. He had some astronomical saunter this day, so I’m hoping that he will get again on the side twin carriageway the following day. Just a tricky session for all people with the rain more intense in diversified parts of the circuit. An precise combat, I could presumably well bid, with our automobile this day. As you’ve considered with Valtteri as successfully, the auto used to be a little bit of a handful this day but I’m in fact cosy to be on the 2d row and, as George mentioned, the functions are the following day.

Q: Can you expose us from now on regarding the points with the auto in the moist weather.

LH: There’s no longer in fact too worthy to express. There used to be no longer lots of grip available for all people. There are folks with diversified downforce levels. We tried to acquire the finest compromise, the finest steadiness for every skill conditions for this day and the following day in relation to dry and moist, and so we hope we’re OK. We’ll detect what the weather’s love the following day and we’ll detect the way in which it in fact works.

Q: Are you more confident about your scuttle saunter?

LH: Positive. I agree with our scuttle saunter must be a little bit stronger than our saunter this day – but I tranquil recount it’s going to be a handful, particularly if it’s going to be these prerequisites.


Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) George, I know you touched on it temporarily on the launch of what you had been saying earlier but are you able to correct drawl why you in the starting assign went out on the elephantine wets on the launch of Q3 and then also, your first lap, I agree with it used to be ninth quickest, and then the following one you’re lighting fixtures up the timing monitors, provisional pole and conclude up 2d. What used to be the adaptation? Used to be it correct a preparation lap, that first one?

GR: Yeah, so we had been planning on doing a like a flash-dreary-like a flash sequence but we belief we’d roam for it on the Moist tyres on the opposite hand it used to be clearly too dry. I agree with we underestimated how worthy the video display had dried up. After which, it’s in fact advanced on this long circuit because we’ve clearly purchased the comparable engine mode however the battery deployment is somewhat diversified, and also you would favor to give it the whole thing you’ve purchased on that one lap, so I knew the lap would be on the last lap, so I generally pushed but I didn’t deploy my battery, and correct saved it taking into consideration the last lap, because it’s reasonably potent spherical right here – in enlighten that’s the clarification for that.

Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC) George, I presume you’re aware you’ve correct produced what’s going to transfer down as regarded as one of many all-time finest qualifying performances in System 1. How terminate you are feeling about that and how terminate you watched you managed to drag it off.

GR: I was reasonably greatly surprised to listen to that, to be true. I mean, there’s been some captivating stellar qualifying performances and particularly by the two guys to the left of me. But, to be true, I’m no longer in fact passionate about that more or less stuff. I agree with it’s clearly regularly fine to listen to positivity and astronomical issues as you’ve correct mentioned – but I’m a scuttle driver on the conclude of the day and I desire to take and, as we touched on sooner than, there’s no functions for qualifying. There potentially must be because I agree with qualifying, it is an fulfillment to be on pole living so per chance one thing one day that System 1 would possibly presumably presumably introduce – but no, correct in fact cosy for all people. The team agree with been doing a terribly astronomical job and in conditions love this, it in fact pays off, the labor and energy they agree with performed. Just all in all in fact cosy for the team.

Q: George, that used to be clearly your most productive qualifying living; used to be it the finest qualifying lap you’ve driven in System 1?

GR: Neatly, it used to be incredibly advanced available. The necessities had been altering every single lap and the lap instances had been clearly reasonably lots slower than Q2 so it used to be about in fact pushing gorgeous to the restrict but no longer going over it, because whenever you happen to transfer that one percent over the restrict you’d potentially lose a 2d or so. So, it used to be positively a in fact correct lap and clearly being in this living.

Q: (Dieter Rencken – Racing Lines) Lewis, you appear as if a bit lukewarm about potentially having George as teammate subsequent twelve months. After this efficiency, terminate you tranquil in fact feel the comparable approach?

LH: I don’t in fact feel any diversified. George has been doing a astronomical job all twelve months. This doesn’t in fact commerce anything else, in fact. I’m obvious he’s purchased force on him correct as Valtteri does to terminate the job and it’s astronomical to secret agent him handing over. I will have the ability to’t fault him for it.

Q: (Luke Smith – Autosport) To all three of you: Lewis, you mentioned Lando’s rupture there. It’s the 2d somewhat unsuitable rupture we’ve considered this weekend at Eau Rouge after the shunt in W Series yesterday. We all know the adjustments are coming for that complex subsequent twelve months but I was correct wanted to know, all three of you, what are your feelings on the safety requirements spherical Eau Rouge and the Raidillon, with the cars being as like a flash as they are in actuality?

MV: Neatly, I agree with the adjustments I seen yesterday that are going to happen on the conclude of the twelve months so for us subsequent twelve months, I agree with they secret agent very correct. It’s finally a in fact like a flash corner and in the occasion you buckle down and do it the whole thing is okay. The realm is when the barrier is so terminate and one person hits the barrier it’s very without complications that the auto bounces again onto the video display and onto the racing line and then you’re going to be ready to gain one other automobile and despite the indisputable reality that it occurs a little bit later you roam over the crest which is blind as successfully so I agree with that’s because it used to be in the Spa 24hrs scuttle with the GT3 cars when there used to be also a gigantic rupture. I terminate recount with the adjustments that are being made that is also considerably better. I mean racing is by no way going to be fully steady. I agree with every person is aware of that but finally there are some issues spherical that corner which is willing to be helped and they are doing that, so I agree with it’s going to be considerably better.

GR: Yeah, nothing more so that you just would possibly possibly add. I agree with all of us seen yesterday the plans the FIA agree with in store for this circuit and its… yeah, nothing more so that you just would possibly possibly add to what Max mentioned. I agree with the full adjustments will draw the scuttle and that corner worthy safer.

LH: I agree with they’ve correct purchased to set up away with the bump and then roam away Eau Rouge because it is, in my conception, but they’ll terminate what they terminate. I don’t in fact feel you agree with to exhaust the money.

Q: (Edd Straw – The Bustle) George, clearly right here is worthy from the first time that you just’ve performed one thing spectacular in the again of the wheel of an F1 automobile. There’s clearly various verbalize about what’s going to happen with the assign you’re riding subsequent twelve months. How important is it for you, no topic the assign a resolution would possibly presumably well also or is per chance no longer, to more or less build doing this and detect a possibility love this to unusual you deserve to be there? Your team boss, Jost Capito mentioned you deserve to be in a championship-winning automobile so it will likely be a have to-agree with so that you just can build showing that and that justifies the hobby and toughen you’ve had.

GR: I agree with System One’s a captivating ruthless sport. There’s finest alternative for 20 drivers in the sphere and there’s potentially lots more drivers who are deserving to be in System 1 so regardless – from my non-public abilities – these contract talks for the time being, you’ve purchased to build showing what you’re going to be ready to terminate and by no way safe your foot off the throttle because whenever you happen to terminate, there’ll be a teen coming via, looking out to gain your seat and then you’re going to be ready to by no way be complacent so regardless I’m out every weekend to terminate 120 per cent.

Q: (Dieter Rencken – Racing Lines) To all three drivers: Spa, which you scandalous as regarded as one of many most majestic circuits there’s but you’ve driven it in the dry, you’ve driven it in the moist; which is more healthy from a pure riding satisfaction point of view, a moist Spa or a in fact like a flash flowing dry Spa?

LH: Moist Spa is more engrossing. I agree with now we correct agree with too worthy downforce and Eau Rouge is flat, very, very easy flat in the dry and there’s a more or less an off there, you’re going to be ready to creep very huge all over. The moist makes it worthy, worthy trickier.

GR: Positive, I’m the saying as Lewis: the moist, positively makes it engrossing and in the occasion you’ve purchased the boldness in the auto below you to elevate it’s make of exhilarating, so yeah, the moist for me as successfully.

MV: I agree with, yeah, in the moist it’s elephantine advanced because then Eau Rouge doesn’t change into flat, Blanchimont is trickier but for me, in the dry, Q3 in the occasion you’re on low gas with these cars I in actuality in fact abilities it. It’s correct insane how swiftly you’re going to be ready to buckle down and do corners right here, love Pouhon would agree with been flat. That’s captivating amazing. Furthermore, in the occasion you’ve driven right here with other more or less cars, GT, F3, System Renault, no topic and also you reach right here with an F1 automobile, you know, low gas is captivating amazing.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Max, are you able to correct verbalize us via the lap that purchased you pole on the conclude of Q3 and how did it examine to your efforts earlier on in Q1 and Q2 the assign you had been edged out by the McLaren?

MV: Yeah, I agree with the lap used to be alright but I don’t recount… in the moist it’s all regarding the lap. It’s also regarding the approach you warm up your tyres. It’s elephantine aloof for temperatures. Whilst you’ve got a little bit more temperature, more self belief on the brakes, you’re going to be ready to brake later, you’ve more grip on flip-in so better traction and I terminate recount the lap itself used to be OK but my tyres felt a bit frigid, especially the first sector and more than likely the launch of the 2d one, so I agree with taking a peep again at that, shall we agree with performed an even bigger job on the opposite hand it’s so tricky available, to attract the gorgeous call. Tricky, on the opposite hand it used to be alright.


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