Jack Doohan breathed fresh existence into the title battle, slicing 13 functions off Dennis Hauger’s support at the head of the Championship with a managed 2nd steal of the season in a moist Flee 2 at Spa.

Doohan led a Trident one-two earlier than David Schumacher and Charouz Racing Plot’s Logan Sargeant, who crossed the toll road in the support of the Security Car after a slack smash between Calan Williams and Amaury Cordeel, who every escaped unscathed.

Though the rain stayed away until the closing laps, the discipline had been light compelled to overcome slippery stipulations on a moist note, with visibility remaining at a top class.

Caio Collet and Clément Novalak every moved up a assign to whole the head five after a sloppy delivery from Alex Smolyar, who fell from third to eighth in the outlet lap, ending in the support of Frederik Vesti and Victor Martins.

Championship chief Hauger made up four positions to ninth, overtaking Arthur Leclerc in the closing stages to claw support two functions from Doohan.


After a rain-hampered opening trail that began in the support of the Security Car, the discipline had been ready to get hold of away below fashioned stipulations in Flee 2, with the almost constant downpour taking a non eternal destroy. Though they had been warned on the radio for the length of the formation lap that the heavens would seemingly reopen at the midway level.

Reverse polesitter Doohan retained first when the lights went out as he pulled in front of his teammate, Schumacher, and fashioned a protect of spray in the support of him.

Sargeant barged his Charouz Racing Plot previous Smolyar’s ART Broad Prix for third initially, making the many of the Russian’s sluggish getaway. Smolyar attempted to fight support however change into chucked large and returned in eighth. His ART teammate, Vesti, enjoyed an amazing extra productive opening stint, making up three areas to sixth.

Following one one other in tow, PREMA Racing duo Leclerc and Hauger jumped three areas every in the outlet three laps, rising to 10th and 11th. The pair speedily closed in on Johnathan Hoggard, and Leclerc attempted an overtake, however the Monegasque clipped wheels with the Jenzer and Hoggard change into sent into a dizzy hotfoot.

The Briton obtained going again at the support of the pack as Leclerc steadied himself to steal ninth in front of Hauger, who moved into the functions’ positions for the main time this weekend.

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HWA RACELAB delivered a reminder to Matteo Nannini that rain change into coming within the next 10 minutes, however the Italian wouldn’t get hold of to perceive it as he spun at the Bus Cease chicane, which ended his trail and resulted in a Security Car.

The rain did approach as Nannini’s HWA change into cleared by the marshals, with Doohan’s steal thrown into doubt for the main time, the Trident’s support sliced from 5s to nought.

Doohan aced the restart and obtained to work rebuilding his support, however earlier than he would possibly presumably well, the Security Car change into known as out for a 2nd time after a collision between Calan Williams and Amaury Cordeel heading as much as Eau Rouge.

The duo clambered out of the autos safely however with correct form three laps to head and heaps of injure and debris to high quality, the trail carried out in the support of the Security Car. Doohan crossed the toll road earlier than Schumacher and Sargeant, with Collet in fourth and Novalak fifth.

Vesti claimed sixth following his surging delivery, earlier than Martins and Smolyar. Hauger had managed to trail previous Leclerc earlier than the 2nd Security Car and doubled his functions tally, taking ninth earlier than the Ferrari junior.

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“Drier stipulations than this morning, and I actually deserve to negate that visibility change into great greater from pole. I obtained a first payment delivery, I wasn’t looking ahead to it to be as honest because it change into, however I change into chuffed with the getaway. From there, I change into managing the rears because that is where I change into quite speedily early on.

“I didn’t wish to be too excessive on the pressure and then the diverse guys come at me at the discontinue, so made up our minds to be quite conservative. But when the Security Car came out, our tyre pressures would possibly presumably well all lower again.

“Total, I’m very chuffed. I’d hold most neatly-preferred to steal a fleshy trail and no longer enact in the support of the Security Car, however I will steal the functions – sport on for tomorrow.”


Hauger retains his support at the head of the Drivers’ Championship with 154 functions, earlier than Doohan on 108. Vesti is third with 93 and Olli Caldwell fourth with 86. Novalak is fifth with 82.

In the Teams’ Championship, PREMA Racing are top with 285 functions, earlier than Trident on 237 and ART on 179. MP Motorsport are fourth with 127 and Hitech Broad Prix fifth with 86.

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