1 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Crimson Bull Racing)

2 – George RUSSELL (Williams)

3 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)


(Performed by Paul Di Resta) 

Q: Max, successfully it’s a bustle earn, no longer clearly the best scheme you maybe wished to create it but I bet absolute credit to the job you did the day long previous by securing pole set and getting the job performed when you wanted to be on the entrance?

Max VERSTAPPEN: Yeah, finally now in hindsight it became vital to salvage that pole set but finally it’s a gargantuan shame to no longer create real laps but the necessities were very tricky available. I said at 3.30 let’s scurry. I’ve the necessities were decent but finally the visibility became very low so I’ve if we would have started at 3 o’clock we had a better chance, but nonetheless after that it appropriate stayed indubitably wet and it kept raining. Useless to claim it’s a earn but it indubitably’s no longer the best scheme you might maybe earn. I’ve currently you know gargantuan credit goes to your entire followers around the song, to carry here your entire day within the rain, within the cold, windy prerequisites, so I’ve they are indubitably the larger winners currently.

Q: I bet you can have closed the gap to Lewis. Closed the gap by half of of what you customarily would have had but all these positive aspects are going to assemble as a lot as the tip of the season.

MV: Yeah, we must support on pushing, support on attempting to shut it and finally scurry forward. We now have a few more races to create that and I am confident that we have an correct automobile. We appropriate must support on attempting to salvage reasonably more performance out of it. 

Q: George, it doesn’t matter the best scheme you reach the podium, it goes down within the historical previous books, but totally credit to that lap the day long previous by. That’s what secured it isn’t it. 

George RUSSELL: Yeah, totally. We don’t most incessantly salvage rewarded for mountainous qualifyings but we totally did currently. Nonetheless first I’ve to deliver sorry to your entire followers. It became unbelievable, their support, to carry out here all the best scheme through, and we were all within the identical boat. It became shame we couldn’t salvage this bustle underway but appropriate from our facet and the crew’s facet it’s the form of fantastic end result.

Q: No longer lower than this might maybe scurry down when of us name you Mr Saturday, on the least it indubitably counted there. 

GR: It indubitably counted, it indubitably counted, so a little celebration tonight I’m sure. My complete crew deserves it as there became so noteworthy no longer easy work going into it over the outdated few years and there has no longer indubitably been anything to deliver for it or show for it and we totally nailed it the day long previous by and here we are standing on the podium. I’m able to expose you I didn’t search data from that this year, that is definite. 

Q: Lewis, it’s the tip of an advanced day for everybody in Formula 1 when you don’t behold autos racing, but I bet it’s a podium for you and the guys within the grandstands are the heroes aren’t they? 

Lewis HAMILTON: Yeah, originally I indubitably feel indubitably sorry for the followers currently. Obviously it’s no one’s fault with this climate but the followers were fabulous currently to persist with us this complete time and have out for a doable bustle. They knew when they sent us out on the tip there that the song wasn’t any better they most incessantly did it appropriate so shall we launch two laps on the assist of the protection automobile, which is the minimum requirement for a bustle. I indubitably hope the followers salvage their a repayment currently.  

Q: How advanced were the necessities available? Were you in a set to bustle at any time throughout the three hours we had?

LH: No, no. You couldn’t indubitably behold, fancy  five metres in entrance of you the automobile disappears, so it became very advanced down the straights to even know where that flashing gentle became. You couldn’t even scurry flat out in consequence of you didn’t know what segment of the song they shall be on. It’s a shame in consequence of finally I needed to bustle and it can were a mountainous bustle if it hadn’t rained so no longer easy. 


Q: Max, it’s been a prolonged day, but a earn is a earn. How create you sum it all up and have you ever experienced anything fancy this for your profession earlier than? 

MV: No longer this coarse… I suggest, but it indubitably has to happen. What can you tell? Right here is finally no longer what you fancy, particularly no longer for the of us on the facet of the song, the followers. They search data from a bustle. Nonetheless the necessities currently weren’t appropriate. It appropriate kept raining your entire time. I’ve from 3 o’clock onwards it appropriate obtained worse and worse and when you already launch that leisurely within the day there is just not any longer noteworthy room to switch around, despite the indisputable fact that we peaceable waited for fancy three hours. Unfortunately it didn’t toughen. Useless to claim once that you might maybe be the leading automobile the visibility is naturally reasonably better, so it’s advanced on my facet to mediate how the others felt. I’ve at 3.30 I said it became OK to bustle from my facet but finally the visibility on the assist of became very injurious and particularly I’ve with the latest events you don’t must risk a gargantuan shunt to happen and even you know the risk of it. It appropriate didn’t indubitably feel appropriate. Useless to claim the followers might maybe maybe no longer believe what took plot currently but you additionally must have security on the tip.

Q: What’s the ideal danger for you as a driver? Is it the visibility? 

MV:  I bet that became the ideal danger. I suggest the grip became low, we know that, within the wet. We don’t have a form of grip with these tyres but once that you might maybe’t behold where that you might maybe be going otherwise you don’t know where the automobile prior to you is, that’s never indubitably high quality, so that you might maybe’t successfully bustle fancy that. 

Q: How did you occupy your time within the shatter? 

MV: Heavenly talking to of us within the crew and finally on the appropriate facet there were a form of mechanics working on the automobile of Checo to compare out and salvage it out again so there became reasonably of entertainment around. It’s a prolonged wait. In one scheme when you launch at 3 o’clock and you can have days fancy this maybe it’s better to launch reasonably earlier, at 12, 1 o’clock. I’ve that’s a better time anyway to launch, for me. Now it’s appropriate dragging on and on and the climate appropriate gets worse and worse. It gets sad. 

Q: Having a detect on the positives, Quali the day long previous by became a mountainous pole lap for you.

MV: Yeah, it became fun and finally on the tip of the day now it became vital. There’s no longer far more to deliver. 

Q: Closing topic from me. You have gotten closed the gap to Lewis within the championship. That became the largest thing to create this weekend.

MV: We had two races where we didn’t indubitably compile positive aspects, so we vital a tight end result. Useless to claim, again, it’s no longer the best scheme you might maybe have the tip end result, but peaceable I’ve your entire weekend we were very competitive, and that’s vital on a song fancy this with prolonged straights. And now we scurry to Zandvoort, which is recent for everybody, so there shall be reasonably of a interrogate ticket over how everybody shall be performing and maybe some surprises as successfully, you never know, but I’m awaiting it. 

Q: George, your first podium in Formula 1. No longer the best scheme you wished it, finally, but it indubitably’s peaceable been a very major weekend for you, hasn’t it?

GR: Completely. Obviously no longer the best scheme I’d have cherished to have scored my first podium. Rather little bit of a irregular feeling reaching it on this vogue but on the tip of the day we’ve been rewarded for such an pleasurable searching job the day long previous by. And, as Max said, I suggest, the form of shame for everybody at dwelling searching at and your entire followers here. Even I became, in 2nd on the assist of Max, anything over 200kph, I might maybe maybe no longer behold a single thing. I might maybe maybe as successfully were closing my eyes down the straight and became having to lift off the throttle. So, it wasn’t safe at all to bustle. I’ve the FIA made the appropriate risk. 

Q: And that visibility danger became the identical at 1500 and 1817?

GR: I’ve, to be right, as Max said as successfully, it maybe obtained worse. Because it begins to salvage sad and the rain increases just a little it became maybe never indubitably in an correct explain to power. So, yeah, it’s been a very prolonged day for sure – but to your entire crew it’s a extensive end result. For us to be standing on this podium, didn’t indubitably matter how we performed it, standing on this podium, is a first-rate end result for us to… remembering we performed remaining within the Constructors’ Championship three years in a row and here we are this weekend, qualifying on the entrance row and standing on the podium. I’m indubitably proud to have performed this with the crew. 

Q: And also you’ve indubitably secured that eighth plot within the Championship, it can maybe detect fancy. 

GR: Yeah, I’d tell so. I’ve the amount of positive aspects we scored in Hungary were maybe ample to have secured that eighth within the Constructors but I’ve it maybe takes far more stress off now, to scurry out, indubitably build every part on the toll road, maybe strive some more coarse things, behold if we are able to study anything more – in consequence of there’s no reason we are able to’t compile more positive aspects. And, searching forward already to subsequent weekend and to Zandvoort. Improbable circuit. It’s maybe going to be advanced to bustle but I’ve your entire ambiance there goes to be mountainous. 

Q: And the best scheme did you occupy your time?

GR: Heavenly talking to of us. I became indubitably hungry all the best scheme through your entire period. I needed to nibble into something – but in consequence of we didn’t know when that restart became going to be we indubitably dragged it out, dragged it out, and when it obtained to 6 o’clock, or at any time when it became, I became ravenous. Performed reasonably with some tennis balls and that became about it. Waited for the rain and bought wet. 

Q: Lewis, can we appropriate salvage your thoughts on the afternoon, the necessities and the best scheme you filled your time.

LH: It’s a precise shame. We clearly can’t alter the climate. I’m sure all of us fancy racing within the rain, particularly here in Spa. It’s certainly one of the vital ideal circuits within the area. I’ve currently, I’ve appropriate indubitably disenchanted for the followers. They stood available for absolute hours within the rain, no maintaining within the grandstands – I’ve maybe on the pit grandstand there is – but cold and wet and particularly the early life. More importantly, that they needed to spend so noteworthy money with travelling, accommodation and then they didn’t salvage a bustle. Uncomfortable, and I’m a little bit puzzled as to why they restarted the bustle in consequence of between the 2 hours when they stopped us the necessary time to the remainder time, there became no switch in climate. Nonetheless… yes… I suggest I do know why, but I create indubitably feel the followers were robbed of a bustle currently and I’ve they maybe might maybe maybe peaceable salvage their a repayment. 

Q: Lewis, you’ve had a prolonged profession in Formula 1. Non-public you ever experienced anything fancy this earlier than. Brazil 2016? Korea 2010? Modified into once the climate paying homage to any of that? 

LH: Climate-intellectual I don’t think… I don’t remember experiencing… I suggest, I’ve raced for years, so I don’t remember on the climate-facet. Within the background, us being in Melbourne remaining year when we shouldn’t were, there are some similarities to how currently’s long previous down but on the least everybody’s safe. In a roundabout scheme, the visibility on the assist of… when we did the launch on the grid, as soon as Max pulled away, he appropriate disappeared. I couldn’t even behold his red gentle prior to me, so it must were even worse for the guys assist on the assist. The worst thing is to behold drivers in carnage and getting danger. So…

Q: And the best scheme did you occupy your time within the gap?

LH: I became assist in my room, listening to the recent Kanye album. I became searching on the climate, searching of the window as a rule appropriate praying the item would sure up so shall we salvage going. Obviously that time never got here. I did talk about to Stefano, who got here alongside, appropriate telling him how injurious it’s available. 

Questions from the ground

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Lewis, appropriate regarding your feedback appropriate now and additionally to TV crews earlier on about F1 making the inappropriate desire currently. I appropriate wondered, what create you have might maybe maybe peaceable were performed in any other case? What would were a better final end result? 

LH: Successfully, there became no level at which shall we bustle so there wasn’t a bustle, but there is a rule that claims for it to be an correct bustle, it must be – I’ve – no longer lower than two laps in declare that they knew that they most incessantly sent us out for two laps on the assist of the protection automobile and that prompts a bunch of things and I don’t know your entire politics and the background but my most danger is that the followers might maybe maybe peaceable maybe salvage their a repayment, I’ve, and I don’t know if by doing the 2 laps it manner they don’t and that’s… I appropriate don’t think that’s what we desire. We now have better values than that as a sport. 

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) A interrogate to all three drivers: if it became logistically conceivable, it’d be contractually organized, would you be in favour of maybe returning to Spa later within the year, equipped that races have already been cancelled by COVID? We don’t know what’s going to happen with the pandemic and it’d be simpler to have yet any other bustle in Europe if conceivable. Would you fancy to behold that? 

MV: We already create too many races, so shall we peaceable seize the true tracks, finally initially, the appropriate ones but now, to come assist assist again here, I don’t behold that happening, particularly when you can have already obtained 22 races. 

GR: If we did must have a replacement bustle, I would haven’t got anything against coming assist here: clearly certainly one of the vital ideal races and circuits within the area and clearly so many followers who maybe fancy Formula 1 who live domestically or in Belgium didn’t have the different to behold what they got here here for thus maybe that shall be yet any other solution to repay them for the loss currently. 

LH: I’d totally come assist. I fancy it here so if there is one scheme shall we uncover a window where it wasn’t raining and we give the followers a free bustle, that shall be mountainous. 

GR: We’d never be in a set to bustle in Spa if we’re purchasing for a window that isn’t raining. 

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) To all three of you, but appropriate returning to what it became fancy within the automobile throughout these laps that you did create on the assist of the protection automobile, I appropriate wondered, might maybe maybe you appropriate show what were you pondering at that moment, at these disclose moments, and additionally were there any areas of the song where the water became particularly injurious, where it felt particularly spoiled with aquaplaning and things fancy that? 

LH: Yeah, there became aquaplaning into five, I had aquaplaning there. I couldn’t scurry flat out down the straight in consequence of I had no realizing where George became, whether he became braking, to salvage a spot to the particular person in consequence of he can’t behold the automobile prior to him and there became moments where I became fancy ‘I’m slowing down’ in consequence of I’m able to’t behold where they are and who knows where the automobile is on the assist of me additionally? And then Eau Rouge became slightly tricky and I bet indubitably the worst thing shall be if we had a crash, fancy we noticed the day long previous by with Lando and you come up that hill… you wouldn’t be in a set to behold if there became a driver within the guts of the avenue. There with no doubt became, unfortunately, no moment currently that shall we bustle. Maybe within the morning, I’ve there became much less rain within the morning. 

GR: Yeah, as Lewis said, coming out of Turn 1, your entire scheme up through Eau Rouge and into turn five I’ve, for me, I felt fancy as soon as we were over maybe 200km/h that spray became appropriate too drastic and I had totally no realizing where Max became. That became maybe much less pertaining to… it became maybe more pertaining to for drivers on the assist of me in consequence of they can’t behold me as successfully and yeah, I don’t think I no longer most incessantly obtained pudgy throttle down the straights and you were appropriate shedding tyre temperature as successfully. The laps on the assist of the protection automobile and every part, one after yet any other, became appropriate making it no longer doable available so yeah, shall we as successfully were riding up the straight with our eyes closed at positive aspects in consequence of that’s how it can maybe were had the bustle started and it can maybe were chaos, so we made the appropriate name to no longer bustle from three o’ clock onwards. Whether shall we have pushed it forward, pre-empting this climate – who knows? 

MV: Yeah, there’s no longer noteworthy to add to that. 


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