“He [Erik Cais] deserved the fetch, that’s easy to verbalize. He became as soon as unbelievably fleet in Pindula however the rally finishes on the podium. Erik became as soon as the king of on the present time, he did a terribly fantastic job with the exception of for one mistake which designate him the fetch of the rally. Nonetheless we are doing this sport to be a hit and that’s the predominant focal point and I want to verbalize a broad thank you to my co-driver Jan [Hloušek]. We handiest had about a months to manufacture the crew and get the sponsors and partners and so we also deserved this fetch. This became as soon as basically the most complicated Barum Rally I even maintain carried out in my occupation with the must haves changing your total time.”


“Here’s the third time we fetch the Barum Rally. Sooner than the rally we want to maintain this fetch and now we maintain this fetch. Two races this season we lose sizable aspects so now we are jubilant however a hit is continually an exact feeling and now it’s ideal. It became as soon as no longer a truly uncomplicated rally with the must haves however we continually had an exact tyre replacement and per chance this became as soon as the predominant. We strive to save the advise on the present time and no longer push too no longer easy. When [Victor Cartier] became as soon as out of second advise it became as soon as a shame however that’s lifestyles and we comprehend it’s like this.”


“It’s a dream, the rally is amazingly, very complicated and it’s no longer long-established for us. The stages are very, very assorted and it’s very complicated to possess the self assurance. Nonetheless we also needed to possess the opening and this became as soon as no longer easy. Nonetheless it’s a truly precise rally and for the championship these aspects are very, very precise. I became as soon as hoping for a podium before the rally so the first advise is nice, I’m very jubilant.”

KEN TORN (FIA ERC Junior winner)

“Every bustle we our thing and it became as soon as the identical on this rally. Our predominant competitor had concerns however it shall be like this. Every bustle we get more enchancment and we loved the weekend, it became as soon as awesome. It became as soon as a elaborate rally, truly complicated and a truly sizable concern for the drivers. Nonetheless the car became as soon as very precise and attributable to the crew for his or her job.”


“It became as soon as an good weekend, I loved so noteworthy the stages. I loved the car, the car became as soon as ideal and I want to thank Renault for the car, it became as soon as good. We did an exact job in the take a look at and Toksport as smartly did an good job, ideal in every single save the weekend. Perfect one mistake this weekend [when we checked in early for a time control on Saturday morning] however that can happen. We by no way gave up and we give this victory to everyone fervent. It’s ideal for the championship. I knew Pindula [last night] shall be complicated for everyone however I had self assurance and determined to push and it truly works because we did an exact efficiency on this stage. The end result is for us and here’s the largest.”

DARIUSZ POLOŃSKI (Abarth Rally Cup winner)

“We are very jubilant because this became as soon as a truly complicated rally, an extremely complicated rally and opinion to be one of basically the most complicated I ever help. Now we maintain precise aspects in Abarth however also in ERC2. I’m sorry for Victor Cartier for his concerns however we also had some difficulties when we had moist prerequisites with the rear-wheel-pressure automobile and likewise the closing stage became as soon as cancelled however the entirety became as soon as carried out by then. We had no concerns with the car at all and that became as soon as considerable for the end result.”

ANDREA MABELLINI (Clio Trophy by Toksport WRT winner)

“It became as soon as a truly complicated with so many adjustments of weather and diverse condition. Pindula became as soon as the doubtlessly basically the most complicated stage I even maintain ever carried out in my lifestyles. Nonetheless we are here and we obtained this rally so I’m jubilant and I want to thank everyone, to our crew, our sponsor, our family and likewise to Virginia my co-driver who made a helpful job. We have three wins and it’s precise however it’s double aspects in Hungary. It’s no longer precise for us however that’s the guidelines so we’ll have the chance to note. We already know Hungary is complicated, a elaborate rally.”

MIKO MARCZYK (ERC-MICHELIN Expertise Factory leading finisher)

“It’s very precise we obtained to the invent line because in 2019 it became as soon as no longer a elephantine rally for us here, correct 20 per cent of the stages and the recce. Now now we maintain carried out elephantine distance now we maintain ready a truly precise foundation to push more sturdy for subsequent year. On many stages had been lower than half a second per kilometre to Jan Kopecký, who items the largest tempo here on these roads. Sadly, I became as soon as no longer consistent adequate in the no longer easy stages, like Pindula at evening. I had concerns in the dirty locations with deep cuts and when the must haves had been changing it became as soon as also no longer easy because I became as soon as seeking to be on the invent line. Nonetheless it’s precise, we are on the fifth advise and if I had been to analyse the starting checklist, fifth advise shall be very precise for us. We are jubilant and on the half season of the European Rally Championship we did an exact job.”

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