(Segment One): Mattia BINOTTO (Ferrari), Mario ISOLA (Pirelli)




Q: Let’s commence with some Monza recollections please. Qualified characterize us, what does Monza mean to you? And likewise, characterize us about your earliest recollections of this hunch song?

Mattia BINOTTO: What does it mean? Undoubtedly a lot. It’s the house gigantic prix, the Italian Large Prix, it’s the circuit the set energy, move, is the greatest. So besides I would suppose, as a previous engine engineer, it with out a doubt has been valuable. So, with out a doubt here, you appreciate that you would feel the fervour of the tifosi. It’s a circuit the set for Ferrari doing successfully is quite as valuable because the comfort of the championship. Nonetheless yes, I specialize in it’s worthwhile to be here in Monza. It’s worthwhile to be here with followers within the grandstands. It’s valuable for us having the tifosi supporting us. That’s something which is valuable. So, it’s in actuality something valuable and worthwhile. On the recollections, many. My very first time working for Ferrari used to be here at Monza, 1997. And since then with out a doubt a form of emotions. Correct times. Correct victories. I have in mind the one – maybe I’m injurious on the date – must always level-headed be 2003, I specialize in coming from Hungary with Michael. Sophisticated hunch, championship by some ability likely maybe compromised so valuable to hang an best hunch here in Monza, and Monza did an out of this world entire weekend, winning sooner than Montoya, and that in actuality used to be the alternate on the championship, since then, and at final he received the championship. And then I cannot neglect,  no query as successfully, 2019, Charles winning here in Monza. It’s no longer far late. Right hunch, defending the location after which the rostrum with your entire followers and the tifosi there celebrating him, used to be something in actuality, in actuality particular. I received’t ever neglect it.


Q: Marioplease?

Mario ISOLA: My recollections are from, I would suppose ’85-’86. I used to be with out a doubt one of the tifosi, as Mattia acknowledged, on account of living 30 minutes from here it used to be slightly easy with my small bike to realize to the circuit, as plenty of the tifosi which would be coming here, I used to be having fun with Scheme 1 however also assorted races. And then the principle time for me in Pirelli team kit used to be in 2001 with the GT Championship. The FIA GT Championship, and clearly since 2011 with Scheme 1, so plenty of recollections, high quality recollections and it’s admire being at dwelling, customarily.


Q: Mattia, Charles acknowledged yesterday that this is likely to be a annoying weekend for Ferrari. How’s progress up to now?

MB:  I specialize in on paper it’s a annoying weekend for us. We know that we we don’t seal the outlet on energy efficiency and by some ability likely maybe with the long straights you’ve bought in Monza, that’s a transparent plan back. I specialize in if we glance at FP1 up to now, we are within the midfield. No surprises from that. Obviously we are in a position to hunt for this afternoon in quali. The automobile has balance, no giant disorders with the role-up however with out a doubt we do no longer feel we are in a position to ache for the principle rows however, as I acknowledged, that used to be no longer a shock, by some ability likely maybe expected. It’ll be an attention-grabbing weekend with the speed qualifying hunch format, having already the quali within the afternoon, so this morning little or no time for the drivers to adapt to the low downforce package deal. Now we hang braking, high move braking and I’m slightly unique. Dazzling unique to look for the quali. The drivers drove a lot this morning, a form of laps, all of them, on account of no doubt self belief might likely maybe likely be the greatest for the afternoon.


Q: On the self-discipline of self belief, I desired to quiz you about Carlos’ complications final weekend in Zandvoort. He seemed slightly puzzled after the hunch. Enact you brand what the disorders had been now?

MB: Creep, with out a doubt after the hunch he used to be puzzled, as you acknowledged, on account of he used to be no longer as like a flash as he used to be expecting, and no longer as shut as peculiar to Charles. We made your entire evaluation on the car thru role-up, interior efficiency. We chanced on something on the car which used to be no longer performing 100 per cent, with out going into your entire valuable aspects. I specialize in that we reported that attend to Carlos, delighted with the causes. Is he more delighted now, attacking Monza, and that’s what’s the greatest for us.


Q: There’s a lot going on another set within the paddock. We’ve had a form of driver bulletins this week. There’s easiest one seat left for 2022 now, over at Alfa Romeo. You supply the team with energy objects. How out of the ordinary of a suppose do you earn into who takes that force?

MB: Now not in actuality out of the ordinary. I specialize in that’s in actuality a kind of the team. The team are in actuality self reliant on the selection of their driver, which is valuable for us as successfully. It’s certain as successfully that Antonio for us, he’s our reserve driver, he’s an Italian driver, he’s fragment of the Ferrari family, he’s a Ferrari driver, so for us this might well likely maybe likely also be worthwhile to hang him level-headed utilizing next year. We imagine that he is an best driver and by some ability likely maybe he deserves to hang a seat next year however, as I acknowledged, we are in a position to no longer influence the team willpower. As energy unit provider, clearly I specialize in we are continuously evaluating the collaboration, the partnership with team, and clearly the driver selection is fragment of the review.


Q: Can we throw it ahead to next year. Uncover us in regards to the 2022 automobile. How far developed are you?

MB: 2022 is progressing. It’s progressing and now is the time you is likely to be on the entire freezing the chassis geometries and the entire concept of the car, suspension layouts, cooling layouts, so let’s suppose that the concept is with out a doubt a lot developed and while the concept is frozen, the chassis is already in production. It’s time to continue working on the body shape, on the aerodynamics, bodywork, wings etcetera, and no query we are working a lot as successfully on the energy unit. The energy unit next year will be contemporary thru, let me suppose, concept and do. So, for us, this might well likely maybe likely also be valuable for us to fabricate the greatest step we are in a position to, incandescent that, as I acknowledged sooner than, we’ve level-headed bought a gap thru efficiency on the energy unit. So, the aim is mostly to examine out to raise that plan back, to shut it. That’s why I specialize in, on the engine, we are working very laborious and that key moment the set you might want to always glean level-headed efficiency however to commence entirely homologating the reliability of the product for the following season.


Q: Mario, while we’re talking 2022, how’s progress with next year’s tyres?

MI: We finalised the enchancment of the tyres and after Budapest we made an evaluation on the final consequence. We’re slightly delighted with the following product, feedback from drivers used to be distinct and now we hang the final check for Moist and Intermediate in Magny-Cours next Wednesday and Thursday. And then, let’s seek for what occurs with the unique automobiles on account of, as you appreciate, we do the 2022 tyres with the mule automobiles that the teams equipped for sorting out. We’re expecting increased loads with the unique automobiles, so clearly this has an influence on the tyres. Nothing main. I mean, it’s a long-established evolution that is coming from the teams. And now we are making ready the put up-season check in Abu Dhabi the set your entire teams hang the different to envision the final model of the product for next year and earn valuable data and this is the set we are for the time being.


Q: You’re sorting out next week with Alpine at Magny-Cours. Why Magny-Cours?

MI: On memoir of there are no longer many circuits the set we are in a position to bustle a wet check in a relentless situations. Magny-Cours is equipped with some tanks – they don’t hang sprinklers however they are able to wet the circuit slightly successfully. You wish a circuit that is flat with the intention to abet consistency within the level of water. Within the previous we did a check in Abu Dhabi, let’s suppose, all the plot in which thru the evening. Obviously Magny-Cours is nearer, compared to Abu Dhabi, and it’s a method also to envision the tyre on a assorted circuit, compared to Paul Ricard – that is our reference circuit for wet-climate sorting out.


Q: Can we throw it attend to Zandvoort now? Inconceivable hunch song, the drivers beloved it, did the tyres behave as you expected thru the banked corners there?

MI: Yeah, and on account of the simulation that we bought from the teams we had the possibility to employ into memoir the extra load and stress that is thanks to the banking and pick the staunch compounds. And likewise, give them proscriptions for the tyres in Zandvoort. Attempting at the tyres after the hunch, they had been performing as expected. The entire three compounds had been gorgeous for the hunch, they had been working slightly successfully, teams had the possibility to protect shut assorted solutions and that is the final aim for us. So, slightly delighted with the selection, and likewise the behaviour of the tyres all the plot in which thru the hunch. That used to be very unique for us. We had customarily no data on the song roughness. That might likely maybe be valuable for us to know upfront.




Q: (Luke Smith – Autosport) Count on for Mattia. Mattia, you’ve spoken about Mick Schumacher’s development thru his rookie season, earlier this year. There does seem like a little bit of a plan back brewing at Haas between Mick and his team-mate Nikita Mazepin. I staunch desired to know what create of information do you hang of it? Are you maintaining an look on the plan back there, and the plot in which it might likely maybe likely influence Mick’s building?

MB: What you’re bringing up is something that with out a doubt the Haas team main is managing. As Ferrari, we’re no longer coming into those valuable aspects and even no longer too mindful. We’re more focussed on Mick, thru development. We acknowledged that this season for him used to be valuable to no longer hang too out of the ordinary tension, however to make certain he used to be repeatedly bettering thru trip and utilizing. I specialize in Mick is doing thoroughly, it is a prime season, with out a doubt there are things that is also addressed or improved however as a prime season, I specialize in he’s doing a respectable job. Totally contented to look for the progress. Now I specialize in next year will as successfully be valuable for him. A 2nd year. I specialize in by then we are in a position to demand a step thru move and, let me suppose, consistency however up to now, delighted. And, as I acknowledged, whatever is occurring interior the Haas team, that’s no longer in actuality our affair.


Q: (Edd Straw – The Whisk) Count on for Mattia please. You spoke some time within the past a number of few engine upgrades which would be coming within the 2nd half of of this season. Enact you hang any replace on the time desk for that – and when those final few energy unit upgrades will be launched?

MB: We’re working very laborious to hang them prepared as quickly as that you would imagine. It’s a alternate in technology on the hybrid aspect. So that you might well introduce them, we favor first to transfer the supplies, and being unhealthy supplies, you’ll need formal homologations and certifications for it. So it’s no longer easiest a matter of growing the hybrid system on the dynos and to by some ability likely maybe tag their reliability, however there might be a form of aspects that must always level-headed be addressed sooner than to hang them on hand heading within the suitable route. Within the intervening time, there might be not any longer a hunch that is role. It’ll be as quickly as that you would imagine on account of we imagine working it as out of the ordinary as we are in a position to this season will be of interest for next season. So, confidently this might well likely maybe likely also be within the following races and intensely quickly.


Q: ( Erwin Jaeggi – motorsport.com) Motorsport Network is working a global Scheme 1 fan gaze in association with Scheme 1, and among the questions is one about forcing the drivers to make stutter of all three tyre compounds all the plot in which thru a huge prix. There used to be talk about this a number of years within the past. Has it been discussed more no longer too long within the past and what do you think of the premise?

MI: Yeah, it used to be discussed a number of years within the past and the conclusion used to be that forcing the drivers to make stutter of the three compounds, the final consequence is also that all americans is correct converging on the identical method, so any time that you give more constraint, you hang all americans doing the identical, that will not be any longer within the spirit of what we are attempting to do. It plot a combination of one- and two-conclude solutions the stutter of the three assorted compounds and so forth and so forth, no longer having all americans stopping at the identical lap and altering the tyres the stutter of the identical sequence of compounds. So, that’s why the premise used to be abandoned a number of years within the past. Obviously it is something we are in a position to discuss for the future – however I imagine that, as I acknowledged, we favor a laws that is straightforward to brand also for spectators. Obviously encouraging assorted solutions however no longer making too out of the ordinary annoying with a form of more than a number of constraints and so forth, and so forth. That’s doubtlessly the aim for the future.


Q: (Dieter Rencken – Racing Lines) Mattia, Ross Brawn says that Scheme 1 is doubtlessly making speed races standalone events as a replace of a qualifying session. Are you a) in favour of speed events in any format and b) would making them standalone events devalue the huge prix, in that there would two reputable winners over the hunch weekend?

MB: After the very first time we had the speed qualifying hunch this season we had been all distinct and I specialize in that as a prime strive it used to be with out a doubt attention-grabbing. We acknowledged before the entire thing we must always level-headed are trying to do the experiment sooner than  to hang a final judgement. Obviously here in Monza is the 2nd strive and we are in a position to hang a third one this season. And I specialize in really it is simply too early to protect shut. I specialize in I acknowledged it within the very commence of the press conference this weekend might likely maybe very successfully be attention-grabbing besides a consequence of there’ll be that assorted format compared to the long-established one. So I specialize in that with out a doubt having the quali on a Friday, having easiest one hour for the drivers to be prepared for it and turning then into a parc ferme is something that is attention-grabbing on account of it jeopardises by some ability likely maybe the total balance between the teams. So in favour customarily talking and I’m slightly distinct  we are in a position to tackle it thru valuable aspects, there are things that is also improved. Nonetheless I specialize in those ones… all over again, we is also open-minded to discuss with F1, FIA and the assorted teams however I specialize in we are in a position to easiest do it when the three races and the pudgy experiment will be concluded. I’m very delighted to hear that there are assorted proposals, admire let’s suppose from drivers, that the quali on Friday is atmosphere the grid on Sunday and having a mini hunch on Saturday with the inverse grid primarily based mostly compared the he championship, whatever suggestions is also attention-grabbing however I specialize in it is simply too early to think and protect shut.


Q: Enact you admire the premise of a reverse grid on Saturday?

MB: I love it. I love it on account of I specialize in for the show and spectacle it is also of interest. On the very commence of the dialogue of the mini hunch format as Ferrari we had been the one proposing it. On memoir of I specialize in whatever is your non-public dwelling within the classification by some ability likely maybe that’s bringing some extra spectacle and that’s valuable for our followers and it’s valuable for the leisure that F1 might likely maybe likely supply.


Q: (Luke Smith – Autosport) Mattia, you spoke about Antonio Giovinazzi and his future and what might likely maybe likely happen next year. If Alfa Romeo did go down a assorted route with its drivers what would you do with Antonio? Would you glance to situation him in other locations within the Ferrari family?

MB: That’s something on which we’re no longer starting discussing with him. Loads will rely on what he’s prepared [to do] and what’s Antonio’s interest for the future. Nonetheless I specialize within the principle efforts must always level-headed be to examine out to glean a situation and a seat in F1 for him and that’s the set we are entirely centered for the time being.


Q: (Luke Smith – Autosport) I desired to deplete on the Motorsport Network fan gaze that’s being performed along with F1. For every, how valuable is it to earn these surveys performed to earn the fan thought in what they’re attempting to look for from our sport?

MI: It’s in actuality valuable on account of we invest within the game for the success of the game, so it is valuable to brand and to know what the followers favor. Any concept, any suggestions is valuable and we would love to employ into memoir the entire thing. Then clearly there are assorted valuable aspects and ache to brand and analyse on the different hand it is valuable to hang a feedback. I did the gaze myself so it’s valuable.

MB: Doing surveys is continuously valuable on account of you’ve bought the feedback however I specialize in what’s more valuable then is to analyse fairly the feedback and the implications of the gaze to fabricate the staunch and generous judgement and within the extinguish to set actions in situation. So surveys are with out a doubt valuable however fundamental is what you is likely to be doing with it. 

(Segment Two): Franz TOST (AlphaTauri), Frédéric VASSEUR (Alfa Romeo)



Q: Fred, there might be an dreadful lot going on within the enviornment of Alfa Romeo for the time being, so it’s doubtlessly easiest to do it in chronological command. So first, will we staunch earn a word on Robert Kubica’s efficiency final weekend at Zandvoort. Did he shock you?

Frédéric VASSEUR:  Undoubtedly, yes, on account of he did a worthwhile job, He jumped into the car on Saturday morning. I specialize in that Zandvoort will not be any longer an effortless one. We noticed on Friday in FP1 and FP2 that the incompatibility between the drivers used to be mountainous, out of the ordinary bigger than anywhere else, and Robert had to leap into the car at the final minute for FP3. IO specialize in he did thoroughly in FP3 and quali and I used to be far more surprised after the hunch on account of that used to be the principle time for him to force the car with high gas since 2019 and at the conclude he did a worthwhile job. He had an best fight with Seb Vettel and he used to be even in a position to overhaul Latifi into the final lap. I hope that he loved the weekend and that used to be also fragment of this and now he is attend into the car in Monza from the starting set of the weekend, with a assorted plot and I hope that he’ll do an best all over again.


Q: He’s bought a out of the ordinary smoother commence into the weekend, starting in FP1. What are your hopes for him here?

FV: Even though he has the trip of final week, it’s slightly a annoying stutter on account of after Zandvoort Monza will most likely be no longer one of the best one. It’s a in actuality low downforce song and likewise it is best to glean the braking reference and so forth. Nonetheless I specialize in it’s OK. He has a form of trip. He’s in a position to raise his bear move all the plot in which thru the weekend. It’s a long plot till Sunday and I’m distinct that he’ll do an best job.


Q: Enact you demand Kimi to be attend in Russia. How is he and what hang you ever heard from him?

FV: I spoke with Kimi this week. He’s OK and he has no giant symptoms. Nonetheless you appreciate the protocol that while you is likely to be tested distinct that it is best to protect 10 days in isolation. It plot 10 days is Sunday or Monday and I hope that he’ll be attend in Sochi for distinct.


Q: Let’s talk about your most well-liked driver announcement – Valtteri Bottas joining the team next season. Why Valtteri?

FV: Why no longer? No, however he’s a frontrunner within the championship over the final 5 years. Within the occasion you evaluate with Lewis, he had continuously a huge efficiency in quali, he used to be something 0.2 per cent off reasonable and he’ll suppose also his bear trip and the reality he labored with Mercedes will be an asset for distinct. And referring to Valtteri I specialize within the assorted point is that from his bear aspect I specialize in he wants to hang a mid-timeframe project, it is a in actuality valuable step, and likewise so that you will most likely be by some ability likely maybe the chief of the team and he used to be continuously next to Lewis and he’ll must employ more accountability with us for distinct and this might well likely maybe be a ache for Valtteri however I specialize in he is able to do it.


Q: You labored with him within the junior categories, what are Valtteri’s standout qualities?

FV: For me he is a competitor. I have in mind completely the season in GP3 in 2010 or ‘11 the commence used to be annoying however then he used to be in a position to set the entire thing collectively and to raise six or seven races in a row. Within the occasion you use a look over the final 10 years he used to be continuously on the rostrum, continuously battling for pole positions and this is valuable on account of it’s a more or much less training to be at the front of the grid and for distinct he’ll suppose his mountainous trip to the team.


Q: And when will we demand info on the identity of your 2nd driver for next year?

FV: As quickly because the willpower will be made! We continuously acknowledged that we desired to employ a look also on the junior sequence. It plot that they are doing two races in a row in Monza and Sochi and doubtlessly by the conclude of September, with my shareholders, that we are going to discuss the purpose.


Q: Are you able to characterize us who’s on the shortlist?

FV: I don’t are attempting to come up with names on account of if I neglect somebody this might well likely maybe likely also be a drama. Nonetheless you might likely maybe do the list by yourself.


Q: Are you able to characterize us what number of drivers your are talking to?

FV:  It’s no longer on account of you is likely to be talking to somebody that he is on the list. I specialize in that Franz will most likely be talking with half of of the grid on account of we are working within the identical paddock, on the different hand it will not be any longer on account of you is likely to be talking with something that you in actuality are attempting to hang the car within the car next year. You realize that the list there doubtlessly 5 or six names on the list. Let’s seek for.


Q: Franz, you is likely to be returning to Monza because the remainder champions, doubtlessly the most well-liked winners of the Italian Large Prix. Can we commence by getting your recollections of final year?

Franz TOST: For certain the recollections are very distinct and it used to be very emotional to raise as an Italian team the Italian Large Prix here in Monza. Nonetheless you appreciate this is previous and now we must always level-headed be concentrated to this hunch weekend. Your next step is the qualifying and the speed qualifying and the hunch and I hope that we are going to be aggressive, that Pierre will be interior the principle 5 or six automobiles after which we are in a position to hunt for.


Q: I do know you might want to always heart of attention on this weekend however I did are attempting to throw it attend to Zandvoort and talk about Pierre’s force to fourth situation. How gorgeous used to be he final weekend?

FT: He did an out of this world qualifying and in any case a proper gorgeous hunch. It used to be this kind of controlled hunch from his aspect. It used to be at this kind of high, passe level that it used to be in actuality fun on the pit wall to envision him, on account of he had the entire thing below alter. After the commence, when he kept the Ferraris late him, it used to be Leclerc, which used to be slightly shut, after which how he managed the tyres used to be in actuality very gorgeous and yeah, how he did the pit stops and the entire thing, how he overtook Alonso used to be an foremost fragment within the hunch and on account of this truth he deserved this fourth situation. It used to be an out of this world force from his aspect.


Q: Became once it doubtlessly the most efficient hunch he’s performed for you?

FT: Basically the most efficient hunch used to be final year, on account of he received. This time he used to be easiest fourth. He did an out of this world hunch in Baku, when he executed third. I have in mind attend in Sao Paulo final year, the fight in opposition to Hamilton for the 2nd situation. This used to be also a in actuality gorgeous hunch. No, there are a number of very generous races Pierre Gasly confirmed us.


Q: We’ve talked a lot about Pierre and in any case Yuki’s staying with the team as successfully next year; you’ve bought the identical driver line-up. Became once it ever uncertain?

FT: For me, in my thought, no longer, on account of this command day while you suppose a rookie into Scheme 1 it is best to present him time. Scheme 1 is mostly so complex, is so annoying that you would’t demand a younger man coming, exhibiting to the skilled drivers the set to transfer. No. Yuki, up to now has performed a fairly gorgeous job. He used to be like a flash, he executed in Budapest on the sixth situation and his first hunch he used to be ninth in Bahrain. For certain he had some crashes however I continuously suppose the atomize length is fragment of the learning course of, how will somebody glean the limit if he’s no longer allowed to atomize. Now I hope that this atomize length is executed now. We’re attempting ahead to the 2nd half of of the season even supposing this can no longer develop into an effortless one on account of all these younger drivers don’t know either The usa or Mexico nor Sao Paulo, nor Turkey. Saudi Arabia no person knows which plot that there’s a form of work in front of us to suppose him on an best level however, beside Pierre Gasly, who’s with out a doubt one of the fastest drivers in Scheme 1 this command day, he can learn a lot, he can evaluate the details and along with his abilities, I specialize in that he’ll shut this gap and I’m attempting ahead to this driver line-up next year after we are in a position to hang a novel automobile, so at least we are in a position to hang a relentless and that’s valuable for us.




Q: (Christian Nimmervoll – motorsport.com) Franz, it is a little bit of a hypothetical one however I specialize in you hang data from the simulator which is able to hang your acknowledge doubtlessly. Max is broadly regarded as with out a doubt one of the fastest if no longer the fastest drivers in Scheme 1. Within the occasion you would sit in an Alpha Tauri as a replace of in a Red Bull, do you think he might likely maybe likely have the choice to ranking long-established podiums and the occasional victory?

FT: Phew. I would protect shut to hang him within the team. You realize we had him already, yeah? It’s a hypothetical quiz on account of we must no longer neglect Red Bull Technology, for me, is doubtlessly the most skilled and easiest do neighborhood in Scheme 1 and the Red Bull automobile is for distinct customarily quicker than the Scuderia Alpha Tauri automobile on account of they’re working on any other level, they’ve out of the ordinary for folks, on account of this truth there might be extra money and they’re doubtlessly the most efficient engineers working there and on account of this truth I specialize in that Max has an out of this world automobile.


Q: (Alan 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley – Reuters) Fred, I take care of that you don’t are attempting to present away too out of the ordinary data about drivers you would also very successfully be talking to however Guangyu Zhou has been making a form of headlines no longer too long within the past and seriously hypothesis about him becoming the principle Chinese Scheme 1 driver with Alfa Romeo. Are you able to staunch ascertain: is he to your list and the plot in which gorgeous a possibility has he bought?

FV: He’s admire the assorted front runners in F2. He’s doing an best job in F2, he’s received a number of races from the starting set of the season however as with the three assorted guys in a position to do pole situation however you appreciate that F2 this season is a little bit assorted compared to the previous on account of there are easiest four events up to now however on annoying tracks since the principle one used to be Bahrain, then they went to Monaco, Baku and the fourth one used to be Silverstone. I specialize in Monza and Sochi are a little bit more venerable and let’s employ a hang a examine the evolution of the younger ones however then we are in a position to hunt for what occurs and we are there.


Q: Fred, on the self-discipline of younger drivers, Scott Mitchell from The Whisk has sent this e-mail quiz and he says: you’ve acknowledged sooner than that you don’t are attempting to flee things with Theo Pourchaire. If he’s no longer an Alfa Romeo driver in 2022, does that mean whoever you do pick to be Valtteri’s teammate is likely to easiest be signed on a twelve months deal sooner than Theo is then promoted in 2023?

FV: Enable us to look for who might likely maybe likely be the person alongside Valtteri sooner than discussing the contract. Referring to Theo, he is doing an best job, that he did two mountainous performances, in Monaco used to be an best one for me, however also Silverstone. And then we must let Theo hang time to enhance and to raise no longer easiest the move on account of he has the flee however your entire training round this. He used to be 17 two months within the past, I hope that he bought his utilizing licence within the summer time time! And that we must employ time. As Franz acknowledged sooner than, F1 is highly annoying. Now we hang a in actuality restricted selection of locations; next year we hang a novel automobile that doubtlessly your entire teams can hang or might likely maybe likely hang reliability disorders which plot that we might likely maybe likely near in Bahrain with very low mileage and we must employ into memoir this also and for the drivers it’s never easy. It’s a ache however we must give them time for this for distinct.


Q: (Ronald Vording – motorsport.com) Fred, any other one on the driver line-up next year. Currently there’s been a form of talk about Nyck de Vries within the Scheme 1 paddock. Is he level-headed to your list, so among the drivers that you is likely to be pondering for next year and the apply-up to that, how out of the ordinary of a plan back is it that Nyck is level-headed a Mercedes driver? I do know that you’ve acknowledged sooner than that you is likely to be the one to protect shut on the line-up and no longer Ferrari however is that a plan back whatsoever that he’s a Mercedes driver and likewise you is likely to be level-headed the stutter of Ferrari energy objects?

FV: For distinct it’s no longer doubtlessly the most delighted plan back. I specialize in Nyck did an best job within the junior sequence, that he received the F2 with ART, he received the Scheme E this season and he did an best job when he jumped into the car in F1 in Abu Dhabi final year, I specialize in. I do know him thoroughly, on account of he drove for ART a number of years within the previous, however I specialize within the plan back with Mercedes, it’s no longer an effortless one. And… you is likely to be doing the list, I’m no longer doing the list!


Q: (Luke Smith – Autosport) Franz, about any other with out a doubt one of your former drivers, Alexander Albon who will be coming round all over again to F1 next season with Williams. How delighted are you to look for him earn attend on the F1 grid. I do know you easiest labored collectively for a immediate timeframe however what are the significant strengths and property that he’ll suppose to Williams next season?

FT: Neatly, I’m in actuality delighted that he is attend in Scheme 1 on account of he deserves a Scheme 1 seat. Alex is a like a flash driver, he’s a passe driver and I specialize in that next year Williams can hang a in actuality earn driver line-up.


Q: (Dieter Rencken – Racing Lines) To every of you: Ross Brawn has acknowledged that Scheme 1 is doubtlessly making speed races stand-alone events as a replace of qualifying sessions, so are you a) in favour of the speed events in any format and b) would making them stand-alone events devalue the Large Prix in that there might likely maybe likely be two reputable winners in a weekend?

FT: Initially, I specialize within the unique format is an best recommendation on account of now we hang on Friday a highlight with the qualifying and Saturday is speed qualifying and on Sunday the hunch however in any case we continuously must do the entire thing that the highlight of the weekend must always level-headed be the hunch on Sunday and I specialize in doubtlessly the most well-liked format which we hang, this is the speed qualifying, is an best possibility of duvet all this. I don’t specialize in it’s an best solution for every hunch song however… on account of in Monaco or Budapest it might likely maybe likely develop into annoying thanks to the overtaking plan back however customarily I’m in favour of this unique format. How we do it, in detail, with the speed… yeah, something we must discuss however all over all over again, the hunch on Sunday must protect there, entirely the highlight.

FV: I specialize in that all of us agreed, a number of months within the past, when the FOM proposed the speed hunch, to do the check on three assorted tracks, to do a reside experiment, and I specialize in it is incandescent to transfer till the conclude of the check on account of it went slightly out of the ordinary in Silverstone. We would love to employ a hang a examine what might likely maybe likely happen in Monza after which on any other song in Sao Paulo after which we are in a position to hunt for if we must alternate it or no longer however I specialize in that this can manufacture sense to employ a hang a examine what we are doing, the plot in which it’s working after which to protect shut to alternate after.


Q: (Alan 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley – Reuters) Fred, I’m no longer convinced you in actuality answered my earlier quiz. Is Guangyu Zhou below consideration as an Alfa driver?

FV: Zhou is doing an best job in F2; for distinct he’s on the list. It’s easiest on account of the reality that he’s Chinese, that he’s a front runner in F2. He’s received some races and I specialize in each team in F1 is him, however now, as I acknowledged sooner than, however we hang the principle four events went a little bit assorted. Now they’re coming attend to more peculiar tracks and the younger guys in F2 hang more trip after which we are in a position to hunt for in two or three events the set we are what’s the evolution of each driver in F2.


Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Whisk) Franz, Yuki’s talked a lot in regards to the plan back of dropping self belief when he’s had crashes or setbacks. Enact you think, confirming him for 2022 slightly early, will attend him rebuild his self belief because it exhibits you and the team hang faith in him?

FT: Yeah, in any case this helps, on account of he knows he’s with the team – and as I’ve already mentioned sooner than – the 2nd half of of the season will no longer develop into in actuality easy as he’ll be on hunch tracks that he doesn’t know however then all over again he is bettering his efficiency, he’s doing an best job and on account of this truth, parallel to this, he’ll also enhance his self-self belief and in any case, while you atomize with a Scheme 1 automobile, at increased speeds, it’s no longer an effortless one staunch to employ it away however I specialize in that Yuki has the nature to earn attend his self-self belief the more laps that’s doing, the upper this might well likely maybe likely also be.


Q: (Luke Smith – Autosport) Fred, we know that Alfa Romeo did explicit an interest to Red Bull about doubtlessly Alex Albon for next year; might likely maybe likely you talk us thru how far negotiations went and are you disappointed that he signed for Williams and no longer for you?

FV: I specialize in that this it is best to quiz to Alex more than myself however I hang a number of discussions with Alex, I’ve identified him for a in actuality very long time and I appreciate the selection of Alex, no longer an plan back.


Q: (Christian Nimmervoll – motorsport.com) Fred, Michael Andretti has no longer too long within the past confirmed his interest into procuring into an F1 team. Is Sauber Motorsport within the marketplace if the staunch purchaser with the staunch situations came along?

FV: First, I specialize in it’s no longer the case and on high of this, I’m the CEO of the firm, I’m working the firm however I specialize in if in some unspecified time in the future this more or much less dialogue happened, it received’t be with me, this might well likely maybe likely also be with my shareholders.



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