1 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes) 

2 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Purple Bull Racing)

3 – Daniel RICCIARDO (McLaren)


(Conducted by Davide Valsecchi) 

Q: Unbelievable efficiency Daniel, you’ve been ready a limited long to be appropriate. Wide demonstrate. Congratulations!

Daniel Riccirado: Grazie, Davide. Yeah, it’s been a protracted time to be in this location. It’s appropriate to be help. Tomorrow is the main one but we maintain a location from Valtteri’s considerations so we’re on the entrance row, and that’s been a protracted time, so very fully jubilant for that.

Q: Tomorrow, originate and first nook could per chance even be the predominant of the jog. Are you alarmed or are you going to be beefy assault?

DR: Paunchy assault. Paunchy assault. I imply this present day that’s what gave me the likelihood. A appropriate originate… I believed perchance I could pick up Max in Turn 1 but he had the inside of, so I scrutinize forward to tomorrow.

Q: Max, interpret me please in regards to the jog? How is the feeling to be here in Monza and how is the feeling to be beginning tomorrow in pole location?

Max VERSTAPPEN: First of all, it’s unbelievable to be here to scrutinize the total Italian followers all over again. They are incredibly contemplating motor sport on the total, so big to scrutinize you. For plod, the jog, a limited bit bit better than expected. We had a appropriate originate and got up to second, so we scored some high-quality limited ingredients. Starting on pole for tomorrow. On the opposite hand they restful seem very speedily but I changed into as soon as giving it all to try and hold terminate. It’s going to be a though-provoking fight tomorrow.

Q: In regards to basically the most jog. McLaren is terribly excessive level, Mercedes are very excessive level and the straights are very long. How is it going to be tomorrow?

MV:  I in fact have to state we did clear our automobile to contain first price top jog so I’m now not too terrified about our top jog within the jog. But we also know that Mercedes they’ve very appropriate hotfoot over the total lap. But nonetheless we’re going to try and contain a appropriate jog tomorrow.

Q: Valtteri, extremely fully jubilant for you, very most though-provoking jog, big originate, implausible hotfoot. How is your feeling since you deserve it this present day?

Valtteri BOTTAS: Thank you. I feel appropriate. It feels delight in it’s been a whereas since I performed first in a jog. Unfortunately, I’m beginning from the help tomorrow, but the price is there so I would per chance be combating and I would per chance be coming as excessive as I will tomorrow. But this present day, I pick up pleasure from. It changed into as soon as a truly dapper jog and we had appropriate hotfoot and yeah, very appropriate.

Q: You need to perchance well be doing an even attempting weekend. Show me please about tomorrow. It’s in fact easy to overtake vehicles that are slower than you? Due to this present day Hamilton struggled a limited. How is it going to be tomorrow?

VB: It’s now not going to be easy, that’s for particular. When there is a put collectively of vehicles with DRS it’s now not easy but obviously strategy-wise we restful contain free sequence of tyre at the originate so let’s behold if we are going to be in a position to produce one thing. I will give it all I in fact contain, I will promise that.

Q: And are you playing this medal, because that changed into as soon as the Olympic champion?

VB: Certain, very high-quality. Very cool.


Q: Well performed Valtteri, that perceived to be the very ideal Flee for you?

VB: Yeah it changed into as soon as appropriate, a appropriate jog. The total lot went simply. I had a appropriate originate and that changed into as soon as surely the principal main ingredient within the jog. A appropriate originate and the auto changed into as soon as very fixed right via that jog qualifying jog ingredient. I didn’t in fact produce any errors. I knew Max changed into as soon as attempting inviting at the help of. The gap changed into as soon as ravishing fixed. I changed into as soon as appropriate pushing flat out in fact and at the same time avoiding errors. No dramas.

Q: One presumably apprehensive second could per chance well wish been the re-originate after the Safety Car, but you managed that correctly.

VB: Yeah, the re-originate is truly a limited volatile here being within the lead, it’s a protracted main straight but fortunately I had pretty a appropriate jump via the relaxation nook and right via the straight and I could per chance well hold the gap.

Q: Is there a tinge of frustration lustrous that you just are going to originate from the help tomorrow owing to the grid penalties associated with the swap of the energy unit.

VB: What can I dispute! It’s been a truly most though-provoking weekend to this point after which I in fact contain a grid penalty. But that happens. On the opposite hand it’s appropriate to scrutinize that now we contain got a get automobile and now we contain got appropriate hotfoot, so I’ll be combating tomorrow to return as excessive as I will tomorrow.  

Q: What produce you mediate it is most likely you’ll perchance well per chance produce tomorrow?

VB: Podium is most likely. Something is most likely, to be appropriate, while you scrutinize at the jog remaining year, what came about. You by no methodology know. I’ll retain pushing.

Q: Max, coming to you, that must trip down as a appropriate day at the placement of labor for you?

MV: I mediate it changed into as soon as a appropriate day for us. Tremendous originate and from there onwards I attempted surely to coach Valtteri round, even supposing I mediate we lacked a limited bit bit of hotfoot to in fact mount a trouble but I appropriate tried to elevate within the tow a limited. Yeah, from our aspect, it changed into as soon as appropriate. Two ingredients scored and, surely, beginning first tomorrow. Tranquil, I don’t request it to be a truly easy and uncomplicated jog because Valtteri coming from the help but as well, surely, Lewis beginning in P4, they’ve pretty a couple of hotfoot. Yeah, we’ll behold what we are going to be in a position to produce against them.

Q: As you dispute, you’re beginning from pole. How main is pole location here at Monza?

MV: While you happen to pick up cleanly via Turns 1 and a pair of surely it’s very appropriate. It’s restful pretty a first price bustle to Turn 1 – but overall while you appropriate contain a appropriate originate it ought to be enough to defend. So, yeah, let’s behold tomorrow.

Q: And Max, with one less be aware session this weekend, are there extra unknowns going into the big prix?

MV: No longer in fact. We had FP2 the set aside we did long runs and naturally we did the jog now, so I mediate it’s ravishing easy. Everybody knows what now we contain got to produce, we know the set aside we’re lacking but, surely, , you would possibly now not swap that, so yeah, we’ll appropriate attempt and produce the only real we are going to be in a position to in tomorrow’s jog.

Q: Daniel, coming to you, many congratulations. A entrance-row originate for you tomorrow. Gigantic second.

DR: It’s been a whereas. It’s been a whereas since a entrance row, so due to Valtteri for that – sorry about it! But I pronounce I in fact have to thank you.

VB: No worries!

DR: … It’s cool. First time obviously up here within the Flee as correctly. For particular I’m fully jubilant. Yeah, we’ve got the immense one tomorrow. I mediate I’ve performed the job this present day, ticked the box to pick up me in an even bigger beginning location, entrance row. Maybe Mexico changed into as soon as the relaxation time Max and I were on the entrance row? You’re nodding your head, so I bear in mind. Yeah, taking a scrutinize forward to that and expectantly now we contain got get hotfoot delight in we did this present day. It’s now not enough, it wasn’t enough for Max and Valtteri this present day but I felt delight in I changed into as soon as in a situation to elevate on to Third ravishing very simply, so we’ll attempt and learn a limited from this present day and negate that for tomorrow to wait on us up in this room.

Q: Discuss us via the outlet 10 seconds of the jog – since it got ravishing tight down into Turn 1.

DR: It did. It changed into as soon as a appropriate originate. I knew I had a appropriate start. As quickly as you fall the snatch you appropriate know. It appropriate bites and grips and tells us ‘we’re on here’. And then I had a appropriate tow and I had also a clear line braking for Turn 1. So I changed into as soon as in a situation to transfer pretty deep and by perchance I could per chance well pick up Max for a second but then he had the inside of for one and I mediate, if I stayed there, and tried to wait on the inside of for two, I don’t mediate there changed into as soon as enough room for two vehicles, so I… someone appropriate this present day I mediate because then perchance Gasly went into the help of me within the apex of two, so I don’t know. It changed into as soon as appropriate tight but that’s the principal chicane. It changed into as soon as appropriate appropriate, inviting racing and clearly I got Lando and Lewis so it changed into as soon as restful a appropriate first lap for me.

Q: And also you were on the comfy tyre. How did they lengthen over the 18 laps?

DR: They were alright. They were ravishing appropriate basically. Obviously we had a Safety Car, which took a couple of laps out of the jog but on the total it changed into as soon as ravishing first price. It’s appropriate inviting because these guys pulled away and also you don’t know if there’s any tyre in that’s appropriate their automobile jog. It changed into as soon as fully jubilant enough for me within the market so I mediate it changed into as soon as a tender Saturday. Yeah, Saturday!


Q: (Alan 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley – Reuters) Daniel, it’s been 9 years since McLaren won a jog. Are you ready to dream tomorrow, produce you mediate you’ve got a likelihood?

DR: I’ll presumably dream a limited bit bit about it tonight, and I’m ready to attain that a fact for particular. Moreover, for McLaren it’s been a protracted time, for me it’s been a protracted time so yeah, it’s positively refreshing to be help up here and yeah, we’re terminate. About a things could per chance well want to swing in our favour tomorrow but we’ll no doubt build ourselves within the fight, within the hunt. So yeah, very inflamed to pick up going with that, and attempt and maintain some appropriate stuff happen. Obviously they were second here remaining year so yeah, we’re there or thereabouts. I’m hungry. Anybody who noticed me after qualifying the day gone by, I mediate they’re now not shocked about this this present day.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Max, changed into as soon as there a second the set aside you roughly settled for second, lustrous that you just are going to originate on the entrance row from pole tomorrow, or were you pushing via to try and pick up Valtteri this present day?

MV: Appropriate wise pushing, appropriate to scrutinize what the hotfoot is at. Valtteri changed into as soon as already a limited up the road after one or two laps so appropriate behold what the auto changed into as soon as at, but surely I by no methodology in fact felt delight in an overtake changed into as soon as on. Appropriate attempt and wait on terminate and behold the set aside we are going to be in a position to toughen with the bundle, and behold how their automobile runs over kerbs, corners, cornering speeds and stuff, all all these objects. Yeah, I also knew, surely, although I appropriate would contain stayed in second, I originate first tomorrow.

Q: (Edd Straw – The Flee) Valtteri, obviously you’ve performed a gigantic job the relaxation couple of days. You’ve successfully taken pole location twice, yet obviously the epic books won’t replicate it. That you just can engage personal pride, but how traumatic is it that there’s nearly no recognition within the epic books of what you’ve performed over the past two days and also you’ll always contain that pole location or qualifying accumulate, while you delight in, lacking from your statistics?

VB: For particular it’s tense, , having performed a appropriate remaining two days and appropriate efficiency after which you roughly reset fully for the day after and originate from the help, but those things are out of my fingers so I’m now not going to crash an excessive amount of vitality or be too negative about it because there’s nothing, fully I will produce about it and the only real ingredient I will produce is attempt my easiest and trip beefy gas tomorrow but now not decrease than I got three ingredients. Every point counts for me personally and for us as a crew.

Q: Aspects… and a medal!

VB: And a dazzling medal, plod!

Q: (Christian Nimmervoll – motorsport.com) Daniel, to engage the comfy tyre, accumulate one other location at the originate, that sounds delight in a high-quality strategy for the jog tomorrow. How did the tyre lengthen for you this present day and produce you mediate it’s going to be a appropriate jog tyre?

DR: It changed into as soon as ravishing appropriate. Yeah, we knew obviously that with the fast jog as correctly, appropriate attempt and engage what it is most likely you’ll perchance well per chance but you also don’t in fact know what the others are going to produce. I didn’t request every person round to be on medium. I mediate most were so that you just appropriate don’t know and since it’s a novel structure, it’s easiest the second time that we’ve performed this form of weekend, I mediate every person’s restful looking to resolve it out but scrutinize, personally speaking it labored correctly for me this present day so fully jubilant with that and I’ll originate on a supersoft tomorrow!

Q: Can I throw this to you two. How seriously did you engage into epic the comfy tyre this present day?

VB: Regarded as, plod, for particular but yeah, obviously ended up with the medium but it surely wasn’t a truly easy decision.

MV: Same.

Q: (Alan 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley – Reuters) Valtteri, the controversy after the day gone by’s qualifying changed into as soon as all about crew orders and how it is most likely you’ll perchance well likely have to present the accumulate to Lewis this present day. Obviously that didn’t happen. Appropriate how were you feeling about that, earlier than the originate and clearly as the jog improved?

VB:  It shouldn’t contain been the principal time for me, obviously and the topic with the championship, for us… In an very ideal world we would contain both got a appropriate originate. Maybe we would contain swapped positions if it changed into as soon as honorable, for evident causes, but yeah, Lewis had a harmful originate and that surely is now not big for him, now not big for us as a crew by manner of ingredients but that gave me one more to accumulate the jog which is clearly, for me personally, is perfect that I could per chance well jog.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Daniel, could per chance well you appropriate interpret: did you feel the touch from Gasly between the principal and second corners? And after this present day while you were so terminate to getting sooner than the vehicles in entrance, the day gone by after qualifying you had some interior rage, were you in a situation to start that on the bustle to the principal nook?

DR: So, I didn’t feel the Gasly touch. I changed into as soon as appropriate suggested about it after, but no, I didn’t. And then, plod, the fashion!

MV: Destroyed the total room?

DR: This time I saved the room in a single part. Max knows. Infrequently I don’t retain it that cool, but yeah, I could dispute I frail some of that this present day and I will negate the remainder of it tomorrow. That’s all. As I acknowledged earlier than, I’m hungry, it’s been a protracted time since I’ve been up in this location, so obviously, yeah, I appropriate have to be help here and yeah, by no methodology recede.


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