1 – Daniel RICCIARDO (McLaren)

2 – Lando NORRIS (McLaren)

3 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes)


(Performed by David Coulthard) 

Q: Valtteri no longer a heinous weekend for you, first within the sprint the day before nowadays and third nowadays from the lend a hand of the grid. Talk us during the disappear?

Valtteri BOTTAS: Yeah, starting from the lend a hand it’s never easy. I suggested the crew that I was going to be on the podium nowadays and that’s what we did. I’m contented that we bought more factors than Crimson Bull and yeah, in every other case we maximised from the place I started. Obviously a disgrace with the break between Lewis and Max, we lost some factors there, nonetheless from my side it used to be factual relaxing.

Q: You dispute that break. Did you imagine it at all on the monumental monitors?  

VB: I didn’t imagine no doubt what came about.

Q: We’ve bought a replay for you whenever you’d must glance it for the principle time. Any preliminary feedback?

VB: I don’t know. It’s uncomfortable.

Q: I are aware of it takes time to digest. Sooner than the next disappear weekend I wager you now correct level of curiosity on ending out your profession with Mercedes with the very supreme outcomes?

VB: Yeah, thanks. A solid weekend from my side, the tempo has been factual, so this would perhaps well be optimistic to possess one week of relaxation after which we’ll scramble again.

Q: Lando, monumental smile! A no doubt vital day for McLaren, and amazingly McLaren is the supreme crew to catch a one-two this season. I do know which it’s seemingly you’ll possess most smartly-liked that you were a hit it nonetheless it completely’s a monumental moment for the crew and your race with them.  

Lando NORRIS: Yeah, initially monumental which capacity of each person, the total fans, the total crew. We’ve had a pretty awesome weekend. I don’t know, what four years I joined the crew and we’ve been practising this and we bought a one-two at final. A factual step for us. I’m happy for Daniel getting the clutch and me in P2. Pleasant happy for the crew.

Q: That’s gargantuan, nonetheless you is also a racer and we heard you on the radio giving Daniel the accelerate-up. Used to be there a moment the place you were hoping that presumably it can perhaps well very effectively be love earlier within the twelve months, in Imola, the place Daniel moved to at least one side and would possibly possibly possibly well reach through for the victory?  

LN: Finally. You’ve been in that inform sooner than, the place it’s essential to head for it nonetheless I’m additionally right here for the lengthy-time duration, I’m right here for the crew. I don’t know, it can perhaps possess ended up love the opposite two ended up. I’m correct happy. I’m happy ending 2d. I’m happy for Daniel in first inform. I’ll possess my likelihood within the extinguish, It’s all factual.

Q: Daniel Ricciardo, you’re a winner again? 

Daniel RICCIARDO:  Can I mutter?  

Q: No, you are going to be ready to’t.

DR: About [blank] time!

Q: Here is compulsory. Here is the place it no doubt came about for you firstly. Talk us through it.

DR: Yeah, i mean clearly it labored effectively for me the day before nowadays and I knew… To be correct, although we bought the starting up there used to be never a guarantee we’d lead your complete disappear, nonetheless I was ready to steal firm out front throughout the principle stint. I wouldn’t state we had mega velocity nonetheless it completely used to be ample to retain Max leisurely after which, I don’t know, there had been security autos and this and that. To lead literally from starting up to complete, I don’t mediate any of us anticipated that. But I don’t know, there used to be something in me on Friday. I knew something factual used to be to return. Let’s correct state that.

Q: Whatever that used to be that used to be in you on Friday, it’s essential to retain some of that for the next events. Here is a monumental day of birthday party for you as a driver and for McLaren as a crew on the way lend a hand. We’ve been waiting for you to conceal this more or less tempo and performance. Place us within the automobile. The final couple of races had been solid for you.

DR: Yeah, I’ve correct been sandbagging your complete twelve months! , thirds, fourths, fifths, you would possibly possibly possibly as effectively correct clutch. That’s what I did! , honestly, the August ruin is factual, correct to reset. I’ve felt better the final three weekends. To no longer simplest clutch, nonetheless to catch a one-two, it’s insane! For McLaren to be on the podium is monumental, let alone a one-two. Here is for crew papaya. For once, I’m lost for words.


Q: Expansive congratulations Daniel, correct give us a theory of what this means to you?

DR: Umm… It’s… Phew… Potentially that! I don’t know. I’ve done a few interviews since the disappear and I presumably stated something varied for every interview. Adore, nowadays used to be something nonetheless your complete twelve months has been something. One thing love a minute foreign for me, something that’s been more no longer easy I mediate than I’ve had sooner than. Obviously each person sees. We’re a world sport so each person has been attentive to a pair of the struggles I’ve had this twelve months. I mediate to return lend a hand from that, no longer simplest to know nonetheless as a crew to catch a one-two… I don’t know. It’s loopy. I mediate after Friday… even sooner than Friday, nonetheless I knew after Friday that we had something this weekend. I mediate that’s why I was so more or less love correct fired up because I knew it can perhaps had been a minute bit better and I correct didn’t desire to extinguish that probability and clearly I haven’t had that many this twelve months, or set up myself in that inform, so yeah, I mediate from that moment on it used to be comparatively mighty on.

Q: How vital is that this clutch for you?

DR:  It system all the pieces. I positively try no longer to, love, produce or dictate my life happiness across the game, because it’s been three and a half of years since I received, so I’d be comparatively miserable most of the time if I correct basically basically based mostly my happiness on a hit races. I mediate, love, through all of it and a lot has came about since Monaco 2018, so to be lend a hand right here on this moment that’s why we love the game. It makes all these crappier days price it and it’s as straight forward as that. There’s a high that you catch from this moment correct now that… I’ll presumably witness this interview in a few days and I’ll be love: ‘Oh, I no doubt stated that?’ I’m quiet floating correct now to be correct. That’s what it does. And that’s what draws you lend a hand. It’s wild.

VB: It’s the wine.

DR: Ha! Valtteri thinks it’s the bubbly. There would possibly possibly be presumably a minute of that. It’s correct wild nonetheless I no doubt… There had been lows this twelve months nonetheless deep down I never lost faith or the realizing. I mediate I additionally correct wished to step lend a hand and I mediate that’s the place having some time off in August helped. I no doubt mediate that helped this weekend catch to this inform.  

Q: Notify us relating to the tempo of the automobile within the disappear? How contented were you early on, within the lead, when the total frontrunners were quiet within the disappear?

DR: I mediate once I knew Max used to be… There had been some laps the place he pushed up closer nonetheless I never no doubt needed to wisely defend. He used to be there nonetheless I knew if I didn’t produce a mistake it used to be going to be no longer easy for him to… Unless he more or less sent a minute little bit of a Hail Mary, it used to be going to be subtle for him to circulation. I mediate the place I felt I was a minute inclined used to be on the close of that stint, the place the tyres were going off, nonetheless I mediate the others were struggling as effectively. So in my head I was thinking we were going to be inclined in that moment. I pitted and I mediate each person else pitted as effectively, so I mediate we were all struggling on the same moment. And it used to be then, when we came lend a hand out within the lead, then I was love ‘alright, we’ve bought this nowadays’, love unless something uncomfortable happens we are in a position to no doubt clutch this disappear. From that moment on it used to be love… I mediate that’s when any final little bit of perception you want you high it up and as well you’re love ‘alright, someone is going to desire to steal it from me nowadays, because in every other case we’re a hit this thing’.

Q: Very effectively done, Daniel, thank you. Lando, many congratulations. Your fifth podium ion Components and your simplest end result in F1 to this level. Give us a flavour of what this means to you?  

LN: I don’t know the place to starting up. I mediate it is optimistic. To be correct I don’t know what it system to me. The most vital thing it system to me is our unravel as a crew. Whether I’m 2d, third or first, I mediate the supreme thing is having that one-two for the crew and securing maximum factors and it’s correct this type of cool feeling to be part of this. A chunk lost for words in a system nonetheless I’m happy for myself, to be right here again, to possess accomplished the disappear the way we did, with the overtakes and the approach and the defending. But yeah, happy for Daniel and your complete crew because it’s a pretty awesome fulfillment for all of us.

Q: Successfully Lando, present us about some of that defensive riding you needed to achieve. Particularly in opposition to Lewis Hamilton early within the disappear.

LN: Yeah, I mediate I had a factual warm-up for that the day before nowadays with 18 laps attempting to defend from him. I would possibly possibly possibly well identify him out comparatively fleet, the place he used to be going to solid and stale and so on, and he used to be on the no longer easy tyre, so for the huge majority of it, I would possibly possibly possibly well steal him off moderately with out allege nonetheless the final two or three laps of the stint, the no longer easy tyre started to return lend a hand to him comparatively a lot – or the mediums started to tumble away so he no doubt bought past me, he then boxed and we overcut him straight away. So, it used to be… correct your complete disappear used to be annoying, no longer going to lie. There used to be no longer one moment the place I believed I would possibly possibly possibly well relax and correct chill-out a minute bit. But that positively makes it a minute more special, more worthwhile to more or less desire to no doubt work for it, and close up on this inform to catch past Charles as effectively on the restart, and so on. Yeah, positively makes it more worthwhile, so a complicated disappear, presumably made a minute bit more straightforward within the center after the pitstops with what came about – nonetheless it completely quiet wasn’t easy with what came about nonetheless quiet wasn’t easy from that level on, we quiet needed to work comparatively no longer easy for it. Yeah.

Q: Lando, you state you’re vastly cheerful with the crew end result, and rightly so, nonetheless when to procure the radio message to steal space, what used to be your reaction? Used to be there even a minute little bit of you thinking of disobeying that dispute?

LN: No. I purchased a minute closer on one lap and I correct kinda… I don’t know why… I had a few flashes seeing the incident between Max and Lewis – because I saw it comparatively effectively in my mirrors, so after I believed presumably I’ll try, that used to be flashing up in my head and I believed naaah, presumably this isn’t the wisest decision! So, I would possibly possibly possibly presumably possess cherished to nonetheless, love I stated, I’m correct as happy in a system, love as mighty as I would possibly possibly possibly presumably possess cherished to head for the clutch, correct ending first and 2d, I’m correct as cheerful with. The feeling I catch for the clutch is the precedence over my have feeling in a system. I’m right here for a long time, I am hoping, especially with McLaren and along with your complete crew, so I indulge in love I quiet possess a probability within the extinguish to try and scramble for it nonetheless on this moment and occasion, I was happy correct staying the place I was.

Q: And Lando, you had your first trip of a shooey up there on the podium…

LN: …and, final. I am hoping.

can why it’s change into a minute of a thing?

LN: No!

DR: It used to be comely. Notify the fans what they must hear. It used to be comely! Procure them envious…

LN: It used to be… yeah… tasted alright. No longer a monumental fan of that more or less drink anyway, so I wouldn’t… whenever you’ve gotten the addition of it coming out of a shoe. From Daniel. The place his sweaty foot’s been for the final two hours. That’s no doubt no longer something I relate for folks to try ever, and I am hoping I never desire to achieve it again. But I did state. I mediate we stated, firstly of the twelve months or sometime that if we were on the podium collectively I would possibly possibly possibly presumably attain it, so I stood by it and used to be happy to achieve it. Zak did it as effectively. I mediate he no doubt did love it. It used to be cool, a cool trip. It’s a factual memory for each person. As mighty as I hated it, I did trip it.

Q: Valtteri, no shooey for you up there on the podium?

DR: He’s done one sooner than.

VB: No! By no system done it! Repeatedly managed to dodge it.

LN: Sneaky man.

DR: Didn’t you attain it in Baku?

VB: No, I managed to…

DR: No way! I believed you’d done it! That’s why I didn’t give it to you.

VB: It’s no longer my thing!

DR: Ah c’mon, you’re dating an Australian now! That you have to possess some style of…

VB: We don’t possess shooey’s at dwelling, y’know!

DR: Aw, I’m sorry.

VB: Don’t be sorry! I’m happy!

DR: Subsequent time!

Q: Successfully Valtteri, that used to be a monumental disappear for you. When used to be the final time you went from 19th to third?

VB: By no system, I mediate. I mediate it used to be the most positions won, presumably in my profession. I don’t know, I’m no longer the supreme with statistics nonetheless yeah. And honestly, though some folks would possibly possibly possibly well mediate it’s easy to overhaul right here in Monza nonetheless no doubt it isn’t. When there’s a few autos in a row it’s no longer that easy, so I’m happy on the growth we would possibly possibly possibly well produce nowadays and, pointless to affirm, we did possess a factual car, factual tempo and factual approach, starting with the no longer easy tyre in my case used to be positively the fitting probability and would possibly possibly possibly well scramble along and steal the opportunities after which, once we went to the medium it used to be time to attack and push. Pleasant on the very close the medium started to push a minute nonetheless by then things started to stabilise nonetheless total I did all the pieces I would possibly possibly possibly well nowadays and this weekend total. So, for that, I’m happy.

Q: Used to be there ever a moment on the medium tyre the place you realizing the clutch used to be on?

VB: When I was progressing comparatively fleet, within the muse of the medium after which I would possibly possibly possibly well imagine each and every of the McLarens were no doubt comparatively shut and I was catching. Then once I was leisurely Pérez and no doubt within the notify, pointless to affirm I was attempting all the pieces I would possibly possibly possibly well – nonetheless pointless to affirm the last few laps, the tyre started to tumble and that used to be it. But I mediate it can perhaps well had been tricky to catch past the McLarens. In point of fact, they’ve been solid all weekend and they’ve their strengths, especially on the straight line and, love the day before nowadays, Lewis, he used to be attempting all the pieces he would possibly possibly possibly well nonetheless couldn’t catch by so I honestly mediate it used to be the utmost nowadays we would possibly possibly possibly well reach.


Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Daniel, initially congratulations on the victory. Initially, firstly of the disappear, getting alongside Max, how factual used to be that starting up, what used to be key to getting alongside the Crimson Bull. And additionally, the moment correct after the Security Car restart the place the crew requested you to amplify your tempo. What had you been doing sooner than that? Used to be it correct a case of attempting to retain the tyres alive at that stage to make certain that you made the close?

DR: So the starting up, I mean clearly it labored effectively. I don’t desire to affirm I did anything varied. Obviously every starting up you attain, you try to possess the supreme starting up doable. I mediate I made a extremely factual starting up the day before nowadays and yeah, I wager I correct took self perception from that. I tried no longer to mediate of Lewis’ heinous starting up from P2 – because typically you attain catch a grid offset, love left side is more healthy than correct, or something – I correct old all the pieces I had the day before nowadays and that info of executing a factual one. And it labored nowadays. It didn’t feel that gargantuan off the road nonetheless I wager having the medium tyre nowadays used to be presumably no longer as factual as a soft the day before nowadays so that used to be that, and I saw once I purchased momentum on Max it used to be compulsory. From that level I wasn’t obvious if I would possibly possibly possibly well steal him leisurely, or what. But correct tried to set up into a rhythm. Then, love the disappear tempo, yeah, we knew it used to be a one-quit. I mediate there had been positively laps the place I was going too slack, so then I would possibly possibly possibly presumably clutch it up and correct try to receive that steadiness. Because you… yeah… I’m no longer going to affirm from now on. It used to be on high of things.

Q: (Alan Baldwin – Reuters) Daniel, I wanted to predict you about that quantity three car, that Dale Earnhardt car that Zak promised to enable you to force if to procure on the podium this season. How furious are you to be provided that likelihood? The place are you going to achieve it? And set up you catch any bonus for no doubt a hit in inform of correct being on the podium?

DR: I’m love, presumably he supplies me the automobile? I mediate it used to be repeatedly a podium, I catch to force it. We never talked a pair of clutch, so I gave him my shoe that he drank out of, so presumably he supplies me the automobile. It’s a factual commerce. Yeah, there’s love a few things nowadays, love two heroes: Dale Earnhardt, monumental hero of mine, and to possess a likelihood to catch leisurely the wheel of no doubt one of his autos is loopy. That can no doubt be a ‘pinch me’ moment. The opposite one… I’m sorry if I sound a minute self-absorbed now nonetheless after I mediate of McLaren I mediate of Senna. That’s the early reminiscences and I’ve viewed you admire, love the trophies within the cupboard on the MTC and to possess a a hit trophy now with my title in comparatively mighty the same cupboard is loopy. These are love two minute things nowadays that I no doubt admire and they’re two minute surreal moments that I wager possess hit me.

Q: (Edd Straw – The Flee) Query for Daniel. Obviously you’ve talked about how no longer easy this season has been, nonetheless possess you ever cracked it with this car now? Is it coming wisely naturally or is there quiet a minute bit more to return and it quiet will fluctuate a minute bit by circuit? How some distance along are you in that job now?

DR: Nearer. Positively closer. I mediate there’s quiet more to return. I don’t know whenever you are going to ever receive anything nonetheless that’s clearly the way the game is. The sport evolves and changes and as well you is also attempting to retain up with it. Pleasant interior myself I’ve felt better since the 2d half of of the season and that doesn’t repeatedly must translate into lap times. It’s correct me throwing the automobile spherical, feeling a minute more contented with it, that’s stuff I do know. I don’t mediate all of it has translated yet into the stopwatch nonetheless there’s undoubtedly a minute more comfort and self perception that’s coming through from myself. I correct glance to retain constructing on that. I mediate we are going to catch tracks that suit, some that don’t, nonetheless I would possibly possibly possibly presumably must mediate the 2d half of of the season there will more than doubtless be some more consistency and confidently more of these style of outcomes.

Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Flee) Daniel, you talked a minute there about how purposeful right here is and the place it’s reach from.  Competitively as a driver, I correct puzzled what this performance and the clutch system for you personally because it’s clearly been a complicated first half of of the season. I will be capable to imagine it can perhaps well deserve to had been comparatively mentally and emotionally taxing every now and then. So how does it feel from that regard?

DR: Yeah. It feels… I don’t know what the discover is. It feels no longer factual… or it feels factual, nonetheless it completely’s love… It’s reassuring, I mediate, for me and things love… I love mediate in myself clearly. I mediate each person does to catch to this level, nonetheless I’ve no doubt been challenged this twelve months. The sport is love a difficult one, it’s no longer so murky and white, I wager and typically you attain fight to receive some solutions nonetheless I mediate you’ve gotten to love survive track and live correct to the route and it’s love… you are going to be ready to with out allege catch lost as effectively, nonetheless I mediate, you admire, deep down I would possibly possibly possibly presumably possess moments of frustration or moments of yeah, losing my head, nonetheless I more or less made a level never to let that final. I additionally made a conceal try and carry out something from it and be taught from it. Yeah, there’s been days this twelve months the place I’ve positively haven’t cherished it nonetheless I’ve had recently comparatively mighty every twelve months you admire, love they happen. I mediate there’s presumably correct been more this twelve months nonetheless that’s… I don’t resent these emotions either. I mediate love this stuff produce you no doubt admire the factual days nonetheless as well they produce some interior questions within yourself and how mighty you want it and how mighty it system to you. Yeah, for love moment you topple out of affection with the game nonetheless no doubt the clarity you catch afterwards it more or less makes you realise how mighty you attain love it and how mighty you want it. I mediate that’s been the largest thing this weekend and as well which it’s seemingly you’ll possess it…. To battle for a podium and yeah, love the desire no doubt more or less shone through and I that’s… when it will get to that level and that stage it’s, yeah, I would possibly possibly possibly presumably lend a hand myself to the hilt.

Q: Varied journalists possess requested about Emma Raducanu’s victory within the US Birth. She’s a Components 1 fan and would possibly possibly possibly well we correct catch your strategies on her fulfillment in Fresh York, and perhaps Daniel we would possibly possibly possibly well starting up with you because she has long past on yarn as announcing you’re her accepted Components 1 driver?

DR: Thank you Emma. I indulge in very assured answering this quiz because I watched your complete sport final night. I will be capable to state it now, I’m no longer going haunted faraway from it. I went to bed at presumably quarter to at least one because I couldn’t flip it off, it used to be awesome. I was love ‘ah, I’ll witness the starting up’ after which I watched all of it, so it used to be amazing, it used to be out of the ordinary and it’s awesome that she’s a fan of the game, I mediate more than anything. I admire the love for me Emma, nonetheless I mediate additionally love seeing her final night (she) used to be no longer love overwhelmed by the stage and correct more or less taking all of it in and love enjoying with aggression and I mediate correct backing yourself, as I touched on sooner than. That’s so extremely effective and it used to be cool. That’s why I’m a fan of sport, I love all styles of sports actions because you are going to be ready to carry out info from it, you are going to be ready to be taught from other sports actions and the mindset, whether or no longer it’s the supreme solution to play or… I don’t know. It’s comparatively awesome, so congrats to you Emma. You killed it.

LN: I will be capable to additionally allege I fell victim to a leisurely night of staying up to witness the tennis. I would possibly possibly possibly presumably never possess watched ever, a full sport of tennis till final night. It used to be no doubt correct a lot more savory than I believed. It used to be comparatively cool. I watched it from starting up to complete, presumably that’s why we had a factual day, presumably we’ve to witness a tennis sport, she has to play every Saturday night! I mediate she’s clearly done the country proud as effectively. I wager it’s relatable to me in a system from correct my age, coming into Components 1, for her age, going into the monumental stage of tennis. The self perception and ability she showed on that stage to carry out and accomplish this type of job that she did in opposition to so many of the world’s supreme, I mediate, is a pretty optimistic fulfillment from her, so congrats to her and I’m obvious she’ll continue to carry out many more info.

VB: I haven’t viewed the game. I didn’t no doubt are aware of it used to be on, nonetheless it completely sounds factual. Congrats.

DR: (Laughter) I love your honesty.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Daniel, correct what you stated earlier relating to the sensation you’ve gotten with the automobile after qualifying on Friday night. I do know you stated you were internally frustrated to miss third inform nonetheless what did feel so factual? Why did you mediate the kit used to be solid and why did you mediate something no doubt factual used to be doable?

DR: I wager a mix of things. I mediate this circuit appears to be like to suit the McLaren effectively. It did final twelve months. I wasn’t riding it final twelve months nonetheless I clearly witnessed the end result the crew had. So I knew that we would possibly possibly possibly well reach into the weekend with some self perception with that alone after which presumably two things with me, love correct loving the circuit. I’ve repeatedly cherished this track, it’s repeatedly been a relaxing one, it’s one which I typically gelled effectively with after which that blended with feeling better, you admire, with the automobile, more no longer too lengthy within the past and feeling a minute more contented and guaranteed with it, so more or less all these objects created that after which yeah, I mediate with Friday being so shut… I don’t know, typically I correct catch offended, love it’s high three used to be so shut and I mediate my lap used to be OK nonetheless there’s repeatedly parts the place you’re love I would possibly possibly possibly possess done better. I don’t know. Occasionally I correct flip. I no doubt possess a minute of rage and as I stated on the time, I mediate this would perhaps well be a blessing in disguise and I mediate I old it to my advantage for the comfort of the weekend.

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