FIA Formula 3: Welcome relief all individuals, let’s receive the tips of a Champion. Dennis Hauger, 2021 FIA Formula 3 Champion. How does that sound?

Dennis Hauger: Sounds accurate to me. It used to be a accurate bustle and the season itself has been amazing with PREMA. We had a diminutive little bit of a down weekend in Spa, nonetheless we peaceable labored our formulation up and receive some parts there and accurate kept on going. It has been accurate, and I’m if truth be told delighted to enact on high for certain.

FIA Formula 3: Dennis, what does this title mean to you?

DH: It formulation the total lot. Reward for all of the work that we occupy done with the personnel all one year to prep and receive the total lot space for the races and all of the travelling – it is a way of life. You carry out it as a consequence of you love it. It’s miles fantastic, nonetheless labor as successfully. Final season wasn’t the actual one year, it used to be engrossing mentally, so getting the Championship is unreal.

FIA Formula 3: You must perhaps also occupy had so unparalleled success this one year, can you mediate about a highlights for us?

DH: That first weekend in Barcelona, taking pole and victory, used to be special. Getting a accurate begin up gave me self perception straight away, it used to be feeling and a accurate formulation to begin up the season. Additionally at the Red Bull ring, coming from P12 to P1 used to be if truth be told frigid and important fun. There occupy been about a moments this season that I can take with me for certain.

FIA Formula 3: And what about 2nd space here this day?

DH: It’s miles definitely the actual feeling that I if truth be told occupy gotten from being 2nd. It used to be a accurate bustle, and I was shut to P1 in the stop.

FIA Formula 3: You talked about Spa about a moments in the past. We occupy discussed one of the highlights, nonetheless has there been a disappointment? Is it Spa, or is there the relaxation that you would earn that perhaps did now not lag pretty as successfully for you?

DH: Speed 2 in Barcelona, for instance, the put we DNF’d. That wasn’t the actual. There had been accurate parts that we are able to also occupy won there, nonetheless I mediate that I learned pretty a diminutive bit and occupy carried that with me throughout the relaxation of the season. That consistency has been the primary this season. So though there occupy been about a mistakes, you be taught from them.

FIA Formula 3: At what point in the season did you begin up to receive that chances are you’ll perhaps perhaps maybe also if truth be told pick this?

DH: We occupy been leading the entire season, I felt assured straight away after Spherical 1 and this used to be the target, it is what we had been aiming for the entire season. Obviously, chances are you’ll perhaps perhaps maybe also occupy about a races or a weekend that would now not lag as successfully and you if truth be told want to work with the personnel to rep that momentum. I mediate that’s what we occupy been doing successfully when compared to about a of the others. Keeping that consistency all one year prolonged.

FIA Formula 3: Dennis, chances are you’ll perhaps perhaps maybe also occupy pushed superbly all one year prolonged, nonetheless let us occupy a note to your personnel now, PREMA and the job that they’ve done for you this one year.

DH: We had a take a look at in pre-season and a range of drivers important to receive a seat, nonetheless we had a accurate connection straight away and we labored successfully together. I if truth be told occupy been staying in Italy lots with the personnel, working and prepping the total lot. It has been one amongst basically the most fun years that I if truth be told occupy had, as successfully because the hardest. I if truth be told occupy enjoyed it lots for certain.

FIA Formula 3: And please give us about a tips to your closest rivals this one year as successfully?

DH: Me and Jack occupy been the closest in the Championship. He has been if truth be told immediate at cases nonetheless then struggled more varied cases. I mediate that’s the put being constant has won us. It has been complicated, and each time we now occupy now now not had the upper of weekends, he has had a accurate one. He if truth be told needed to enjoy building issues up all season. I if truth be told occupy had accurate fights all one year prolonged with several drivers, it has been important fun.

FIA Formula 3: Who else would you mediate out, other than jack?

DH: There is now now not a hiss driver as a consequence of, with the reverse grids, you are repeatedly combating against about a varied of us. Victor (Martins), for instance, we had a range of important fights this one year, worship in Zandvoort. He has done a if truth be told accurate job as a rookie. There are several of us that I can also carry up, nonetheless at the stop of the day, I if truth be told occupy accurate been focusing on what I if truth be told occupy been doing.

FIA Formula 3: I do know that here is all very recent, nonetheless what does the prolonged scuttle enjoy for you now?

DH: The pure step after winning in F3 would be F2, nonetheless there are about a issues that want to come relief together before that. We can take care of this weekend, we can enjoy working on it and we can look.

FIA Formula 3: Final one from me. There is a diminutive little bit of racing to peaceable be done in Sochi this weekend, nonetheless how will you occupy fun this title success?

DH: I favor that I can also impart that I’m staying in Russia, nonetheless I’m if truth be told going to Italy with the personnel. We occupy a charter flight. But I will no doubt be going dwelling to occupy fun with the household and the boys relief dwelling. I will receive pleasure from a diminutive little bit of time after this, nonetheless first, we occupy two more races to transfer, and we’re making an strive to receive the Teams’ Championship. We can enjoy pushing.

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