Armindo Araújo, Yoann Bonato, Jean-Baptiste Franceschi, Efrén Llarena, Bruno Magalhães, Miko Marczyk and Dani Sordo attended the pre-tournament press conference for Rally Serras de Fafe e Felguieras, spherical six of the 2021 FIA European Rally Championship 


“It’s indubitably tremendous to be right here within the ERC, it’s all the time a pleasure. This rally is with out doubt one of many largest rallies for us within the national championship and the stages are indubitably important and mature for the whole of us and the drivers and last Twelve months I won this rally so it used to be a stunning tournament for me.

“I know thoroughly these stages needless to claim but with this championship right here it would be more durable, but we enjoy some repeat invent and the first level is to enjoy the parts for our national championship. For the time being I am leading the championship within the intervening time but Bruno [Magalhães] is pushing laborious so I will strive to ranking once more. After that if it’s imaginable to slide ahead in front of the ERC [drivers] I will strive one thing, however the first level is the national championship, but we can look.

“Now we enjoy quite about a ride me and Bruno and we’re using these stages and this championship for many years but we’re playing plenty to be right here with these drivers and these autos and I hope to be right here within the next years.

“The bottom right here is traditional from this station. With stunning climate we enjoy a stunning grip but with spoiled climate the grip changes plenty and it would be a huge challenge for us with the tyre dedication and the distance on the side twin carriageway so we ought to be very suave the whole rally on story of in some parts it would be indubitably slippery. Nevertheless last Twelve months it used to be raining and I ranking the rally.”


“On the Azores Rallye I used to be moderately wide on a like a flash fragment on a indubitably straightforward left nook and I jumped on the abominable side. I did a loop, in skiing it’s a stunning leap but in rallying you don’t homicide this, but we’re enough with a peculiar car, our team made a peculiar one and it’s stunning news to be right here. We savor this rally and I deem it would be a stunning ride for this weekend.

“I used to be in a rally within the French championship last weekend, which I won. For certain we enjoy a indubitably laborious Twelve months for this and next week I will be in a French championship once more in Antibes. For certain it’s very busy but it’s a stunning job to enjoy. 

“After I used to be right here last Twelve months it used to be on Tarmac and this Twelve months we’re on gravel so the roads are assorted. Remaining Twelve months used to be my first ride but it used to be a indubitably stunning ride and I used to be very chuffed with my podium. We surely now not know what can happen on this rally but we strive to homicide our easiest.”


“We are lend a hand and we’re within the fight for the ERC championship and the ERC Groups’ championship. Within the starting it used to be now not within the belief to slide to the Azores and Fafe but now we’re right here we’re going to present the maximum. The Azores used to be a protracted rally and we stunning needed to plow by [after Pep Bassas retired]. Nevertheless now we enjoy a stunning fight with Bassas and I will’t wait to begin the rally.

“I am in thee same team as Andreas Mikkelsen but I enjoy now not asked for suggestion. Nevertheless I did Rally de Portugal in 2019 so I keep in mind some stages. Nevertheless this Twelve months is assorted and we ought to slide and fight within the front. For certain the stages are indubitably tremendous and if I enjoy some questions I will save a quiz to [Andreas] questions.

“With the two-wheel drive the massive leap is assorted. When you are too mercurial we are able to slide without delay into the bottom so we ought to be cautious and arrange the automobile. At the close the largest ingredient is to full the mosey. It’s tremendous to be within the fight and tremendous to homicide some nice rally savor this and that’s why we’re giving the maximum the whole time.”


“Every thing goes effectively, for certain we’re now not the fastest in all rallies [because we are learning all the time] but we’re combating within the close 5. K we know the championship is long with quite about a assorted rallies, specifically savor Barum and Canaries which shall be fully assorted. We can strive to homicide our beest right here and look what occurs within the outdated couple of occasions.

“We are doing roughly the identical season [as Miko Marczyk], ending within the close 5, infrequently for the podium, infrequently sixth or seventh space. It’s his 2nd ERC season so he’s doing a indubitably stunning job and I will strive to be in front of him for certain. There may perhaps be finest the last stage of this rally that’s the identical from when I used to be right here three years within the past. Every person knows this stage the remainder of the rally is fully unusual and it’s the identical for the others rather than the WRC and Portuguese guys.


“Remaining Twelve months with the pandemic it used to be a catastrophe for me, we had a stout programme for the ERC so it used to be my first time with a stout programme, it used to be fully confirmed but after it used to be cancelled on story of of the pandemic. Luckily, we protect within the rallies, we made the national championship but it’s a huge pleasure to reach lend a hand to the ERC family. This rally is a mythical rally for us and the whole Portuguese drivers. All people knows the stage with the leap world wide and it’s a pleasure to reach lend a hand right here.

“The climate changes quite loads of the circumstances right here on story of most regularly we enjoy quite about a sand on the side twin carriageway on these stages. Nevertheless with some rain this sand customarily is a state and you can enjoy some mud on the side twin carriageway and ought to you may perhaps perhaps furthermore enjoy mud it’s indubitably, indubitably slippery. On my side I may perhaps perhaps furthermore have fifth or 20th and I get 20 on story of with my files there’ll be moderately of little bit of rain but now not too remarkable. We can look if it’s a stunning approach or now not.

“It’s a peculiar car as all people knows and 5 years after the worn one it’s with unusual technologies. The auto felt quite enough on the test but with the ERC guidelines I may perhaps perhaps furthermore stunning test for in some unspecified time in the future and needless to claim it used to be now not optimal. Nevertheless even on the free practice I used to be checking out assorted things, specifically the springs to form a stunning dedication for the rally.

“We are within the identical team [as André Villas-Boas] so the whole job I enjoy been doing for three years is available for him. He tried the automobile and savor plenty. Nevertheless he’s now not all the time indubitably finest showing his charity programme, he drives effectively despite the truth that his sport is another one.”


“It’s a huge pleasure for me and Szymon [Gospodarczyk] and all team to fight for the ERC-MICHELIN Talent Factory, which is an extra award for junior drivers in Rally2 autos and it’s important to review with assorted guys with the same data and ride savor Efrén and Erik [Cais].

“I enjoy labored with MICHELIN since the 2019 Polish championship, which I won. The cooperation has been indubitably stunning and I reappreciate the tyres and it’s immense we enjoy the chance to fight in this competition, which is for me a minute junior class. Pointless to claim, I indubitably appreciate we are able to fight with Efrén and Sara [Fernández]. From my standpoint he’s very stunning, fixed and extremely mercurial, even sooner than me and Szymon right this moment.

“I’m indubitably chuffed about my pattern as a driver and we enjoy proven solid doable for the long mosey. We can learn right here savor we did within the Azores. I am chuffed that after 5 rounds I’m now not finest in contention for the ERC-MICHELIN Talent Factory but within the close three of the unusual classification. I enjoy a feeling that when I am debuting on these rallies I am over-pushing and it’s too remarkable on story of I am within the training direction of and sometimes the pacenotes ought to now not all the time marvelous. I am making an try to combine the training direction of with being on the end line and combating.”


“Pointless to claim, it’s moderately of bit assorted than the last time [when I drove a World Rally Car here] but we know the rally and we know the automobile and the tyres moderately of bit extra now however the largest is we know the rally quite stunning and greater than the last rally [in the Azores] so we enjoy an profit in this means.

“We ought to be aloof [about our chances] but savor every driver we’re right here to ranking, there are quite about a drivers who can fight for the victory, now not finest Andreas [Mikkelsen]. Pointless to claim we can fight but all people in this rally wants the victory. Fafe is savor a indubitably particular space, the children needs to be a rally driver and they’ve quite about a keenness for the rally. The museum used to be a indubitably tremendous space to be and look these worn autos. It used to be my first time there and it used to be quite spectacular.

“For me I will homicide finest these two rallies within the intervening time but after let’s look. I don’t deem I will homicide from now on this Twelve months, we deliberate to homicide these rallies and we’re very chuffed with the team, the tyres are working stunning and for certain we can look for the victory. We’ve already made stunning occasions, the tyre won in Finland about a days before and this has proven for all people the tyres are indubitably aggressive. When they homicide moderately extra we shall be even sooner.”

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