The 1976 Formula One season was probably one of the most tense and exciting in history. The battle for the World Title between Ferrari’s Niki Lauda and McLaren’s James Hunt has forever gone down in the history of the elite motorsport class. In a dramatic season, Hunt finally celebrated the world title, with a point advantage over Lauda.

We are following a similarly exciting season this year, when Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are fighting for the world title. Both drivers drive their race cars to the extreme weekend after weekend, and the similarities with the fights his father experienced on the track in 1976 were also noticed by the son of the legendary British racer Freddie Hunt.

According to Gazzetta Motori, Freddie Hunt found some similarities this season to the 1976 season, which his father won after a close fight with Lauda.

“The 2021 F1 season is probably the best championship I have ever seen. It seems similar to 1976, as it is extremely tight and exciting, ”said Freddie Hunt.

Asked who could play the role of legendary British champion James Hunt in this year’s bout, Freddie replied: “Verstappen is more like my father than Lewis. In fact, Hamilton is not at all like James and has nothing to do with him. “


James Hunt: Formula 1 in one person

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