The shrimp Balkan country of Kosovo is fielding seven automobiles on this weekend’s Hill Climb Masters in Braga.  In 2018 Kosovo performed a credible 10th out of 20 of their first Hill Climb Masters Countries Cup and ought to be having a test up on to transfer up the show within the 4th edition of the FIA Hill Climb Masters.

We spoke to 2 of their drivers, who will be part of the quartet of drivers nominated to traipse for the Countries Cup under the captaincy of Ismet Rexhelpi.  Valon Jaha will traipse his BMW E36 in Class 1, while Gazmend Demolli will traipse an Audi S3 in Class 3.

Q: How function it is advisable to maybe be feeling representing Kosovo at the FIA Hill Climb Masters here in Braga?

Valon Jaha: “It is fully tremendous and really privileged to be here and to characterize our country.  The Portuguese of us are so marvelous, and we’re having a enormous time. To be here, to compete against the tip drivers, goes to an actual field.”

Q: What are your ideas on the music here at Braga?

Valon Jaha: “I really possess never been here before; it is far our first time.  It seems esteem an actual music and it is far like a flash.”

Gazmend Demolli: “It is far in overall my first time here in Braga.  It seems esteem a swiftly music and there are rather a few opponents, which is correct field.  It is fully various to the tracks now we possess in Kosovo because it is far so like a flash, it is far in overall shorter than we’re ancient to because our tracks are seven or seven level five kilometres and here it is far three.

Q: Disclose us about your automobiles.

Valon Jaha: “My deplorable automobile is a BMW E36 with around 230 horsepower, it has various shock absorbers, and the brakes are greater from a BMW M3. I’ve had the automobile seven years and me and my buddy possess performed all the work.”

Gazmend Demolli: “The deplorable automobile is an Audi S3 with an Opel engine and an Audi gearbox.  The vitality output is around 730 horsepower, and it is all wheel pressure.  I really possess had the automobile for two years and I’ve performed all the work myself.” 

The numerous two members of the Kosovo crew within the Countries Cup is Bardhyl Canolli within the no59 Radical SR8LM Suzuki (Class 4) and Liridon Kalenderi within the no119 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX (Class 1).

There are three various opponents from Kosovo and these are –

Faton Rama – no134 Renault Clio RS) –  Class 1

Arjeta Rysha – Peugeot 106 – Class 1

Mimoza Jetullahu – no137 Opel Astra – Class 1

Extra files on the FIA Hill Climb Masters talk over with:

FIA : https://www.fia.com/events/hill-climb-masters/season-2021/fia-hill-climb-masters

Facebook: www.fb.com/FIAHCM

Organiser: www.hcmasters2021.com

Match results, Are living Timing and Are living Streaming : Https://chronomoto.hu/fiahillclimb

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