1 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)

2 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes)

3 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Red Bull Racing)


(Performed by Paul Di Resta) 

Q: Max, P3, I know you are going to be lining up on the front row. It seems cherish it’s been a cosmopolitan weekend, but how attain you assess the session and are you joyful?

Max VERSTAPPEN: Yeah, indubitably, qualifying from the origin used to be reasonably tricky but compared to the day prior to this we genuinely managed to flip it round reasonably well. The laps I deem total were reasonably simply even supposing perchance the closing lap I lost a minute bit down the straight and we now obtain to perceive into that. There used to be indubitably not the lap time in it to fight for pole but total I deem reasonably a decent recovery compared to the day prior to this. Third indubitably is the maximum on the present time and the next day lining up in second. Let’s wait and watch what the climate will attain over evening but yeah total I’m gentle gratified.

Q: With that in mind the location-up changes you made overnight will that will let you within the bound and enable you to push Valtteri within the bound?

MV: It wants to be a minute bit better. Let’s watch how competitive how we are going to be within the bound, also tyre wear seems reasonably excessive on this tune. At least now the tune is a quantity of fun to drive, especially the lengthy left-hander, Turn 8, but we’ll obtain out the next day.

Q: And the function is to deem of the championship I guess?

MV: Yeah, strive to indubitably rob up as many beneficial properties as we are able to the next day.

Q: Valtteri, you’re going to line up on pole plan the next day and narrowly overlooked out on the quickest time on the present time but you wants to be gentle gratified with how the weekend has gone to this level?

Valtteri BOTTAS:  Yeah, it used to be a simply quali. Anxious prerequisites, especially  Q1 used to be a minute bit on the brink with the damp ingredients and aloof in Q3 the vital nook used to be a minute bit damp but additionally Turns 3 and 4. I obtained some simply laps. The closing lap I overlooked a minute bit within the closing sector, I began to achieve some understeer. However a quantity of than that the lap used to be genuinely tremendous and I loved it. Obviously as a bunch result it used to be as we deliberate. So, Lewis with his penalty now gets the minimum penalty he can and I’m on pole so it wants to be simply.

Q: What’s the thought the next day? Is it push forward and engage a perceive at and rob the bound or is it to study out and support your group-mate Lewis out within the championship?

VB: I’ll specialise in my have faith bound the next day. That’s the formula to head have to you initiate in front. I am hoping to support up a simply hasten.

Q: Lewis, a grand crowd right here clearly. I guess you can likely be gentle joyful to be pole plan? It’s the perfect you can hope for with the penalty you’ve obtained with the engine.

Lewis HAMILTON: Yeah, first of all, hi to all people right here, we now obtain obtained this sort of simply crowd right here this weekend, which is pleasant to perceive. It’s so simply to be assist in Turkey as clearly closing yr used to be an impossible yr for me and the group, so that you just might want to be coming assist, the tune is completely a quantity of. The tune is de facto pleasant with the grip stage it is giving us now. It used to be genuinely tricky the session in customary, because there were aloof some damp patches and getting the temperature within the tyres wasn’t easy. However a terribly grand job by the group and genuinely gratified with the performance when it involves getting out on the particular time. However I’ll give it all the pieces.

Q: How did you’re feeling in FP2 with the lengthy runs doing the lengthy runs? Attain you’re feeling that overtaking goes to be easy or is it a field?

LH: It’s not the simplest, overtaking, for the time being. And we are all on the identical tyre besides, so I bear in mind it’s going to be refined to transfer up. You noticed it on the closing bound, what came about with Max to illustrate, as soon as he obtained on the assist of sixth standing or something. And vice versa for me also. I don’t know, but we now obtain the lengthy straight down the assist and we can watch what we are able to achieve and hopefully we are able to give the followers right here a simply bound.


Q: Lewis, a brilliantly performed session by you and a few searing hasten. How simply used to be it?

LH: Thanks. No, it used to be a terribly grand session. In customary the group obtain performed extremely well this weekend. Just very, very accurate with timings, and the guys in storage, as continuously, continuing to be accurate and all people assist on the factory continuing to push and guaranteeing that we are maximizing all the pieces from the vehicle. However the vehicle has felt simply since we arrived this weekend. We’ve made miniature changes to the location-up but because the tune used to be utilizing up it used to be recovering and better. I deem these guys were getting closer against the halt but genuinely gratified with the halt result.

Q: So the vehicle is completely, you’ve correct driven a gleaming session, location the fastest time. How does it genuinely feel to achieve all that but obtain pole plan taken faraway from you?

LH: Successfully, I aloof… I accept recorded the pole, correct? No? Ah, dammit.

VB: Attain I accept the pole?

LH: So he gets the pole.

MV: I correct don’t accept that!

VB: So that you just obtain to present the tyre to me.

LH: You would obtain the tyre. I don’t know the build they toddle.

MV: Lewis has a couple of spare.

VB: I don’t deem it’s fair though.

LH: No, it’s alright.

VB: Even supposing it used to be my perfect pole.

MV: Lewis goes to commence his have faith tyre factory.

LH: We knew it used to be going to be refined, being that we had this penalty, which I took the day prior to this, and the next day is just not going to be easy to fight my device by however the build there could be a will there could be a device.

Q: You won from sixth on the grid closing yr, as you speak it’s 11th the next day, correct how simply used to be the vehicle in bound trim all the arrangement by apply?

LH: We had reasonably simply stability, I deem. The tune is extremely aggressive on the tyres, so it’ll be keen to perceive the arrangement it works for all people, tyre-intellectual – but getting previous folk is just not going to be easy. I mean, you noticed within the closing bound how refined it used to be within the DRS educate and no-doubt that can be something identical the next day – on the opposite hand it’s a lengthy bound. I am hoping there’s some rain that comes along. It used to be genuinely gentle how swiftly the tune is on Wet tyres – potentially sooner than any a quantity of tune we’ve been to within the moist. It’ll be keen to perceive how that plays out the next day.

Q: Valtteri, it could well truly be pole no.18 to your Plot 1 profession. Your first since Portugal earlier within the season. How simply used to be the session for you?

VB: It used to be a simply session and clearly this ability that for us as a bunch, it’s the supreme, and perfect in a device, with the relate we now obtain and with Lewis’ penalty – however the session itself, Q1 used to be tricky with the damp prerequisites and, to be correct, on the halt of Q2 there used to be miniature damp locations the build I desired to be a minute bit cautious or strive to obtain the perfect device round them. However I loved it, aloof the grip stage used to be decent and, as Lewis mentioned, from the initiate of the weekend the vehicle has been in a delicate simply window when it involves the location-up, so didn’t obtain to make big changes, so yeah, loved it.

Q: If it is moist the next day, how a lot grip is that this tune giving, compared to closing yr?

VB: At least per the feeling in FP3, it’s genuinely gentle grippy within the moist, and the vehicle felt OK. So no astronomical issues whatever it could well truly be. We’ve a strong vehicle but clearly Red Bull, they continuously obtain simply bound hasten and likewise Ferrari has been gentle simply right here.

Q: And the arrangement motivated are you to accept that rob the next day?

VB: Very motivated. I haven’t won this season but, so it’s a astronomical, astronomical motivation for me but obtain to specialise in certain things within the bound, step-by-step and support the vital focus and hope for the perfect.

Q: Max, it’ll be but one more front row initiate for you the next day. First of all, talk us by the performance of the vehicle. Used to be it better on the present time than it used to be all the arrangement by apply the day prior to this?

MV: Yeah, I deem we made some decent improvements compared to the day prior to this the build it appeared cherish we were struggling a minute bit extra to love easy ideas to be rapid round right here. Just attempting to work on that and I deem in qualifying all another time it used to be somewhat bit better but aloof not perfect – but I was aloof reasonably gratified with the result on the halt and the lap itself, so yeah, can’t genuinely be too upset about that. Yeah, indubitably, the next day, initiating second, I plan not’ deem that’s a grand standing to commence on the inner because there’s no grip on the inner line, so we’ll watch how that goes.

Q: Assuming you accept away OK on the initiate, attain you watched you’ve obtained the hasten to beat the Mercedes the next day?

MV: No – but we can indubitably correct strive to consume and watch what we are able to achieve and watch what occurs within the bound in customary.


Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC) One for Valtteri, one for Max. Valtteri, within the closing sector to your closing lap, I spotted you lost some time within the closing three mini-sectors. Used to be that correct the lap itself or were you requested to slack down so that you just didn’t beat Lewis? Because you were forward at that time. And Max, when it involves the stability of the vehicle, used to be it something unbiased like Hungary, in that you just couldn’t stability the vehicle on the front with the rear fly that you just had, or used to be  it a clear relate this weekend?

VB: No, I wasn’t requested to slack down and I was surely going for it. I began to fight a minute bit with the front halt within the closing sector, so correct had some understeer in Turn 12 and 14, so I would perchance perchance genuinely feel I was shedding a minute bit of time. Perhaps weak the tyres a minute bit extra, earlier within the lap. So yeah, I was completely going for it, for certain.

MV: I plan not deem it’s identical disorders. Just… yeah… if I would obtain identified indubitably I would obtain changed it for qualifying, so not fully certain why we are lacking. The feeling is just not supreme when it involves the stability of the vehicle but yeah, we are able to’t attain anything else about it. I deem perchance it’s also a minute bit Tarmac-associated right here and then the behaviour of the tyres on it. It seems cherish we’re not on high of that entire combination but. However we’ll perceive into it and indubitably strive to learn from it.

Q: Did you are making a lot development overnight?

MV: Yeah, I deem we did make some steps – but indubitably not sufficient. I deem in customary it used to be aloof a simply enchancment.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Lewis, we noticed you device out reasonably early, against the halt of Q3, I deem there were about 5 minutes left and likewise you clearly executed two extra timed laps, would perchance perchance you correct indicate what that call used to be there? What used to be the hasten idea occurring?

LH: The closing hasten? Yeah, the tune used to be drying up, the tune’s bettering so desired to obtain two pictures at it. These tyres aren’t… even supposing we’ve obtained the at ease tyre which within reason at ease but aloof taking some time to accept temperature into them so that used to be it genuinely.

Q: (Christian Menath – motorsportmagazin.com) Lewis, colorful that you just had this penalty, did you swap anything else for the location-up? Much less rear fly or having extra possibilities to overhaul or is it correct the ordinary location-up?

LH: Customary location-up, well, I mean it’s not customary, it’s a a quantity of location-up. However yeah, correct the identical, we gentle a lot had the identical vehicle.

Q: (Phil Duncan – Press Affiliation) Lewis, on Thursday you mentioned you didn’t wait for taking the penalty right here. I was correct questioning what changed in that time, what discussions you had with the group about it and whether or not you were a minute bit reluctant to obtain interaction it right here? And the arrangement astronomical a chance will you engage the next day with the championship on the line? Are you going to throw all the pieces at it to study out and rob, in total?

LH: Obviously there had been a quantity of discussions all the arrangement by the final two… week and a half, whatever, and I was pushing to hopefully support engine quantity three and yeah, they were doing hundreds work correct up until Friday… Thursday evening, I deem it used to be, and they took the choice. We knew that at some stage we would potentially obtain to, correct to be 100 per cent certain and obtain so it used to be whether or not we took it right here or in other locations. Austin’s a delicate simply standing to achieve it but I preferred to achieve it right here.

Q: And what about the next day, yeah, the hazards?

LH: I will strive to substantiate that it’s balanced. Obviously we’ve obtained to study out and minimise the distress and get up as excessive as possible.

Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC) Max, the day prior to this you gave the impact to obtain a quantity of understeer and then some mid-nook snaps within the second session. Used to be it a identical total attribute on the present time or used to be the vehicle behaving otherwise this time?

MV: No, customary understeer, yeah, appeared cherish, which is just not supreme, indubitably, to head rapid but indubitably we tried to fix that.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) To all three, correct to head assist to the chat you were having amongst yourselves within the origin of the session concerning the pole statistic Lewis not getting it for this tournament. Obviously within the bound races, besides, whoever tops qualifying on Friday, within the event that they don’t rob the bound bound, doesn’t accept pole, attain you watched that the FIA and F1 wants to perceive at how this stuff are handed out, to substantiate that that grand performances are registered within the historical previous books?

LH: I don’t genuinely know. I mean, I obtained pole. I don’t deem the penalty would perchance perchance simply aloof impact that, necessarily but I don’t genuinely care, to be correct.

VB: I deem on the bound weekends, surely, the rapid man in qualifying wants to be handed the advantageous pole award and pole plan for recordsdata and likewise in a relate cherish this, Lewis had the fastest single lap. He used to be technically on pole but then after he is dropped so… I don’t deem it’s genuinely fair but clearly I will fortunately aloof engage that tyre but perchance next time this could perchance perchance likely be completely a quantity of.

LH: I signed it. You would obtain it.

MV: Yeah, identical comment. The man who does the fastest lap would perchance perchance simply aloof deserve pole plan.

Q: (Christian Menath – motorsportmagazine.com) Max, you obtain ride going assist by the field. How did you perceive it and chance versus reward, stopping against folks that don’t obtain anything else to lose and likewise you obtain reasonably a minute bit to lose? How used to be it for you?

MV: It used to be fun, to be correct, seeing a quantity of fellows fight in front of you, nearly getting taken out, all all this stuff, so yeah, you correct have to be very alert but I mean I deem we now obtain all faced all this stuff, it’s not cherish we’ve continuously driven within the front. Whenever you happen to obtain a look on the different you toddle for it, if you watched it’s obtain. You toddle away your margins so… yeah.

Q: Did a quantity of drivers take care of you otherwise in Russia, as you were coming by?

MV: No longer necessarily. Some were stopping for his or her positions besides and then you accept caught up within the fight they are in with a quantity of autos. Obviously they are also attempting to bound for his or her perfect result, correct, so… I had a simply time in Russia.


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