1 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes)

2 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Red Bull Racing)

3 – Sergio PÉREZ (Red Bull Racing)


(Conducted by David Coulthard

Q: Valtteri Bottas, our bound winner! Welcome abet, we’ve been waiting for you. 

Valtteri BOTTASThanks. It’s been a whereas. It feels ultimate. It’s tremendous. 

Q: Over a one year since your last take. Now, it wasn’t dominant by device of the space to your competitors but it completely became once dominant in the device in which you perceived to escape that bound. I noticed one exiguous moment on the exit of Turn 1 where you go sideways and we know that is also a tricky corner but in every other case it became once textbook.

VBYeah, from my aspect, I in point of fact trust to claim, it became once doubtlessly one in every of the suitable races I’ve had, ever. Besides that one exiguous lag every thing became once beneath modify but like I stated sooner than the bound the auto has been in point of fact ultimate in every condition and I had in point of fact ultimate self assurance with it and I could presumably maybe well in point of fact modify it. It’s not easy to opt the strategy right here with these cases, when to live, to which tyres, every thing. Nonetheless I’m satisfied every thing went tender for once for me. Yeah, it’s tremendous. 

Q: It looked very noteworthy beneath modify, but effect us in the cockpit. How grand are those forms of cases for a bound driver? 

VBYeah, when there might be easiest one drying line it doesn’t want noteworthy so that you can go off so I positively want to point of interest right through the bound. A tricky one and a wisely-earned victory. 

Q: Now we now trust our championship leader, Max Verstappen. The crowd appreciates you, even in 2d space. I do know you ought to take the bound, like the whole drivers, but a first fee damage limitation broad prix for you?  

Max VERSTAPPENTo not sleep!? No, it became once all ultimate about managing the tyres, so you were by no approach pushing, to compose it to a particular amount of laps and then you definately box for one other place, but yeah, at ease to be on the rostrum.

Q: Smartly, it will most likely trust been a procedural bound for you but from my point of stare in the comm box it became once a terribly inspiring broad prix, watching the plenty of suggestions play out. That six-point swing on the championship, are you having a mediate about at that bound by bound or originate you now ultimate point of interest on Austin, Texas?

MVYeah, I mediate it’s been shut the whole one year, and I’m dazzling certain again in Austin this would presumably maybe even be a first fee struggle with Mercedes so we ultimate trust to elevate on pushing, searching out for to toughen and then we can look where we give up up at the tip, but for certain to this point this season has been in point of fact ultimate. 

Q: Lastly, a driver this track has been very ultimate to, he had a podium right here last one year. Checo, enormous bound, congratulations. One in every of your managed races again. First and main it gave the look of you were shedding abet, but when it in point of fact counted you had the tyres and you had the auto to drag off some mountainous passes.  

Sergio PÉREZYeah, it became once moderately an intense bound that I had in the first stint with Lewis and fighting with Charles. The birth became once dazzling ultimate. It became once ultimate one in every of those races of having to wait and see, push at the factual times, organize the tyres as wisely, on sage of I didn’t in point of fact know what became once going on with the tyres – they were coming abet, they were going off. It became once dazzling onerous to organize the tyres on the market as of late.

Q: Smartly, ultimate at the abet of us on the display once again, one other enormous go, you positioned the auto on the dry line. That feels ultimate for a bound driver doesn’t it? 

SP:  Yeah, it’s consistently tremendous to rating a first fee transfer. Clearly Charles is a extraordinarily ultimate driver, so it’s far candy to fight with him.


Q: Valtteri, broad congratulations to you, you’ve won again. It’s been a whereas so ultimate how candy does this one feel? 

VBVery candy, in point of fact. Overall, I mediate it became once one in every of my finest races by device of the device in which it went from beginning to the tip. To some folks it will most likely trust looked easy but it completely’s removed from that in these cases. You would possibly want to presumably maybe well not originate any errors and it’s moderately easy to originate errors in the cases and when it’s drying, when there might be easiest one dry line. Real every thing went with out problems which I’m very satisfied [about]. The auto has been ultimate in any cases this weekend and that makes things simpler but I could presumably maybe well in point of fact modify; it and I’d reveal the key ingredient as of late became once the tyre administration and now to not execute the tyres at the birth of the stint and searching out for to play the lengthy sport. 

Q: How noteworthy rigidity did you’re feeling from Max as of late? 

VB:  I’d reveal at the birth of the bound, the first few laps, he became once positively searching out for to support and effect rigidity but then I mediate he furthermore realised that he wished to organize the tyres but if I’m ultimate, at the tip of the bound, in the 2d stint, I became once taken aback by the roam distinction, so I could presumably maybe well in point of fact point of interest on my hold ingredient and finally consistently I became once ultimate having a mediate about forward and specializing in my ingredient and searching out for to steer particular of errors.  

Q: You’ve stated already that it’s not easy on the market in these cases. Real how grand were the track cases as of late and the device in which grand became once it to compose the factual strategy calls? 

VB: The track, fortunately, in all fairness grippy, even with the moist cases, the inter cases, so it makes it a exiguous bit better, wisely, loads better than last one year. It became once like night time and day to last one year. And by device of my bound I had doubtlessly the worst bound of my occupation right here last one year and now one in every of the suitable, so loads better. Nonetheless yeah, it’s soundless easy to compose errors. Ought to you effect on down the inter tyres, it’s practically like a slick tyre and it doesn’t behave that wisely in the moist patches, so you are making an strive and steer particular of the crucial bits. Sorry, what became once the opposite inquire of? 

Q: Technique calls. 

VB: Yeah, I mediate it worked wisely. Clearly Max stopping triggered us stopping but I mediate it became once the factual time. If I mediate about at the whole bound, I mediate that became once the factual point. It became once not particular at any point if it’s going to be dry [tyres] or not at some point soon, so we wished to go dazzling lengthy in the first stint and it became once ultimate. 

Q: And the device in which noteworthy self assurance does this take give you going forward for the rest of the season? 

VB: Smartly, I’ve had the boldness consistently in point of fact, but it completely’s tremendous to trust a take and the reminder that you might maybe presumably maybe well take races. It’s been a whereas, like I stated. Nonetheless, to be ultimate, after Monza I’ve been feeling very relaxed finally and been ready to ultimate point of interest easiest on driving and evidently that helps. 

Q: Remaining one from me. How rapidly to you imagine the auto will be at COTA? The subsequent bound.

VB: I don’t trust a crystal ball but I mediate on paper I mediate it will most likely presumably maybe well soundless be one in every of the finest ones, hopefully. That’s what we hope – but we’ll work onerous in the subsequent two weeks to compose particular we’re in a space to fight for the take again.

Q: Max, coming to you, moderately a lonely bound for you on the market, but a enormous one alternatively. How at ease are you with how things went?

MV: Yeah, focused on our whole weekend being a exiguous bit off the roam when compared with Mercedes I mediate we had moderately a tight bound. I suggest at the birth I ultimate tried to display screen Valtteri but for certain we needed to organize the tyres so I ultimate dropped abet a exiguous bit and at one point we began to seize-up the roam a exiguous bit, furthermore for the explanation that track became once drying a exiguous bit but yeah, there became once no point where I’d assault Valtteri and he became once ultimate managing his bound for certain furthermore very wisely and having a mediate about after his tyres and naturally I had Charles moderately shut at the abet of me in the first stint. He had very ultimate roam as wisely. At one point I stated the tyres are dazzling ultimate, like they were fully frail to slicks, so it became once very grand on the market for certain, when the track is use it irresistible became once, so we made up our minds to box, and then after the live, with like 20 laps to go, I mediate, ultimate made up our minds to elevate it dwelling. I anyway didn’t trust the roam to fight Valtteri, so there became once furthermore no want to capture a mediate about at to be within two, three tenths, to capture a mediate about at and ultimate observe him. Real build the tyres to the tip, typically. 

Q: And Max, what in regards to the beginning? You were a exiguous bit anxious about being in P2 the day gone by.

MV: yeah, I soundless mediate the within shouldn’t be as grippy because the outdoor but at the least I didn’t lose a space. I mediate in a approach it became once better that it became once a moist birth than a dry birth.

Q: And we did hear a few concerns being reported over the radio by you. I mediate we heard about a gearshift at one point and then a project with the steering wheel maybe. Did any of that protect you abet?

MV: No. It became once not the instruments shift. There became once a be conscious subsequent to the amount where I can look the gears which became once not disappearing, so I needed to alternate one rotary and it became once resplendent. So it became once not efficiency microscopic. The steering became once a exiguous bit left-hand-down, but furthermore for certain the tyres are carrying so you rating a exiguous little bit of an uneven platform but I could presumably maybe well feel this already from the beginning. Nonetheless, again, that shouldn’t be efficiency limiting – but it completely’s better to claim it than reveal nothing. 

Q: Max, it’s a double podium from Red Bull in Honda’s hold livery. Main moment for them. 

MV: Yeah, it’s been ultimate. I mediate it’s very tremendous to be up right here, each and every of us, especially after a weekend where I mediate we were struggling a exiguous bit for roam, so that you might maybe soundless, let’s reveal, maximise the tip result with two autos is, for certain, a terribly ultimate result for us. 

Q: Checo, coming to you, wisely accomplished. That became once a extraordinarily inspiring bound by you, you no doubt had your elbows out. First up, discuss us through the struggle with Lewis Hamilton, I mediate it became once lap 35, wheel-to-wheel, aspect-by-aspect, corner after corner. 

SP: Yeah, it became once dazzling intense at that time on sage of Lewis in point of fact bought me at the worst time of my bound as of late on sage of I became once struggling so noteworthy with my tyres at that time. That first stint became once so grand for me, especially in direction of the tip and Lewis became once dazzling rapidly. I mediate at the time he became once the quickest automobile on direction, so that you might maybe protect him abet at that time became once dazzling not easy. We had a first fee fight. Had to even steer particular of the pit bollard on pit entry, but it completely became once a first fee fight total, and managed to live forward. Yeah, I mediate we were all very anxious as of late about boxing for new tyres, due to what came about last one year. I mediate it became once the factual call after we boxed, on sage of I had the time to in point of fact introduce my tyres and learn what went depraved on my first stint to capture a mediate about at to put collectively it for my 2d stint, which in point of fact made my bound, you know? I mediate we took a first fee advantage on that 2d stint. 

Q: Checo, that is your first podium since Paul Ricard, 9 races ago. How did it feel to be abet up there again? Became it a exiguous little bit of a reduction?

SP: Genuinely, the old few races trust been so wretched. In Monza I accomplished on the rostrum but I had the penalty; Russia, three laps to go I became once on the rostrum. It’s been like coming already for plenty of races but no doubt it’s tremendous, especially like as of late where I felt so depressed with the auto and we didn’t trust moderately the roam to match the Mercs, and I maintain like we maximised our result as of late and I’m certain if we are ready to originate that for the subsequent six races, we can soundless take the Championship. 

Q: And Checo, how assured were you forward of the beginning as of late? Christian Horner stated ‘you might maybe presumably maybe pause on the rostrum Checo’. Did you portion his self assurance?

SP: Yeah, he became once dazzling certain about it. I’ll instruct Christian to instruct me that every bound weekend. He no doubt became once dazzling certain about it. 

Q: And efficiency-clever, originate you’re feeling you’ve turned a exiguous little bit of a corner?

SP: Yeah, positively. All of the weekend has been loads more competitive. The day prior to this in qualifying we didn’t rating to display that on sage of we were very aggressive with our strategy, so that effect us on the backfoot with the Soft tyres into qualifying. I mediate we ultimate go over that couple of tenths that we had in hand, on sage of we’ve shown ultimate roam right through the weekend and I’m certain shall we trust had a noteworthy better qualifying. So yeah, no doubt I can look that figuring out I am getting more along with the auto. 


Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) About a questions to Valtteri, please. First of all, congratulations on the victory. I ultimate wondered did you and Mercedes ever maintain searching out for to rating through the bound with out stopping for novel inters? And whereas you happen to did and to rating right here out at the abet of the Ferrari, how concerned were you that you might maybe presumably maybe well not be ready to rating abet by and the device in which became once that struggle with Leclerc at Turn 1?

VB: Thanks. I don’t mediate… Smartly, at the least from my aspect I didn’t maintain going through the whole bound with one place, on sage of at some point soon I began to feel a exiguous little bit of vibration from the tyres and to boot they were like slicks and finally you might maybe rating the canvas, so I consistently had it in my thoughts that we might presumably maybe well wisely be stopping at some point soon, but I don’t know in regards to the crew but, what they were severe about. Nonetheless I’m satisfied we stopped. Clearly Max stopped first and we coated him. After which once I became once gaining to Charles, he became once soundless on his first place of tyres. He became once in point of fact rapidly on the aspects that were a exiguous bit drier and I became once quicker on the aspects that were a exiguous bit wetter on sage of I had novel tyres and ultimate once I became once closing onto him my tyres began to grain moderately a exiguous bit, but I became once soundless catching him clearly and then clearly my tyres grained to the purpose that they were slicks again and then they were resplendent. There became once a exiguous little bit of a roam distinction and he had a few lock-united statesand once I bought him he had a exiguous little bit of a snap in the last corner and that helped. 

Q: How shut to slick tyres were we at the tip of the bound? 

VB: On the very give up of the bound it became once positively getting nearer. At any point of the bound I by no approach notion it will most likely presumably maybe well be slicks. I soundless mediate the last lap would trust been grand to be on slicks. It’s grand right here; it’s drying very slowly. 

Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Bustle) Valtteri, you were talking in regards to the fact that these cases are in point of fact grand and I mediate earlier, straight out of the auto, you stated it became once one in every of your finest races ever. I ultimate wondered how elegant is it to rating a take, such an emphatic take in cases like this, especially, right here, in cases like this once I guess 12 months ago would trust been one in every of the least elegant races that you’d skilled? 

VB: It’s elegant, for certain, a success and having a first fee bound, that’s evidently. And like I stated earlier, last time round right here, I misplaced rely how many spins I had in the bound, I mediate it became once 5 or six, so at the least I didn’t trudge as of late, so that’s a step forward. 

MV: You trust accomplished a trudge. It will trust been a exiguous bit more attention-grabbing to the tip. 

VB: Yeah, can trust accomplished, maybe last lap. 

MV: Yeah. 

VB: Love a 360. 

Q: (Christian Menath – motorsportmagazin.com) For all three of you: how grand were the first laps on the brand new tyres, on sage of I guess you always want to exhaust the grip of the novel tyres but alternatively you could always build them a exiguous bit for the rest of the stint, so how grand became once it? 

MV: I suggest it’s not grand on sage of you’re ultimate driving beneath the tyre, factual? You would possibly want to presumably maybe trust grip, you ultimate opt now to not exhaust it. It became once a tremendous feeling on sage of whereas you compare to the tip of the first stint, you don’t trust the grip anymore and you’re in point of fact placing onto the tyre on sage of furthermore the rear tyres are long past, so the beginning became once ultimate all in regards to the administration. The grip is there so you no doubt trust moderately a tremendous balance. 

VB: The track has been in point of fact, in point of fact grippy so… and in point of fact on the out lap I managed to protect temperature rather then shedding it, so in point of fact it became once OK and, like Max stated, ultimate backed off a exiguous bit in locations, now to not abolish the tyres. 

SP: For me, I mediate they were the suitable laps of the bound by device of grip, by device of balance, that I had as of late. The track became once so grippy in these cases. It became once easiest when the degradation kicked in that made it very grand to live to speak the tale the track, so I became once dazzling at ease with the first 10 laps, let’s reveal. I mediate the inters were performing wisely and then after that it became once moderately grand. 

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Max, how are you feeling in regards to the title fight with Lewis factual now? You’re abet in the parts lead. Had been you obsessed with Mercedes’s roam in the dry and moist right here? Assemble you imagine they’ve now bought the quicker automobile than Red Bull? 

MV: They were positively quicker this weekend. We ultimate didn’t rating it collectively and furthermore in the moist they looked as if it will most likely presumably maybe well trust a exiguous little bit of the brink as wisely. So we’ll trust to analyse for certain why we weren’t that competitive right here and I positively originate mediate they doubtlessly stepped it up a exiguous bit more so yeah, even with the parts, it’s not going to be easy but… I noticed, you know, I mediate I even stated it sooner than we even began the weekend, to this point we’ve had a terribly ultimate one year so it’s not going to alternate the sphere for me if we pause first or 2d at the tip of the day, but I’m consistently going to present my finest and we’ll look again in Austin the device in which it’s going to go. We won’t give up, we’ll consistently are trying and originate the suitable we can and hopefully, for certain, at the tip of the championship it’s going to be ample but if it isn’t I’m not going to sleep less. 

Q: Max, gleaming your automobile as you originate, originate you imagine you’ll be competitive in COTA? How originate you imagine it’s going to go there? 

MV: Lots of flat-out sections as wisely, tyre effect on in all fairness excessive as wisely, so there are a few things to mediate about into. I mediate maybe at one other tracks we can maybe be a exiguous bit better, but it completely’s by no approach going to be very easy. All of the one year already has been moderately shut, for certain. Infrequently it gave the influence of maybe we were a exiguous bit better but then normally furthermore they were moderately rapidly. I ultimate hope that from the last races there are a few tracks, for certain, or more than half, are better for us but we’ll uncover. 

Q: (Scott Mitchell  – The Bustle) Valtteri, I believe you might maybe presumably maybe well not trust a whole ranking of your 10 wins to this point but I ultimate wondered if the cases and the cases of a bound like as of late effect this take at or shut to the very high? 

VB: Yeah. I don’t trust a checklist of what is the suitable, 2d, third. Nonetheless yeah, it’s up there. I mediate total, clearly a take is a take but in grand cases and in point of fact having a exiguous little bit of a margin and so on it’s excessive up there. The main ingredient is that I didn’t originate any errors, easiest one which I had a exiguous little bit of a snap in Turn 1 on the exit, that became once the most efficient one, but other than that it’s in point of fact dapper which is right and makes me at ease. 

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Valtteri, you talked about you were feeling moderately relaxed after Monza. I ultimate wondered how things trust been with the crew since then, since it became once introduced you won’t be coming abet in 2022? And the device in which warmly did they greet your take as of late? 

VB: I mediate the crew has been ultimate, nothing has in point of fact modified, every thing as common and the crew has a first fee spirit total and we’re in point of fact motivated for the rest of the one year and dealing onerous as consistently. I easiest noticed them from the rostrum and once I bought out of the auto it became once ultimate, clearly. Yeah, all americans looked at ease. 

Q: Valtteri, provided that you’re leaving at the tip of the one year, are you proceed to being enraged in regards to the whole meetings that you always trust been or are they beginning to exclude you a exiguous bit? 

VB: Fine, I’m in every meeting that I’ve been in sooner than, in these 5 years. If there’s other meetings, I don’t know about those, so for me, every thing is common!


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