Thousands of enthusiastic Portuguese followers lined the 3km tune of Rampa da Falperra and witnessed one amongst the most thrilling events on the Hill Climb calendar, with the medals being determined on the the rest flee of the day.  Christian Merli within the no1 Osella FA30 Zytek (Class 2 / D/E2-SS) took the gold medal on the 2021 FIA Hill Climb Masters to add to the one he obtained in 2018 after an ultimate searching battle with Geoffrey Schatz and Simone Faggioli for general honours. 

The battle for Class and Community honours raged up and down the self-discipline, with the group responding to the improbable riding abilities shown by the drivers, including the loud cheers for the on-the-restrict velocity of the no67 Speedcar GTR Suzuki of French driver Yves Tholy.

Within the the rest flee of the day Italian Christian Merli posted a 1m02.702 in his remaining flee nevertheless his second flee of 1m02.033 used to be the actual person that counted. Simone Faggioli claimed the silver medal with a 1m02.605 on his remaining flee within the no2 Norma M20 FC Zytek (Class 2 / E2-SC), with Petr Trnka within the no9 Norma M20 FC Mugen (Class 2 / E2-SC) claiming the bronze medal.

The gold medal in Class 4 went to the no40 NP01-2 Oreca (Class 4 / OpSC) of Geoffrey Schatz, who as soon as improved his time with a beautiful 1m02.392 on his remaining flee.

The French driver completed 1.1 seconds forward of the no42 DJ Firestorm Cosworth (Class 4 / Open SS) of Alex Summers, the Briton posting a 1m03.523, 0.5 seconds forward of his old finest to claim the silver medal, with the no41 Gould GR59 M Cosworth (Class 4 / Open SS) of Wallace Menzies furthermore making improvements to to 1m04.806 to claim bronze.

Reto Meisel’s no75 Mercedes-Benz SLK 340 (Class 3 / OpTCGT) has obtained the gold medal in Class 3, posting his fastest time of the weekend on his remaining flee, a 1m14.269. 

The battle for the silver and bronze medals used to be resolute within the favour of Damien Bradley within the no142 Subaru Legacy (Class 3/ OpTCGT), the British driver posting his finest time of the weekend by a lengthy design, the 1m26.382 on his third flee a big 2.5 seconds quicker than his old finest. 

Sarah Bernard clinched the bronze medal within the no140 Seat Leon Cup Racer Mk3 (Class 3 / OpTCGT), the 1m26.382 on her third flee 0.027s slower than her finest time 1m27.411 in Ride 2.

In Class 1 the medals were determined on the the rest flee, in dramatic model.  

After leading within the first two races Daniel Stawiarski within the no80 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX (Class 1 / Community 1) improved his finest time by one tenth of a second to 1m14.709, nevertheless it no doubt wasn’t adequate to stable the gold medal.  

Szymon Lukaszczyk within the no79 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V (Class 1 / Community 1) kept his finest flee until remaining and posted a 1m14.267 to retract gold. 

Michal Ratajczyk furthermore went quicker within the no77 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X RS (Class 1 / Community 2) with a 1m14.458 to retract silver and push Stawiarski into bronze medal station and ending an all Polish podium with the teammates split by 0.442 seconds.

The Nations Cup used to be obtained by France with a time incompatibility of 0.177, Slovakia in second with 0.256 and Belgium in third with 0.568.  

The Below 25 successful driver used to be the Luigi Fazzino of Italy within the no7 Osella PA2000 Peugeot (Class 2 / E2-SC) with a finest time of 1m08.950, forward of   Robert Dwane from Eire within the no53 OMS 25 Suzuki (Class 4 / OpSS).

The fastest female driver on the 2021 FIA Hill Climb Masters of Britain’s Olivia Cooper within the no 56 Force TA Suzuki (Class 4 / OpSS), who completed forward of Italian Martina Raiti within the no33 Osella PA21 J Honda (Class 2 / CN) and Sarah Bernhard of France within the no140 Seat Leon Cup Racer Mk3 (Class 3 / OpTCGT).

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Christian Merli (ITA) – Winner Class 2

no1 Osella FA30 Zytek (Class 2 / D/E2-SS)

“I’m very ecstatic to purchase here this weekend in Braga.  I wasn’t waiting for to retract this victory here because Geoffrey Schatz is terribly instant, nevertheless we had a appropriate automobile and a appropriate time.  To purchase the FIA Hill Climb Masters again is well-known because the suitable drivers are here and it is a long way a pleasure to purchase this tournament.  I’m very, very ecstatic for this victory.”

Geoffrey Schatz (FRA) – Winner Class 4

no40 NP01-2 Oreca (Class 4 / OpSC) 

“Here’s my first time here, so I wasn’t waiting for the rest and neatly actual wished to abet out my finest. Here’s an improbable tune, and the oldsters are unbelievable, crazy and comical; the ambience is terribly particular.  We had to work very laborious to search out a appropriate position up, to snatch the tune.  I tried diversified kinds of tyres and on the sleek time we found out a appropriate compromise.  

“Christian (Merli) and Simone (Faggioli) and so gifted and instant.  I did my finest and it is a long way an out of this world weekend with this and successful the Nations Cup. Factual improbable!”

Reto Maisel (CHE) – Winner Class 3

no75 Mercedes-Benz SLK 340 (Class 3 / OpTCGT)

“That used to be shining. The Masters is one amongst the suitable. No, it is a long way the suitable, it’s neatly actual improbable.  Here’s my third time here in Braga, a instant tune nevertheless tranquil appropriate.  One among the Class 1 Mitsubishis went two thousandths quicker than me, which is bit anxious, nevertheless it no doubt’s OK.  I haven’t raced for 2 and a half years after a enormous crash and now I in actual fact wish to be taught to force the auto step-by-step.  If I had don eten races this year I’d’ve been a minute bit bit quicker nevertheless I’m in actual fact ecstatic with this result.”

Szymon Lukaszczyk (POL) – Winner Class 1

no79 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V (Class 1 / Community 1)

“This has been a extraordinarily fine abilities, to be here and to purchase here.  It’s an ultimate searching station with impossible spectators.  For me this tournament is one amongst the successes of the sport.  To be here on the rostrum with my teammates is impossible. We safe in actual fact instant vehicles and drivers.”

Jean-Marc Roger – Captain of France

Nations Cup Devoted Employees

“It’s been a improbable weekend with a improbable personnel.  I’m very ecstatic to handbook this personnel nevertheless I haven’t performed great, this is acceptable down to the drivers and I’m very overjoyed with what has been accomplished. The French personnel had a extraordinarily appropriate glide with appropriate outcomes within the 2 courses and with podiums, so we are very ecstatic to purchase the Nations Cup.”

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