Video: Vettel raises the visor of Stroll's helmet and apologizes to him


. September, 2019 Comments After the race for the Italian GP, ​​the interesting talk was complicated by seventh-round collision players Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll… And, too, I would like Seb to lift my visor so he can look into my eyes and soul. – Ky (@FiftyBucksss) September , 2019 Italian media: Leclerc retires Vettl in Monza Also read: […]

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AMA with Chris Medland, Wednesday September 11th – Presented by Missed Apex Podcast


Hello /r/formula1 We’re happy to announce, that in cooperation with Missed Apex Podcast, we’ll be doing an AMA with Chris Medland, tomorrow, Wednesday September 11th at 1PM BST / 12PM UTC (Find your local time here). Chris has been working fulltime as an F1 journalist since first joining ESPN in 2011, and going freelance in 2015. He’s now working for […]

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What are your thoughts? Log in or Sign uplog insign up level 1 Love the composition. Looking at those planes is giving me a tingle. level 2 Thank you! I’m still not sure if I should have flipped the image so the Italian colours are the right way around, but I decided to just leave it the way I seen […]

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Wolff: Monza showed the difference between Hamilton and Bottas


Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff believes the Monza race has revealed the difficulties Valtteri Bottas has in catching up and overtaking its competitors. After none of the Mercedes drivers in the Italian GP race overtook Charles Leclerc, Monacan gave Ferrari a magnificent victory in front of home spectators. Leclerca first tried to overtake Hamilton, but after many attacks, he got […]

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