Mclaren announced the arrival of Elva


. December, 2019 Comments Mclaren Elva is the latest product from the UK manufacturer of elite super-athletes… Also read: Michael Schumacher announces who will break his records Official: Sainz without penalty, Mclaren The tobacco giant has further increased its stake in the Mclaren team Toto Wolff: Mclaren would can during the season 2020 fought … Mclaren Leaves Boss of Aerodynamics […]

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Big slap for the Pirelli: F1 teams unanimously reject tires for the 2020 season


All 10 F1 teams unanimously rejected Pirelli's tires for next season in an anonymous vote, which means racers will still use vintage tires next year 2019. After F1 teams tested new tires at post-season tests in Abu Dhabi, all teams rejected the new Pirelli mix by secret ballot, which received much criticism from racers. After testing and analyzing new tires […]

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Mclaren left chief of aerodynamics


At the end of the season, Mclaren left the head of aerodynamics, Guillaume Cattelani, who could transfer to the Haas team. Mclaren thus began the reorganization of his F1 team, announced by team boss Andreas Seidl on his arrival. Woking is the first to leave aerodynamics boss Guillaume Cattelani, who has worked for Mclaren since 2014, and is already associating […]

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Rewatching former races from this season. How finest of a moment was as soon as this? Lewis smashed the notice document twice on his strategy to eating up a 7 2d gap to Max in precise 3 laps earlier than making the overtake.


Verstappen pitted for new hards in lap 25. Hamilton in lap 31. Hamilton pitted for frail mediums in lap 48. So we obtained to look for the factual measure of them for 17 laps. When Verstappen pitted he got right here out unhurried the Ferraris. When Hamilton pitted, he got right here wait on out in 2d 6.4 seconds unhurried […]

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