This present day FIA sent out one other Technical Directive (TD 38/19) about imaginable engine trickery. It states that any flammable liquid from the cooling systems can no longer be inclined for combustion. which team right here is geared against


Will post translated version asap Edit: Ferrari fire continues TD 35/19 became followed by TD 38/19 four days sooner than the GP Brazil TD 38/19. This time it is set the real fact that no flamable liquid from the price air cooler, the air collector or the ERS blueprint might perhaps well merely rating into the combustion chambers. Ferrari had […]

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Toto no longer realising he wasn’t presupposed to develop the ‘6’ hand gesture on the crew photo


What are your thoughts? Log in or Signal uplog inregister level 1 “Oh shit” Apologies for the British viewers. level 2 “I’m going for P6” says Toto Wolff level 1 Man to initiating with within the grey trousers is in point of fact going for his “P1” level 1 Became there some cause he wasn’t presupposed to effect that? level […]

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