Italian blogger Leo Turrini reveals that Kimi Raikkonen is still part of the family in Maranello. The team loves him the way he is and admires his talent. Turrini also respects the Finnish driver and claims that the season 2019 is one of his best in Formula One.

Turrini is known for his involvement with Scuderio Ferrari, giving him access to exclusive information. During his summer break, he presented on his blog an analysis of driver performances and team performance in the first part of the season 2019.

An Italian journalist expressed his admiration for how Kimi Raikkonen managed to keep Alfa Romeo in the fight for the best spots behind the top three teams. At the same time, he emphasized that Kimi is still highly regarded in Maranell:

»Kimi is part of the family in Maranell. The team loves him because of his character. They admire him for his talent. Some people would like to see him race for them again. “

In a recent blog post , Leo Turrini wrote about , that Kimi is still one of the best drivers and that Alfa Romeo is the one that disappointed him:

»Kimi has one of the best seasons of her career. In terms of efficiency, it is among the top five drivers, according to what we saw in the first part of the season. I know that Kimi dreams of climbing the podium as an Alfa Romeo driver. Last but not least, he managed to do so with historic teams such as Ferrari, Lotus and McLaren. I expected more from the Alpha team. From my friend Furbatt's car, I think. We will also see how the appeal against the penalty in Germany will unfold. “

Jan Kopecký is leading the FIA European Rally Championship classification after nearest rivals Alexey Lukyanuk and Nikolay Gryazin hit trouble, but all eyes are on a breathtakingly close battle for the ERC1 Junior title.

Behind 2013 ERC champion Kopecký (ŠKODA Motorsport), Chris Ingram (Toksport WRT) and Filip Mareš (ACCR Czech Rally Team) took centre stage, the pair battling over a 100,000 euro prize to compete on the last two rounds of the ERC season for being the top young star in an R5 car.

Reigning ERC1 Junior champion Gryazin (Sports Racing Technologies) had initially been ahead of both his fellow young stars and fighting for the overall lead until a puncture cost him two minutes, turning the lead battle into a Kopecký versus Lukyanuk (Saintéloc Junior Team) affair.

But when Lukyanuk was forced to retire after a front-left puncture on the latter pass of Halenkovice damaged his front-left suspension – a near identical incident to the one which sidelined him from first place on Rally Islas Canarias – Mareš and Ingram came to the fore.

The championship-battling pair traded places several times during the day, and Ingram had begun to edge ahead in the middle of the first leg.

Semetín, a stage which drivers had pinpointed as the hardest of the day, turned the battle on its head, with Ingram conceding 9.2s and admitting he had been “driving all over the shop for about a kilometre”.

That promoted Mareš to first place in ERC1 Junior, but there was one final twist before the day was out. Ingram pulled off a blinding final stage to beat Kopecký to the fastest outright time, gaining five seconds on Mareš and pipping the home favourite to a maximum seven leg points and the overnight lead in ERC1 Junior by 3.8s.

“It’s been a fantastic day,” said Ingram. “I always go well in the dark and road rally boy Ross [Whittock, co-driver] always does as well. Though I didn’t think we’d be that quick; it felt ragged!”

“We were just carrying as much speed as we could through the dodgy sections but it was comfortable, so bring on tomorrow!”

Mareš was determined to regroup and restore his class lead, remaining optimistic despite the late setback.

“It was a good day for us and we can be satisfied with our performance generally, but there are a lot of things we can improve for tomorrow. I hope the new day will suit us better than today.”

Václav Pech (EuroOil – Invelt Team) briefly passed the quarrelling pair of Juniors but was bumped back down to fourth place overall as Ingram and Mareš upped the ante in the final stages of leg one.

Fellow Czech driver Tomáš Kostka (Kresta Racing) had struggled with tyre wear late on the first loop after taking softs, but felt more comfortable on the second set of stages and cemented his fifth place, 12.5s behind Pech.

Past ERC1 and ERC3 Junior champion Marijan Griebel was able to pick up his pace as the day wore on, making his way up from P10 to sixth by the end of the day aboard his ŠKODA Fabia R5.

Despite losing two minutes with his earlier puncture Gryazin was able to climb all the way to seventh place, retaking third place in ERC1 Junior on the final stage of the loop.

That improvement came at the expense of ERC3 Junior graduate Simon Wagner, who is making his ERC1 Junior debut this weekend in a ŠKODA Fabia R5 Evo, who was battling a stomach bug. He dropped behind both Gryazin and Jaromír Tarabus (Agrorodeo) to end the day in ninth place.

Łukasz Habaj admitted he hadn’t made the most of the “gift” given to him by Lukyanuk’s retirement, ending leg one in P10. He had struggled to make an impression on the front-running positions and lost time when he hit a tree on Semetín, his car very badly dented but otherwise undamaged.

Tomáš Pospíšilík (BTH Import Stal Rally Team), who participated in the first ever ERC Junior event in a ŠKODA Fabia R2 in 2014, made a good impression on his step up to ERC1 Junior, rounding out the top five in class after passing Matias Adielsson (Sweden National Team) and Miko Marczyk (ŠKODA Polska Motorsport) on pace alone.

Both Adielsson and Marczyk hit trouble; a puncture in the morning followed by power steering failure in the afternoon cost sixth-placed ERC1 Junior runner Adielsson sixth, while Marczyk crashed out on the first pass of Kostelany.

Andrea Nucita (Loran SRL) leads both the ERC2 production category and Abarth Rally Cup after leg one, while Efrén Llarena (Rallye Team Spain) is keeping his ERC3 Junior title hopes alive by leading the ERC3 category outright, 7.8s ahead of Jean-Baptiste Franceschi

Championship leaders Robin Larsson and Aydar Nuriev took the quickest times in Q1 at the Euro RX of Germany, round four of both the FIA European Rallycross Championship for Supercar and Super1600. 

Sweden’s Larsson took the hole shot in Q1 race 2 and went quickest with the JC Raceteknik Audi S1. Taking the best start in Q1 race 4, Sweden’s Pontus Tidemand also won his race from the front of the field and was P2 in Q1, despite a small misfire with the Eklund Motorsport Volkswagen Beetle.

The weather changed during the session, rain falling at the turn two section of the Estering circuit, which slowed the later races. Even with the more slippery conditions, Germany’s Rene Munnich took the hole shot in race three, surviving contact after the start line, won his race and was P3 in the session, with Finland’s Mikko Ikkonen, Sweden’s Peter Hedstrom and Norway’s Sondre Evjen competing the top six.

Championship contenders Thomas Bryntesson and Jean-Baptiste Dubourg both lost time in the first corner of their races, Dubourg getting spun around.

In Super1600, Russia’s Egor Sanin took the lead of Q1 race 5 on lap one, but with an early joker lap tactic Championship leader Aydar Nuriev took the lead, race win and the quickest time. Sanin was second quickest with his Renault Twingo and ahead of Holjes RX winner Marius Bermingrud, who won race three on a drying track and was P3.

Czech Republic’s Tomas Krejcik had a battle with Volland Racing drivers – Switzerland’s Yuri Belevskiy and Arthur Egorov – Belevski ending the race on top with P4 in the Q1 times. Czech Republic’s Josef Susta and Pavel Vimmer completed the top six.

Find full Estering RX results here.

According to Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo , Red Bull eas set to replace Pierre Gasly by mid-season with Fernando Alonso, who allegedly rejected the offer.

There have been many rumors lately about Fernando Alonso’s possible return to Formula One, but now oil has been added by the Spanish media claiming that the two-time world champion was Red Bull’s first choice for Max Verstappen’s teammate.

Pierre Gasly replaced Daniel Ricciardo in the Red Bulls first season this season, but the Frenchman did not find himself in the first half of the season and was no match for teammate Max Verstappen.

The Red Bull team has made the decision to replace Alexander Albon at the next race at Spa Francorchamps, while Gasly returns to Toro Rosso to join Daniel Kvyat.

( – Actually, Michael Schumacher was after seven Formula 1 titles after the season 2010 resigned from the premier class. In the year 620 celebrated the record world champion but then his comeback for Mercedes – before he was since 1996 for Ferrari. As part of the preparation for his comeback Schumacher drove in January 2006 a GP2 car.

Michael Schumacher


Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher tested a GP2 racer (**********************************************************************) Zoom Download

“For the GP2 Series and everyone involved was a fantastic thing, “said Bruno Michel, CEO at the time. “Michael's analysis and feedback was first-rate.” Schumacher himself was also very satisfied: “At the end of the test today I was able to drive a lot and it was really perfect.”

However, the GP2 test was overshadowed by the bad weather. Schumacher drove only a few laps on a dry track and therefore could not fully exploit the full potential of the vehicle. “You can tell if the seat fits,” said the German at the time after the test. “This is the same seat shell as it will be in my car in two weeks, every meter is helpful.”

-Bolids (********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) in the GP2 car a final fitness test before his return to Formula 1 Other Formula 1 Videos

“It's about driving as many miles as possible,” added Schumacher. It's also important for the engineers to get to know me, they need to know how to respond to changes, how to communicate and how to present certain issues, which my boys can already understand

“I felt comfortable on the track right from the start and would naturally like to express my special thanks to our team and the GP2 for this opportunity,” concludes the Formula One -Recordermaster

The career of the racer, after the Grand Prix of Brazil 2012 his helmet final hung on the nail, is impressive: in (****************************************) Victories, (********************************************************************) Pole Positions and won seven titles. In the year 2013 followed the terrible ski accident. Since then, Schumacher has withdrawn from public life.

( – So far, Haas has always relied on seasoned middle-aged racers in Formula One. Romain Grosjean is 33 years old and has already gained a lot of experience in the motorsport world. With 27 years Kevin Magnussen is in perfect racing age. But is the team ready to give a rookie a chance? Team Principal Günther Steiner speaks of a great risk.

Romain Grosjean, Nico Hülkenberg


Will Haas ever give a rookie a chance to ride in a team? Zoom


“We are getting more mature, but do we really want to take the risk and hire a rookie?” Asks Steiner. “McLaren took this risk this year and it paid off, Lando [Norris] is doing a good job, he's very fast, but of course it can be different.”

It is really hard to pull out of the swamp if a rookie fails? Steiner believes that it is not an easy task to make a staff mistake. Moreover, it is difficult to make decisions in the world of Formula 1, especially in the case of staff. Steiner says that there is always a risk.


The eccentric sponsor William Storey plays in this analysis only a minor role – Günther Steiner has currently many reasons to get annoyed … Further Formula 1 videos

“As a team we should give a rookie a chance, but do we want that too?” Steiner continues. “That's the next step, if we had a rookie this year, it would not have helped us, we have our problems with the tires and a rookie will not help.”

During the season (********************************************************************************************************************) While Grosjean is ranked (************************************************************************************************) . In the Constructors' Championship Haas is ninth in front of Williams and behind Racing Point. The Americans have much to do in the second half of the season to recover from the form-low.

( – To prepare for the Formula 1 race, Carlos Sainz has come up with different ways. But now the Spaniard wants to dive into the virtual world and give his new simulator at home a chance. The McLaren driver is not a gamer like Lando Norris or Max Verstappen, but wants to get involved in the virtual preparation.

Carlos Sainz


Carlos Sainz wants to open up to the world of simulations Zoom Download

“I want to test if it's fun,” says Sainz. “I actually have a lot of free time when I'm not at McLaren or in the gym, so I want to give the simulator a chance, but I still prefer to go outside and ride rally cars or karts but I have a talent for simulations. “

Sainz prefers to train in reality (*************************************************************) So far Sainz prefers karting because he has to act in the real world. He says, “I use karting to prepare myself, especially for stretches where the walls are as close to the road as Singapore, Monaco and Canada, which is always a challenge for me, but at some point it's boring, so many laps On the same track to drive “

What surprised: Sainz sometimes finds the kart driving more strenuous, as in a Formula 1 car to race for the course. For him, driving a kart is physically more demanding and more intense than tackling a Formula 1 car on some routes. Also this training seems to bring a lot to the Spaniard.

Hülkenberg not a fan of simulations

Who probably never gets warm with simulators and the virtual world, is Nico Hulkenberg, who was not a gamer in his childhood. The Renault driver has never been interested in the virtual games on the computer or the console and was never really excited about it. He says, “I missed it a bit and I'm not interested in it now.”


Gaming- Duel: Verstappen on the Virtual Lawn

Ryan Pessoa is a professional online gamer and calls Formula -1-Pilot Max Verstappen to the gaming competition on – virtually on the football field Further Formula 1 videos

However, the German can imagine that training in simulators could one day become an important factor for young racers. No doubt he is not: “Hard to say, I think it does not hurt.”

“It's just another generation, personal preference, what you like and what you do not like Leisure time “, says Hülkenberg. And I understand that they are extremely good at it, and I do not know if they can pull something out for themselves. “

When asked if racing situations were practiced in simulations Hülkenberg replies: “That could be it, but the computer car does not necessarily behave like the realistic car – I do not know, it's difficult to give a concrete answer to such a scenario.”

Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna is one of the most celebrated figures in the history of Formula One. We have already written a lot about Senna on Portal Think you already know everything about him? Check below for your time 10 the facts of the best driver of all time according to many.

1. Monaco was his venue

Senna won the race at the Monaco Grand Prix six times, which so far has failed anyone. In fact, he also set the record five times in a row (over the years 1989 and 1993) in Monte Carlo stood on the highest podium . He proved his track record in his first Monaco race of the year 1984 when Toleman's uncompetitive car, despite a heavy downpour, managed to get to a very high speed and almost caught Prost. His worst run in the Monte Carlo Race was 3rd (1986).

2. Chess also mastered

Ayrton was not only a top driver, but also an outstanding chess player. He often challenged Williams' manager Frank Williams to the chess game, even though they were on opposite teams at the time. Frank later stated that Ayrton was able to plan three moves and four counterattack in advance.

Video: Ayrton Senna at the wheel of Williams for the first time

3. He designed his philosophical view of racing

Over the years, Senna has developed a special philosophical view of racing. He described racing as something metaphysical:

»On a certain day, under certain circumstances, you think you have a restriction. And then you go to that limit and you reach that limit and you think, 'OK, this is a limit.' When you reach that limit, something happens, and you can go further all at once. With your strength of mind, determination, instinct and experience you can fly very high. I suddenly realized that I was no longer driving the car consciously. I was driving it by some instinct, I was in another dimension myself. “

4. He predicted death in Imola

Ayrton Senna and Gerhard Berger reviewed at the Imola race course how security could be improved on the Tamburello bend. Berger and several other drivers have already experienced the traps of this route, and this is where the most accidents occurred. Senna wanted to move the protective fence further back, but this was not possible due to the proximity of the Santerno River. Senna at the time confided in Berger that he feared that anyone would die at this point. Five years later, his words turned out to be true.

5. Winning GP Brazil 1991 despite gearbox failure

Towards the end of the race, the gearbox on his McLarn broke down, leaving Ayrton unable to use third, fourth and fifth gears. He was forced to continue driving in sixth gear and managed to finish the race without being overtaken. He won the race for the GP of Brazil 1991 with strong will and skill driving. After the victory, he was so exhausted that they had to help him out of the car, but he was a hero for all of Brazil, which made him even nominated as a saint.

Video: How Ayrton Senna Braked and Speeded

6. He took care of one of the best laps in the race

Race to the Grand Prix of Europe 1993 at Donington Park brought one of the craziest rounds in the history of Formula 1. Ayrton Senna has once again proved himself to be the undisputed king of rain. Already in the first lap of the race he moved from fifth to first place. One after another he chased down the big names of Formula One, such as Schumacher, Wendlinger, Hill and Prost.

7. In Brazil, the Audi plant is to its credit

Right before his death, Ayrton went to Audi's headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany, and signed a contract to import the A3 model to Brazil on behalf of the family business. A few years later, they built a factory where they started making their own A3 and also VW Golf. The factory is still in operation but is now in 93 – owned by Audi.

8. Rescues the driver and contributes to safety

At the Race in the Spa of the Year 1992, Eric Comas s hit his Ligier hard and lost consciousness. Senna stopped immediately while the others continued racing and ran toward the car. He switched off the engine on the Comas car to keep it from burning, stabilizing his neck until doctors arrived. Senna has warned about the importance of safety throughout his life, and his death has helped to make a profound change in security, resulting in far fewer accidents with serious injuries. In fact, since the death of Senna, only one driver has died as a result of a collision in a race.

Ayrton Senna: Conspiracy Theories

9. He died with the Austrian flag

Austrian driver Roland Ratzenberger lost his life in San Marino qualifying. Ayrton Senna wished him the honor of unleashing the Austrian flag the next day, which he had put in his protective clothing pocket before the race. But fate had different plans. Senna did not have the opportunity to honor his driver's colleague, as his life ended too soon. We thus experienced two deaths in one weekend.

10. Williams bears his image

Brazil declared days of mourning at the death of Senna. Millions of people flocked past his closed coffin and more attended the funeral procession. Ayrton Senna was even more popular among the Brazilians than Pele. From the moment he died until today, every Williams F1 car bears a tribute to Senna – an image of his face or logo.

11. He wandered off with Prost before he died

Senna and Prost understood each other as cat and dog . They both won the World Cup at the expense of the opponent making a mistake and colliding. Free even had a contract with Williams that explicitly prohibited the team from bringing Senna as a teammate. It was only after the withdrawal of Formula One Prost that they began talking, in fact, the evening before the fatal crash on Tamburell, they discussed how to make the sport safer.

12. Berger was his best friend among drivers

Ayrton Senna and Gerhard Berger were teammates at McLarn in the seasons 1990 – 1992. The mutual pranks were part of their friendly relationship. For example, Berger pasted a photo of a male genitalia through his photograph through Senna's passport. Senna owed him no debt; he pasted all of Berger's cards into his wallet. Their favorite joke was at the expense of their shoes – they were competing as to who would destroy them more innovatively. So Senna filled Berger's shoes with shaving foam, and Berger spread all his shoes with butter.

Ayrton Senna: What was his last wish

Charles Leclerc expressed his admiration for Lewis Hamilton's ability to take his best lap when it was most needed.

Lewis Hamilton has won four World Cup titles in the last five years, and the Briton is well on his way to taking the sixth Formula One seat for the sixth time this season.

While Hamilton is already one of the biggest names in the fastest sport, Ferrari racer Charles Leclerc has just started his Formula One career.

In an interview with Corriere della Sera, Leclerc revealed which feature of Lewis Hamilton he most admired.

“Constancy and mental strength, allowing him to squeeze the maximum out of his car. Everyone can take a quick lap, and it's much harder to take 10 full laps in a row and get the best time at the time when it is most needed. Lewis is doing extraordinarily, and I want to do it myself in the future. ”