Todt: I don't understand how medical staff could have disclosed information about Schumacher


FIE President and Michael Schumacher's good friend Jean Todt is outraged by the leak of seven-time Formula One World Champion health information by the medical staff at the hospital in Paris, where Schumacher was recently treated. According to the report of Paris Le Parisien , the Germans were brought in strict secrecy to Paris, where he was at Georges-Pompidou Hospital […]

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Mirror Loose: Charles Leclerc goes through 130R with one hand

( – Charles Leclerc's start-up collision was not the only cause for complications: an on-board shot showed the Monegasque's uphill and then infamous © LAT Charles Leclerc needs only one hand on the steering wheel (***************************************************************) Zoom Download With his right hand fixes his left side mirror, whose bracket is broken off during the crash with Max Verstappen. With the […]

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Palmer: It’s ironic that Mr. “aggressive” complains about Leclerc


Former racer and columnist Jolyon Palmer is surprised by Max Verstappen’s comments, who reminding FIA stewards that they should punish Charles Leclerc for first lap incident. Verstappen and Leclerc collided in the first corner of the Suzuka race and while Ferrari driver took the seventh in the finish, Verstappen ended the race prematurely due to a damaged car. The Dutchman, […]

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