The Ferrari F1 team may have found a loophole from regulation changes heading to the 2019 Formula 1 season, which may be a cause for concern for its F1 rivals

The attention of the competition was aroused primarily by the innovative design of the Ferrari front wing since the concept differs significantly from the solutions used by Mercedes and Red Bull.

According to AMuS, Vettel‘s performance yesterday made other teams be a bit worried, especially Because Alfa Romeo Racing (who has a similar front wing concept like Ferrari) have performed well too.

The Toro Rosso Boss Franz Tost thinks, that copying Ferrari’s concept would be a waste of time.

That would take 3 to 4 months because the entire car would have to be rebuilt drastically. Mercedes drives a completely different concept. Who wants to convert from the Mercedes wing to a Ferrari wing, must change the rest of the car aswell. And that would take weeks to match everything. That could be championship decisive.

Ferrari and Philip Morris went to Mission, and they Won…

It was only a matter of time when all the political correctness we have witnessed in recent years in the field of tobacco advertising would turn against the actors and slap them right in the face.

Now, Ferrari and Philip Morris have done this in style. PM returned to the red car with the mysterious “Mission Winnow” brand to promote the world without cigarettes. Of course, it’s no coincidence that the logo of the campaign strongly resembles the popular Marlboro cigarette pack, although this will be denied to Ferrari and Philip Morris to the end. But can anybody blame them?

We live in a time of hypocrisy and political correctness. While Formula One is breaking up connections with tobacco giants on all sides, on the other side kneeling against the Dutch brewery and French champagne. Even if it’s an elite class of motorsports, Formula One and the regulators of countries that host races do not see any problems in the promotion of alcohol, even though millions of people are killed every year. Alcohol, tobacco, sugar, oil etc. they all may have negative health effects, and consequently, the same criteria should apply to all of them. Forbid everything or nothing.

Whoever thought that tobacco corporations with all the millions would not find a way back into the media space, made a big mistake. Philip Morris came with Mission Winnow, followed by British American Tobacco, and everyone else will come along with their anti-smoking campaign. It’s simply a genius idea of advertising a product that does not exist, and it will be very difficult to forbid it. Ferrari and Philip Morris are a good example of what a bizarre situation this really is. Instead of forcing tobacco companies to finance extreme costly hybrid technology, they are smiling while running weird campaigns around the world. Philip Morris went to Mission Winnow and he did it.

Matt P.

Is Sebastian Vettel Ferrari’s next victim?

After the catastrophic entry into the Formula 1 hybrid era, Ferrari began a new chapter in 2015. Sebastian Vettel came in, the team’s management took over the ambitious Maurizio Arrivabene, and the construction of the car was entrusted to the young generation of Ferrari engineers led by Simone Resta and Mattia Binotto.

As we are heading towards new F1 season, the Scuderia team fell apart. Pat Fry, Nicholas Tombazis, Stefano Domenicali, Fernando Alonso, Lorenzo Sassi, Simone Resta, Kimi Raikkonen left the team one after another and the last victim was Arrivabene himself.

While it seems that former President Sergio Marchionne worked with a certain vision, the situation is now essentially different.

After a couple of months of silence, John Elkann pulled out his first move, fired Maurizio Arrivabene and set Mattia Binotto on the bench. At the moment when Ferrari seeks every tenth, Elkann withdrew his elite engineer from the garage and sent him to a political fight with Liberty Media and verbal wrestling with Toto Wolff, Helmut Marko and Christian Horner.

It seems that the 2019 season will be groundbreaking for Ferrari in many respects. Sebastian Vettel will probably have the last chance to return the title to Maranello. Despite the fact that the German has a valid contract by the end of the 2020 season, Elkann can also fire Vettel with a special contract clause.

The time of harmony is therefore passing, and Vettel will have to justify his astronomical salary in the 2019 season. If four times world champion will have problems with young Ferrari’s star Charles Leclerc, Elkann would probably not be looking for the next “scapegoat” for too long.

It’s no secret that the Ferrari leadership wants to return Stefano Domenicali, whose return could re-mix the cards at Maranello house and opens a door for the magical return of Fernando Alonso.

The German Autobild reports that Lamborghini boss Stefano Domenicali could return to Ferrari in order to replace Louise Camilleri as CEO

The German magazine reports that Ferrari’s John Elkann would like to return an experienced Domenicali, who would help the new team principal Mattia Binotto to negotiate with FIA and Liberty Media on the new Concorde contract. In this way, Binotto could concentrate fully on working with the team, while Domenicali would take over the political leadership of Ferrari.

Domenicali led the Ferrari team in the period between 2008 and 2014, before Maurizio Arrivabene replaced him after a poor season at the head of the team.

Ferrari Formula 1 team principal Maurizio Arrivabene has described Michael Schumacher as “one of the great legends” of the Formula 1…

The Ferrari museum in Maranello, Italy, launched a special exhibition, on his birthday, “both as a celebration and a mark of gratitude to the most successful Prancing Horse driver ever.”

Celebrating Schumacher 50th birthday, Arrivabene said in an interview at Maranello:

“I’d like to remember Michael for the things I know & for what we have experienced together. I think the win in Spain ’96 is the most memorable one, nobody expected it. It was like watching the beginning of a legend, and this remains in my heart. He was simply unique”

Kimi Raikkonen visits Maranello one last time…
This year’s Christmas party in Maranello had a special character, for Kimi Raikkonen who said goodbye to the former team.

Kimi Raikkonen also made his last visit to the Ferrari’s Maranello factory, where he thanked of all members of the team and his teammate Sebastian Vettel, with whom they also exchanged racing helmets.

Ferrari, in honor of his latest world champion, has prepared a special video with the compilation of some of the highlights of Finn’s eight-year career at Ferrari.

Kimi said today in Maranello for Ferrari: “I want to tell you that I don’t want to remain the latest Ferrari champion for long! I hope you will win the championship next year, you deserve it.”

On his final visit to Maranello, Kimi caught up with Vettel for one last time and came up with a wonderful post for his teammate.

“Was nice working with you mate” Kimi posted on Instagram.

After five years at Maranello, Raikkonen is moving to Sauber for 2019 because his bosses elected to take Charles Leclerc instead.

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Was nice working with you mate! Photo @calloalbanese

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Robert Kubica has hailed Kimi Raikkonen as one of Formula 1’s best drivers despite his age.

The Pole, Williams’ driver, made his long-awaited return in Formula 1 this season.

Robert Kubica shared his thoughts on Kimi Räikkönen:

“Kimi is still one of the best driver in Formula 1 even though he has some age now. He has been a bit unlucky this season but he’s still good.”“I would like to be Kimi’s team-mate, he is a bit special but I like his lifestyle. He would be one of the best team-mates what you could have.”

Kubica was tipped as a future world champion during his first stint in F1 in which he claimed 12 podium finishes and won the 2008 Canadian GP.

But a one-off participation in the 2011 Ronde di Andora rally dramatically changed the course of his career as he crashed into a church wall and suffered extensive damage to his right hand, arm and leg. He underwent several hours of surgery and suffered a partial amputation of his forearm.

According to reports from Italian media, Mick Schumacher will join Ferrari’s young driver’s academy, after the son of seven-time Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher refused a similar offer from Mercedes.

Mick Schumacher, who will race in Formula 2 in the coming season, will follow the footsteps of his father, who won five consecutive world championships with a red car.

“Mick Schumacher will join Ferrari’s young driver’s academy, after the son of seven-time Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher refused a similar offer from Mercedes.”

The 19-year-old talent now makes the obvious step up to F2 and will continue his partnership with Prema Racing, the team with which he won this year’s European F3 title and who also helped Ferrari-bound Charles Leclerc claim the F2 title in his rookie season in 2017.

Although Motorsport’s report makes clear that Schumacher is yet to sign with Ferrari, it is claimed that he has decided that a spot in Ferrari’s programme suits better, a move perhaps enforced by Leclerc’s meteoric rise.

For a long time in Formula 1, when a racer was victorious, it was not such a genuine and sincere joy as with the great victory of Kimi Raikkonen in Austin. The fight for the title of world champion was pushed back into the background, as well as rivalry and personal offenses. The world of Formula 1 was united in sincere congratulations that were raging from all sides. Iceman was Formula 1.

Kimi Raikkonen, who again won the red car after 2009, is one of the last giants of the fastest sport. With victory in Austin Finn became the first racer to win both the V10 and V8 as well as the hybrid era of Formula 1. In his long and successful career, Iceman fought with Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton for the title of the world champion. At 39 became the oldest winner of the race since Britain’s Nigel Mansell triumphed at the age of 41 in Australia in 1994.

Although it took 15 years for the first and final victory of the Finn, Kimi always remained true to himself. Like in 2003 in Sepang, he also went cold-blooded out of the car in a car with the same expression on the face which makes Iceman unique – “More racing, less bullshit.” A phrase that many drivers have said in history, but rarely are those who actually lived. Kimi still does.

That’s why Kimi Raikkonen is one of the most popular racers in the history of the motorsport. His unique character represents what Formula 1 once was and what in the eyes of many enthusiasts should have been today. The legacy of James Hunt, which has grown into a series of pay drivers over the years, Kimi Raikkonen maintains in the 21st century, the style Formula 1 once had, and today with virtual racing already fades slightly into oblivion.

The wins are important, but far from the most important. Formula 1 is much more than that. Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport, love of speed which bringing together millions of people around the world. Just like Kimi Raikkonen did in Austin.

Matej Plešej