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Sebastian Vettel is way behind the lead of Lewis Hamilton after a good half of this F1 season 94 points. Can Vettel still return to fight for world title?


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29868 2019

( – Jacques Villeneuve believes that with Max Verstappen, Red Bull currently have only one driver in their squad, which is really good enough to meet the bulls' high standards fulfill. In discussion with '' the World Champion of (***************************************************************************************) clear words. Among other things, he believes that Pierre Gasly would have been kicked out in other circumstances.

Daniil Kwjat, Pierre Gasly


Kwjat or Gasly? According to Villeneuve, both are too bad for Red Bull Zoom Download

“He's really, really far away [von Verstappen], he's not at the level he should be, that's tough,” says Villeneuve, adding: “He's lucky he's still here, and Red Bull and Helmut Marko have been far more aggressive with other riders.” Gasly's only plus is that Red Bull does not currently have a suitable substitute in his hands.

“They do not know who to replace him with,” explains Villeneuve, who also does not believe that Gasly will get the turn again. “No,” he says clearly. But what does that know for the season Red Bull already stressed that

that one year (**********************************************************) will finish with the Frenchman . However, it is currently unclear how it will continue afterwards.


Edd Straw, Jack Benyon and Glenn Freeman discuss why Pierre Gasly in his first Red Bull year can not shine Further Formula 1 videos

A possible replacement would be Daniil Kwjat , But even Villeneuve does not consider that suitable. “No, they already had them,” he waves away. Kwjat already drove for Red Bull first three races of the season Verstappen replaced. In the season 2020

The highlight was his third place at the Chaos race in Hockenheim. But even that has impressed Villeneuve only partially. “They could see the risk on the tires and it paid off,” he shrugs and explains, “But everyone could have been in the field – it could have been the Haas pilots or the Alfa Romeos – everyone. “

: Driver's notes of the editorial team (***************************************************************************************)

Robert Kubica (5): Last place in qualifying and races is nothing special in the Williams – or not very bad. But Russell has shown that in Hungary, exceptionally more stuck in the Williams. But Kubica could not do that. 1.3 seconds were missing in qualifying on the teammate. Unacceptable. Photo gallery

Afterwards, Kwjat had at least made no mistakes, which was “good”. Nevertheless, he does not believe that the Russian should get another chance at Red Bull. He reminds that driving for a small team like Toro Rosso is “very different”. At Red Bull the pressure on Kwjat would be much greater – especially as it would be his second chance.

“Some riders are great on small teams but useless on big teams,” said Villeneuve and adds: “That happens, even with ten years of experience, which has been seen over and over again over the years.” He currently considers neither Gasly nor Kwjat good enough to insist on stumbling next to Red Bull.

(**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************). “It's a decision between Esteban [Ocon] and Valtteri [Bottas]”, confirmed team boss Toto Wolff at Hungaroring . Nevertheless, Russell does not want to exclude 05% already in the Silver Arrow next year.

George Russell


Most likely, George Russell will also 2020 drive for Williams Zoom Download

“Personally, I think that's very, very unlikely,” he admits. “But anything is possible – in Formula One, things sometimes change overnight, as we've often seen,” he recalls, explaining: “The fact is, Mercedes keeps an eye on everyone – on Valtteri, on Esteban, on me. ” He has nothing to lose anyway.

His place at Williams (**********************************************************) is safe , if it does not work with the ascent to the factory team.

“What really It's great that my future is secured in one way or another, “he says, explaining:” I can concentrate fully on my tasks, and other drivers have often had to deal with their affairs during the race weekend, or even shortly before discuss qualifying about contracts I have a great management at Mercedes. “

Goal That's a good thing, “he says happily, explaining:” Every driver dreams of being able to drive in a car that can become a world champion, it would be stupid to say no, but right now I'm concentrating v and entirely on my tasks here. “


Rosberg: Ocon will replace Bottas at Mercedes

Nico Rosberg wishes Fernando Alonso back to Formula 1 and reveals insider information from the Mercedes team (***********************************************)

“If I want to sit in a world champion car someday, I have to do my best,” he says, reminding, “The fact is that I'm with Williams Under contract and am Mercedes junior driver. I do not want to talk about the contract details. I'm learning so much at Williams and enjoy being a Formula One driver and being integrated into the team's development process. “

” The fact is, that every driver wants to win races and wants to have the chance to win world championships. That should not sound disrespectful to Williams, “said Russell, but it is clear that his silver arrow position is his medium-long term goal, which he already feels ready to do – even though there have been warning examples in the past. (*****************************************************)

In the history of Formula 1, there have always been riders who have dared to leap into a top team too soon – and never got another chance, but Russell calls counterexamples: “Kwjat has in beaten his first year with Red Bull Ricciardo. Verstappen won his first race at Red Bull. Charles [Leclerc] makes life really hard for Vettel in his first year. “

(********************************************************************************) (********************************************************************************************)


“I believe in myself”, stel he clarifies and explains: “If you give me the chance, I'm sure I will not be so naive to believe that I can beat Lewis in the first race. He is in my opinion the best driver in the field. But the potential is there, I think. You'll learn a little bit about each race, every season, and gain experience. “

” If the opportunity presents itself, I'm confident that I'll use it – and quickly learn as much as possible to deliver real performance after a few races, “the rookie confidently confides. Russell won (*******************************************************************************************) and 2018 each as a rookie the GP3 respectively the Formula 2 Championship. (***************************************************************************) he has his Williams team-mate Robert Kubica clearly in control over long stretches.

( – Ten years ago Lewis Hamilton was honored at the Grand Prix of Hungary The kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) was the first step in electrification of the power units. On this occasion, we take a look at the hybrid power unit and its evolution into the most efficient internal combustion engine ever built.

Lewis Hamilton

© McLaren

Lewis Hamilton celebrated in Hungary (********************************************************************************) the first hybrid victory Zoom Download

The regulations let the teams in the season (****************************************************************************************) the ability to incorporate a hybrid component into its powertrain – a kinetic energy recovery system, better known by the acronym KERS. Today, the rules and regulations prescribe the use of a hybrid power unit. At that time, however, the teams were allowed to decide whether they wanted to use KERS or not.

Both Brawn and Red Bull, so the two teams, the first race of the season (********************************************************************************************************************************************). On the other hand, Mercedes had developed a hybrid system that works in the season (***************************************************************************************) was used by McLaren-Mercedes. Thus the victory of Lewis was on (********************************************************************************************************). July at the Hungarian Grand Prix (****************************************************************************) The first success for a hybrid car in Formula 1

In fact, KERS played an important role in this: Hamilton managed the crucial overtaking maneuver in the battle for second place against Mark Webber with the help of KERS , Shortly thereafter, the hitherto leading driver, Fernando Alonso, retired, so that Hamilton could take the lead and retract his tenth Grand Prix victory. It was the first hybrid triumph in the history of Formula 1.

How does today's hybrid system work?

The FIA ​​distinguishes between six different components in a Formula One power unit, four of which make up the hybrid system, also known as the Energy Recovery System (ERS). Two of these four ERS elements are electric motors that recover energy and release it in the form of extra power.

First, this is the kinetic motor-generator unit (MGU-K) that is used during braking recovers kinetic energy. The system is more advanced and more powerful than its predecessor of the year (****************************************************************************************), but the basic principle is similar to that of the KERS. The energy gained by the MGU-K is used to power the car.

The second electric motor is the engine-generator heat unit (MGU-H) that is located between the compressor and the turbine the turbocharger is located. At Mercedes, she nestles between the two cylinder banks of the engine. The turbocharger itself is driven by the exhaust gases of the engine. As soon as the compressor is running, there is excess energy in the exhaust stream that can be recovered by the MGU-H.


Explained: How Hybrid works in Formula 1

Mercedes engine chief Andy Cowell explains how the hybrid technology in Formula 1 since its first win of the year 2009 has evolved More Formula 1 videos

This electrical energy can then be used to drive the compressor even when braking, which means that there is no turbo lag when the driver returns to the car Accelerator pedal rises

Both electric motors are connected by a three-phase cable to inverters that convert the electrical energy for the battery into DC voltage. The battery is referred to in this context as energy storage (ES). In it, the recovered energy is chemically stored in lithium-ion cells. The electric motors then convert rotational energy into electrical energy, which in turn is stored as chemical energy.

The entire hybrid system, or even the entire power unit, is controlled by the control electronics (CE for Control Electronics) controlled. This is housed together with the energy storage in a housing.

During the course of a race, the control electronics average more than (*************************************************************************************************) This includes, among other things, at what speed the electric motors have to run and how much power should be delivered. At the same time it ensures that the energy storage is optimized for peak performance.

How has the hybrid system evolved over the past decade?

The beginnings of the Formula 1 hybrid era go into the year (***********************************************************************************) back. At that time, an energy recovery system was used for development testing. The battery weighed (****************************************************************************************) kg and had an efficiency of (*********************************************************************) percent. The power electronics were water-cooled and housed in a bulky box that required a significant amount of space in the vehicle.

Two years later, KERS was used for the first time in a race. Until then, the system weighed significantly less. The energy store of the Systems weighed (************************************************************************************************************), 3 kilograms – more than (*********************************************************************************) percent less than two years earlier. At the same time, efficiency has increased (***************************************************************************************************)% increase. The power electronics now used an air instead of a water cooling and stuck in a much smaller carbon fiber case.

Sebastian Vettel

© Getty

A lot has happened since the beginning of the system Zoom 11 Download

The next big development step was the power unit regulation for the season (*******************************************************************************************). This introduced 1.6-liter V6 turbocharged engines featuring a high-performance hybrid system. In addition to the recovery of kinetic energy by the MGU-K when braking, the teams were now also able to collect energy with the MGU-H.

Since the first hybrid steps in the year (**************************************************************************************************) Percent reduced. Currently it is set to at least (******************************************************************************************************************************************. The power density of the battery cells has been increased by a factor of two and the energy storage device now achieves an efficiency level of (******************************************************************************************) Percent.

Why is the efficiency in the Formula 1 so important?
(********************************************************************) The efficiency of the power unit has an impact on the performance of the car on the track, both in terms of power output and weight savings. The power output of an engine is determined by two factors: the fuel flow and the efficiency of the engine.

In Formula 1, the maximum fuel flow is (*****************************************************************************************************. Accordingly, the teams can only influence the efficiency of the engine. A more efficient engine means a higher power output and therefore better performance on the track.




# But that's not the only reason why the FIA ​​wants the active wheel suspension at the Canada Grand Prix (*****************************************************************************************) put a stop. The advanced but incredibly expensive technology is considered by the Commissioners to be technical assistance in the technical inspection and found to be non-compliant by all teams. The same applies to the cars that put on a traction control. Background: The systems have a hydraulic influence on the aerodynamics and / or partially deprive the pilot of control over the propulsion. The threat is that the Scuderia Italia backbenchers Michele Alboreto and Luca Badoer are the only starters in Montreal. The ban will continue until the beginning (***************************************************************************************) postponed, but then enforced. (************************************************************************) Photo Gallery

Another important aspect is the weight savings: According to the regulations, the teams are allowed a maximum of one race 110 Use kilograms of gas. However, the weight of the fuel does not count toward the minimum weight of the vehicle. This means that if you need less fuel than the maximum allowed, you can start with a lighter car, which translates directly into faster lap times. For every five kilograms saved, the car drives about two-tenths per lap faster.

(************************************************************************) Get the hybrid system out? (*************************************************************************************) The connection between ERS and the engine is the key to getting the most out of a power unit. That's why the teams concentrate on this task every race weekend. It's all about finding out how to recover and release the energy in the best possible way.

Before every race weekend, the ideal set-ups and scenarios are calculated in computer simulations. These will then be tested in the Driving Simulator (Driver in Loop, DiL) for the first time to create a profile for this particular route. Each track places different demands on the ERS system for energy recovery and delivery. Accordingly, the DiL simulator is a good first step in gaining a better understanding of the results of computational computations.

Simulator, Brackley

© Mercedes

In the simulator the first test steps are taken Zoom 1411564824 Download

Then the profile developed in the DiL simulator is put to the test loaded and tested to the hardest. This step is about what the technology can do. As soon as the work on the test bench is completed, it goes on the track to see what it looks like in reality.

When preparing the ERS for a track, everything depends on the amount of braking power and the curve performance of the car. It's about finding out how much full throttle there will be per round. Because this determines how long the MGU-K has to run, how much energy it needs from the batteries and how long the MGU-H energy will absorb and how much energy they can store in the batteries.

The findings from the Friday training will be analyzed overnight before being used in qualifying on Saturday. Here the battery can be completely emptied. During the race, the battery remains in the same state of charge.

For comparison: In an electric car, the battery is constantly refilled and emptied. Here it is different: The ERS recovers as much energy as possible, stores it at short notice during the round and then uses it at the best possible time.

How relevant are KERS and ERS technologies for road vehicles?
39 KERS, ERS, MGU-H and MGU-K – Formula One engineers just love their shortcuts. It is not surprising that these letters are of little importance outside the Formula One world. However, the technologies behind it are also very relevant there.

In the world of road cars, systems such as KERS or the MGU-K are known as regenerative braking systems. The car recovers some of the kinetic energy when braking and uses it to charge the battery, which is then used to power the car.

(*********************************************************************************************************************************************) ******************************************************************************

no update yet. *************************** For Canada, the first is expected. Can the competition pack in directly? -1-Videos

The technology behind the MGU-H is better known as electric booster compressor or e-booster. Also in the field of high-voltage systems, there are similar developments in series production as in Formula 1. Why? In an electrical system, the energy loss manifests itself as heat, which is not appreciated in a car.

Loss can be reduced by lowering the current. In order to reduce the current at the same power, the voltage must be increased. In Formula 1, the ERS batteries are now at almost 1. (**********************************************************************************************************************) Volt arrived. Modern road vehicles usually run up to (************************************************************************************) Volt. In the future, however, the voltage will increase and approach that in today's Formula 1.

While the evolution in Formula 1 and the automotive industry is very similar, there is one difference: in the formula 1, these technologies are used to make the cars faster. On the road, they make sure to reach a higher range with the same amount of energy.

Formula One racing director Michael Masi has confirmed that from now on, the FIA ​​will be punished by any dangerous boxing penalty with a time penalty, which is also the case when the team does not gain advantage on the track.

Following the FIA's decision to penalize Ferrari for boxing only Charles Leclerc with a financial penalty, it received numerous criticisms, an umbrella automotive organization with teams has reached an agreement that such offenses will now take place. further sanctioned by a fine of a time mark.

In a race in Germany, Ferrari mechanics were released after changing their tires by Charles Leclerc at the time Romain Grosjean drove past, and Scuderia was fined

US dollars.

However, the Commissioners' decision was strongly criticized by Max Verstappen, who said before the race for the Hungarian GP:

“This is a wrong decision. If you were fined for this offense, everyone would be doing it, since 5000 dollars are for teams to crush. I myself was punished with the same punishment with a time penalty, which is unfair. This kind of inconsistency is completely wrong mainly because it concerns safety. “

At a special meeting at the Hungaroring with the teams, Fia reached an agreement to punish such offenses in the future solely with the penalty of a penalty second penalty, as confirmed by racing director Michael Masi.

“We have reached an agreement with the team bosses to punish any dangerous boxing descent from time to time in the future without any exceptions. This also applies where the racer has not gained an advantage as a result. “

World Champion of the Season 1997 Jacques Villeneuve believes that Red Bull's lack of quality racers in their racing academy prevents them from replacing the unconvinced Pierre Gasly.

Pierre Gasly replaced Daniel Ricciard, who left for Renault, this season at Red Bull. The Frenchman is no match for the Red Bulls in his inaugural season, and Villeneuve is convinced that Gasly retains his seat simply because the Red Bull does not have the right replacement for him.

Villeneuve told :

“His lag behind Verstappn is remarkable and he is lucky that he has not yet been fired. I think he stays with Red Bull for the time being just because they don't know who to replace him with. “

Valtteri Bottas acknowledges that his lag behind teammate Lewis Hamilton is far greater than he would have wished. As a result, the Finn prefers to focus on each individual race, but rather than think about the big difference in the total.

After a great start to the season, Bottas has been in a bit of a slump lately, with his team-mate Lewis Hamilton making up big 62 points after half the season.

The Finnish racer admits that he did not expect such a high backlog:

“The backlog is much larger than I would have liked, but the situation is just as it is right now. It's hard to change anything now, so I prefer not to think about it. There are many races left to the end and I will try to focus on each race individually. ”

Formula 1 has entered the summer vacation period, and racers spend their free time in very different ways. Charles Leclerc, along with his Ferrari racing academy colleagues Gulian Alesi and Antonio Fuoco are on a trip to the Greek island of Mykonos…


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29841 2019


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20190804 193553

( – The asphalt on the Dragstrip at the Hockenheimring has been fatal to several riders at the German Grand Prix. Once the riders got off the track, they lost control of their cars on the asphalt of the dragster track. Accordingly, the criticism of the driver does not diminish.

Nico Hülkenberg


Nico Hülkenberg continues to quarrel with his Germany failure Zoom Download

Nico Hülkenberg, who left the track in a promising position and failed, even got in touch with FIA race director Michael Masi. The German says, “It was the first thing I did in the morning, so if we were back, it would be different, but that does not help.”

Masi was initially thought that the dragstrip was not a big problem. Hulkenberg says that the race director has changed his mind: “You just have to look at the pictures, how much evidence is needed? We were just passengers and could not do anything.” Hulkenberg has never experienced something like in Germany in his career.

The race director wants to keep the conversation content of the two but secret. However, he confirms that he would look for solutions if he had to look at the spot before the race again. He says, “But there is a reason why it was a private conversation between Nico and me.”

When he left his car, world champion Lewis Hamilton fell off the track. The Briton was able to save himself. Leclerc has not seen the departure of the Mercedes driver with his own eyes.

“I saw a video from the stands that made me very happy surprised, because I did not realize that Lewis flew off, while I was there in the gravel bed, “said the Monegasque. “He must have known that I was there, but it has been raining in the last two corners and on slicks it was really difficult, we really could not do much.”

Although The Ferrari driver in Germany has lost important points, he does not seem to quarrel with the loss: “The conditions were really very bad in the last two corners when it started to rain again, which is no excuse, I have to learn from it . “

Asked if he could not have prevented the departure, he answers,” Yes, of course, if you're in the car, you always want to drive at the limit Realizing that it is raining more heavily in the last sector, I arrived there with slicks and was surprised how little grip there was compared to the previous round. “

Sainz felt “stupid” The Spaniard says: “We were surprised how slippery it was there, a driver sees the asphalt and thinks: 'I can get out there, that's no problem!' I purposely went out and suddenly it was damn slippery. “

Charles Leclerc


Charles Leclerc got it in Hockenheim too Zoom


On the radio, Sainz complained then, but also to hide his shame about the maneuver. He says, “I felt stupid, I could have got the corner easily.” Sainz made the wrong decision and lost some (*********************************************************************************.

According to Sainz, the frustration is so great because many riders did not expect these grip conditions on the drag strip. “Next time [sollte es eins geben] we know it and will avoid it,” says Sainz. However, he also sees problems in safety: The asphalt has made us faster and that is a problem. We should not drive even faster through the asphalt on a wall. “