Current Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton has denied hints that he could say goodbye to Formula One racing in the near future, while claiming that he will continue in the fastest sport for several more years.

After a good half of this F1 season, Lewis Hamiton is well on his way to winning his sixth world title. Despite the remarkable success of recent years, the British superstar is not planning to say goodbye any time soon.

Hamilton told Sky F1:

“The journey I have had with Mercedes in recent years has been fantastic. I want to continue our journey as I am interested in what more we can achieve. With the team we are pushing the boundaries in motorsport and we want to continue doing so in the future. I simply enjoy racing and I am sure I will be racing for many years in Formula One. ”

According to, Formula One caravans could be joined in the season 2021 by a new F1 team to be named Panther.

Panthera Team Asia F1 is headquartered near Silverstone and co-founded by former WEC SMP Racing and BR Engineering Engineering Benjamin Durand.


In the meantime, Panthera has already started to find the necessary staff, and the team already has the positions of Technical and Sports Director. The head of aerodynamics of the new team is Tim Milne, who has previously worked in teams of Renault, Honda, Super Aguri, Toyota, Caterham and most recently Manor.

The new F1 team is expected to follow the model of the Haas team, which purchases most of its parts from an external supplier. The Panthera Team Asia F1 could debut in Formula One this season 2021 when the new FIE rules come into force, with team executives expected to submit an application to join the Formula One Championships early next year

In the video, get to know the Renault F1 team and their journey to the Formula 1 World Championship title …

Racing can often seem like winning or losing comes down to one person: the driver. Actually quite the opposite: it takes a crew of hundreds, armed with technology, to compete amongst the very best. Are you part of a team? Tweet us to let us know. # RSspirit

– Renault F1 Team (@ RenaultF1Team) August , 2019

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Ferrari racer Charles Leclerc has stated that he is ready to change his racing style and drive less aggressively, insofar as this will help him solve tire overheating problems.

In the last race in Hungary, Leclerc faced extensive wear and tear on Pirelli’s tires and was forced to leave third place to his teammate Sebastian Vettel at the end of the race.

Monasque is determined to resolve tire problems as soon as possible:

In Hungary, I had major problems with the wear of the rear tires, which completely failed. Sebastian has far fewer problems with degradation, and obviously there is something he is doing better than I am. I suspect that my problems are related to the fact that I drive too aggressively in races. The whole situation needs to be analyzed and I’m also ready to change my driving style if necessary.

Sebastian Vettel is one of the few F1 racers who does not use social networks to communicate with the world. The four-time world champion thinks people find him weird, but he says he doesn't intend to change.

While most Formula One racers share their privacy without much restraint with the whole world, Sebastian Vettel is not too keen on such practices.

A German who does not use social networks appreciates his privacy and enjoys spending his free time with his family.

I know people think I'm a freak because I don't share the world with every minute of my life. I like to spend my free time at home for family and friends, which I don't usually want to share with strangers.

( – The Formula 1 rules for the season (*********************************************************) Paddock, still hotly debated at Liberty Media and the World Automobile Federation (FIA). Those responsible are weighing various options to improve racing in the premier class. Refueling has become a topic again in the course of discussions

Jos Verstappen


Will you soon be refueling in Formula 1? Zoom Download

For the teams would return at the Refueling stops – are prohibited since In the first season, costs of one million euros are estimated. In the following championships, the operating costs should be around (*****************************************************************************************) Euro per year. While the teams are skeptical, riders like Robert Kubica argue for the return of refueling.

“As a racer, I would not have stopped refueling,” says the Williams driver. “Of course, as always, there are different ways of looking at things – from a driver's point of view refueling can only be positive, which would make the cars lighter, which would put less strain on the tires.”

Strategies Will Provide Action He also believes that the teams would better handle the tires with lighter cars – the drivers could start with less fuel in the race.

(**********************************************************************) Our vision for Formula 1 (*********************************************************************************)

Officially, there are still no rules for the Formula 1 season 2021. Nevertheless, we have thought about what we like to see Further Formula 1 videos

He says: “At the moment the tires are showing when you need to pit, the strategies are pretty obvious right now, if someone undercuts you, you'll be in the pits one lap later . “

With the option to refuel in the race, the strategies would come back into focus. Teams have a chance to make the difference with a stroke of genius: “If you have different amounts of fuel, it mixes the cars better, it's simply an additional factor that can affect racing – in a positive way.”

Perez for lighter cars

Sergio Perez has never competed in his Formula 1 career have to refuel. Therefore, it is difficult for the Mexicans to find arguments for refueling. He sees a very different danger with too many changes in the season the top teams to develop a lead. “

(**********************************************************************************) (****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** would be for Formula 1 Videos

Whether over The material or sprint volume, Perez also sees an advantage in making the Formula 1 cars lighter: “That would be great for the race, but I do not think it will make a big difference in the field performance differences.”

Nevertheless, the Racing Point driver wants lighter cars in the future. However, the Mexican does not want to concentrate on the technical details: “The fans do not care if it's five or 100 Kilogram at the start of the race, they just want to see close competition. “

Perez recalls the season 2019, in which there were eight different winners. “At that time, the competition in the series was really tight,” said the Formula 1 veteran since the season 2012 starts in the premier class. “That should be the goal of Formula One!”

Lewis Hamilton ist bereits jetzt der Pilot mit den meisten WM-Punkten und den meisten Pole-Positions in der Geschichte der Formel 1. Viele Bestmarken hält aber weiterhin Michael Schumacher - noch. Denn in einigen Bereichen könnte Hamilton Schumi in den kommenden Jahren überflügeln ...

but still keeps Michael Schumacher – still. Because in some areas Hamilton Schumi could outstrip in the coming years …

( – Will Lewis Hamilton be the first eight-time World Champion in the Formula One story? In his current run, this seems far from being out of the question. Already

In our photo gallery 1566472282 we look at seven Schumi records that Hamilton could crack in the coming years. Some he might already break the world title – but it will take a little longer.

So, a lot also depends on how long Lewis Hamilton still drive in Formula 1. But since his career end does not seem to be in sight yet, the 34 – year-old will probably set some new records together with Mercedes …