The Channel 4 expert and longtime Formula 1 team boss Eddie Jordan predicts that in the coming season we will see the giant transfersof the best F1 drivers.

Jordan, which is known for its bold predictions, has in the past already announced some of the large Formula 1 transfers.

Former head of the Jordan team has already announced the transfer of Kimi Raikkonen to Ferrari and Fernando Alonso to McLaren, but this time Irish has given an even bolder announcement.

Jordan told Channel 4:

“I am aware that this is a bold announcement, but I think Hamilton will move to Ferrari, and Mercedes will be racing with Vettel and Verstappen.”

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The news of a special exit clause that would allow Max Verstappen an early departure from Red Bull in the case of average results, puts this year Formula 1 driver market in a new light. Perhaps nothing will happen, but maybe we’ll see the gigantic transfers of the F1 greatest  stars…

According to the Spanish media, the contract between Max Verstappen and Red Bull contains a special clause according to which the Dutchman could talk about a possible transfer to any of the competing teams if he does not succeed race win before the Hungarian GP.

The existence of the clauses in the Verstappen’s contract was confirmed by the Dutchman’s management in the meantime, also the driver’s father Jos already mentioned the possibility of early departure from Milton Keynes.

Max Verstappen is considered one of the greatest talent in the history of the motorsport and with such a driver, both Ferrari and Mercedes would solve the issue of drivers lineup for the next decade. The fact is that both Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are no longer the youngest, and Verstappen is offered as an ideal choice for the successors of both superstars.

In the meanwhile, there is also Fernando Alonso who made it clear that he is interested in exclusively racing with a car that will allow him to fight for the title of world champion. Although Spaniard is also considered as an elite driver, on the other hand, he is also not a young gun anymore. For some time, there have been rumors of Alonso returning to Ferrari, which based on another average season for Scuderia, does not seem impossible anymore.

Sebastian Vettel has a contract with Ferrari for 2020, but we all know that the Formula 1 contracts do not apply much. The German contract also contained a special clause, according to which both Vettel and Ferrari can terminate the agreement early. In Maranello, this clause has been used many times, and there would be no surprise if they will do so in the case of Sebastian Vettel.

Vettel can often be seen lately in the Red Bull Motorhome, a team with whom the German won four consecutive titles of the world champion. In the case of Verstappen’s departure to Mercedes, Milton Keynes will need a new leader, and Vettel could decide to end his successful career with Red Bull.

The summer is here and Formula 1 enters the annual “silly season” period. Perhaps nothing will happen, but we’ll see fireworks worthy of the pinnacle of Motorsport.

Alonso to Ferrari, Verstappen to Mercedes, Vettel to Red Bull?


Former Renault boss Flavio Briatore is convinced that Fernando Alonso retired from Formula 1 too early since he is still racing at an extremely high level. The former Spaniard manager believes that his long-standing client is the best driver in the world, better than the current F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton.

Alonso announced his decision last year to retire from Formula 1 and Briatore believes, that the Spaniard has not yet achieved what he could.

In my opinion, he farewell too soon, as he has a lot to offer. In Formula 1, things can change incredibly fast. I wish that he’ll go to Mercedes or Ferrari where he could fight again for the title. At his highest level, he is better than Lewis Hamilton and also more consistent. I’m sure he will come back, but only if he has a good car. He is not interested in battle for points because he wants to win.

The McLaren team posted a photo on its Twitter profile on the occasion of the victory of Alain Prost at the 1984 Monaco GP which immediately took the stormy reactions of many F1 enthusiasts.


Well known logo of Marlboro cigarettes, a long-standing sponsor of the team, a brand of the tobacco concern Philip Morris, was removed from the historical photograph.

On the other hand, McLaren did not opt out of the Gitanes cigarettes brand, which is also shown in the photo.


Source: MsportXtra on Twitter


In Barcelona paddock, there was an interesting dialogue between Toro Rosso’s driver Daniil Kyat and his (former) boss Dr Helmut Marko.

Kvyat, the former Red Bull Racing driver, was left without a seat at the Red Bull F1 program, after a series of incidents in the 2017 season.

This year, the Russian driver won a second chance with the team from Faenza, but obviously, the old offenses are not yet completely forgotten.

In Paddock, before the race for the Spanish Grand Prix, Marko and Kvyat became involved in an interesting dialogue …

Marko: “Do you still have a magnet with you that brings you an accident at every race?”

Kvyat: “No, I obviously forgot it in Milton Keynes.”

Marko: “If this happens again, you could go to Lourdes. It may help you. ”

Kvyat: “I prefer hard work.”

The 49th Spanish GP takes place this Sunday at the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit, well known to all the drivers who rack up big mileage here during pre-season testing.

The track is a mix of fast and slow corners and Turn 3 is especially demanding, requiring a well-balanced car. The final part used to be very quick, but for several years now it features a slow chicane which leads onto the start-finish straight.

Win number 50 with Niki. The Spanish GP has had several homes since it was first held in 1951. Ferrari has won this race 12 times, the first victory dating back to 1954 at Pedralbes courtesy of Mike Hawthorn.

The race was back on the calendar in 1968 at Jarama, on the outskirts of Madrid and it was here in 1974 that Ferrari won, with Niki Lauda at the wheel of a 312 B3-74, making it a hat-trick, with the victory, pole position and fastest race lap.

Gilles’ train set. The last time the Spanish GP was held in Jarama was 1981, when Gilles Villeneuve produced one of the most special drives of his career. In the 126 CK, the Canadian drove an incredible race, keeping a train of cars behind him that were quicker in the corners, but down the straights when the Ferrari engine was able to keep the 27 car out of reach.



According to the Italian magazine Auto Moto, Ferrari will present at the next race in Spain the new paint of its SF90 car, which will include special nano-technology.

The new paint should contain special nanoparticles that aim at achieving lower temperatures and a better distribution of heat at the Ferrari car.

Ferrari will also bring a new aerodynamic upgrade package to Barcelona, while Maranello squad also decided to run the new Power Unit.

Scuderia already brought a major upgrade package for Azerbaijan GP, with which did not fully meet the high expectations. Ferrari introduced completely new rear wing, modified front wing in the Baku, and at the same time, most of the small aerodynamic elements at the air intakes were changed.

With the new aero package, they want to solve, in particular, Ferrari problems with overheating of softer versions of Pirelli tires.