F1 is a motorsport series where every millisecond counts and even a small mistake can cost a driver his track position. Throughout its history, pit stops have been an important part of Formula 1, which have been honed down to the smallest detail over the years.

Formula 1 is a team sport, and an important part of the team is the group of mechanics who take care of the pit stops. They are often the key link that can give a racer that extra tenth, which will make him return to the track ahead of his rival.

The evolution of pit stops over the years has been incredible. While in the 1950s mechanics needed more than 30 seconds to prepare a racing car, in recent years the time to change a tire has dropped to less than two seconds.

Since the pit stop is carried out practically “in the blink of an eye” today, it is difficult to see how many people are actually involved in the entire process of making the stop itself.

Currently, the pit stop team consists of approximately 20 mechanics, and their number also varies according to the different procedures of individual teams.

Three mechanics are in charge of each individual tire. While one is in charge of screwing it on, another brings it in and mounts it, and a third takes the removed tire away. Since the racing car has four tires, this naturally means that 12 people are in charge of them.

Then there is a team of two who lift the car with the help of special carts. One mechanic lifts the rear and the other lifts the front of the racing car. There is also a replacement mechanic who is ready to replace any of them in case of inconvenience.

Two more mechanics firmly hold either side of the cockpit to prevent any destabilization while their colleagues change the tires. Two more mechanics are assigned to the front wing and adjust it accordingly. Finally, there are two mechanics who supervise the entire stop and the situation in the pits.

In total, such a pit stop team consists of about 20 or 21 people, and each of the mechanics plays an important role in the fact that the racer usually gets off the ground in about two seconds.

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