If you have a lot of money, you can also afford a Formula 1 race car. This, of course, raises the seemingly ironic question of whether the race car could be redesigned in such a way that it could be driven on ordinary roads. The answer, of course, is obvious: NO!

There is no area in the world where you can legally drive on the streets with an F1 race car, as of course it does not meet requirements such as ground clearance, it does not have lights and suitable rear-view mirrors. almost every part of the race car is sophisticated and designed to suit the conditions on the track, but not the road.

An even bigger question, though, is why would anyone want to do that at all, since it would all be a big failure. Most likely, you would break the front wing as soon as you drove out of the backyard, you could get stuck on speed bumps or miss the first turn because the brakes would not be warm enough.

You should drive it virtually without brakes, as they would never be warmed up to operating temperature on city streets. If you get stuck in traffic, the lack of sufficient airflow around it could blow up your engine, which would be extremely impractical, and the chances of such an incident would not run out.

Depending on road conditions, the tires should be changed every 30 kilometers and the engine probably every five hours of driving. If you are rich enough to be able to afford all of the above and you are still willing to do it, it is advisable to hire a physiotherapist as the suspension would “break” your back and after a month of driving you would have difficulty walking.

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