Foto: Gruppe C Photography
Photo: Group C Photography

Formula 4. A big challenge for the two BWT Mücke Motorsport rookies Nico Göhler and Joshua Dürksen. The race weekend on the traditional course was an ups and downs for the two pilots and the racing team. On the one hand, Dürksen finished seventh in the second race and clinched his first rookie victory in the ADAC Formula 4. On the other hand, further points were not enough for the two young drivers.

The free practice sessions used the duo to get used to the course again. The results were – as usual at training sessions – not in the foreground. In the two qualifying sessions, Dürksen delivered a solid performance, securing runner-up seventh on race one and the tenth starting position on second. Teammate Göhler qualified for both races on the (************************************************************************************). Rank.


It was dry before the first race, but it started to rain slightly before the formation lap. The pilots nevertheless started on dry tires. In the starting phase Dürksen quickly made up ground, but had to take the third turn wide and turned. That passage was also fatal to experienced pilots in the ADAC GT Masters. Dürksen skilfully intercepted his car but fell back in the field. In the end, the Paraguayan improved to eleventh place, teammate Goehler was 14.

The German did his first appearance at the Nürburgring something difficult. In the second run it was only enough for him (****************************************************************************************************). “I'm not so happy with my performance this weekend. I have made some mistakes, but still managed to get there. The most important thing for me is to learn from it and implement it for the next race weekends “, summarizes Göhler. For teammate Dürksen, however, the second run meant a liberation. The 15 – yearlings made up three places in the race and finished seventh. Thus he celebrated his first victory in the rookie classification of the ADAC Formula 4 and he also secured for the third race because of the “Reverse Grid” rule starting position two.

Before the third race the sky poured over the 3, (*****************************************************************************) Sprint variant of the Nürburgring and the start took place behind the safety car. When it had turned away, Dürksen kept for a long time in the top three and put pressure on one of the much experienced pilots in front of him. The courageous drive was not enough at the end. Dürksen braked in a curve, came off the track and had to finish the race. The difficult conditions also had to pay tribute to other pilots, but Göhler did well and improved on the (*******************************************************************************************). Position.

For BWT Mücke Motorsport, the ADAC Formula 4 will have a slightly longer break. But already at the beginning of September it's about (********************************************************************************************). 08. to 01. 09. continue in Imola as part of the Formula 4 Italian Championship.

Frank Lucke (Team Leader Formula 4): “Last weekend we had typical Eifel weather, which certainly took some getting used to for our two rookies. But it's also important for the two in their first year of formula racing. Both Nico and Joshua have not been upset by the changeable weather. Unfortunately, the results do not reflect the performance of our two rookies and the entire team. We clearly hoped for more. A bit more experience, a bit more luck and you are already several positions ahead. Joshua has definitely created the highlight with his rookie victory. He was also on the podium. That sometime the road goes out, if you push lap after lap, even the most experienced pilot happens. ”

(*****************************************************************************************************************) Sunday afternoon: Stanek (m.) next to Rasmussen (r.) and Hauger (l.) – Photo: ADAC (**************************************************************************************)

Leader Théo Pourchaire ((**********************************************************************************************), France) and Roman Stanek ( Sunday races of the ADAC Formula 4 at the Nürburgring triumphed. Pourchaire succeeded in the morning two days before his (************************************************************************). His second success on the traditional track in the Eifel, Stanek celebrated his second win of the season in the late afternoon (******************************************************************************). Run.

Pourchaire came in the final run after a spin on eleventh place finish and took another point in the title fight. The Frenchman of the German racing team US Racing, led by team bosses Ralf Schumacher and Gerhard Unger, was without a counter this season and extended his lead in the overall standings. Before the weekend, Pourchaire's distance to his team-mate and first-in-line pursuer Arthur Leclerc ((************************************************************************************************), Monaco) (*********************************************************************************) counter, after the race twelve, 12 and 12 (********************************************************************************) Points. Stanek is third in the drivers' standings with comfortable in the rookie rating. (*******************************************************************************************************)

“I focus on every race, I always want to push and get the most out of it,” said Pourchaire, who had already won the race on Saturday: “It's not decided yet, I'm not wasting any thought on the title. that mistakes and unexpected things happen again and again, so we are well advised to follow our path step by step. “(*****************************************************************************)

“I'm really excited about the win, everything went according to plan, I've proven that I can win races, and I hope to get some more wins,” Stanek said. “That's a good ending for mine Weekend, and I'm already looking forward to Hockenheim and the Sachsenring. “(*****************************************************************************************************)

The third race in the afternoon started with about (********************************************************************************************) minutes delay and for the safety of the driver after a previous heavy rain shower behind the safety car. Stanek stayed ahead after the start clearance and set the pace, behind the Czechs overtook Dennis Hauger ((**************************************************************************************), Norway, Van Amersfoort Racing) Rookie Joshua Dürksen (17, Paraguay, ADAC Berlin-Brandenburg eV) and Oliver Rasmussen ( , Denmark, Prema Powerteam ) and moved up to second place. (************************************************************************************)

After Dürksen and Gianluca Petecof ((*****************************************************************************************************), Brazil, Prema Powerteam) had to park their vehicles, the safety car came in the further course of the race two more times on the track. Stanek remained unimpressed at the front and drove towards his second win of the season. Behind Stanek, Hauger and Rasmussen completed the last podium in the Eifel. (*****************************************************************************************************)

Hauger came second in the morning at the start of the (************************************************************************************). Seasonal races on wet track and (****************************************************************************************************) Degrees best off and went in front of Polesetter Pourchaire in the first corner. But the Frenchman chose the inside lane and passed the Norwegian again with a clever maneuver. In the third round, Hauger made a momentous mistake, beneficiaries were Alesandro Ghiretti ((**************************************************************************************), France, US Racing CHRS), Leclerc and Michael Belov ((**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************)

The Frenchman did not allow himself to be impressed by the exciting three-way battle for second place behind him and confidently beat the start-finish victory by a margin of six seconds. Belov ended the neck-and-neck race between him, Leclerc and Ghiretti and celebrated the first podium of his career. Leclerc rounded off the strong performance of US Racing with the third place. Hauger saw in fifth place the black-and-white checked checkered flag behind Ghiretti and in front of Rasmussen. (*******************************************************************************************************)

For US Racing CHRS the home weekend at the Nürburgring ran with three winners, a second place by Stanek on Saturday and a third place by Arthur Leclerc, the younger brother of Formula 1 star Charles Leclerc, optimally. Thus, the German racing team leads in the driver, rookie and team ranking. (**********************************************************************************************)

The ADAC high-speed school pilots now have just under four weeks to recharge their batteries after six races in the last eight days at Zandvoort and the Nürburgring. From (*************************************************************************************************). to 15. September the Hockenheimring continues with the next three races. (**************************************************************************************************************************) Dennis Hauger (second in the third race, Van Amersfoort Racing): “We really had a lot of bad luck this weekend, in the first race I had some technical problems that slowed me down, the conclusion was very conciliatory, I'm glad, but the gap is closed Théo Pourchaire is quite big, and the fewer races to race, the tighter it gets. “(*******************************************************************************************)

Oliver Rasmussen (third, Prema Powerteam): “It was really difficult in these conditions, I did not have the best feeling for the car and had to start the race, luckily I did quite well – in the end I'm with the The result was really satisfying, my goal was to get a good degree, and fortunately, I managed that. ”

Leader in the championship: Théo Pourchaire of US Racing – Photo: ADAC (******************************************************************)

The 15 – year-old Frenchman thus built his lead over the competition for his teammate Arthur Leclerc ((****************************************************************************************************), Monaco), the younger brother of Formula 1 star Charles Leclerc, on 53 points out.

“This championship is fiercely contested, it's still far from decided, and I'll keep pushing and keep trying to score as many points as possible in all races,” Pourchaire said on Tuesday. . Birthday celebrates: “I am so happy to have been able to win home to my team.” (*******************************************************************************)

At the home race of US Racing CHRS with team bosses Ralf Schumacher and Gerhard Unger, the German team celebrated second place by rookie Roman Stanek ( A double podium, making Stanek in the rating of the best rookies and US Racing scored important points in team competition. The podium was completed by Gianluca Petecof ((**********************************************************************************************************), Prema Powerteam) in third position (****************************************************************************************************)

The race on the traditional Eifel course started with a déjà vu for the (*************************************************************************************************) pilots of the ADAC high-speed school. Just like last week in Zandvoort, it had started to rain a few minutes before the opening race. However, this time all pilots started on dry tires, because with the green traffic light the rain started again

Polesetter and Red Bull Junior Dennis Hauger ((************************************************************************************************), Norway, Van Amersfoort Racing) came off well at the start, Pourchaire successfully defended against Stanek's attack after the first corner and defended second place. At the end of the field, however, there was a contact, as a result Lucas Alecco Roy ((********************************************************************************************), Germany, Van Amersfoort Racing) and the safety car on meter long traditional route had.

Still (******************************************************************************************) to driving minutes, the race management released the race again. Hauger continued to control the field. But in the sixth lap, the Norwegian rolled out and could not continue the race. This led to a second safety car phase. After that, Pourchaire and Stanek did not take the easy double victory for US Racing CHRS. (***********************************************************************************************************)

Pourchaire has a total of 12 rounds (*****************************************************************) his team-mate Leclerc arrives after tenth place on Saturday morning (***************************************************************************************) Points. Brazilian Petecof pushed his third podium finish of the season (**************************************************************************************************) Counts equal points with Stanek on the shared third place in the overall standings. (****************************************************************************************************)

It continues for the pilots on Sunday at 9 (*********************************************************************************************) Watch with the (**************************************************************************************************). Race of the season. Théo Pourchaire is in pole position ahead of Dennis Hauger and Alessandro Ghiretti ((***********************************************************************************************************), France, US Racing CHRS). The starting order for the final race on late Sunday afternoon ((****************************************************************************************************************) clock) results from the result of the race in the morning. (**************************************************************************************************************************) Roman Stanek (Second and Best Rookie, US Racing CHRS): “Of course I would have preferred to win, but second place is great too, he scores a lot of points and I'm happy with the race and I think I'm in both races on Sunday can attack. “

Gianluca Petecof (Third, Prema Powerteam): “I drove a pretty lonely race, I did not have the pace of the three guys in front of me and when Dennis left, I just tried to finish my race clean and finish third I am happy that I have succeeded, Théo is already a long way off in the standings, especially because he is very consistent and I am trying to close that gap and I want to get the most out of him. “

(*******************************************************************************************************************) in the 2nd practice of the ADAC Formula 4, the fastest time before Pourchaire – Photo: ADAC (************************************************************************)

Conditions set another exclamation point. With its best time of 1: (**********************************************************************************************), 276 Minutes was the (*********************************************************************************) years old overall third again faster than in the first session and landed again ahead of front runner Théo Pourchaire of US Racing CHRS, this time just under three tenths missing to the Norwegian. In the morning, the Frenchman had been only a blink of eight thousandths of a second slower than Hauger. The top three completed Pourchaire's teammate and rookie Roman Stanek ((*********************************************************************************************************), Czech Republic).

The overall second Arthur Leclerc ((*****************************************************************************************************), Monaco) of US Racing CHRS came in at noon in eighth place in the pits. Before the younger brother of Formula 1 star Charles Leclerc ranked Gianluca Petecof ((***********************************************************************************************), Brazil, Prema Powerteam), Oliver Rasmussen (20, Denmark, Prema Powerteam), rookie Joshua Dürksen (15, Paraguay, ADAC Berlin-Brandenburg eV) and the morning third Alessandro Ghiretti ((************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************)


For US Racing CHRS team bosses Ralf Schumacher and Gerhard Ungar, the home game on the traditional course in the Eifel is about further expanding the lead in the three overall standings. Pourchaire is currently the first driver of Leclerc and Hauger. Best rookie is Stanek and also in the team ranking the German team is ahead of the competition. (************************* It continues for the pilots of the ADAC high-speed school (**********************************************************************************************************) (. Watch with the qualifying. On Saturday, the traffic lights are switched (********************************************************************************************************). 02 Watch for the twelfth race of the season on green. On Sunday, the (***************************************************************************************************) Pilots at 9. (**************************************************************************) Clock and (*****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************)

SPORT1 shows the races of the ADAC Formula 4 on Saturday and Sunday on TV and online on All races are also available in the livestream at, the Facebook page of the ADAC Formula 4 and at with German and English comments.

runs the fastest lap in the first practice session at the Nürburgring, Pourchaire second – Photo: ADAC

The 16 Years old overall third of Team Van Amersfoort Racing was (**************************************************************************************************) Degree and dry stretch in 1: 33, The 15 – year-old Frenchman led a US Racing CHRS trio around Alessandro Ghiretti ((********************************************************************************************************), France) and Arthur Leclerc ((****************************************************************************************************************************************************)

The team around the bosses Ralf Schumacher and Gerhard Ungar would like to expand the lead in the three ratings at his home game on the traditional course in the Eifel. Pourchaire is currently first in the drivers' standings ahead of Arthur Leclerc, brother of Formula 1 star Charles Leclerc. Best rookie is Roman Stanek ((*********************************************************************************************), Czech Republic), who drove the sixth best time in the morning. And also in the team ranking US Racing CHRS is ahead of its competitors. (*****************************************************************************************************)Display

It continues for the pilots of the ADAC high-speed school in the early afternoon. From (******************************************************************************************************). again . On Saturday, the traffic lights are switched (********************************************************************************************************). 02 Watch for the twelfth race of the season on green. On Sunday, the (**************************************************************************************************) Pilots at 9. (*****************************************************************************************) Clock and (*************************************************************************************************) Watch the next two races. (********************************************************** SPORT1 shows the races of the ADAC Formula 4 on Saturday and Sunday on TV and online on All races can also be seen in the livestream on, the Facebook page of the ADAC Formula 4 and at with German and English comments.

wants to score a lot of points again at the home game of US Racing CHRS – Photo: ADAC (**************************************************************************)

( No breather for the ADAC Formula 4 – it goes on and on. Just a week after the race in Zandvoort, the fifth round at the Nürburgring is now on. It is the home game for the team US Racing CHRS of Ralf Schumacher and Gerhard Ungar, with which the championship slowly but surely enters the decisive phase. SPORT1 transmits the races of the ADAC Formula 4 on TV, online the races are shown on,, and on the Facebook page of the ADAC Formula 4.

Ralf Schumacher, former Formula 1 and DTM driver, has raced countless times on the Nürburgring. Now he passes on his experience to young, up-and-coming young drivers. And with success: In the previous year, the team cleared all three championship titles. Champion was Lirim Zendeli, rookie champion Ralf Schumacher's son David and also in the team ranking the Kerpener were unbeatable.

Again this year things are looking good, again the team leads in all three ratings – accordingly confident and motivated US Racing CHRS goes into his home game. “It's been going great so far, the race weekend in Zandvoort was perfect for me,” said league leader Théo Pourchaire ( I've collected some meters. “(**********************************************************************************************)

So many that Pourchaire's lead over his first pursuer Arthur Leclerc ((***************************************************************************************************), Monaco, US Racing CHRS) meanwhile points) The great strength of the young Frenchman is his constancy. In ten of the eleven races so far Pourchaire has driven into the points, only in the first race at the Red Bull Ring he missed the points in twelfth place. “It's super important to be consistent”, he (***************************************************************************************************) – Yearlings: “That's how I approach the race weekend at the Nürburgring.”

The two Van Amersfoort pilots Dennis Hauger ((******************************************************************************************************), Norway) and Niklas Krütten ((**********************************************************************************), Trier) 10 Points behind Pourchaire and wait for their chance. “There are still so many races to go, because you can close the gap already,” said Krütten with regard to the remaining nine runs this season: “I'm pretty relaxed and I'm not a big pressure., Of course, I try to win and so but I also know that I'm very fast this year so far, only here and there was a bit of bad luck, so I could not always translate the good pace into results. “

Also for Krütten it is a home race, from his hometown Trier to the Nürburgring is the 2018 Only one good hour on the way “Friends and family are coming in. It's nice that the support is so great,” says Krütten. 4, which “gives me an extra boost of motivation,” he says. (*******************************************************************************************************)

Also very motivated is Sebastian Estner ((************************************************************************************************), Warngau, Van Amersfoort Racing). He had celebrated a confident start-finish victory in the Sunday race at Zandvoort, giving his Dutch team Van Amersfoort Racing a home win. After his debut success Estner, whose brother Andreas has also raced in the ADAC Formula 4, wants to reload. “The victory gave me a lot of confidence, we had a good pace in Zandvoort, and thanks to the reverse grid rule, I was able to finish the race from pole position to the finish,” he says.

In the rookie rating is Roman Stanek ((*******************************************************************************************************), the Czech Republic, US Racing CHRS) by far, in the team ranking US Racing leads CHRS ahead of Van Amersfoort Racing and the Prema Powerteam. “Now we want to do well in our home game, of course, and score a lot of points,” said league leader Théo Pourchaire: “The big goal is and remains the title.”

Foto: HWA
Photo: HWA

(*****************************************************************************************) The time of HWA Racelab in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship ends , At the double final in New York City on (****************************************************************************************************). and 14. In July, the team and drivers Gary Paffett and Stoffel Vandoorne want to say goodbye to a sense of achievement. In the coming season, the Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E Team will take the place of HWA Racelab and build on the experience gained.

Behind the team from Affalterbach are seven intense months. After a start-up phase at the beginning, they found a good start as a freshman in the series and celebrated a much-noticed success with the third place in Stoffel in Rome. The podium finish was also the start of a series with points in all European races. So HWA Racelab has already collected the most points of all rookie teams in Formula E. (*************************************************************************************************************) Display

This result will now be topped in New York again to complete the chapter formula E for HWA positive. Once again the driver and the team are faced with an unfamiliar challenge: this time, two races take place over a weekend. After the first race on Saturday, a training session is scheduled for Sunday, 9 am local time. Then in the usual qualifying mode, the seats on the starting grid are extended for the final race of the season.

The route leads in a mixture of tight curves and long straights over 2, (*******************************************************************************) km around the harbor of Brooklyn. With a view of the Manhattan skyline, pilots fight on rough ground, some of which is concrete, for the final points of the season.

Gary Paffett ((*************************************************************************************************), GB): “I'm really looking forward to the race in New York, in one of the most breathtaking cities in the world. Too bad that the season is already over. It's the last race for us as HWA Racelab, that's sure to be emotional. Finally, we want to set a highlight again and land in the points. With just two races on a weekend, the chances are even greater. “(************************************************************************************************) Stoffel Vandoorne ((******************************************************************************************************), BE): “I will be in New York for the first time and I'm really looking forward to the city. It's the last race for us, the season passed incredibly fast. We've learned a lot over time and want to end the season at a high level. It would be nice to land twice in the points. The opportunity is there, we want to make the most of it. “

Ulrich Fritz, Team Principal HWA Racelab: “New York rings in for us the last race weekend for HWA Racelab in the Formula E. We are proud to be the most successful rookie team in Formula E history so far. But now we are looking forward to once again experiencing an absolute highlight event with New York. The route around the Brooklyn harbor is once again a real challenge for the drivers and the car. With a mix of tight, fast turns and several straights, the track offers suspense and good overtaking opportunities. It is therefore once again full concentration over the entire weekend to end the season 5 with good results. ”

Audi has made Formula E exciting until the last lap. The team Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler secured the runner-up in the electric racing series at the final in New York. Audi driver Lucas di Grassi finished the season 2018 / 2019 in third place in the driver's championship. Robin Frijns won the last race in the Audi e-tron FE fetched.

The first season with the new Gen2 racing cars was full of excitement, drama and variety. In 19 races on five continents there were nine different winners from eight teams. Ten different pilots were in the pole position. Four drivers and three teams had title chances before the last race in New York.


With five victories, the Audi e-tron FE 13 is the most successful Formula E racing car of the season. Ten podiums, one pole position and eight extra points for the fastest lap of the race go to the FE's account (************************************************************************************) his efficient drive was.

The team Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler on the final weekend would have almost succeeded, as in the previous year in the final sprint to secure the team ranking. At the end, only (********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* “The whole team has fought to the last and given everything,” said team boss Allan McNish. “It was incredibly close. We scored a lot of points for DS Techeetah, just like last year, but this time it was not quite enough for the team title. Still, I'm proud of the team that has put so much hard work, energy and determination into this season. We take this determination in season six. We are looking forward to the first race in November. “

Audi Motorsport Director Dieter Gass: “It was an exciting season with ups and downs for everyone. We fought for both championships in the last race and it went to the finish line. For the factory team, the last race did not go quite as desired. But our customer team Envision Virgin Racing has managed to win the race. This puts them in third place in the team championship behind us. That's a very good result for Audi. “

Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler has come in each season in the top three in the overall standings. The same is true for Lucas di Grassi, who after the championship title in the season 2017 / 2017 and two runner-ups secured for the second time the third place in the drivers' classification of the electric racing series.

In the last race, the Brazilian struggled from eleventh on the grid to seventh, before being forced into the wall just before Jaguar rider Mitch Evans's goal. “The accident fortunately has not changed anything in the championship result,” said the two-time winner of the season. “I'm proud to have come in the top three for the fifth year in a row. Thanks to Audi, ABT and Schaeffler for such a great team. “

Daniel Abt made it to the Super Pole of the fastest six on both days in qualifying in New York. He took the extra point for the fastest lap both times and fifth place in Sunday's race. “More was not possible today,” said Abt. “It was a good end to a tough season. Of course we wanted to win the team classification, but to be second in such a highly competitive championship, everyone in the team can be proud of that. “

Envision Virgin Racing's Robin Frijns celebrated his second victory in Formula E in New York. The Dutchman overtook Alexander Sims' pole-sitter BMW in a spectacular maneuver on Turn 1 and then made a superior victory. Teammate Sam Bird completed the strong result with fourth place.

At the start of the farewell weekend in New York City, the HWA Racelab pilots struggled. Gary Paffett and Stoffel Vandoorne had problems with the grip on the dusty ground at Brooklyn Harbor. Gary landed in qualifying 14 to be satisfied. After a penalty for a competitor moved the repeated fanboost winner on place (**********************************).

The performance at the start of the race was quite different: Gary made a brilliant start, passing two rivals in the first corner. The first lap was not completed yet, so he made two more positions well and was in eleventh place within easy reach of the top 11 and thus the points. Stoffel did not get away so well and lost ground first, but then used a collision of several pilots in front of him and took place (*********************************************************************).


When the race calmed down a bit, Felipe Massa (Venturi Formula E Team) braked in lap 15 an overtaking maneuver against Gary, so that the DTM champion was pushed. Several pilots sat in front of Gary, who fell back in rank In round (***************************************************************************************************************) Jerome d'Ambrosio (Mahindra Racing) pushed him in a curve towards the track boundary, which several rivals used to pull in. The 27 – Yearling suddenly found favor 17 again.

Even after that, the race remained hectic. Again, there was a collision between two drivers, Stoffel kept in the fray in front of him the view and came in at tenth. The points ahead, however, the Belgian had to pass two laps before the end equal to two competitors. Finally, in the last lap he had no way to avoid a collision of several vehicles and got stuck. Gary took advantage of this mess, he pulled over and finished the E-Prix in eleventh. Stoffel crossed with a damaged Venturi VFE – (********************************) . the finish line.

Stoffel Vandoorne ((***************************************************************************************) : “A frustrating day. I felt like we earned points today. I worked well forward and made it to the points. But in the end I was brought down by the unfair racing of other pilots. “

Gary Paffett ((*******************************************************************************************)), place I made up some places right after the start and was in a good position to score points. After that, some riders showed some unfair maneuvers. We've certainly seen good racing today, but some have clearly crossed the line. The car felt good, I did everything I could do. A new tomorrow! “

Ulrich Fritz, Team Principal HWA Racelab: “A disappointing race for us. This was mainly due to the various incidents, which cost us some positions and left us two damaged vehicles. That's just frustrating. Especially because we were in a promising position to score. But the good thing about this double header event is that we have another chance tomorrow. It remains our goal to end this weekend and our first Formula E season with a climax and for that we will give everything. “

At the 14. July ends the ABB FIA Formula E Championship 2018 / 19 with the second race in New York City (race start (**********************************************)

(***********************************************************************************************************************************) Grassi in the Audi e-tron FE (******************************************************************************************************) # (Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler) – Photo: Audi 11

on winning both titles. Audi driver Lucas di Grassi is one of four riders competing in the last race on Sunday (start at (****************************************************************************************************) Clock Local Time / (**********************************************************************************************). In the team ranking, Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler has fallen behind DS Techeetah (********************************************************************************************) Points reduced. (****************************************************************************************) While leaders Jean-Eric Vergne and DS Techeetah were without points in the dramatic first race on Saturday in scorching heat, Lucas di Grassi and Daniel Abt arrived with their two Audi e-tron FEs six to the finish. Di Grassi shone from the start (******************************************************************************************************) once again with a catch-up. Abt fought for victory from a strong performance in qualifying from the start, lost in a tough battle for second place but several positions.


“I'm rarely speechless, but today I am,” said team boss Allan McNish. “So much happened in this race. We could never be sure if it would be good or bad for us. While DS Techeetah lost both cars due to accidents, our two riders drove hard. That means we are still in the title fight and bring a lot of fresh energy into tomorrow's final. “(************************* “My car was severely damaged right after the start due to collisions in front of and behind me and was incredibly difficult to drive,” said Lucas di Grassi. “I still finished and the championship is still open. We will fight tomorrow and give everything. “

“Of course I'm a bit disappointed, because today was the podium possible,” said Daniel Abt. “Until the safety car, it was great. The whole mess began when Alexander Sims pushed me aside and I got a big punch from Mitch Evans. That was something like bumper cars out there today. But we now know that we are super fast here. We will focus on our strengths and attack again tomorrow. “(************************************************************************************************************)