It’s becoming increasingly apparent that this season Ferrari does not want to win the title of the world champion. Scuderia will remember this year’s Monza as a race of wasted opportunities both on the track and outside.

After the red cars started on a front row, the Tifosi Armada expected a double victory, but Sebastian Vettel wasted it in the second chicane. As a consequence, Raikkonen himself had to confront the duo of the silver arrows, and after a fierce battle, Kimi wasted the tires with a crushing defeat in the lap 45. Hamilton has thus increased his lead in the World Championship to 30 points, and Vettel will need the help of his teammate in the battle for the title.

House of Maranello missed an ideal opportunity to announce an extension of the contract with Kimi Raikkonen for the 2019 season on home soil. Ferrari would complete a media madness with Charles Leclerc, support his racer and bring necessary harmony to the team.

Thus, the Scuderia leadership decided to shoot at their knees and, consequently, find themselves in an extremely disadvantageous situation, whatever their decision on the driver lineup for the next season will be. We can imagine the rage of the fans, in case Ferrari will sack his last world champion who drove the fastest lap in Formula One history in Monza’s Red Goddess. We must not forget that the Finn has been a favorite of the audience for many years and if Ferrari want to get rid of Raikkonen, this should have to be done in Monza in accordance with their tradition. This has not been done for unknown reasons, and Kimi’s change in the next season will be not only an irrational but also a cowardly act, disrespectful to Ferrari last world champion.

Such hesitation would be understandable in case Raikkonen’s alternative would be Daniel Ricciardo or Max Verstappen, and on the other hand, there is a newcomer who has three good races in which he defeated Marcus Ericsson. Charles Leclerc has proven to be a good driver, but at least for the moment, it would be hard to say that it is a “wunderkind” that will sit in a red car and win races. Ferrari could find themselves in the situation when Sebastian Vettel on the track fights against three racers because it is difficult to imagine that fired Finn would co-operate in the Vettel hike to the title.

No one doubts that Charles Leclerc is the future of Scuderia, but his promotion to the hot Ferrari seat would, at this moment bring more damage than benefit. Ferrari would probably make the last nail in the coffin on the way to this year’s title, but it would be a big question how Leclerc would be in a confrontation with aggressive Italian media in the second season and a big pressure brought by red pride.

In recent months, we have witnessed many, more or less bizarre news about events in Ferrari, in the media. By keeping the status quo in Maranello they are doing no favor to themselves and risking the end of co-existence between drivers and the whole team. The reason for this kind of action is known only by themselves, but the season goes towards the end and the results are not brilliant. Perhaps the time has come for Ferrari instead of firing its last world champion to get finally rid of Maurizio Arrivabene and Jock Clear, who lost significantly more points this year than Kimi Raikkonen.

Matej Plešej

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