Ferrari and Philip Morris went to Mission, and they Won…

It was only a matter of time when all the political correctness we have witnessed in recent years in the field of tobacco advertising would turn against the actors and slap them right in the face.

Now, Ferrari and Philip Morris have done this in style. PM returned to the red car with the mysterious “Mission Winnow” brand to promote the world without cigarettes. Of course, it’s no coincidence that the logo of the campaign strongly resembles the popular Marlboro cigarette pack, although this will be denied to Ferrari and Philip Morris to the end. But can anybody blame them?

We live in a time of hypocrisy and political correctness. While Formula One is breaking up connections with tobacco giants on all sides, on the other side kneeling against the Dutch brewery and French champagne. Even if it’s an elite class of motorsports, Formula One and the regulators of countries that host races do not see any problems in the promotion of alcohol, even though millions of people are killed every year. Alcohol, tobacco, sugar, oil etc. they all may have negative health effects, and consequently, the same criteria should apply to all of them. Forbid everything or nothing.

Whoever thought that tobacco corporations with all the millions would not find a way back into the media space, made a big mistake. Philip Morris came with Mission Winnow, followed by British American Tobacco, and everyone else will come along with their anti-smoking campaign. It’s simply a genius idea of advertising a product that does not exist, and it will be very difficult to forbid it. Ferrari and Philip Morris are a good example of what a bizarre situation this really is. Instead of forcing tobacco companies to finance extreme costly hybrid technology, they are smiling while running weird campaigns around the world. Philip Morris went to Mission Winnow and he did it.

Matt P.

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