At 3:11, is it said on the topic of the 1971 Italian Grand Prix that "Gethin, Peterson, Bruce McLaren, Jack Lewis and Tony Brooks finished virtually side by side."

Okay, someone really didn't give a toss about doing their homework – or checking it, for that matter. Keep in mind – this is 1971. Bruce McLaren at this point was a dead man, being fatally injured in a crash the year before, and Jackie Lewis and Tony Brooks both last scored points in 1961, and at this point were both retired from the sport for a decade. I'm struggling to grasp how the dude who wrote the script for this video came up with these names instead of the actual correct ones (Cevert, Hailwood and Ganley). Sorry if this may not be enough effort for a post, but I really was awestruck when I heard that part of the video for the first time.

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