(Motorsport-Total.com) – Ex-Formula 1 World Champion Alain Prost is of the opinion that the Formula 1 has become a bit too technical these days. He thinks people should be more in the foreground again. “We are in an age where there is a lot of technology, a lot of data,” said the four-time champion in conversation with the FIA ​​magazine ‘Auto’ and adds: “We have to make the sport more human – the drivers, the engineers. “

Alain Prost


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“We need to emphasize the human side and perhaps focus a bit less on technology,” says Prost, explaining, “This technology is fantastic, and it’s also great for the big engine manufacturers, because it’s the link between society and society Competition keeps getting bigger. “ For the sport it is not necessarily the right way.

“When we talk about the direction that sport will take in the future, I think we should go to a Formula 1 that is more about ingenuity – where there are more surprises and more strategic opportunities,” says Prost. Although the technology should not be completely abandoned, it must create a “better balance” in the future.

“I think Formula 1 will be easier to understand for people outside of the sport,” said the Frenchman. Prost competed in Formula 1 between 1980 and 1993, winning 51 wins in that period and winning the title four times. In late 1993, he resigned as reigning champion. Today, he works for Renault in an advisory capacity.

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